Hayley Soen

Head of Entertainment

Hayley Soen
Bournemouth University

Reality TV shows such as Love Island, Made in Chelsea and MAFS, Netflix, true crime, celebrity and pop culture and TikTok trends.

  • Hayley created cult The Holy Church of Netflix Facebook page, which now has over 500k followers.
  • She hosted a guest lecture at her university which was all about finding news on TikTok.
  • Hayley has interviewed a number of celebrities and TV stars, with exclusives picked up by multiple other titles.


Hayley has been at The Tab HQ for over five years, and has gone from being a staff writer to managing the UK HQ team and heading up The Tab's expansion into the global entertainment world.


Hayley graduated in 2018 from Bournemouth University with a BA Hons degree in Multimedia Journalism. Whilst at uni, she was Editor-in-chief of The Bournemouth Tab.


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Buying London star Juliana was homeless before the show but is now a millionaire

‘I lost everything – I was trusting the wrong people’

Nicola Coughlan was once an extra on Made in Chelsea and called the show out for being fake

This is such a wild crossover?!

Regé-Jean Page quit Bridgerton to pursue other things, so what has he actually been up to?

No Duke… for this?

Netflix’s next true crime is about TikTokers lured into a cult by fake management company

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is out next week

This footballer is ‘signed up’ for Love Island 2024 and he went to Olivia Attwood’s wedding!

Ronnie Vint is set to be entering the villa in the next few days

Before Bridgerton, Luke Newton was in a cringe boy band backed as the ‘next One Direction’

Um, they had a £1million record deal?!

MAFS Australia to make ‘huge’ casting changes to be more like UK series as filming starts again

‘Producers are now under immense pressure to raise the bar on our version to keep the format fresh’

Would Colin Bridgerton marry you? Take this quiz to find out

No recreations of the carriage scene, please

Fake nails to false eyelashes: The annoying historical beauty errors in Bridgerton season three

Seriously though, why does Colin looks so airbrushed?

This is how old all the cast members of Buying London on Netflix are

Some of them are so young!

Makeup artists and influencers: All the girls rumoured to be going on Love Island 2024

I’m ready for that villa!

Revealed: The eye-wateringly huge salaries the Bridgerton cast were paid for the show

We’re talking hundreds of thousands

Inside the real life dating lives of the Bridgerton cast and who is dating who outside the show

Benedict is dating a Featherington sister in real life!

Love Island 2024 signs influencer who uses platform to talk about her disability for the villa

‘Patsy will definitely bring good vibes and positive energy’

Nicola Coughlan reveals she and Luke Newton made awkward error during *that* carriage scene

A producer ran up to the carriage door and had to tell them to stop what they were doing

Every cast member who has left Bridgerton on Netflix, and each of their reasons why

‘It’s not going to happen – I’ve done my bit’

The incredible glow ups the Bridgerton characters have had from season one to now

Thanking my lucky stars every day since the Bridgerton brothers shaved their side burns

Love Island has ‘signed up’ this stunning makeup artist for the 2024 summer series

It’s exactly two weeks until we head back to the villa!

These 31 Bridgerton season three memes are so good Lady Whistledown has mentioned them

Am I going to stop talking about the carriage scene? No x

Bridgerton confirms queer romance in future seasons and people think it’s Cressida and Eloise

‘We are exploring queer love stories across the next couple of seasons’

Claudia Jessie reveals serious but hilarious reason Eloise was wearing huge cuffs in Bridgerton

It’s the summer muff!

Meet all the rumoured Islanders for the Love Island 2024 villa

We’re in for a treat

Meet Hannah Dodd: The vibey actress who now plays Francesca in Bridgerton season three

She was rumoured to be dating Sam Fender?!

All the vibey orchestra covers in the Bridgerton season three part one soundtrack

Pitbull and Taylor Swift in the same episode? I’m listening

The reason Bridgerton changed the book order and Colin and Penelope’s story is now

In the Julia Quinn books the show is based on, Benedict’s love story is told next

New romances and actual fights: Made in Chelsea is off to Mauritius next week!

Oh it kicks off big style

Love Island 2024 ‘first contestant revealed’ as Welsh rugby player is set to enter the villa

The Islanders will be flying to Mallorca in the next week or so!

Love Is Blind’s Clay pictured with *another* OnlyFans star after going official with model

I can’t keep up

Netflix has new true crime series about data hack that exposed millions of cheating partners

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal is out now

In pictures: The Bridgerton cast wowing at the season three premiere this week

They are all perfection

Ranked: The most successful Selling The OC agents, by how much money they’ve earned

It’s dog eat dog out there

Chrishell from Selling Sunset is going to be in a Netflix Christmas rom-com and it sounds awful

She’s starring alongside Janis from Mean Girls, whose character falls in love with a snowman

Clay from Love Is Blind is now dating an OnlyFans model with 3.2million followers

After his engagement to AD failed, Clay has said he now wants to focus on ‘the physical’ in his relationship

Anton and Georgia had a huge row at the BAFTAs after he brought model he’s now dating

Georgia told him to ‘f**k off’ lmao

Um, apparently Love Island winner Ekin-Su is now dating TOWIE’s James Argent?!

They’ve been ‘passionately kissing’ on ‘cosy dates’

There’s a theory of how Joe will reach his end in YOU season five and it is WILD

Prison just isn’t enough!

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast who gained the least Instagram followers from the show

Basically, there was no point

Yas from Made in Chelsea was on an episode of Rich Kids Go Skint and it’s eye opening

Yas told her new family, who ‘lose sleep’ over money, that she spends hundreds on ‘all my creams’

MAFS Australia 2024’s Sara confirms she’s ‘no longer friends’ with Eden following row


All the Selling The OC cast members who have spent thousands on cosmetic surgery

They all look so perfect!

A week before it comes back, take this quiz to see if you remember Bridgerton season two

Kate and Anthony haven’t left my mind since tbh

‘It was jokey banter’: The bombshell claims Fiona Harvey made in Piers Morgan interview

It was a lot to take in

Romances and trips together: What the Emily in Paris cast have been up to ahead of season four

Desperate to be invited on their group holidays

Richard Gadd says the Baby Reindeer crew was reduced to tears filming harrowing scenes

‘The team felt it with me in a lot of ways’

Book deals and becoming millionaires: The major career moves from the MAFS Australia cast

They really are cashing in on their fame

Suing Netflix to Piers Morgan’s show: Everything real Martha has said after Baby Reindeer

She’s determined to ‘set the record straight’

You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the bee in this irritating brainteaser in 26 seconds

Summer is here, and so are the flowery puzzles

Just five minutes into Selling The OC is an editing error – so yes, season three is staged

I give up

Only a MAFS Australia 2024 addict can get full marks in this trivia quiz about the show

Challenge accepted!

The ‘select few’ MAFS Australia 2024 cast invited to Fashion Week and who is blacklisted

Some have been deemed ‘too fame hungry’ to attend the event

Love Island 2023’s Molly and Zach confirm they’re back together in cute statement

They’re off travelling together for two months!

All the Selling The OC cast who’ve left The Oppenheim Group and their dramatic reasons why

The company culture gets blamed a LOT

Yikes, Love Is Blind’s Jeramey and Sarah-Ann have already split up?!

They announced they were together at the season six reunion

Jack and Tori reveal the real savage reason they stormed out the MAFS Australia reunion

They’re still not happy!

Ranked: Who from MAFS Australia 2024 gained the most Instagram followers on the show

This is what they really came for

So after all the drama, who from MAFS Australia 2024 is actually still mates?

Lucinda is a common feature, of course

Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd is a secret millionaire raking in even more from Netflix

Umm, he has a whole other name he makes money under?

A rundown of all the drama between Selling The OC’s Tyler and Alex Hall and Brittany Snow

Brittany hinted Tyler was unfaithful during their marriage but Alex has snapped back

Three MAFS Australia 2024 cast members wanted to quit but stayed until the end of the show

Producers persuaded some to stay whilst others have said they still regret not leaving

Omg, Lauren is being lined up to have her own TV show following MAFS Australia!

It’s what she deserves!

A full breakdown of how many emails, letters, voicemails and tweets Richard Gadd’s stalker sent

‘You’ll never believe the hell one cup of tea can cause’

Um, it turns out Sara requested DAYS OFF filming MAFS Australia to meet with her ex?!

The plot thickens!!

MAFS Australia 2024’s Tim spills all on ‘horrible’ relationship with Sara that ‘scarred’ him

He’s said she had ‘scary eyes’ and a ‘face of fury’

Selling Sunset’s Bre sued for over $12million by previous employees over ‘vulgar behaviour’

In the lawsuit she’s been accused of homophobia and threatening violence

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who are still beefing, even now the show is over

They really won’t ever rest

Tears and walk outs: All the dramatic scenes cut from the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

We were robbed of SO much chaos

Meet the full glam cast of Buying London, Netflix’s new UK Selling Sunset style show

It’s coming later this month!

‘It’s wrecked my week’: Real life Martha ‘targeted by cult’ following Baby Reindeer on Netflix

‘They are determined to stalk me the same way I am stalking them’

Um, Jayden made Lauren cry and she stormed out the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion?!

Production had to step in and have a word with Jayden, but all of this was cut from the show

20 years on, these 15 Mean Girls production secrets and facts are still as fetch as the film

Rachel McAdams wanted to play Cady, but ‘intimidated’ Lindsay Lohan in script readings so they made her Regina

Woman believed to be real life Martha says she’s suing Netflix over Baby Reindeer

‘I’m a highly competent lawyer’

There was a very serious reason Jack and Tori didn’t feature at MAFS reunion dinner party

Jack and another groom ‘lost it’ with one another and Channel Nine was forced to change the show

Which MAFS Australia 2024 groom would you marry? Take this quiz to find out

Anyone but Jack, PLEASE

Reality nepo babies and familiar faces: Meet the five new cast members of Made in Chelsea

Ummm, James Taylor’s brother is now an official cast member?!

‘Never lower to their level’: Anton makes very deep and salty posts after split from Georgia H

‘If someone truly loves you distance is not a problem’

Inside the very specific and intense application form for MAFS Australia cast members

‘Would you describe yourself as lonely? Do you have any skeletons in your closet?’

Jack shares which reality shows he wants to go on next with his MAFS Australia fame

He wants a show to help his ‘personal growth’

Ranking Jayden’s terrible MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party looks, from awful to even worse

They are truly unforgivable

Uh-oh! Love Island: All Stars couple Georgia H and Anton have split up!

Another one bites the dust

After a stressful time on MAFS Australia 2024, what are Andrea and Richard up to now?

Wholesome alert!

Sara and Tim scene was cut from the MAFS Australia dinner party and it changes everything

Things didn’t end at all how it was shown on-screen

What happened to Daniel Wong and the latest on Jennifer Pan’s boyfriend now

The case is currently being explored in What Jennifer Did on Netflix

All the famous and celebrity exes of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members

From footballers to international DJs

They’ve been messy since MAFS Australia, so here’s if Jade and Ridge are still together

Will any of the couples have a smooth run?

Jack and Tori had a huge row with producers and stormed out the reunion TWICE

‘They went ballistic – it was so intense’

Revealed: The full juicy letter Timothy and Lucinda wrote to Jack and Tori on MAFS Australia

Oh there’s a very good reason this was blurred on the show

What Jennifer Did: Where is Jennifer Pan’s father Huei Hann Pan now?

He survived the shocking ordeal

Three MAFS Australia 2024 couples have shockingly split since the reunion was filmed

It’s all falling apart!

Even more pictures of Eden before MAFS Australia 2024 have emerged and her change is wild

Who is SHE?

What Jennifer Did: Jennifer Pan is now in prison and aggressively appealing her sentence

‘Her fight is not over’

MAFS Australia addresses Timothy’s casting and admits his criminal past was missed

Background checks failed to pick up that he was previously a multi-million dollar drug smuggler

Lauren claps back in fiery DMs to MAFS Australia 2024 meme page that shaded Sara

‘Pick on what you see her do on the show, but this is just too far’

MAFS Australia’s Timothy speaks out about drug and prison past that made him millions

He chose to keep his dark past a secret from MAFS Australia producers

What Jennifer Did: Netflix true crime tells story of student who hired hitmen to kill parents

The chilling doc is out now

Love Island’s Paige speaks out about Finn’s ‘fling with MAFS star’ and it’s getting salty

‘The last I heard he was getting to know someone else pretty well’

Ben calls Ellie ‘a cold-hearted woman’ who was ‘made to look like a hero’ on MAFS Australia

He’s also claimed Ellie had a boyfriend who she dumped for the show

Wait, Timothy spent time in max security prisons for drug offences before MAFS Australia?!

Excuse me, WHAT?!

So, are Jayden and Eden still together after MAFS Australia 2024? It’s time to find out

They’ve been the golden couple for a long time

Which MAFS Australia 2024 bride are you? Take this quiz to find out

I beg I’m Lauren

Just a list of 17 awful things we’ve learnt about Jack during MAFS Australia 2024

From thinking it’s ok to ‘muzzle’ a woman, to sweating all the time

This video of Richard from MAFS Australia giving it everything on the dance floor is incredible

Not him dancing to My Neck, My Back