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Ranked: Who in Bridgerton lives in the most expensive home?

The Duke and Duchess’ castle is worth £200million in real life

Would the Duke of Hastings actually marry you? This quiz will let you finally find out

Sorry in advance if the answer is no x

17 reactions that prove we’re all feeling the same watching Night Stalker on Netflix

Ok, the nightmares are real

Episodes of American Horror Story feature the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez

And in real life the killer stayed in the hotel from AHS: Hotel

Which Bridgerton style scandal would you be embroiled in? Take this quiz to find out

Lady Whistledown has some gossip, and it’s all about you

Here are 29 more Bridgerton memes, all worthy of your hand in marriage

I will spend the rest of my days enjoying these

Night Stalker Richard Ramirez got married to a pen pal whilst he was on death row

They separated and then he managed to get engaged again

Night Stalker: How a six-year-old girl was key to hunting down the serial killer

She was kidnapped by him and to this day doesn’t know why he spared her life

The 13 most chilling Netflix shows that are based on true stories

From real life exorcisms to murder and crime

Netflix series Night Stalker is ‘incredible’, ‘terrifying’ and ‘best true crime yet’

The four-part series was released today

Who was Richard Ramirez? Subject of Netflix true crime series Night Stalker

Aged 24, he became one of the most notorious serial killers in US history

These TikToks about Bridgerton are so good even the Duke burns for them

This is my life now

Is Kanit House from The Serpent real and can travellers still stay there?

Serial killer Charles Sobhraj and his accomplice Marie lived there

This ‘difficult person test’ will definitively tell you if you’re hard to get on with

I don’t know if I’m ready to know this

Tom from Love Island has just MARRIED his on-off girlfriend of 10 years

I guess she wasn’t all mouth then !!!

Here’s what happens in each of the Bridgerton books, because you’re dying to know

Yes, one is entirely about Eloise Bridgerton

Where are they now? The real life people from The Serpent murder case

Herman Knippenberg has retired, but remains a hero

Just 29 more Bridgerton memes, this time all thirsty ones about the Duke of Hastings


This is how much it would cost if you wanted to live next door to the Bridgerton houses

Don’t mind me rifling through the Duke’s bins and peering over his fence x

Bridgerton could have EIGHT seasons on Netflix, says the show’s creator

All of my wildest dreams have just come true

Netflix film Pieces of A Woman is a ‘heart-wrenching’ story of a home birth tragedy

People are saying it’s a must-watch and calling for Vanessa Kirby to win an Oscar

If you can’t get enough of Bridgerton, you should watch these 11 shows next

Some of them star Eloise, Madame Delacroix and the opera singer Siena!

Netflix’s latest true crime is about one of the most notorious killers in US history

The ‘Night Stalker’ committed his crimes as people slept

This is what the cast of Bridgerton on Netflix are like in real life

Finding out Eloise and Penelope are besties and send each other ugly photos of themselves warms my heart

Take this quiz to find out which guy in Bridgerton would be your husband

I will only be referred to as the Duchess of Hastings from now onwards

A cast WhatsApp, dance lessons and sex scenes: The filming secrets behind Bridgerton

Each episode cost £5million to produce

People are freaking out over controversial Netflix film about deformities called Skins

Yes, there is a woman with a bum hole as a mouth

These 41 Bridgerton memes are so good they should be in Lady Whistledown’s column

Only some are about the Duke I promise

Which lady from Bridgerton on Netflix are you? Take this quiz to find out

In a world full of Daphnes, be an Eloise

This is how old the cast of Bridgerton on Netflix are in real life

Nicola Coughlan plays Penelope Featherington and is double her age

Meet the cast of new ITV dating show The Cabins which starts tonight

There’s a student, an influencer and a murder mystery actress

The Ripper on Netflix: Who was Wearside Jack the hoaxer and where is he now?

His lies meant Sutcliffe avoided jail nine times

The full true story of the Yorkshire Ripper hoax which cost £1million and three lives

It’s been called one of the most notorious hoaxes in criminal history

How Bruce Jones from Coronation Street became a suspect in the Yorkshire Ripper case

The actor who played Les features in the new Netflix documentary series

How well would you survive Home Alone? Take this quiz to find out

You’d stay in your room and cry, wouldn’t you?

Here are the top 10 documentary series of the year, according to IMDb

Something to fill the winter nights if you haven’t watched already

These are officially the best reality TV shows to come out of 2020, according to IMDb

Love Is Blind was robbed!!!

Ranked: These are the top 10 shows from 2020, according to IMDb

If you haven’t watched these, where have you been?

Which item in the Christmas dinner are you, really? Take this quiz to find out

Deep down in my heart of hearts I just know I am a pig in blanket

It’s official: Sam and Zara have been voted the worst reality TV couple of all time

There are 100 couples on the list, yikes

Ranked: The biggest reality TV power couples, by how much money they make on Insta

Maura and Chris are already killing it

Google has released what we all searched for the most this year and wow, what a time

I think lockdown ruined us all

Introducing the Cosy Girl: She’s who we have all proudly become during 2020

Her wardrobe is 75 per cent loungewear

Made in Chelsea next week will be a special episode for Ollie and Gareth’s wedding

Ollie has said Made in Chelsea: The Wedding is ‘spectacular’

The Chase net worths: This is how much money all the chasers actually have

Yes, they are millionaires

This is how to do that Disney style cartoon filter everyone is using

It’s cute ok?!

Quiz: Can you guess the reality TV show these hilarious Google reviews are about?

Who leaves these comments please? I just want to check you’re alright x

The Kardashians have pranked all their celebrity pals with a hilarious FaceTime call

Ok but why doesn’t my contacts list include the Biebers, Jennifer Lawrence and Addison Rae?

A tiger has ‘nearly torn off’ the arm of a volunteer at Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue

The zoo has released a statement saying the woman is ‘conscious but sedated’ in hospital

Quiz: Can you guess the Christmas film from just the house alone?

Forever dreaming of spending a Christmas at one of these

All the backlash that’s happened to Rita Ora after *that* 30th birthday party

She’s been dropped from radio stations and TV interviews

Chrishell Stause has confirmed she’s dating someone new and this is her guy

So she’s now dating an actual real life prince, which is the justice she truly deserves

Ranked: This is how much the homes in your favourite Christmas films actually cost

Walter Hobbs’ apartment in Elf is worth £19million!!!

Take this simple quiz and we’ll give you a Netflix Christmas movie to watch

Crucially: Do you or do you not like Vanessa Hudgens?

Inside the £1,000 a week luxury cottage where Ant and Dec stay during I’m A Celeb

You didn’t actually think Ant was staying in a mobile home did you?

It’s true! TikTok just discovered that Roald Dahl’s daughter wrote Wild Child

This is the crossover I didn’t know I needed until now

Vote: Who is undeniably the biggest Netflix villain of 2020?

Chaos was well and truly created

Nothing to see here, just 29 memes about our forever queen Gillian Anderson

Long may she reign x

I’m A Celebrity ages: This is how old all of the 2020 campmates are

Beverley is the eldest this year

How long would you last on I’m A Celebrity? Take this quiz to find out

Honestly think I could take the crown in my sleep

Here’s a first look at ITV2’s new dating series The Cabins which starts in January

It’s basically Dinner Date meets Love Island, and I’m ready

This is the luxury estate where the I’m A Celeb campmates stay after being voted off

It has a vineyard and makes its own wine

Made in Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Harber has had a baby after a secret pregnancy

The father hasn’t met the baby as he is currently in custody over fraud charges

Ranked: The shows which spent the longest at number one on Netflix this year

The highest was there for nearly a month straight!

Primark is opening some stores for up to 24-hours a day after lockdown ends

Catch me shopping there at 2am

Quiz: Can you guess the I’m A Celebrity contestant from their baby pictures?

They were so cute, what happened?

People on TikTok are sneaking up to the I’m A Celebrity castle to watch the celebs

Just watching Bev eating tea wbu

Mark from Love Is Blind just got engaged, so who is his new fiancee Aubrey Rainey?

Unlike Jessica, she is not 34

Netflix is trialling a new Top 50 list to replace its current Top 10

Surely this will be a bit…hectic?

Zara McDermott has responded to the huge backlash over her weight loss post

She posted about losing three stone and one reply said it ‘makes me sick’

The 13 straight-up dumbest moments in Netflix movie The Princess Switch 2

Make it make sense, please

Quiz: If you can name these posh foods you should go on MasterChef: The Professionals

Ok but there is definitely no difference between a bisque, jus and gravy

There’s going to be a Christmas all-stars Celebrity MasterChef and the lineup is unreal

I’ve waited so long to see Spencer back in the kitchen

Meet the new Celebs Go Dating cast who will be put up in a £30million Surrey mansion

Sophie Hermann from MIC is going to be in her element

Is Netflix animation If Anything Happens I Love You based on a true story?

Everyone is talking about the 12-minute film

If Anything Happens I Love You: What’s the Netflix animation everyone’s talking about?

It’s 12 minutes long and has gone straight into the top 10

Quiz: Which Vanessa Hudgens character in The Princess Switch 2 are you?

I’m the wild cousin, obviously

So, there’s a ‘Netflix Christmas movie universe’ linking all the films together

Netflix is adding even more cameos and crossovers this year and it is mind-blowing

Introducing The Chase’s new chaser Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis who was a contestant

He works at Oxford University

This is how much the 2020 I’m A Celebrity contestants are getting paid

There’s a £250k difference between the highest and lowest pay cheque

Friends of Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott have said they are back together

She’s posted another loved up picture of them together

Netflix has just revealed eight new people joining Stranger Things 4!

Jamie Campbell Bower (from Twilight!!) will play someone who works at a psychiatric hospital

Stop Googling the historic events and enjoy these 41 memes about The Crown instead

A moment of appreciation for whoever wrote the Prince Andrew lunch scene

Nude auditions and psychological tests: What it’s like to go on Naked Attraction

Each episode can take 12 hours to film so they stand in the boxes all day

If you’ve become obsessed with all things royal, here are eight shows like The Crown

Add these to your list when you’ve finished season four

I’m A Celebrity production secrets: The gruelling schedule filming the show in Wales

The contestants eat dinner at around 1am

You season three full cast: Meet the 15 new people joining the Netflix show

Yes, 15!!

Meet Natalie: Joe’s new twisted love obsession in season three of You on Netflix

Finally we know who the mysterious neighbour is!

Ranked: Who is the richest I’m A Celebrity contestant from this series?

Honestly, they don’t need to be eating bugs for money

This screaming hamster on TikTok has everyone wondering wait, why do they do that?!

There are multiple reasons why a hamster might just start screaming at you, apparently

Netflix has finally released a trailer for the Yorkshire Ripper documentary series

It’s coming next month and is made by the people who created Don’t F**k With Cats

Meet Abbie Quinnen: The 23-year-old dancer who is AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend

They’ve been together since 2018

The full story of Michael Fagan: The intruder who broke into the Queen’s bedroom

He’s said he’s angry Netflix chose an ‘ugly’ actor to play him in The Crown

What is Megan Is Missing? The banned horror film TikTok is ‘traumatised’ over

The director has posted a warning on TikTok about people watching it again

Made in Chelsea’s Maeva says she is ‘really struggling’ with a secret eating disorder

‘I am in this situation and I am really struggling right now’

Who was Karen Smith? The woman episode three of The Crown is dedicated to

She had a huge role on the show and many others

The Crown on Netflix: This is what actually happened around Lord Mountbatten’s death

His legs were ‘nearly severed’ when he was assassinated on his boat

How did Prince Charles and Diana actually meet and how big was their age gap?

Unfortunately the tree costume was just in The Crown

These 37 memes about I’m A Celeb last night are so good they deserve an MBE too

Who knew Liz from Corrie would become a meme queen?