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Geordie Shore babies: These are all the cast members who now have children

Marnie has just had her second and Charlotte is pregnant!

Here come the girls! These are the gals rumoured to be in the Love Island 2022 cast

Coming in hot 🔥

Cherie and Jessey suddenly left Bling Empire in season two – you’re probably wondering why

It all happened amid the drama of Jessey having a ‘second family’ 👀

Who is Crystal? The mysterious ex-wife of Jessey Lee from Bling Empire

No, her Instagram bio doesn’t say she divorced a millionaire to find a billionaire like they said on the show

Kelly Mi Li is suing the producer of Bling Empire on Netflix!

She is a TV producer too, and says the show was her idea

Everything you have ever wanted to know about queen Anna Shay from Bling Empire

She’s been married four times and has a son who is a ‘cannabis enthusiast’

Ranked: The Bling Empire cast members making the most money on Instagram

Because they definitely need more cash, right!!!

Maeva is single-handedly saving Made in Chelsea, and we don’t deserve her

Her back must really hurt from carrying this show

Bling Empire cast net worths: Ranking how filthy rich the Netflix stars actually are

Anna Shay is worth a cool $600million

Introducing Mimi Morris: The mega rich businesswoman in Bling Empire season two

She’s rich now, but Mimi actually had a very humble upbringing

Meet Dorothy Wang: The billionaire heiress who has joined Bling Empire season two

She’s already been on reality TV before!

All of these guys are rumoured to be in the Love Island 2022 cast and yes, I’m excited

Can I couple up with them now?

Meet Hannah Dodd: The actress reportedly dating Sam Fender who’s been cast in Bridgerton

Sorry but Bridgerton AND Sam Fender is just greedy

Our Father on Netflix: Where is Jacoba Ballard now?

She says she’s tried to reach out to Donald Cline, but hasn’t heard anything

‘The most evil documentary ever’: People are shook at Our Father on Netflix

‘Our Father has to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever watched’

Donald Cline from Our Father never faced prison, so here’s where he actually is now

‘He’s still out and about – in his head, I don’t think he thinks he’s done much wrong’

The disturbing and shocking true story behind Our Father documentary on Netflix

The film about disgraced fertility doctor Donald Cline is out now

Everything the cast of Sex Education has done since being on the show

Ncuti is Doctor Who and three of them are in a new film together!

BBC is creating its own Selling Sunset show featuring the UK’s biggest mega-mansions

It’s called Crazy Rich Agents and actually sounds really good!

Made in Chelsea love lives: Who all the current cast are dating on and off the show

I can’t keep up!

‘The most deserving out there’: The Sex Education cast react to Ncuti Gatwa as Doctor Who

Gillian Anderson called him a ray of sunshine and now I’m crying

‘This is outstanding’: New Netflix nuclear disaster doc has 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes

Adding to my list right NOW

These 25 memes about the Selling Sunset reunion will make Maya’s face drop all over again

I wasn’t expecting that much emotion in one episode!

Emily Miller says ‘all the cast knew’ they were going on Too Hot To Handle

The entire idea is that the cast have no idea what show they’re actually on

The 12 biggest and most shocking revelations from the Selling Sunset reunion

Will they ever stop providing drama?

Jason says there is ‘no place’ for Christine and she has left The Oppenheim Group

He said there is ‘no debate’ she bribed a client and needs to change her behaviour

Why weren’t Christine and Amanza at the Selling Sunset reunion?

Chrishell has said Christine lied about her reason for not being there 👀

365 Days love lives: This is who the cast members are dating in real life

The actor who plays Massimo has two children from a previous marriage!

Meet all the contestants who are rumoured for Love Island 2022

It’s finally happening!

Jason and Brett spent time in jail and correctional facilities when they were younger?!

Jason ATE a rattlesnake and I am shook

Would Massimo from 365 Days date you? Take this quiz to finally find out

I hate myself for wanting the answer to be yes

These are the 11 biggest arguments and fights there have ever been on Selling Sunset

And you know there will be plenty more in the future!

Christine Quinn has spoken about thinking she’d be shot during terrifying home invasion

‘This was the most horrifying moment of my life’

The 13 most unhinged and wild moments from 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

They should have called it a day with that ridiculous golf scene

These 29 memes about 365 Days: This Day actually have more of a plot than the film itself

Not that it’s hard to do that x

Kane from Bling Empire now works for The Oppenheim Group and will be on Selling Sunset!

He will be in the next season but has said he won’t be the new show villain 👀

Two more guys have been rumoured for the Love Island 2022 villa

It starts next month!! 👀

The third 365 Days movie has already been filmed and there’s still loads more to come

It’s expected later this year!

Just 25 more memes all about season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix

If Emma mentions empanadas ONE MORE TIME

365 Days: This Day is being absolutely ripped to shreds on Rotten Tomatoes

One review simply calls it ‘piping hot trash’

Who is the most successful Selling Sunset agent? Ranking commission they’ve ever earned

Chelsea has already earned more than Davina looool

Ranked: The Selling Sunset cast members who are making the most money on Instagram

Yep, they are raking in thousands!

365 Days: This Day ending explained, and what that final scene means

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t THAT

This actress and influencer is the latest contestant rumoured for Love Island 2022

She already has 345k Instagram followers

All the evidence season five of Selling Sunset was staged

At this point, is anything on this show real?

365 Days is back, so here’s a reminder of all the controversy surrounding the Netflix film

Singer Duffy wrote an open letter to Netflix saying it glamorises sexual assault and requested it get taken down

Who is Chelsea from Selling Sunset’s influential mother? Here’s everything there is to know

On the show Chelsea says she is ‘one of the most successful Black women in corporate America’

What the Selling Sunset cast members’ lives were like before the show

From modelling careers to learning English as a second language

These 37 Selling Sunset season five memes are so good Jason wants to date them too

Christine lives rent free in all of their minds, end of

Ranked: These are officially the richest ever people to come from Made in Chelsea

This list has a strict millionaires-only policy!

Selling Sunset viewers spot major ‘fake’ error which proves the show is staged

Ummm how did nobody in production spot this? 👀

Chrishell Stause was homeless before Selling Sunset and used to live in a trailer park

‘It was really hard growing up, but now I’m super grateful about everything’

Wait, so did Emma from Selling Sunset actually qualify for the Olympics as a swimmer?

According to one website, it’s all a lie!!

A rundown of everything that happened in Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s relationship

Not Jason saying he still loves her!!!

Mary is now Vice President of The Oppenheim Group, so what does her new role mean?

She’s described it as a ‘headache’ loool

Ok, we need to talk about *that* controversial Anatomy of a Scandal ending

I’m just… not sure how I feel?

Meet Chelsea Lazkani: The new British agent causing drama on Selling Sunset

She’s a grad from London

These are all the real life filming locations from Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix

The Oxford University scenes weren’t even filmed in Oxford!

All the secrets you’ve ever wanted to know about how TV sex scenes are filmed

From fake sweat to modesty patches and breath mints

Anatomy of a Scandal teaches more about consent than school ever did

Olivia’s story is an example of how consent isn’t just black and white

These are officially the most watched Netflix shows ever, by hours people spent binging

Bridgerton has just beaten its own record

The chilling story behind Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes on Netflix

The true crime series about the serial killer has been released today

Anatomy of a Scandal: This is what the Libertines Club at Oxford University is in real life

The flashbacks in the show are very accurate

Penn Badgley has been spotted filming YOU season four at Royal Holloway campus

The new season is set in London

Netflix’s next true crime Our Father tells the creepy story of a former fertility doctor

Donald Cline is believed to have fathered at least 50 people without consent

This is where you recognise the cast of Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix from

Yes, that’s the creepy girl from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Say hello to Joel: The DJ and model who has just joined Made in Chelsea

Excuse me whilst I die over these vibes

Meet Emma Walsh: Ollie Locke’s ex who’s joined Made in Chelsea as Digby’s new girlfriend

She’s dated Spencer Matthews, too

A soppy video and cheating claims: All the drama that’s happened with Emily and Cam

It looked like they were at the same restaurant last night??

A Bridgerton executive has been fired over bullying and abusive behaviour claims on set

The show reportedly set up an anonymous hotline because bullying reports were getting so bad

Zara McDermott’s brother is rumoured to be a contestant for Love Island 2022

Ummm, yes please!

Police called over a bust-up at the home of Love Island’s Lucinda and her footballer ex

She split from Aaron Connolly last week

Meet the Peltzs: Nicola Peltz’s billionaire family as she marries Brooklyn Beckham

Her mother used to be a model!

Jonathan Bailey has written a book for his younger Bridgerton co-stars

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this man any more

Right so just how rich are Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz and their families?

That £3million wedding is starting to look real cheap

The second 365 Days film drops on Netflix this month and it looks WILD

I will be watching this trailer on loop all day

‘The most unsettling TV I’ve ever seen’: People are horrified by Netflix Jimmy Savile doc

‘It truly is a horror’

Someone made a map of where you go to Pret or Greggs and people have a lot to say

We literally are a nation divided

You’re obviously obsessed with Bridgerton, so here are 11 shows to watch next

Some of them feature the Bridgerton cast!

A British Horror Story on Netflix: How Jimmy Savile died and what happened next

He is now known as one of the UK’s most prolific sex offenders in history

The first rumoured Love Island 2022 contestant is here and she has a footballer ex

Sophie Draper is 22 and is ‘in talks’ with the show

Which Bridgerton character you are, based on your star sign

Of course Leo is Anthony Bridgerton

All the major differences between Bridgerton season two and the book it’s based on

Lady Danbury isn’t in the book at all, but the Duke does appear!

What happened with ‘serial swindler’ and father of Made in Chelsea star Victoria’s baby

Inigo Philbrick faces 20 years in prison for a £16million art scam

Wait, a bit of Angry Peter Marsh’s Come Dine With Me rant was cut from the show?!

I am in SHOCK

New Harlan Coben thriller series Hold Tight is coming to Netflix this month

It follows the search for a missing teenager

Only a capital R Rake is getting 9/11 in this Bridgerton glossary quiz

Can you nail Ton talk?

Just 29 more memes all about season two of Bridgerton on Netflix

I will be laughing at these until season three is released

Meet the 15 new cast members joining season four of YOU on Netflix

Joe Goldberg is off to London with a whole new cast!

Why is everyone on TikTok saying ‘you don’t have this emoji’ and how do I get it?

No, I don’t have this emoji and I want to know WHY

YOU season four is coming, and Joe has moved to London!

Nobody is safe!

Would Anthony Bridgerton actually marry you? Take this quiz to finally find out

Sorry in advance if the answer is no x

Umm, Shake has been announced as the new host of Love Is Blind on Netflix?!

Season three, which has already been filmed, will be Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s last

Bridgerton cast net worths: Who is the Netflix show’s richest star?

All I want is to be rich and in this show, is that too much to ask?

The full cast and everything we know about the Queen Charlotte Bridgerton spin-off

Some of our other Bridgerton favs are featuring too

Shayne has finally addressed the rumours he was taking drugs whilst filming Love Is Blind

‘I looked out of my mind, I didn’t sleep because I had no idea what she was going to say at the altar’

These 23 Anthony Bridgerton memes are the bane of my existence and object of my desires

Will I ever be over him? Probably not

Quiz: Which lady from season two of Bridgerton on Netflix are you?

We can’t all be as iconic as Queen Charlotte or Lady Danbury

Meet Kate: The new female lead alongside Joe in season four of YOU on Netflix

Yep, he’s back up to his old tricks again!

This is where the cast of Bridgerton on Netflix went to university

Two of them are Oxford grads!

17 juicy behind the scenes facts and production secrets about how Bridgerton is made

Each episode costs £5million to make and there were 700 costumes for the main cast members alone