Hayley Soen
Hayley Soen

Bournemouth Editor

Why do Bournemouth students insist on doing all these things the second the sun comes out?

We’re by the beach, we will use it

BREAKING: The Summer Ball 2018 line-up is here

I feel like I’ve waited all year for this

Start your engines, this queen wrote her dissertation on RuPaul’s Drag Race

All other topics can sashay away tbh

Bournemouth and The Arts University both have gender pay gaps they are ‘tackling’

They blame uneven distribution of jobs

Here are all the signs you might be living in a ‘sad girl house’

The inhabitants will usually be found in their living room wearing dressing gowns and waiting for their hair to dry

Bournemouth fresher died in halls because she couldn’t afford her prescription

Victoria Hills was found dead in Cranborne in February

Murdered by a ‘man in a mask’: The mystery of the Bournemouth student killed walking home from a night out

Jong-Ok Shin was stabbed to death in 2002

Sure, Phillip Schofield is hot, but look how H-O-T young Schofe was back in the day

I can’t believe he could possibly be hotter, BUT HERE WE ARE

One SUBU election candidate’s campaign page is literally just a whole bunch of memes

This is democracy 2018 style

Nottingham Trent students arrested over racist halls chant released, but banned from campus

As it stands, the pair aren’t allowed back in halls

It took me 11 hours to drive from Bournemouth to Guildford and all I had to eat was two biscuits

Storm Emma is causing chaos

Outed: The unis where students get the most money off their parents

All hail the bank of mum and dad

I lost my leg and suffered internal burning after being electrocuted

It’s a miracle that she’s alive

Breaking: A woman was reportedly raped near Turtle Bay last night

Police were called in the early hours of this morning

Remembering Luna in Solihull: The most tragic, but best hometown club in the UK

Who knew listening to ‘Low’ seven times is so much fun?

PICTURED: An exclusive look inside the all-new, refurbished Cameo main room

The relaunch party is on Friday

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family of the girl who passed away in Cranborne

Vicky’s best friend said ‘what has happened is beyond comprehension and we are still in shock’

Breaking: A female student has died in Cranborne halls

Her death is not being treated as suspicious

Cameo are relaunching with an all-new, revamped main room

Our Wednesdays are about to get even better

Professor Green was in Bournemouth today and called the council ‘arseholes’

The council have adjusted benches to deter the homeless

This Bournemouth final year wrote his entire dissertation on Kurupt FM

Throw your Ks up