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Emily in Paris season two release date is confirmed and the new season looks SO good

Can’t wait to have my favourite trashy mess show back in my life!!

All the huge brand deals the cast of Love Island 2021 have already landed

Liberty is already a millionaire

Quiz: Who from Sex Education on Netflix would be your ultimate bestie?

We all need an Eric in our lives

‘I had enough’: Gogglebox stars and staff are speaking out about treatment on the show

One has made bullying claims and said it forced them to leave the series

Netflix to release new ‘explosive’ Britney Spears conservatorship documentary next week

It uses text messages and voicemails to uncover behind the scenes secrets

Which Sex Education season three character are you? Take this quiz to find out

I just want to be Ruby, is that too much to ask?

Just loads of stunning behind the scenes pics of the Sex Education cast being best friends

How do I join them, please?

The only thing I want more than Ruby and Otis is these 47 Sex Education season three memes

I adore all of these characters so much it hurts

Exactly who from Love Island 2021 actually applied and who was scouted for the show

Chloe was asked to go on Ready To Mingle but chose Love Island instead

Sex Education love lives: A deep dive into who the cast are dating in real life

I’d appreciate it if they were all single, because I’d like to marry them all

Sex Education production secrets: 18 behind the scenes facts about the Netflix show

A lot of the most iconic quotes are improvised by the cast and not in the script

We asked a relationship expert which Love Island 2021 final couples will actually last

‘If Tyler is willing to be Kaz’s cheerleader, things should be just fine’

Inside all the fun Instagram accounts of the Sex Education cast members

Best believe you’ll be following them all

Aimee Lou Wood has spoken about split from Sex Education co-star Connor Swindells

‘We realised maybe the relationship wasn’t serving us both’ 💔

Ranked: The shows which stayed at number one on Netflix for the longest time ever

I take responsibility for the impressive streak held by 365 Days

Quiz: There are 13 Love Island couples who are still together, but can you name them all?

Yes, including this year!

Love Island Gossip Column: TWO Islanders are back with exes! And Hugo is STILL arguing with the girls

Let it go, Mr Hammond!

Ranked: Who from Love Island 2021 gained the least followers on Instagram?

What was even the point?

Faye has spoken out about the 25,000 Ofcom complaints made about her on Love Island

‘I got it wrong. I was embarrassed’

Laura Whitmore has urged people to make complaints to ITV over Love Island reunion

‘I’ve been asked by ITV for you to contact them’

Shannon says she was ‘bullied’ and ‘humiliated’ at the Love Island reunion

In a video, she cried and said ‘I thought I’d get some better treatment’

If you were hooked on Clickbait, you should watch these nine Netflix series next

Can’t wait to have my mind blown all over again!

All the Islanders who have been salty about the Love Island 2021 reunion

‘That was a f***ing waste of time, but I went’

Laura Whitmore has gone in on criticism of the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

People have said her statement ‘missed the mark’

These are the biggest Love Island 2021 post villa transformations

They are definitely embracing their new glamorous lifestyles

Spotify Blend creates you a joint playlist with friends, here’s how to use it

It also gives you a score of how compatible your music taste is with others

The Love Island reunion last night was nothing short of car crash TV and a waste of time

It was awkward to watch, and not in a good way

These 27 memes about Clickbait are so good they deserve five million views too

At this point, did I kill Nick Brewer????

11 burning questions I need answering after watching Clickbait so I can sleep at night

Only a few are about how unexplainably annoying Pia is, I promise

TikTok spots a huge error in YOU season three teaser and now there are so many theories

Wait, how did we not notice this?!

Clickbait ending explained: Ok, so what did all those twists and shocks actually mean?

I suspected every character was guilty at some point

Who is Emily Brown? The football player girlfriend Regé-Jean Page just went public with

First question, why isn’t she me?

Netflix’s next true crime series is about a sociopath who had 24 evil personalities

The series about the shocking case is being released this month

This moral alignment test says where you sit on the chaotic evil to lawful good scale

It’s nice to be scientifically told I’m a chaotic hot mess x

New cast, ‘insane’ plot and a baby: Everything we know about season three of YOU

Joe Goldberg is back! Finally!

Introducing Sam Rason: Amy Hart’s new boyfriend who was once in an Aldi advert

He’s known as Aldi’s ‘hunky hot cross bun man’ and went to Bournemouth uni

New ‘silly’ Netflix thriller Clickbait is a bit awful, but everyone is obsessed with it

Warning: If you watch one episode you will HAVE to watch till the end

Walk outs and secret chats: The shocking unaired Love Island 2021 scenes we never saw

I demand a Movie Night 2.0 where we see all of this

Love Island Gossip Column: Islanders aren’t talking?! And who’s been dating a winter Islander?

You thought Love Island drama was over? It’s only just starting!

Ranked: Who from Love Island 2021 has gained the most Instagram followers?

A few of them have hit a million already

Here are all the Love Island 2021 finalists’ first posts back on Instagram since the villa

If any of these lot breakup I don’t believe in love

The Love Island 2021 finalist couples talk getting married and moving in together

Chloe and Toby say their wedding is ‘imminent’ and Faye said she ‘can’t guarantee’ *that* argument won’t happen again

Ranked: Who actually is the richest Love Island winner ever?

Millie and Liam have some serious £££ coming their way

Prove you really love the show by getting full marks in this Love Island 2021 trivia quiz

This isn’t a test for me, it’s for you

Millie and Liam say what they’re spending the £50k on and the cast plan moving in together!

There’s going to be an all girls house and an all boys house in Essex

Quiz: Write a declaration of love and we’ll tell you if you’d win Love Island

Asking to go official in your speech is a pull on the heartstrings, for sure

Love Island 2021 voting stats: How many votes did each couple get in the final?

It was a pretty solid win for Millie and Liam

These are the most intense Love Island 2021 TANformations

They’ve been getting pretty bronzed!

‘Who is voting Faye and Teddy?’: What ex-Islanders said about the Love Island 2021 final

Amber Gill retweeted someone saying it’s staged 😬

Love Island Gossip Column: Teddy’s ex goes IN on him! Plus THREE ex-Islanders have Covid?!

Teddy’s ex called him a ‘sulky little boy’ and said he ‘won’t last five minutes’ with Faye 😬

We found a bunch of old pictures of Love Island’s Millie from when she was a teen

She had a dedicated Justin Bieber fan page and it is CUTE

Ranking the Love Island 2021 cast by who is most likely to steal the £50k prize fund

I still feel like Toby would do it for a joke and Chloe would love it

Here’s everything the dumped Islanders of 2021 have been up to since they left the villa

From dinners together and new relationships, to tragic sponsored Instagram posts and TikToks

It’s official! The Love Island reunion show will be back for the 2021 series

Can’t wait to catch up with the Islanders when they’ve all split up and hate each other x

Only a true Pogue is getting full marks in this Outer Banks season two trivia quiz

Make JJ proud x

The Nilsen Tapes on Netflix: When was Dennis Nilsen’s death and what happened?

The serial killer apparently died in ‘excruciating pain’

Can you guess who from Love Island 2021 has been put through the Disney filter?

Toby is a real Prince Charming x

Mary and Aaron have dates planned for after Love Island and think Toby and Chloe will win

They’ve planned a double date with Toby and Chloe!!

These are the most iconic Love Island baby challenge moments there have ever been

Uhhhh Tommy, wtf was that?

All the Love Island moments where Jake was staged or played up to the cameras

When Faye called him a ‘showman’ she wasn’t lying 👀

The chilling true story of killer Dennis Nilsen, behind new Netflix true crime documentary

The doc uses 250 hours of tapes where the UK’s most notorious serial killer recalls his own crimes

Ranked: The best Love Island talent show performances of all time

To this day nothing has impressed me more than Siânnise and Luke T’s dance

The Kissing Booth 3 is getting absolutely torn to shreds on Rotten Tomatoes

It’s rated the worst of the three films, and is one of the lowest scores for a Netflix film ever

Ok, so which Islanders voted for who as the least compatible couples? A recap

Basically who is going to feel the wrath of Faye

Brett wants to continue with Priya but she says they’re ‘absolutely’ just friends

He says meeting her was a ‘blessing’ and to be honest, this is all a bit awkward

Jake’s dad has said he’s ‘too stupid’ to have a game plan in the Love Island villa

Bit savage

The poshest Love Island contestants of all time, ranked by poshness

Charlie Brake was literally a millionaire and Eyal actually said ‘rah’

Love Island Gossip Column: A deleted sex scene with Brad! And two dumped Islanders caught kissing?!

Jack Grealish has been liking one dumped Islander’s pictures 👀

The Kissing Booth 3 net worths: How rich the Netflix movie stars really are

I just want their lives, please

Old photos of Faye from Love Island have resurfaced and she looks totally different

Faye has been very open about the cosmetic surgery she has had done in the past

Obsessed with Outer Banks? Watch these nine similar Netflix shows next

Finally something to fill the Pogue shaped hole in my life

Ranked: The Islanders who were truly wronged with their heart race challenge outfits

The producers should issue an apology for doing Mary so dirty

The wages of the Love Island 2021 cast pre the show prove some really don’t need the £50k

Through her work as an influencer, Kaz is the villa’s highest earner

Love Island 2021 siblings: Meet the equally as fit brothers and sisters of this year’s cast

Can I be best friends with Millie and her sisters?

Mary Bedford has openly talked about her pre-Love Island cosmetic surgery journey

‘It’s not something you should be ashamed of, so many people have it done’

Plan a boozy bottomless brunch and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2021 gal you truly are

Oh you’ve drunk flirted with the waiter and fallen over on the way out? Hi Chloe!!

These 35 Outer Banks season two memes are so good even Rafe would crack a smile at them

And we all know that boy doesn’t smile very often

Cringe TikToks from the Love Island 2021 cast that will make you want to call the police

Someone take Hugo’s phone off him again, PLEASE

Who is Brett? The PhD student, model and identical twin who just arrived on Love Island

He can speak five languages and used to play football semi-pro

The show creators and cast on what they want in season three of Outer Banks on Netflix

All we ask for is Kiara and JJ, ok?

It’s official: These are the Love Island couples who had the most sex on the show

Amber and Kem were at it all the time, it seems

Dale had the ‘strongest connection’ with Faye and Abi learned self love through Love Island

‘She was definitely someone I found attractive, I love her personality’

Who was Carol Sutton? The actress episode six of Outer Banks on Netflix pays tribute to

She died aged 76

Say hello to Aaron: The footballer bombshell who wants a ‘worldie’ in the Love Island villa

The 24-year-old has his own Wikipedia page?!

Meet Priya: 23-year-old medical student and new Love Island 2021 bombshell

Her celebrity crush is… Boris Johnson

Domestic abuse charity releases statement over Faye’s ‘unacceptable behaviour’ towards Teddy

‘It would not have been shown if the genders were reversed’

Outer Banks love lives: Who all the Netflix show cast are dating in real life

So, can I marry JJ or what?

‘He’s fake, there’s nothing he can say’: The four dumped Islanders spill their villa truths

‘I 100 per cent did not sleep with Hugo’ 👀

Love Island Gossip Column: Meet a new bombshell! Plus preview pics reveal who’s been dumped!

I need some water because it just got HOT

The Islanders will be shown FOOTAGE of what went down in Casa Amor in tonight’s episode


Which classic Love Island nice guy would you be with? Take this quiz to find out

I’ll take Dr Alex, please

Ranked: The most complained about Love Island moments to Ofcom ever

Let’s just say this year’s series got a lot

Love Island 2021 production secrets: 17 juicy facts about how producers make the show

For lunch and dinner Islanders eat picky bits on fold up tables and chairs

Ok, how well do you actually know this year’s Islanders? Take this quiz to find out

Like, what’s Millie’s last name and what does Jake do as a job?

Introducing the jilted exes of the Love Island 2021 cast

Chloe’s ex said ‘she’s not over me yet’ 👀

Which guy from Outer Banks would you be with? Take this quiz to find out

I just want what Sarah Cameron has, okay?!

The 39 best memes about the wild ride that is Love Is Blind: After the Altar on Netflix

Can Lauren and Cameron adopt me???

Love Island Gossip Column: Lucinda and Brad are an item! And Chloe wants Toby back too?!

I’m voting Toby and Chloe to win

The 16 wildest and most shocking revelations and moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar

Damian running to greet Francesca but not Gigi? Criminal