Hayley Soen
Staff Writer

Model claims she had a threesome with Dan Osborne behind Jacqueline’s back

Dan has said she has ‘no morals’

There’s a FULL trailer for winter Love Island so winter is already over


Lottie and Lewis reportedly got together in secret during Apprentice filming

They had a ‘night of passion’

Netflix has just released the first full trailer for You season two

Hold me I can’t breath

YouTube has revealed its most watched videos of 2019 and wow, what a year

Obviously Gordon Ramsay is on here

Netflix is allegedly blocking fans who leak new show’s predictable twist end

I mean, was any attempt to hide the ending made?

Lottie and Ryan-Mark now hate each other and are having a huge Twitter fight

‘A lot has gone down’

These are the 23 best Twitter reactions to *that* Christmas Peloton advert

Just look at the pain in her EYES

Say hello to Anne-Sophie Flury: Neuroscientist and girlfriend of Roman Kemp

I want a piece of her life

The votes are in: This is officially the best meme of the entire decade

Woman yelling at cat was ROBBED

This meme about things people can also say during sex is absolutely wild

This is the best thing you’ll read all day

Megabus is offering free travel for couples who go to different universities


Gabby has savagely leaked the alleged sexts between Myles and other women

She has those receipts

The Queen is fine, but here are the 37 best memes about her hoax death

This country is so weird

‘Fleabagging’ is the new 2020 dating trend you need to stay well clear of

Wow this is me

New horrifying Netflix series will visit some of America’s most haunted places

It’s from the director of the Ted Bundy Tapes

The Apprentice’s Dean has exposed Lottie Lion photoshopping her pictures

He posted an unedited picture, yikes

Greg from Love Island already has a new law graduate girlfriend

He’s in Paris with her already!!!

VOTE: What is the ultimate dankest meme of the decade?

The time is NOW

Made in Chelsea: Argentina is coming with cheating, breakups and fights

Why is MIC so much better abroad?