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Unsolved Mysteries volume two is already bringing in ‘good and significant’ tips

The Netflix show has received hundreds since it aired

Sam Thompson posted this savage video on Instagram rinsing Zara McDermott

He’s since deleted it, which makes it all the more wild

Ranked: The best true crime documentaries on Netflix, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Hours of cases that will blow your mind

It’s official: These are the names of people most likely to ghost you

Oh, and we can tell you their chosen professions too

These 31 reactions to new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix prove it really is a whirlwind

I need answers to these cases or I won’t sleep at night

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix: All the theories behind the ‘Stolen Kids’ episode

Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker were both taken from the same park

What happened to JoAnn Romain? Theories behind Netflix Unsolved Mysteries case

Police say she took her own life, but her family and private investigators say there’s ‘no way’ this is true

Meet the celebs who are in new Celebrity Gogglebox, including the Line of Duty cast

Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling are back too

These are all the theories of where Lester Eubanks from Unsolved Mysteries is now

He escaped from Death Row in 1973

American Murder just became Netflix’s most watched documentary feature

Netflix has just released new viewing figures

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix: Who was Jennifer Fairgate and what happened to her?

There are lots of theories the Netflix episode didn’t mention

Sam Thompson will ‘never take back’ Zara after her ’embarrassing’ apology posts

She’s posted soppy quotes and a three-minute video, but he’s having none of it

So, who did Zara McDermott cheat on Sam Thompson with?

The scandal was revealed on Made in Chelsea last night

Chris Watts’ other girlfriend is applying to change her name following Netflix doc

Nichol Kessinger hasn’t been seen in two years

What happened to Jack Wheeler? All the theories about the Unsolved Mysteries case

His body was found in a landfill in 2010

Inside Shea and Syd McGee from Dream Home Makeover’s incredible Utah house

The girls’ bedrooms look like actual doll houses

This is how much Shea and Syd McGee from Dream Home Makeover are actually worth

They founded Studio McGee in 2014

Emergency services have been called to a huge house fire in Winton

It’s been confirmed everyone was evacuated safely

Which Netflix villain are you? Take this quiz to finally find out

If I get Davina I will riot

Meet Syd and Shea McGee: The influencer couple in Dream Home Makeover on Netflix

I want their lives please

Netflix has revealed a whole new cast for season three of You

Obviously Joe and Love are coming back though, don’t worry

How long would you last living in Bly Manor? Take this quiz to find out

First sighting of a ghost and I’m packing my bags

Sam Thompson says he’s having ‘best week of his life’ amid the Zara McDermott drama

Doesn’t look like he has any plans to take her back then

MTV Cribs is coming back and the celebrity lineup is about to redeem 2020

Christine Quinn says it’s ‘a dream to be included in this iconic classic’

Netflix is trialing a feature which will stop the ‘are you still watching’ message

I mean, it was quite rude let’s be real

Vote: Let’s finally settle it, which Love Island series was definitively the best?

Season two or bust if you ask me

Zara McDermott has posted ANOTHER begging message to Sam Thompson on Instagram

Hun pls

These 31 memes about The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix are perfectly splendid

Don’t mind me just covering all my mirrors x

Just a bunch of behind the scenes pics of the cast of Bly Manor, absolutely living

Where do I sign up???

Everything that has gone down in Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson’s relationship

I hope you like your tea served HOT

Here are even more films, series, books and podcasts all about the Chris Watts case

If you were interested by American Murder, there’s much more about the story

Here are the real life filming locations used in The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix

You can book your wedding at the manor, if for some reason you’d like that

These are all of the hidden ghosts which appeared in The Haunting of Bly Manor

You definitely got stressed trying to find these

The Haunting of Bly Manor is being called ‘a masterpiece’, ‘creepy’ and ‘mind-bending’

It looks like your weekend plans just got sorted

Let’s be real, the biggest problem with Emily In Paris is Emily Cooper


If you made these 27 Emily In Paris memes you’d be a social media expert in France too

Much better content than Emily Cooper

All about the six new cold cases in Unsolved Mysteries volume two on Netflix

The new stories include a city taken over by ghostly spirits and an unsolved death in a luxury hotel room

17 moments that prove Emily In Paris is the dumbest thing on Netflix right now

Within the first 30 seconds she’s jogging in a puffer jacket, so the bar is low

Quiz: Which character from Emily In Paris on Netflix are you?

Tbh, anyone but Emily

Ok but how did we all miss this creepy ‘ghost’ in American Murder on Netflix?

I need to rewatch this right now

The government has created a new career quiz, and the results are ridiculous

Brb starting my career as a lighthouse keeper!!!

The Haunting of Bly Manor drops on Netflix TOMORROW

Ok I am ready!!!

All the stunning real life Paris filming locations from Emily In Paris on Netflix

Gabriel’s restaurant is real so I’ll just be booking a table every night

Chris Watts receives dozens of letters in prison from women every week

‘When I saw your interview I thought I had to get to know this guy!’

Emily In Paris creator already has *a lot* of ideas for season two

‘In terms of a second season, there are certainly a lot of roads to follow’

A confession letter from Chris Watts in jail suggests his crimes were premeditated

He says he had thought about it for ‘weeks’

A body language expert reveals exact moments Chris Watts gave himself away

He displayed ‘huge red flags’ right from the beginning

These reactions to Emily In Paris on Netflix prove it’s a car crash of a show

‘Emily In Paris comes off as utterly tone deaf and offensive’

Everything American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix missed out about the case

Just hours after the murders, Chris Watts looked up song lyrics about killing your family

Chris Watts says he is ‘ashamed’ of Netflix doc which ‘brings up awful memories’

He says he ‘wishes he had handled things differently’

Quiz: If you can identify these hot movie guys, you’re a true thirsty 2000s girl

Well, if ever a title was made for me x

American Murder: Chris Watts’ polygraph interview lasted seven hours and he scored -18

-4 is the usual indication you’re lying

This is where you recognise that annoyingly catchy ‘Tap In’ TikTok audio from

Now I’ll be honest I don’t really understand but I fell down this hill now I’ve got glue on my hands !!

American Murder: What happened to Chris Watts’ other girlfriend Nichol Kessinger?

Her relationship with Watts is said to be over

The 13 best new scary films and series on Netflix this spooky season

This is the best time of year and you can’t change my mind

Netflix is being sued over the depiction of Sherlock in Enola Holmes

Henry Cavill responded saying ‘honestly, nothing surprises me anymore’

What is life like for Chris Watts now? The latest on Netflix American Murder subject

He’s in the same prison as Steven Avery from Making A Murderer

The full true story behind Netflix true crime ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’

The documentary about the 2018 case has been released today

There’s a new dreamy home makeover reality show coming to Netflix

Selling Sunset hole in your life = filled

Inside the fancy country estate Made In Chelsea filmed the new series in

It’s worth £1.2million

Please watch this video of Carole Baskin dressed as a lion dancing the samba

She was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night 🙁

These 26 Enola Holmes memes are more impressive than her jiu jitsu skills

Also Henry Cavill as Sherlock. That’s all

Meet Nathan Apodaca: The man in *that* Fleetwood Mac skateboarding TikTok video

This man must be protected at all costs

Enola Holmes ending explained: What did that final line actually mean?

Millie Bobby Brown has explained what Enola meant by ‘the future is up to us’

England has 48 different counties, but I bet you can’t even name 20 of them

You can have one point for Surrey, that’s all

These are officially the Netflix series which are most likely to make you cry

*sobs* The only ones I care about x

Ok but why is everyone saying ‘Da Vinky’? Here’s the viral meme explained

‘This has been living in my head rent free since the moment I saw it’

David Attenborough joins Instagram and breaks record for fastest one million followers

At the dear age of 94

These 29 memes about Ratched on Netflix are even better than the outfits

Yes, that is possible

Sophie Aspin has responded to everyone using the M to the B audio on TikTok

‘It’s not about a bee it’s about ME’

Gigi and Zayn have welcomed a baby, but we have birthed these 23 memes about it

Arguably these are more important

Guy behind Joe Exotic’s music videos, including Here Kitty Kitty, is suing Netflix

Timmy Sepi produced the videos and says he was going to make his own film with them

Six months on, where are the cast of Netflix’s Tiger King now?

Joe Exotic’s husband got ripped

Breakups, betrayals and a drink throw: Everything we know about the new MIC series

It starts next week!!

New ‘You’ book reveals Joe is ‘done with Love’ and has someone new in season three

But Love is pregnant?!

Season two of Ratched on Netflix is already confirmed, here’s what to expect

Sarah Paulson has said there might be four seasons!!

Carole Baskin performed to another cat song on Dancing With The Stars last night

She really is the gift that keeps on giving

Quiz: On a scale of one to Nurse Ratched, how evil are you?

If you’re more than 75 per cent, stay away from me

Students share the dumb and pointless things in their uni houses that just make sense

Just one dining chair in a house of six, love it x

Can you name the most iconic 00s celebrities? Take this quiz to find out

This is like, so hot x

Quiz: Can you guess which celebs have been put through the bald filter?

So. Many. Eggs.

You didn’t win Molly-Mae’s giveaway, so drown your sorrows in these 23 memes instead

They’re better than the prize anyway

This is where you recognise all the cast of Ratched on Netflix from

Is that… Justin from 13 Reasons Why?

Quiz: Can you guess the TV show by just one room’s furniture?

Some of these you should recognise a mile off

People are saying Ratched on Netflix is ‘absurd’ ‘terrifying’ and ‘out of control’

That looks like your weekend plans sorted

Is Nurse Ratched real? This is how much the Netflix series is based on a true story

The psychological thriller sees Sarah Paulson play her

These 29 The Devil All The Time memes are better than their southern accents

Wow, we’re really thirsty for Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson

Breaking: Jerry from Cheer arrested and charged with production of child pornography

His arrest comes three days after his home was raided

Quiz: What percentage Katherine Ryan in The Duchess are you?

Some can only dream of being as savage as she is

These are all the real life filming locations of The Duchess on Netflix

Sadly, the cute place Olive gets her hair cut doesn’t actually have cars in it

The Devil All The Time ending explained: What did it even mean?

The director has said there are many moral interpretations

These 25 memes about Netflix’s The Social Dilemma will make you throw your phone away

Ok I’m a social media puppet I GET IT

Quiz: Would Wayne Lineker date you, based on his weird dating preferences?

He says you MUST like Waitrose ready meals

You season three starts filming soon and is casting a ‘major’ recurring character!!

How do I apply to end up in Joe’s box?

If you really know your iconic 00s films, prove it by scoring 10/12 in this quiz

Get in, loser

Carole Baskin’s first appearance on Dancing With The Stars last night was…chaotic

She danced to Eye of the Tiger, bye

Jerry from Cheer is under investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors

He has denied all claims

Left shook by The Social Dilemma? These nine shows will make you hate your phone more

Brb deleting all my social media apps forever

This is how much the people on Netflix’s The Social Dilemma are actually worth

The guy who invented the Facebook ‘like’ button is worth $150million!!