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Meet all the girls who are rumoured to be in the Love Island 2021 cast

From fire-breathers to influencers and models

Ok so are Miles and Ruby from Made in Chelsea actually dating now?

They look preeeeeetty cosy

Inside the all new luxury villa in Too Hot To Handle season two on Netflix

The series is back next week!

RIP Made in Chelsea (2011 – 2021): It was fun, but it’s time to call it a day now

Maeva’s back must hurt from desperately carrying this show for the last seasons

21-year-old signs up for Love Island after her footballer boyfriend cheated on her

The latest rumoured contestant is ex cabin crew Lucinda Strafford

This 20-year-old Irish influencer is the latest contestant said to be on Love Island 2021

A friend has said she will speak her mind in the villa, and ‘can be problematic’

How well do you actually remember Outer Banks? Take this quiz to find out

Season two is coming next month, so you need to be on it

These are the 11 Instagram poses you need to perfect your hot girl summer

I’ve got the camera grab absolutely nailed

These are the 10 best dramas based on true crime stories you can watch on Netflix

If you enjoyed Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, there are plenty more

Quiz: Can you name these mega irrelevant Made in Chelsea cast members?

Never forget Funda, a true legend x

So, where does the ‘I want to go home please’ TikTok audio come from?


Ranked: The mega rich Love Islanders making up to £13k per Instagram post

This is the life I deserve

All the tiny details in Believe Me that are actually true to the real Lisa McVey story

She really did know exactly what to do because she watched detective TV shows

Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti have broken up

They’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram

Who is Katie Douglas? The 22-year-old actress who plays Lisa McVey in Believe Me

Everyone is talking about how tiny she looks in the film so yes, her height is included

This Juno sign calculator will help you find your true soulmate

I need all the help I can get

True crime drama Believe Me is ‘harrowing’, ‘sinister’ and ‘wildly heartbreaking’

It’s about the abduction of Lisa McVey and is number one in Netflix’s Top 10

Believe Me on Netflix: Where is the real Lisa McVey now?

She was on the front row when Bobby Joe Long, the killer who abducted her, was executed

What happened to Bobby Joe Long? The serial killer who abducted Lisa McVey

There have been updates since the film was made

Get ready to cry all over again as you enjoy these 25 memes about Lucifer 5B

Yes most of them are about Lucifer and Chloe, what of it

The shocking true story of the abduction of Lisa McVey, behind Believe Me on Netflix

Aged 17, she managed to persuade a serial killer to set her free

There are two more guys rumoured to be going on Love Island this year

It’s just weeks before the show starts and I cannot WAIT

Where you recognise cast of Netflix true crime Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey from

Yes, that is Abby from Ginny and Georgia!!

Ok, here’s what all the crowns on TikTok mean and how to get one yourself

The royal recognition you really deserve

Where is everyone from Nail Bomber: Manhunt on Netflix now?

Bernard, the bouncer who wrote to the bomber, is a true crime author and father of six

Quiz: Plan a bottomless brunch and we’ll tell you how basic you truly are

I’m not sure I’m prepared to know this result

There’s going to be a new ‘Murder Love Island’ series coming to ITV2 as well

The show sees contestants try to find love whilst avoiding a killer, yes really

Who is London nail bomber David Copeland and where is he now?

He’s in the same prison as Lee Rigby’s killer and the Manchester Arena bomber’s brother

Dearest Reader, Bridgerton is filming for season two in London right now

Phoebe Dynevor has posted pics, this is NOT A DRILL

The true story of London nail bombings behind new Netflix doc Nail Bomber: Manhunt

The attacks happened over three weekends and aimed to start a race war

Meet the two new real estate agents joining The Oppenheim Group in Selling Sunset

One of them has history with the other girls 👀

Say hello to Alisha LeMay: The latest rumoured contestant for Love Island 2021

She was ‘lined-up’ for the winter villa, but never entered

Meet Eloise St Clair-Charles: The posh real estate girl who’s just joined Made in Chelsea

If you think her name is fancy that truly is just the beginning

Quiz: Only a real expert can tell if this classic rip-off comes from Aldi or Lidl

Do you know your Taurus from your Woodgate cider?

How to use the beauty filter that everyone is using on TikTok right now

This is ridiculous but I’m obsessed

How to use the new weird text to girl voice speech feature on TikTok, a guide

She gives me huge over enthusiastic American TV advert vibes

These are all the ages of the current Made in Chelsea cast members

When Jamie Laing quit because he felt old, he wasn’t lying

Quiz: Plan a Eurovision performance and we’ll tell you how many points you’d get

Representing the UK? Nil poi!

The TikTok rich list: The net worths of the richest stars will make you weep

Man, I need to learn to dance

Only 10 per cent of people pass this maths quiz, so should you be heading back to school?

I am ashamed

14 times The Woman in the Window was the most unhinged film Netflix has ever made

Did all that just happen or am I hallucinating?

This dentistry student is the latest contestant lined-up for Love Island 2021

He’s a fitness model too, naturally

Fashion, wild parties and orchids: Inside the incredible true story of Halston’s life

He had a $100,000 yearly budget for orchids

These 31 memes about The Woman in the Window are so good they make up for the awful film

Amy Adams really is just me for the last few months

Netflix’s next true crime documentary is about the London nail bombings

It’s coming later this month

How did Halston die? The real life story of the legendary fashion designer’s death

The new Netflix series is all about his incredible life

The Halston family has ripped into ‘inaccurate’ Netflix series about the designer’s life

In a statement the family said they were not consulted about the new show

How well do you remember the iconic Scooby Doo movie? Take this quiz to find out

To me, Spooky Island will always be a real place

Everything that The Sons of Sam Netflix documentary missed out about the case

Maury Terry appeared on Unsolved Mysteries to talk about David Berkowitz

Wild series about rise and fall of fashion designer Halston drops on Netflix this week

It’s by Ryan Murphy and Ewan McGregor plays the lead

The Sons of Sam: What happened in the Arlis Perry case and Netflix doc ending explained

Ok, so those last few minutes were lot to take in

Ok so there’s a new ‘trend’ of people on TikTok claiming they’re Madeleine McCann

This is… weird?

Perrie and Leigh-Anne are pregnant, and these memes prove how hysterical we all are

‘This is a shoutout to my eggs’

Meet Robbie Mullett: The law student who is the latest face on Made in Chelsea

He started uni last year

There’s a ‘Son of Sam law’ which stops serial killers making money from their stories

It came after David Berkowitz sold exclusive rights to his

The Sons of Sam on Netflix: Who was John Carr and what happened to him?

Many believe he was the real killer in the case

If you think you recognise the voice narrating The Sons of Sam on Netflix, this is why

No, it’s not the real journalist Maury Terry’s voice

This girl on TikTok thinks she could be Madeleine McCann and people are *mad* at her

‘On which planet is this considered funny?’

Where is David Berkowitz now? The killer from The Sons of Sam on Netflix

He’s eligible for parole but says he doesn’t deserve it

In full: The letters sent from The Sons of Sam killer, as seen in the Netflix series

David Berkowitz is said to have sent letters to taunt police and the media

The Sons of Sam: What happened to the journalist Maury Terry?

He investigated the David Berkowitz case and believed the serial killer didn’t act alone

The chilling true story behind new Netflix true crime series The Sons of Sam

The four-part series is about serial killer David Berkowitz and is available now

New BBC true crime re-examines the case of a student who was murdered after a night out

A man was sentenced to life but new evidence could clear his name

Little Mix net worths: Ok, so just how rich are they all really?

Just a slice, please

Little Mix partners: A guide to who they are all dating

Yes, including Jesy because in my heart she’s still a member

Line of Duty is over, so here are 10 more gritty British dramas to fill the void

I’m not ready to say goodbye tbh

New Too Hot To Handle cast members fined £3k for abusing staff on flight home from filming

Three cast members were arrested, and one told cabin crew to ‘look up who my mum is’

Things Heard & Seen on Netflix: What did that odd and unsettling ending even mean?

Two hours of my life for that?

How good would you be as an officer at AC-12? Take this quiz to find out

I do things to the LETTER of the LAW

The Line of Duty cast drink wine and discuss fan theories on Zoom every week

Honestly this makes my heart so full

Inside the real life love lives of all the staff who appear on First Dates

Merlin met his partner at a cocktail making competition, naturally

This scientific test definitively tells you which Twilight character you are most like

Just as long as it’s not Bella

Shadow and Bone on Netflix is being called out for ‘disappointing’ racism scenes

People have called it ‘jarring’ and ‘overwhelmingly uncomfortable’

Messed up auditions and angry police: The production secrets behind Line of Duty

Steve Arnott’s name was originally different and Martin Compston nearly didn’t get the role

Netflix true crime series about one of the most infamous serial killers drops next week

The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness examines the crimes of David Berkowitz

How to reverse your sound and video on TikTok, a guide

For all those weird challenges you’re doing

Meet the man behind the meme: Netflix is releasing a documentary about Bob Ross

It’s coming this summer

Inside the luxury farmhouses in Suffolk where the Made in Chelsea cast lived this series

Just the £7,000 a night, no biggie

A moment in Bridgerton has been nominated for a BAFTA award

How do I vote twice???

This is how old the cast of Netflix series Shadow and Bone are in real life

Mal is the youngest of them all

Line of Duty net worths: How much money the cast members have in real life

Looks like I could have a pretty cosy life with Steve Arnott

You season three is coming soon and the creator says it’s ‘bonkers’ and ‘insane’

I’ve never needed anything more in my life

Line of Duty viewing figures: How many people watched each series of the show

The new series is up nearly 12million from series one

Gogglebox cast ages: How old are all the family members on the show?

There’s a 14 year age gap between friends Jenny and Lee

Quiz: Can you guess the young Netflix star from their childhood photo?

They’ve been fun from an early age

Inside the real life love lives of all the cast of Line of Duty

Just want to know if Steve Arnott is single x

Where is The Circle US filmed? Inside the apartment building used for the Netflix series

The apartment rooms look very different in real life

We found all the First Dates couples who are still together

I now believe that true love is real

So, there were a bunch of deleted sex scenes in Bridgerton which we didn’t get to see

The Duke was getting busy with ladies who weren’t Daphne!!!

Here’s how to report any TikTok videos you see about the disturbing April 24th trend

People are allegedly saying sexual assault is legal on this day

Who started the viral April 24th ‘national rape day’ hoax? An investigation

TikTok has said it cannot source the original video

Everything Why Did You Kill Me on Netflix missed out about the Crystal Theobald case

Her boyfriend was also shot in the attack

The mother in Why Did You Kill Me went in on ‘monster’ killer in 15-minute court speech

She told him she hoped he’d be killed in prison and the judge had to ask her to stop

Meet Inga Valentiner: Tiff’s best friend and the newest face on Made in Chelsea

She joins the cast tonight

What percentage bent copper are you? Take this quiz to find out

Only Kate Fleming is getting zero here

If you’ve managed to recover, here are the 37 best memes about Line of Duty last night

If anything has happened to Kate we will riot

Why Did You Kill Me: Here’s what Crystal Theobald’s cousin Jaimie is up to now

She was the one who first set up the MySpace accounts to find who killed Crystal

21-year-old student developed heart failure from drinking four energy drinks a day

He spent 58 days in hospital and was in intensive care

Where is William ‘Jokes’ Sotelo from Netflix’s Why Did You Kill Me documentary now?

Crystal Theobald’s mother tracked him down on MySpace