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These are the biggest post winter Love Island 2023 villa transformations

Farmer Will went from hay to slay real quick

The couples are splitting! Plus spin-off show rumours, and Claudia and Casey are back ON?!

I can’t keep up with all the juicy Love Island news!

So, the twist ending of YOU season four was actually hinted at four times previously

How did we not see this coming?

Jacques confirms his friend did fight Remi and there’s now a messy exchange on Insta

‘You are the fakest person I’ve ever met, give your friend up to the police’

This TikTok makes your phone feel like an air conditioning unit and I’m losing my mind

My phone is getting cooler I can FEEL it

Vote: It’s time to call it, who are undisputedly the best Love Island couple of all time?

Making me choose between Molly-Mae and Tommy and Camilla and Jamie is impossible

Um, Ekin-Su says she wants to ‘distance herself’ from Love Island and star in films!

Ok, get it!!

Here are the exact gross podcast comments Martin made about Tanya that vexed Shaq

Martin admitted he ‘crossed a line’ with what he said

All the Islanders who have refused to follow each other on Instagram since Love Island 2023

Kai not following Olivia is a king move, sorry

Love Island 2022’s Remi claims he was assaulted by a friend of Jacques’ in ‘setup’ attack

Remi and Jacques had beef after they were on the show together

Someone’s spotted a huge editing error in YOU season four, and it’s hilarious

Did nobody think to point this out?

Ron and Lana caught in *another* huge ‘argument’ as they claim all is fine since Love Island

Oh no!

They’re home! Here are the first Instagram posts from the Love Island 2023 cast

Tom and Samie went straight to his football club 🥺

A brand deal on the cards already?! Plus THREE couples are swamped with split rumours

The show might have finished, but the drama has only just begun

‘Explosive’ fights and ‘kicking off’: Exactly what’s coming in the Love Island 2023 reunion

It’s this weekend!

This is where all the past winners of The Apprentice went to university

Surprisingly, only one of them studied business

Ron and Lana reportedly had a huge row on the plane home and are ‘on the rocks’ already

According to reports, Love Island bosses had to intervene to break up their argument

These 31 memes about YOU season four are more wild than what Joe did to Nadia

I won’t forgive Joe, nor will I forget

Ranked: The Love Island 2023 cast members who’ve gained the most Instagram followers

The real winners here

Jessie and Will are sharing loads of cute videos of her new countryside life and I’m obsessed

Jessie petting alpacas is exactly what I need to see

So, The Apprentice finalist Dani was meant to be on Love Island?!

Eight weeks in a boardroom with Lord Sugar or in the sun in South Africa is a tough choice tbf

Yikes! A ranking of the Love Island 2023 cast who gained the least Instagram followers

What was even the point?

‘We wanted Ron and Lana to win’: Kai and Sanam spill after being crowned Love Island winners

Sanam said it’s ‘unbelievable’ she’s the first Casa Islander to win the show

Love Island 2023 finalists talk matching tattoos, moving in together and Dubai holidays

They’re all moving so quickly!

Love Island winners Kai and Sanam share incredibly wholesome way they’re spending the £50k

I actually want to cry I love them so much

Inside the intense Love Island application process and contract Islanders have to sign

This sounds harder than any exam I’ve ever taken

Love Island 2023 voting figures have been revealed and it was a big win for Kai and Sanam!

It’s what they deserve x

A breakdown of who from Love Island 2023 was scouted and who actually applied for the show

After his girlfriend dumped him, Kai responded to producers trying to scout him

Ranking the Love Island 2023 cast by who would steal the £50k prize in the final

Tanya, I’m looking at you

These are all the most intense Love Island 2023 TANformations

Ok, they’ve been getting BRONZED

‘It was a cop out’: Will and Jessie spill all after being dumped from Love Island 2023

‘If people want to sit there and doubt our compatibility, that’s on them’

Love Island in pure chaos as we see dumped Islanders TWICE before vote announcement

I’m laughing at how this managed to happen

How long the Love Island 2023 couples will actually last, based purely on their final dates

I think I’ve seen these dates before, and I didn’t like the ending

The mystery mother of Jack Keating from Love Island’s baby has been revealed

Eight months after being on the show, he announced he’s now a father

A rundown of every time there’s been a huge editing error during Love Island 2023

There have been SO many?!

Ummm, so Casa Amor’s Jack Keating is a dad now… eight months after being on the show

Something about the maths ain’t mathsin

There’s a new dark character in YOU season four part two – here’s why you recognise him

He was named dropped in part one as the ‘worst man alive’

These are the youngest ever pitchers who tried their hand in Dragons’ Den

And I only learned to make pesto pasta at 18

A dumped Islander is ‘inundated’ with nudes! Plus the cast hacked the Love Island phones?!

It’s all kicking off!

All the theories about what happened to MH370 plane that mysteriously disappeared

Netflix has just released a documentary about the mind-blowing case

From garden Portaloos to a stinky Beach Hut: The most gross Love Island production secrets

So it’s not all that glamorous then?

Can you actually name the Islanders who’ve been dumped this year? Take this quiz to find out

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen half of these people

‘I feel guilty for Claudia’: Casey and Rosie spill after leaving the Love Island 2023 villa

Casey said he’s looking forward to being *apart* from Rosie, ‘to see if I do really, really miss her’

Meet the cast of Love Is Blind season four, entering the pods later this month

My body, mind and soul is ready for this

A rundown of all the times Jessie tried to get famous before Love Island 2023

This isn’t her first rodeo!

Explained: What exactly is going on with Spencer Matthews’ doc and when will it be released?

Finding Michael was meant to have been released on Friday last week

Olivia insists she’s ‘not toxic’ in huge first interview since leaving the Love Island villa

‘I’m a genuinely lovely person’

Ranked: Who from Love Island 2023 has gained the most Instagram followers so far?

I bet Olivia was livid when she got her phone back 😬

Guys, Jessie was on another reality show last year where she worked on a farm!

She and Will are actually soulmates?!

Yes, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes are both dating other people now

My Pogue heart is breaking

From Instagram lives to DNA tests: A full timeline of Julia’s Madeleine McCann saga

I can’t believe all of this has happened in two weeks

‘Her actions were questionable’: The four dumped Islanders spill their villa truths

‘I struggle to understand how you have a connection for three weeks then all of a sudden have a connection with someone else’

An awkward spelling error has been spotted on one of the signs in the Love Island villa

ITV spent £1.2million renovating the villa, but missed this?!

‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl claims people sent ‘lies’ to Instagram to get account suspended

Her account has been unavailable since yesterday

Dragons’ Den millionaires: The net worths of the richest people who pitched on the show

Some of them are now richer than the Dragons themselves

We found old pictures of Love Island’s Claudia and I genuinely don’t recognise this person

I’m sorry, what?!

From breakdowns to arguments: A rundown of the wildest Love Island Beach Club moments

Belle truly chewed Anton up and spat him back out

PrettyLittleThing has launched a baby range and now kids are destined to be bland from birth

It’s! All! Beige!

From Islanders disappearing to actual boobs: The 14 biggest Love Island editing errors ever

I’m calling the police!

The finish date for Love Island 2023 has been revealed and it’s depressingly close

What am I meant to do with myself now?

Right, the girl who claims to be Madeleine McCann now thinks she’s another missing child

She’s taking a DNA test to see if she’s actually someone else – as well as Madeleine

Love Island 2023 web: How the cast members secretly knew each other before the show

How do you go about getting yourself into these social circles please?

Someone’s found loads of old pictures of Love Island’s Casey, and I’m shook

He’s naturally ginger!

Police issue major update and ‘rule out’ girl who thinks she could be Madeleine McCann

This comes after her parents provided evidence of her ‘lies’

Outer Banks cast net worths: Who is the Netflix show’s richest star?

Let’s just say, it’s a good time to be Madelyn Cline

Beauty pageants and footballer exes: Inside Molly-Mae’s life before Love Island

She was training to be a spin instructor?!

Ok so now Julia’s parents have shared evidence she *isn’t* actually Madeleine McCann

They say she’s always wanted to be popular and famous

People have spotted three huge but hilarious editing errors in Outer Banks season three

I can’t believe these made it to the final cut

Bombshell alert! Here comes rugby player Keanan, joining the Love Island 2023 villa

He knows Jacques from last year, make of that what you will

Introducing Rosie: The 24-year-old Love Island bombshell here to flirt with all the boys

She’s eyeing up Casey, Tom and Kai 👀

Girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann claims to have overheard her mum say ‘we took her’

‘I don’t know why we have this girl’

All the times Islanders are allowed to break the strict alcohol rules in the Love Island villa

And yes, they do get punished if they break them at any other time

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes talk about filming Outer Banks since their breakup

Having to act in love with your ex every day is my worst nightmare 😬

Where is Buster Murdaugh now? The son from Murdaugh Murders on Netflix

The wild case is still ongoing, and Buster has been giving evidence

From 4am to midnight: This is the exact daily routine for candidates on The Apprentice

They only get a few days off and they spend them… doing washing

Who was Alexander Jennings? Who episode nine of Outer Banks season three is dedicated to

The 22-year-old died whilst season three was filming

There were actually two massive editing errors on Love Island last night, and I’m lost for words

I am once again asking how nobody spotted this?!

Here’s what those closest to Madeleine McCann case have said about all the new claims

Some have dismissed Julia saying she’s Madeleine, but others say there’s ‘every chance’ she’s right

Netflix has just released a true crime series about a twisted family murder case

This case is such a mess?!

‘She’s setting up a circus’: What parents of girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann have said

‘I’m selling the house and none of us will answer the phone if she calls’

Another one! There’s been a further huge editing error proving Love Island 2023 is staged

It’s getting ridiculous how often this is happening now

New thriller from the writer behind The Stranger and Stay Close coming to Netflix soon

Fool Me Once has Michelle Keegan AND Richard Armitage in the cast

Girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann hits one million followers on Instagram

This is actually so wild

Guys, season four of Love Is Blind is coming next month!!

I am SHAKING right now

Who is Julia? Everything we know about 21-year-old who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann

She’s a singer and songwriter from Poland

Girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann has shared proof she’s been in contact with police

People have been questioning if she’s telling the truth

Two men appear to attempt to break into Ekin-Su and Davide’s home whilst they’re on holiday

The pair are on holiday in the Maldives for Davide’s birthday

A brief history of girls coming forward and claiming they’re Madeleine McCann

This latest case is one of many

Inside the wild Instagram account this girl has dedicated to proving she’s Madeleine McCann

She’s gained half a million followers in two days

Latest: All the evidence viral girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann has shared

Her earliest memory is being on holiday ‘in a hot place with white apartments’

Guys it’s the end of an era, Julius has officially quit Made in Chelsea

He’s now the second cast member to say he won’t be back in new episodes

McCann family has ‘agreed to DNA test’ with viral girl who thinks she’s Madeleine

‘There is every chance it could be her, it all adds up’

These are the wildest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

Ok, the glow up is real

‘My mother won’t talk about it’: We spoke to the girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann

She says she’s reached out to multiple police forces

Secret unaired fights?! Plus Tanyel wants to go ‘face to face’ with Olivia after the show!

If you like drama, you’re in the right place 👀

Here we go again, a girl’s going viral on TikTok because she thinks she’s Madeleine McCann

She went live showing all her ‘evidence’

From waiting hours to pitch, to a fake lift: The savage production secrets of Dragons’ Den

Hopefuls are given a tour around the Den, but are specifically asked not to sit in the Dragons’ chairs

This is who from Perfect Match is actually the most compatible, according to an expert

If the couples want to win the show, all they need to do is look here

Ranked: The cast of Netflix show Perfect Match, by their huge net worths

Tell me again why they all need to go on MORE reality shows?

All the Love Island 2023 cast who spent thousands on cosmetic work before the villa

Tanyel spent over £5k on surgery

From Netflix to HBO: A detailed list of every show Love Island’s Olivia has been spotted in

Where has she found the time?!