Hayley Soen
Junior Writer

Lewis Capaldi has been spotted serving up sausage rolls in Greggs

We don’t deserve him

THREE new girls going on Love Island 2019 have been revealed!!!


This new ‘horrifying’ Chernobyl series is being called a ‘masterpiece’

It’s overtaken David Attenborough’s Planet Earth as the highest rated TV show in history

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Love Island is responding to calls to increase body diversity

Meet the whole NEW cast for season two of Netflix’s You!!

Good luck to them all with Joe about!!!

PSA: You can get Sims 4 for FREE on your laptop or PC right now!!!!

I have no idea why you can do this, but you can

Inside the luxury villa where the Made in Chelsea cast stayed in Cape Town

It costs £8,500 per night

Tyson Fury just said his brother is a Love Island 2019 contestant?!

I mean, okay??

Netflix is making a true crime documentary about the Yorkshire Ripper

Peter Sutcliffe is currently serving a life sentence for his crimes

Curtis Pritchard is the first ‘confirmed’ contestant of Love Island 2019

He’s a familiar face, kind of

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All good things come to an end

James Charles just dropped a video responding to the drama and it’s A LOT

It’s called ‘No More Lies’

The YouTuber who snogged his sister in a ‘prank’ has now kissed his MUM


Everything we know about season two of Netflix’s Dead To Me

There are SO many unanswered questions

People are leaking DMs allegedly from James Charles after the Tati drama

This is so messy

Jess and Dom from Love Island are having a baby!!!!

They posted a picture of the scan on Instagram

This is where you know all the cast of Netflix’s Dead To Me from


The new season of Black Mirror with Miley Cyrus drops NEXT MONTH

Andrew Scott is in it too!!!

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This has got to hurt

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