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New Netflix reality series ‘Byron Baes’ is set to be everyone’s next obsession

It’s about hot influencers in Australia and is from the person behind Married at First Sight

Prince Philip has died aged 99: Here’s what we know

The Royal Family has said he died peacefully this morning

Only a British TV connoisseur is getting full marks in this iconic TV moments quiz

Enjoy the quiz, I hope it makes you very happy

This Is a Robbery: Who is former museum guard Richard Abath and where is he now?

People thought he might have been involved in the half a billion dollar heist

Netflix just released a docuseries about the biggest art heist in history and it looks wild

They stole art worth half a billion dollars and many suspects have mysteriously ended up dead

Ranked: These are the dating shows where you’re most likely to find a relationship

Love Is Blind has an impressive 50 per cent success rate

Netflix is being sued by a parent in the college admissions scandal documentary

The dad has denied he paid $1.7million to help get his three children into university

Quiz: Only a real true crime expert can name all the people in these mugshots

You probably shouldn’t be this good as this

Regé-Jean Page reportedly turned down £250k to be in Bridgerton season two

He was asked to be in up to five episodes, but said no

It’s back and ‘bigger than ever’: Here’s everything we know about Love Island 2021

Winter Love Island has been axed so producers can focus on the new series in June

Netflix true crime tells story of a mother who found her daughter’s killer with MySpace

Why Did You Kill Me? is coming next week

Run ending explained: What the creepy twist in the Sarah Paulson film actually meant

The film’s tagline is ‘you can’t escape a mother’s love’ and they really meant it

Now we’ve come to terms with it, here are the best memes about the Duke leaving Bridgerton

Who am I kidding? I’m still crying

Four new characters have been added to the cast of Bridgerton season two

No, none are the surprise return of the Duke

Regé-Jean Page will not feature in season two of Bridgerton, Netflix announces

There’s no Duke, so honestly what is even the point?!

So it turns out your Netflix addiction is actually pretty bad for the environment

There is nothing left to enjoy in this world

Gotcha! Here are all the ridiculous ways we fooled you this April Fools’ Day

Sadly, Ollie Ball is not a fresher at your uni next year and Bridgerton is not back next week

This website will create a 2021 festival lineup using your most listened to artists on Spotify

Harry Styles, Ariana and Little Mix headlining? I think that’s a little bit iconic

Bridgerton season two will be released on Netflix NEXT WEEK


Shocked by Seaspiracy on Netflix? Watch these nine eye-opening documentaries next

Get the tissues ready

Olivia Jade posts TikTok about being ‘publicly shamed’ after college admissions scandal

The comments are anything but sympathetic

Inside Langley House: The fancy Cotswolds manor where new Made in Chelsea was filmed

It has a nightclub in the cellar

People are just finding out what Just Eat is called in Australia and honestly, just why

Did somebody say, their version of the Snoop Dogg advert sucks?

Which Line of Duty guy officer would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

Steve Arnott, all day every day

This is how old the cast of The Irregulars on Netflix are in real life

Pretends to be shocked at 20-somethings playing teens

Who is Ali Tabrizi? The 27-year-old filmmaker behind Seaspiracy on Netflix

He taught himself filmmaking

Just 29 memes which sum up how wild Deadly Illusions on Netflix truly is

We really are never getting that time back!!!

Netflix doc ‘Seaspiracy’ reveals dark secrets and corruption in the fishing industry

It uncovers murder and slavery, and people are saying they’re never eating fish again

Quiz: Can you guess the reality TV show from just its description?

This is harder than it sounds

27 times Deadly Illusions was the most unhinged thing Netflix has ever created

Of course they are going bra shopping together, not weird at all

Deadly Illusions ending explained: What in the hell did all of that even mean?

At this point I’ve lost all knowledge of what is real and what is not

Ranked: The Netflix actors who have gained the most followers on Instagram

I wonder why Regé-Jean Page gained so many after Bridgerton????

Evan Peters cast as serial killer in Netflix true crime series about Jeffrey Dahmer

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is being created by Ryan Murphy

Quiz: One year on, how well do you actually remember Tiger King?

My life has changed significantly since Joe Exotic came into it

Too Hot To Handle will be back on Netflix in June!

Summer just got a whooooole lot better

The One season two: Everything we know and all the questions we still need answering

I’m sorry but that ending simply isn’t the end of this

If you can score 10/13 in this Line of Duty glossary quiz, you should join AC-12

There’s a CHIS in my MIT

All the clues and theories you missed in last night’s Line of Duty

Well now I’m going to have watch it all again

Line of Duty is back, and these 33 memes from last night are really sucking diesel

A CHIS? Never heard of her x

College admissions scandal net worths: How much money do those involved actually have?

Those six figure fines don’t even make a dent

Here’s a quick and simple Line of Duty recap ahead of season six

Yes, you need it

Revoked offers and prom bans: What happened to the kids in the college admissions scandal

One of the parents claims his daughters were ‘handcuffed as they stood outside barefoot in their pyjamas’

Ranked: These are officially the most complained about Good Morning Britain moments

Shock! I’m seeing a lot of Piers here!

The 25 downright thirstiest memes about the guys in Ginny and Georgia on Netflix

Marcus just hits differently, ok?!

If you loved Ginny and Georgia you should binge watch these 11 shows next

One of them stars the actor who played Marcus!!

The college admissions scandal: Who is Olivia Jade and where is she now?

Her actress mother, Lori Loughlin, was one of the most high-profile offenders in the scheme

Where is Rick Singer now? What he’s been up to since the college admissions scandal

He sold his luxury California house for $2.52million

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal is ‘crazy’, ‘wild’ and ‘enraging’

The Netflix doc dropped today and people are loving it

Operation Varsity Blues: All the celebrities involved in the college admissions scandal

The Netflix documentary has been released today and contains a lot of recognisable faces

Just 19 more Ginny and Georgia memes, all about the enigma that is Hunter

He makes my toes curl, but is also just so NICE?!

The One on Netflix: Is genetics based dating and DNA matching actually possible?

People have created real life dating apps which think so

Netflix just made a category just for movies under 90 minutes because of a viral meme

Out here doing the Lord’s work

Ginny and Georgia Instagrams: A look at what the Netflix cast are all like in real life

I’ll be immediately following Marcus, Joe, Paul and Zion, no reason x

Meet the cast of Netflix thriller ‘The One’ and where you recognise them from

To save you looking them all up

Take this quiz to find out which guy from Ginny and Georgia on Netflix you’d end up with

Anyone but Hunter, I beg

How to set up an emergency SOS message on iPhone and Android, a step-by-step guide

Following the death of Sarah Everard, people are sharing ways to feel more safe

The One is a ‘crazy’ new Netflix series about dating in the future which dropped today

Netflix says the drama ‘lives somewhere between Behind Her Eyes, Black Mirror and The Stranger’

These 35 Ginny and Georgia memes are so good they’ve got Hunter tap dancing again

God that scene made me want to vomit

All the drama that’s gone down with the Selling Sunset girls since season three

Netflix just announced two more seasons, which will include all this GOSSIP

There’s a new version of Selling Sunset coming to Netflix with an all-black female cast

It’s set in Florida’s Suncoast

Meet the experts in new Netflix reality show Marriage or Mortgage

They battle it out to try and persuade engaged couples to pick a wedding or a dream house

There was a bunch of clues, messages and extra videos hidden in the Line of Duty trailer

If you scan a QR code which shows briefly it takes you on an easter egg hunt of extra trailers, codes and even a phone call from Ted!

Ranked: The TV moments which have received the most Ofcom complaints ever

Piers Morgan has gone straight into the top three

Are you more Ginny or Georgia? Take this quiz to find out

I want to be Georgia, but know I am Ginny

What exactly is the multimillion pound deal that Harry and Meghan have with Netflix?

Their first series is already in development

The trailer for season six of Line of Duty is finally here!!


Just 29 things we could turn Buckingham Palace into when the monarchy is abolished

I’m backing a big Tesco tbh

Harry and Meghan net worth: Ok, so how much money does the couple actually have?

Harry and William were left £13million by Diana

The wildest and best theories of what could happen next in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Yes, I do believe they are all pigeons

Does this keychain theory prove Rob will get caught out in Behind Her Eyes?


Were you actually paying attention during Behind Her Eyes? Take this quiz to find out

Only Rob is getting full marks, if you know what I mean

If you enjoyed having your mind blown by Behind Her Eyes, watch these nine shows next

Suddenly my Netflix watch list is VERY full

Murder Among the Mormons: What happened to Mark Hofmann and where is he now?

He is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished forgers in history

Which character from Ginny and Georgia on Netflix are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be Max

All the twisted and wild differences between the Behind Her Eyes book and Netflix series

Fans of Adam and cats should probably look away now

This is what the cast of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix are like in real life

Eve Hewson, who plays Adele, used to prank call the actual Justin Timberlake as a child?!

TikTok just found a clip of Hayley Hughes being pranked into believing in time travel

The YouTube prank included a bunch of reality TV stars being invited onto fake TV shows

Taylor Swift fans are attacking Ginny and Georgia star over ‘deeply sexist’ joke

Antonia Gentry is getting hate after Taylor called out a part of the script earlier this week

Molly-Mae has been warned by watchdogs after her £8k giveaway was ruled as unfair


All the details and clues in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix that you definitely missed


Behind Her Eyes viewers spot a clue which means *someone* might not actually be dead

Ok this changes everything

Now you’ve had some time to process it, here are 31 more Behind Her Eyes memes

We are all very, very worried about Adam

MasterChef production secrets: 14 behind the scenes facts about making the show

Yes, the food is cold by the time Gregg and John taste it

Taylor Swift has called out Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia as ‘lazy’ and ‘deeply sexist’

The show made a dig at her, and she’s not having it

11 lingering questions I need answering about Behind Her Eyes so I can sleep at night


These are all the real life ages of the cast of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix

One is a decade older than their teen character

The new season of Married at First Sight Australia will be released on E4 this summer

This AND Love Island? I think I might explode

Who is Claire Miller? The 14-year-old TikToker accused of killing her sister

She posted a video the day before her sister’s death

We finally have a start date for season six of Line of Duty!

Now we’re sucking diesel

Ranked: These are the most expensive shows and films Netflix has ever made

The top cost over half a BILLION

Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix is about to be the new trashy reality show heaven

Home interiors AND dream weddings? I’m sold

Meet the cast of new Netflix series Ginny and Georgia and where you recognise them from

Another drama series to binge on? Oh, go on then

These 33 memes about Behind Her Eyes on Netflix are even more wild than the show

I didn’t think that was possible but here we are!!

These stories of leaked nudes at school show just how shameful our reaction was

‘She was suspended because teachers said they couldn’t look her in the eye’

People are using this TikTok audio to catch people out for watching PornHub

They’re playing the ‘Hey Lol’ audio to their parents and young siblings, awks

Love Island marriages: These are all the Islanders who have wed since the show

Jamie and Camilla have just got engaged!

Is astral projection real? The dark twist in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

I have so many questions

Ok so why is TikTok full of hamster profile pictures? The new cult explained

Yeah so, this is happening

Behind Her Eyes ending explained: So, what the hell actually just happened?

When I say I am shook