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The biggest post villa transformations from the winners of Love Island

The £50k prize money has been spent well 👀

Stranger Things 5 is ages away, so here’s everything you can catch the cast in next

They’ve pretty much all been cast in new projects

The summer special Made in Chelsea: Mallorca is coming this month and it sounds juicy!

The show will be on EVERY night, not just once a week

Inside Love Island star Coco’s wild life: From famous friends to being on other reality shows

Since she left the villa she’s been at the centre of TWO alleged breakups

The full shocking story of new Netflix true crime series I Just Killed My Dad

The series follows the dark case of the Templet family

Exactly who from Love Island 2022 actually applied to be on the show and who was scouted

Davide was scouted in a nightclub!

You’ve seen it all over Twitter, so here’s the origin story of *that* viral meme reaction video

Finally, some answers!

A reminder of all the accusations of bullying there have been during Love Island this year

Islanders have called each other out and have said producers needed to step in

I Just Killed My Dad on Netflix: Who is Anthony Templet and where is he now?

He wasn’t given a jail sentence over the death of his father

Remi has said Luca and Jacques should have been ‘kicked out’ the villa for ‘bullying’

‘These guys are not role models or good people. They have not once thought about my mental health’

A rundown of all the Love Island 2022 contestants who are currently beefing one another

Spoiler: There are lots

‘I was exhausted’: All the salty things the Islanders have said about the Love Island reunion

Even they’ve called it out saying the juicy bits were cut out

Millie Court unfollows Ekin-Su after she called her ‘dry’ and ‘pointless’ in leaked voicenotes

Ekin-Su reportedly called last year’s cast ‘awful’ and called out Liberty Poole too

‘The wildest thing ever’: People ‘genuinely shocked’ by Netflix Woodstock 99 documentary

‘Woodstock 99 documentary is more horrifying than most horror movies I’ve seen’

A bust up so big producers step in: Everything we know about the Love Island 2022 reunion

Jacques swerved it, Luca and Gemma argue, and apparently Coco walks out 😬

Stop what you’re doing, Casa Amor Islanders have done a tragic video ad for Drayton Manor

This probably isn’t the brand deal they were hoping for

Secret kisses and huge rows: The shocking unaired Love Island 2022 scenes we never saw

I demand a second movie night where we get to see all of this!

Netflix has a new dating show coming where contestants date alongside their siblings

It’s hosted by Melinda from Too Hot To Handle!

What happened to Woodstock founder Michael Lang and how did he die?

His death was just three months after Netflix interviewed him for the documentary series

The Most Hated Man on the Internet’s Hunter Moore is back on Twitter, with a lot to say

His accounts had all been suspended, but now he’s back and talking about the Netflix series

Ok, so when was running invented? TikTok is absolutely shook after finding out the answer

I hate that a TikTok video has lead me to this

Woodstock 99 on Netflix: Were there any deaths at the ‘trainwreck’ festival?

Over 1,200 people needed on-site medical treatment and there were 44 arrests

The Love Island 2022 finalists talk moving in together, having kids and weddings

One couple has said they’re moving in ‘for sure’ and another’s already got promise rings!!

Luca and Gemma say they’ll become official this month and Luca is moving ‘near her family’

But Gemma has said if her mum doesn’t approve ‘that will be the end of it’

The Love Island winners’ league: The couples who received the most votes, ever

In the past there has been as little as one per cent of the vote between the first and second place couples

The Love Island 2022 reunion is here – and it’s just days away

Give me drama!

Love Island 2022 voting stats: How many votes did each couple get in the final?

It was a landslide

From school besties to neighbours: How Love Island 2022 cast members know ex-Islanders

Tasha was best friends with Georgia Steel?!

Inside Davide’s incredible life: From his swanky business to millionaire net worth already

Let’s just say, the £50k Love Island prize is definitely not something he needs

Four key cast members have now said they are not returning for Sex Education season four

At this point, will there be anyone left soon?

We have a new King and Queen! Enjoy 37 memes from the Love Island final in their honour

Am I still sobbing? Yes, yes I am

These are the most intense Love Island 2022 TANformations

They are very VERY bronzed!!

Here’s the full open letter Hunter Moore published on anti-bullying website BullyVille

In Netflix documentary The Most Hated Man on the Internet, it’s said his site was redirected to the platform

‘It crossed my mind to leave with Jacques’: Paige and Adam spill all after leaving the villa

Ummm, Adam has said they might meet up with Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson?!

Ranking the Love Island 2022 cast by who is most likely to steal the £50k prize fund

When Indiyah said ‘may the best heartbreaker win’ after Casa Amor, she meant it

The Love Island date curse: How the final dates determine each couple’s fate together

If you end up on a boat for your date, you’re well and truly doomed

How well do you actually know the Islanders this year? Take this quiz to find out

Like, what’s Tasha’s middle name and what does Luca do for a job?

A holding villa and still no phone: What happens in the days after an Islander is dumped

When they return to the UK they are put up in a London hotel

Love Island 2022 rich list: How much the Islanders are predicted to earn after the villa

Making bank is what our girl Ekin-Su deserves

‘We’ve already spoken about dates’: Danica and Jamie talk Love Island and what’s next

Jamie has invited her round to his nan’s for a Sunday roast 🥺

A deep dive into Stranger Things star Joe Keery’s music career and his many, many bops

He’s about to drop an album and I will be downloading HARD

This is who all the dumped Islanders from this year think will win Love Island

‘Davide and Ekin-Su, they’re like an old married couple’

‘She was glam and everyone knew who she was’: What Ekin-Su was like at university

Let’s make no mistake, she loved a night out

The wages of the Love Island 2022 cast before the show prove some defo don’t need the £50k

Working in real estate, Andrew is the villa’s highest earner

Plan a boozy bottomless brunch and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2022 gal you are

We all know the booking’s in Danica’s name and she’s in the chat the night before making sure everyone’s still free

Everything this year’s dumped Islanders have been up to since they left the villa

They’re signing to agencies, dating new people and releasing music!

Inside Ekin-Su’s wild life: From past fame and huge acting pay checks to hotel living

This is Ekin-Su’s world, we’re all just living in it

Wait, this deep Stranger Things theory about Henry Creel might be the most interesting yet

Um, I’m hooked on this?!

Love Island Gossip Column: Bombshell already knows THREE Islanders and Ikenna’s moved on!

A bumper dose of gossip coming in hot! 🔥

Yikes! The biggest editing and production errors there have been on Love Island 2022

Some of these really shouldn’t have gone unnoticed

Right so what even is Resident Evil? The new Netflix show topping the top 10 list

It’s overtaken Stranger Things, but people are saying it’s so bad it needs to be taken down completely

‘I don’t think couples are genuine’: Billy and Summer spill their truths after Love Island

Billy has admitted he has a number of regrets from his time in the villa

‘I shoot, I usually score’: Footballer Jamie seems *hopeful* as Love Island bombshell

He knows Michael from Love Island 2019, which probably isn’t a good sign

Introducing Lacey: 25-year-old dancer who’s ready for drama on Love Island

‘I am bringing all my confidence, all my chat and I might do the splits occasionally to get some attention’

Brazilian content creator Nathalia is another bombshell to hit the Love Island villa tonight

Naturally she has loads of Instagram followers

Meet Reece: The 23-year-old model who is one of four bombshells entering Love Island

Inject the drama!

Movie night on Love Island received record number of Ofcom complaints for this year’s show

Thousands complained and Ofcom is currently deciding whether or not to investigate

Jacques has turned down £60k to appear on Celebs Go Dating after quitting the villa

He said no because he’s waiting for Paige 🥺

Who was Julia Clark Downs? The woman latest episode of Better Call Saul paid tribute to

She died last year

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2022 boy you would couple up with

Is there an option to dodge them all?

This mad theory says exactly what will happen next with Will and Vecna in Stranger Things

Nothing is off the cards at this point, and I’m loving it

Um guys, Vecna from Stranger Things is now on TikTok and I’m feeling some sorta way

His dances slap, end of

From wake-up to lights out: This is the exact daily routine for Islanders on Love Island

Going in the pool all day is a strict no

All the characters who were meant to have different death storylines in Stranger Things 4

Some characters died but had alternative scripts where they survived, and others were meant to die but didn’t

This Stranger Things theory says a wild clue has been hidden in a promo poster all along

Netflix, explain yourselves right NOW

Jacques says Love Island ‘broke’ him and he was so low he asked producers for a cuddle

In his first interview since quitting, Jacques said ‘doing Love Island was the worst decision of my life’

Artist who created Vecna in Stranger Things has shared the first designs, and I am SCARED

Some of the original ideas for what Vecna could look like are honestly petrifying

The end date for Love Island 2022 has been revealed and it’s upsettingly close

It’s days away you guys, DAYS

Big breakups and OnlyFans: Everything Adam Collard has been up to since the 2018 villa

He’s been making £270k a month on his OnlyFans account

All the Islanders who mysteriously quit the villa mid-series and their reasons why

Jacques is one of many who have walked out on the show

‘Now I have to watch’: What the 2018 Islanders have said about Adam Collard being back

Not Jack Fincham saying he hopes he wins this year 💀

Love Island winners Millie and Liam have BROKEN UP

I’m crying love doesn’t exist

It’s all a lie, Coco from Love Island’s real name isn’t even Coco!

She’s clarified on Instagram that she ‘renamed herself’ looool

These are the wildest transformations from the Love Island 2022 cast

They all look so different before?!

Breaking: Jacques has QUIT Love Island 2022 and has left the villa

He will share his reasoning with the Islanders tonight

Duffer brothers confirm they planned to kill this member of the gang in Stranger Things 4

It could have been so different?!

Wait, Natalia Dyer has addressed people wanting Nancy and Robin together in Stranger Things

She said they have a group chat where they discuss the memes about them 🥺

People ‘horrified’ by ‘most frightening true crime ever’ Girl in the Picture on Netflix

‘Just finished Girl in the Picture and I’ve said WTF no less than 26 times’

‘I’m going to ruffle some feathers’: Yep, say hello to Adam as he steps back into the villa

It looks as though he has his eyes on Paige, Danica and Ekin-Su 👀

People are completely shook over this theory about Will and his future in Stranger Things

‘The show started with Will, and now it has to end with him’

Zara McDermott left SHOOK finding out live ex Adam Collard is back on Love Island

‘Wow wow wow, rewind that!’

This is which Stranger Things character you are, based purely on your star sign

Yes, this is SCIENCE

Pictures and a clip of Luca before veneers have resurfaced and he looks SO different

There’s a side-by-side of him before and after getting his teeth done

Quiz: Can you remember if these Islanders stuck or recoupled after Casa Amor?

Do you remember if a certain young lady turned the head of Curtis Pritchard?

‘It felt like Millie and Liam last year’: The Casa Amor girls weigh in on their Love Island exit

‘I want her to know what he’s like’

All the Love Island 2022 moments that have received Ofcom complaints so far

There have been nearly 5,000 complaints this year

Casa Amor production secrets: The sneaky ways producers make the twist so dramatic

The devil works hard, but Love Island producers work harder

Which Love Island 2022 girl are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be Ekin-Su

Another of Gemma’s exes wants to go into the Love Island villa and win her back

The 27-year-old has said Luca isn’t Gemma’s type and he could turn her head 👀

Stranger Things love lives: This is who all the cast members are dating in real life

So many of them are in relationships, so now I’m crying

Stranger Things creators have admitted to secretly going back and editing old episodes

They’ve said they also intend to go back and alter a season four error?!

Luca’s family releases statement after he’s accused of ‘controlling’ Gemma

‘Such a huge shame to see the stigma surrounding men being transparent with their emotions’

Netflix confirms huge Upside Down clue we all missed in Stranger Things 4

Ok my mind is blown

Are you more Ekin-Su, Maura or Megan? Take this quiz to finally find out

You can only be one member of the holy trinity of Love Island chaos

The Love Island 2022 cast’s star signs and who they are actually compatible with

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Davide and Ekin-Su are a perfect match

This is how much the houses in Stranger Things would cost in real life

Even for free you wouldn’t catch me in the Creel house

The Love Island 2022 web: How the contestants secretly knew each other before the show

I just want to know HOW the producers managed to find this many people who know each other?

Someone has created the new Love Island villa on The Sims and it is ART

‘I even created the Hideaway for a Sims couple who might want a night alone to WooHoo!’

Here are all the exact filming locations used for Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

Less luxury villa in Mexico, more muddy woods in England x

So, a girl is saying there are exact times to shop on ASOS to get items cheaper

This has changed my life?!

‘I don’t know what’s his problem’: Dumped Islander Remi has been going IN on Jacques

He straight up said he ‘hates Jacques’ 😬