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Quiz: Which of the realtors from Selling Sunset on Netflix are you?

We can’t all be queen Christine

This is how old all the realtors from Selling Sunset on Netflix are

Why are they all so secretive over their ages?

Prepare to be jealous of all the stunning Instagrams of the Selling Sunset cast

I just want their lives ok

Quiz: This Netflix edition of ‘would you rather’ is the hardest test you’ll ever do

Would you rather trust Jessica or Amber to plan your entire wedding?

Quiz: Which character from White Lines on Netflix are you?

Pls not Zoe

Blood & Water is the ‘juicy’ new Netflix mystery drama people are ‘obsessing’ over

If you’re looking for something to watch this bank holiday, it should probably be this

Netflix to release game show called ‘Floor Is Lava’ based on what you used to play

Yes, really

Who would be your Netflix boyfriend? Take this quiz to find out

Secretly you want it to be Joe Goldberg, don’t you?

If you were disappointed by White Lines, these 11 Netflix shows do it better

If you enjoyed White Lines, you’ll definitely love them too of course

If you love Dead To Me, you should indulge in these 10 shows on Netflix next

Because we can’t wait another year for more drama

This guy’s house viewing video sums up how we all feel about crap landlords

There’s mould, rats and everything is broken 🙂 !

Everyone is losing their goddamn minds over Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar video

I’ve never wanted to be a watermelon more in my life

These are all the sun drenched filming locations used in Netflix’s White Lines

You can rent the houses on Airbnb

Love Island babies: These are all the cast members who have had children

There are now 10 mini Islanders!!

Love Island is reportedly returning this summer with a Gogglebox style spin-off

Iconic Islanders will be rewatching the most classic moments

Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show just from its description?

A true test of your knowledge

White Lines on Netflix is ‘insane’, ‘absurdly excessive’ and ‘explosive’

I’m listening

Meet the cast of Netflix’s new drama White Lines, who you’ll want to be pals with

So many vibes all in one place

These ‘The Dissertation, The Finalist’ memes give people the hand-in they deserve

The rona won’t stop them getting 100 likes

Dead To Me creator talks about *that* ending and the likelihood of season three

‘We definitely have some things in our back pocket, and I have a direction that I’d like to take season three’

12 questions about Dead To Me I urgently need answering so I can sleep at night

That ending simply wasn’t ok

White Lines is the new Netflix show everyone is hyped over and it’s out tomorrow

The show is from the creators of Money Heist and has been called the ‘hit of the summer’

You can now see what your top streamed songs on Spotify have been during lockdown

I’ve been listening to Ariana a lot ok

The Netflix Jeffrey Epstein documentary is being released this month

This is about to be the most interesting Netflix Original ever

These 40 Dead To Me memes are better than an orange wine by the pool

Be cool, Karen

Quiz: Which character from season two of Dead To Me are you?

We’re all a little bit of Shandy

What exactly is a ‘simp’ and is my boyfriend one?

Softbois are over, all hail the simps

Only 10 per cent of people can score full marks on this European flags quiz

Challenge accepted

Maya Jama is hosting a new reality series set in Ibiza which is coming next month

Love Island shaped hole = filled

Netflix has made an official Dead To Me drinking game, so grab your orange wine

Take a sip each time Judy says sorry

Trial By Media is the ‘mad’ Netflix docuseries which covers these six famous cases

It was produced by George Clooney

What the new ‘support local businesses’ Insta sticker is and how to use it

It’s tailored to you

Quiz: Are you more Jen or Judy from Netflix’s Dead To Me?

You want to be Jen but you’re probably Judy

Inside all the real life filming locations of Netflix’s Dead To Me

Does anyone have a spare $3 million so I can buy Jen’s house?

Boris’ new lockdown message was unclear, but these 45 memes about it sure aren’t!

These are as alert as can be

This is everything you need to be watching on Netflix this bank holiday weekend

Here are your plans sorted

Dead To Me season two drops on Netflix TOMORROW

I’m so excited I could scream

Dead To Me recap: Everything you need to remember ahead of season two on Netflix

I mean, it’s been a year

Take this quiz to find out how addicted to Netflix you’ve really become in lockdown

Oh god, prepare to feel seen

The creator of the The Stranger just announced his new show is coming next month

‘The Woods’ is coming to Netflix finally!!!

These 27 memes about Elon Musk and Grimes’ baby name are honestly too much

Can’t wait for a Starbucks worker trying to spell X Æ A-12

Here’s how you actually pronounce ‘X Æ A-12′, Elon Musk and Grimes’ baby name

A vital, step-by-step guide

These are officially the best times to use Tinder, Hinge and Bumble in lockdown

You are guaranteed matches

How to find out how common your surname really is, a step-by-step guide

You can even find out how much money people with your name worldwide earn

Olly Murs put his d*** in a Pringles tube on TikTok and now we’re all scarred for life

*Googles how to unsee a video*

McDonald’s has announced which 15 restaurants will reopen for delivery next week


This Twitter account shares incredible before and after interiors and I’m obsessed

I could stare at these all day

Stay calm, but Netflix has confirmed a Too Hot To Handle reunion episode!

It’s coming THIS! WEEK!

Meet Darren Barnet: The grad and actor who is Paxton in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever

I would love to x

YouTubers fooled celebrities into thinking they’re appearing on huge US talk shows

Among the celebs are Carole Baskin, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague and Craig David

Roses are red and are in my dreams, you have to laugh at these 21 translate memes

This is my favourite trend of the year

Quiz: Create your perfect McDonald’s meal and we’ll tell you your type

If you’re craving Chicken Selects you defo want a sports player

Take this fancy vocab test to find out how posh you truly are, darling

If you get full marks you’re an absolute maverick

These are all the best dating shows you can watch on Netflix right now

Because we all need MORE after Too Hot To Handle

Here’s what you need to watch on Netflix right now, according to what’s most popular

Here are your weekend plans sorted

What is Cyntoia Brown from Netflix doc ‘Murder To Mercy’ up to now?

She was released in 2019 and has since been thriving

This is how old the cast of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever are in real life

You mean to tell me 16-year-old Paxton is actually 29?!

How to keep a relationship spicy in lockdown, according to Too Hot To Handle’s Harry

From how to take nudes to dealing with sexual frustration

People are ‘sobbing uncontrollably’ at ‘beautiful’ Netflix documentary A Secret Love

Prepare to ugly cry!

The true story of Cyntoia Brown from Netflix’s new documentary ‘Murder to Mercy’

She was jailed for life and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna sought to expose her injustice

These 33 memes about Gigi and Zayn’s baby rumours are even better than the news itself

Can’t believe Zayn’s having a baby with someone else how could he x

There are five definitive ‘love languages’, this is what they are

They define how you give and receive love

Meet the cast of the new Netflix high school drama ‘Never Have I Ever’

You want fit, fun AND diverse? Sure x

Netflix’s ‘Becoming’ doc promises ‘rare and up-close look’ at Michelle Obama’s life

The surprise show is being released next week

Only a naughty lil possum can score 12/15 on this Too Hot To Handle trivia quiz

It’s time to prove yourself

These are the 26 best sports documentaries on Netflix right now

So you can still get your fix

You can now get an official rating of how tragic your Spotify truly is

Turns out I’m 100 per cent lame!!

You can get paid $1,000 to watch true crime documentaries for a day

Sign. Me. Up.

Ranked: The Too Hot To Handle cast by who has gained the most Instagram followers

Two have gained over a million already

Ok so who is Chanel the parrot and why is everyone on Twitter looking for her?

Find Chanel she’s heading towards the canal!

Here are 33 MORE incredible memes about Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

I just can’t get enough

This is where the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle went to university

Imagine having all that beauty AND brains

It’s official: Selling Sunset season two is dropping on Netflix next month!

There is hope in this world after all!

Netflix is releasing a documentary about the coronavirus pandemic this weekend

The doc hopes to answer our burning questions

Hold on, Nicole and Bryce from Too Hot To Handle are seeing each other!

I did NOT see this coming

Omg?! Francesca and Harry from Too Hot To Handle are still together!

And wait, Rhonda and Sharron have split?!

Documentary about a secret sex shop disguised as a book store drops on Netflix

‘Circus of Books’ tells the story of the legendary family run porn shop

Ranked: These are the TikTok users with the most followers

Basically, who you need to try and be like

Ok so just who is this viral ‘giant baby’ everyone has gone wild for?

He’s called Gavin and his mum has spoken out about the ‘harsh’ comments

Quiz: How much of the prize fund would you cost the Too Hot To Handle villa?

I’d be throwing away $3k kisses all over the place

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle actually do, according to their LinkedIns

Kelz pays for LinkedIn Premium which makes a lot of sense

Too Hot To Handle would have been nothing without the chaotic queen Haley

She held the show and you know it

Quiz: Which Too Hot To Handle guy would you get with?

If my destiny isn’t David I will probably cry

These 43 Too Hot To Handle memes are so good Lana would give them a green light

I make a deep and meaningful connection with all of these

Quiz: Which girl from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle are you?

A small part of me wants to be Haley???

This is how old the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle are

Matthew is the oldest, and obviously the wisest

People are already ‘hooked’ on Netflix’s ‘disgustingly bingeable’ Too Hot To Handle

‘Too Hot To Handle has me WEAK’

Everyone is losing their minds over what they can hear in this viral audio clip

Do you hear fortnight? iPhone? 9 4? Nice one? Eye for an eye? Throw a knife?

Quiz: Can you guess which celebrity lives in these incredible houses?

Oh to be living here right now

Inside the ridiculously gorgeous Mexico villa in Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

Brb looking at how to book

These are the truly Too Hot To Handle Insta accounts of the Netflix show’s cast

Warning: This article contains hot content 🔥

The harrowing true stories of the men featured in Netflix’s The Innocence Files

Between them they spent over 100 years in prison for horrific crimes they didn’t commit

Outer Banks is Netflix’s new ‘addictive’ mystery drama being compared to Gossip Girl

‘Outer Banks is incredible, this is your new favourite show’

The Chase has just hired a brand new chaser and he’s an ex contestant

Darragh Ennis impressed producers so much they snapped him up

These 25 memes about the 5k run challenge can be enjoyed without moving at all

Wow, we really are lazy

All the clips of the Millionaire episode where Charles Ingram cheated to £1million

The coughing is SO obvious?!

How the people involved in the real coughing scandal have responded to Quiz

Charles Ingram has said it is ‘horribly cringeworthy’ and went IN on Chris Tarrant

These 28 memes about ITV’s Quiz prove how wild this show really is

I’m obsessed

‘The Innocence Files’ is Netflix’s chilling new true crime series which lands today

One man involved was on Death Row for a murder he didn’t commit