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Selling Sunset’s Chrishell found out about her divorce by TEXT

‘We were totally fine that day. I thought we were totally fine’

Selling Sunset season three drops on Netflix TOMORROW

Must. Stay. Calm.

Could you get into Cambridge? Answer these bizarre interview questions and maybe

8. Do you like Birmingham?

Britney is reportedly in talks for a ‘tell-all interview’ about her conservatorship

‘She believes it’s time for the world to hear her full story’

People are saying they can’t sleep after watching The Fall on Netflix

Jamie Dornan has been appearing in a lot of nightmares

This is everything we know about the new creepy Netflix drama ‘Ratched’

It’s already been confirmed for two seasons

Who is Addison Rae? The millionaire TikToker everyone is talking about

Weep, she’s only 19

Umbrella Academy showrunner and cast are looking into doing multiple spin-off shows

Robert Sheehan has said he wants to do one just about Klaus!!!

Quiz: Are you more Elle or Chloe from The Kissing Booth 2?

There’s no in between

You can now do a 360° virtual tour of inside your favourite Netflix sets and houses

Brb just popping to Joe Exotic’s office for a look around

This is how old the cast of Umbrella Academy are in real life

Robert Sheehan is a year and nine months older than his character

Jack Fincham is dating someone new and people think they’re already engaged

Hold on, I can’t keep up

Which Netflix bad boy would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

Not accepting any result that isn’t Massimo

Ranked: These are the most expensive homes from TV shows, ever

You’re telling me Monica and Rachel could afford £1.8million?!

Just 21 thirsty memes about Marco and Noah from The Kissing Booth 2

Don’t lie, it’s the main reason you watched the film

All the gossip and drama that’s gone down since Selling Sunset season two

There’s A LOT to catch up on 👀

Only a true 2000s girl can get full marks on this nostalgic trivia quiz

Grab me my Dream Matte Mousse, I’m shining

Quiz: Which character from The Kissing Booth 2 are you?

We can’t all be Elle

This is how old all The Kissing Booth 2 cast are in real life

Rachel is 30!!

Love Island’s Gabby Allen has a new boyfriend and he’s a fit model, of course

They’re on holiday in Ibiza

The Kissing Booth 2 is being called ‘dumb’ and ‘objectively bad’ on Rotten Tomatoes

The critics are tearing it to shreds

The McDonald’s Eat Out To Help Out menu prices have been revealed and wow

Nuggets for £1.60? I’ll see you there every day

All your favourite Netflix shows which have been nominated in the 2020 Emmy Awards

Joe Exotic could actually win awards

Quiz: Which guy from The Kissing Booth 2 would you end up with?

Marco deserves more, so Marco deserves me x

These are all the tiny details in The Kissing Booth 2 that you definitely missed

The Flynn house is the same villa used in Black Mirror and Love Island

Love Island winner Dani Dyer has just announced she’s pregnant!

Her and her boyfriend say they are ‘so excited to start this next chapter’

Joe Exotic just casually said there’s going to be a season two of Tiger King

Sure, ok then

These 33 Kissing Booth 2 memes are better than Marco and Elle’s dance routine

Can someone please explain why I’m crying at such a trashy film?

Ok so what does it mean to be ‘cottagecore’ and why do I relate to it so hard?

If you own a lot of cardigans, you’re probably a bit cottagecore

Gigi Hadid shared interior pictures of her apartment and it’s giving me a headache

‘Gigi deciding to make her apartment look like a hostel is sending me’

Do you even speak properly? Take this pronunciation quiz to find out

Well this is embarrassing

The 39 tragic things all girls in the noughties couldn’t live without

Give me my Charlie spray and pink flip phone and I’m good to go

This is how much it costs to live in the houses from nostalgic cult TV shows

Imagine paying £1.2million to live in Tracy Beaker’s dumping ground

Who is Michael Franzese? Ex-Mafia capo turned FBI informant in Netflix’s Fear City

He’s claimed he used to make $8million a week

Who are the real Gambino family? The Mafia crime group from Netflix’s Fear City

The members have been worth tens of millions

There’s a Madeleine McCann documentary with new updates airing tonight

It will give a full profile of the prime suspect

8,000 of you voted and now we can reveal the best Love Island couple ever

It was a close call

Netflix Mafia doc Fear City released today is ‘tremendous’, ‘slick’ and ‘gripping’

The true crime series has been described as ‘essential viewing’

Meet the cast of new Netflix dating show ‘Love on the Spectrum’

It was released on Netflix today

The FBI has exhumed the body of Alonzo Brooks after Unsolved Mysteries Netflix series

The show received the most tips about this case, and it was reopened

These 27 memes about Fatal Affair on Netflix are much, much better than the actual film

I’m never getting that time back

Which Clueless guy would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

I just want my happily ever after with Josh

Netflix movie Fatal Affair is a mess and these 15 moments prove it

Three minutes in and she’s holding her phone upside down, I give up

Quiz: How well do you remember Clueless, 25 years on?

As IF you’re going to get full marks

Dirty John season two is coming to Netflix next month!

Netflix has released a new trailer and I’m ready

Only a real Britney Spears fan can get 10/13 in this ultimate trivia quiz

You better work, bitch

This is how many millions of people watched your fav Netflix shows

Too Hot To Handle had 51 million viewers whereas Love Is Blind had 30 million

These are officially the most watched titles on Netflix ever

64 million people watched Tiger King

There’s a new Tiger King documentary coming out next week

‘Surviving Joe Exotic’ will be on Animal Planet

New Netflix series ‘Dark Desire’ is like a combination of 365 Days and You

I’m listening

Vote: It’s time to truly decide, what is the most dramatic Love Island moment ever?

The toughest decision of them all

These 35 memes truly summarise the moments Love Island really peaked

They just don’t make it like this anymore

Celebs Go Virtual Dating is coming this month and here’s the full lineup

Can’t wait to watch Shaughna Zoom call and park date her suitors

Which Zac Efron would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

Part of me wants Troy Bolton, all of me wants new Daddy Zac

Netflix is introducing a shuffle button for indecisive viewers

This is exactly what I need

Carole Baskin responds to *that* video where she shouts out Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile

She’s had a nightmare here

Selling Sunset’s Chrishell has gone in on Christine for giving the press info about her

She says Christine is ‘desperate to gain attention’

A video is going round of Carole Baskin wishing Rolf Harris happy birthday

She also says she can’t wait to hear stories about him and Jimmy Savile

This is everything we know about Britney Spears’ conservatorship

She’s been living under it for 12 years

Three Love Island best bits episodes are airing on ITV2, starting tomorrow!

This is the summer we all deserve

Netflix announces New York Mafia doc and it’s by the producers of Don’t F**k With Cats

It’s coming next week!!

Just 39 thirsty memes about Zac Efron in Down To Earth on Netflix

I’m learning soooo much from this show x

If you cut these 33 memes open you’ll find they are in fact, cake

Maybe I am just a cake too??

Floor Is Lava production secrets: This is exactly how the Netflix show was made

It was all filmed in an IKEA!!

These 46 memes hit differently if you spend your life watching Netflix

These speak to me emotionally

Quiz: Can you match the celebrity children to their famous parent?

Oh to be one of this bunch

These are the Islanders who went back to their day jobs after being on the show

A lot of Islander key workers in here

Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show by just this super boring description of it?

‘Local book nerd owns a scary glass box’

Finished Unsolved Mysteries? Try these nine twisted Netflix shows next

Watch these before the new episodes come out

The true story of the Raoul Moat manhunt, explored in ITV documentary tonight

It was the biggest in UK history

This is all the evidence and details Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix missed out

Take a seat, this a lot

Here are all the theories of what happened to Lena Chapin from Unsolved Mysteries

Her mother now has custody of her son and ignored interview requests from Netflix

Netflix is receiving ‘hundreds’ of ‘credible’ tips about Unsolved Mysteries cases

One case has been reopened and tips are being sent to the FBI

Meet Missy Keating: The 19-year-old model daughter of Ronan Keating

She’s been tipped for Love Island, of course

Boohoo has been dropped by ASOS over exploitation claims

It has also been dropped by Next and Zalando

Quiz: What percentage Groovy Chick are you, really?

The personality test we’ve been crying out for

These 21 memes about Berkshires UFO on Unsolved Mysteries are wilder than the story

You know what, I BELIEVE

What the hell happened in Berkshires UFO on Unsolved Mysteries? Here are the theories

People think it was revenge for the first moon landing

Dead To Me has been confirmed by Netflix for a third season!!

It’s also been confirmed the third season will be the last

These 39 reactions to Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries prove it really is a rollercoaster

I won’t sleep until these cases are solved

All the theories of what happened to Patrice Endres from Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries

There’s been suspicion around convicted killers and even her husband

What happened to Rey Rivera from Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries? These are the theories

His death was ruled as ‘undetermined’ and people believe there was foul-play

Quiz: Which generation do you belong in, really?

Love brunches and avocados? That screams Millennial

Meet your new favs, the three experts in Netflix series Say I Do

They are the Queer Eye of weddings

All the theories of where Count Xavier from Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is now

The ‘House of Terror’ episode says he’s wanted in connection to the murder of his family

Quiz: How far would you actually get as a contestant on MasterChef?

I make a mean pasta bake, it has to be said

How far would you get on Netflix’s Floor Is Lava? Take this quiz to find out

Would you be one of the few who fall in never to be seen again?

Netflix true crime series Unsolved Mysteries is ‘chilling’, ‘fascinating’ and ‘bizarre’

‘If you’ve been struggling to have nightmares lately, Unsolved Mysteries is on Netflix now’

These 33 memes about the Netflix Eurovision movie would definitely get 12 points

I can’t stop playing Jaja Ding Dong, and I don’t want to

All the huge brands and products that were originally rejected on Dragon’s Den

They turned down BrewDog, which is now worth around £1.6billion

This is where you recognise all the cast of Netflix’s Eurovision movie from

Victor was in Sex Education!!

A documentary about the 2010 Raoul Moat manhunt is coming to ITV next week

One decade on, it includes new interviews and footage

These 29 ‘I know a spot’ memes will leave you feeling so seen it’s not even fair

Every single one speaks to me

17 thoughts I had watching Netflix’s bizarre Eurovision movie, The Story of Fire Saga

Was it really necessary to blow up Demi Lovato like that?

Who is actually singing all the songs in the Netflix Eurovision film? An investigation

You and I both know that is not Rachel McAdams

Netflix is reportedly making the Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy saga into a series

This is what the world NEEDS

Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show by just one obscure character?

This will test your memory

Quiz: Can you match the Love Islander to the series they appeared on?

This is harder than you think

Quiz: Can you guess which two celebrities have been morphed together?

I cannot unsee these