Hayley Soen
Junior Writer

People have actually gone to the ‘Storm Area 51’ raid in Nevada

Yes they really are there seeing them aliens

Area 51 live stream: People are actually at the zone right now

They wanna see them aliens

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People have already been arrested

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She says the series has given her closure

Theo calls out Josh for mocking his eye AGAIN in now deleted screenshots

Josh was pictured with his hand over his eye allegedly saying ‘watch out for the cork’

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There is absolutely no need to thank me

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It’s happening already!!!

Netflix has accidentally leaked the release date for season two of You


Made in Chelsea heirs: All the cast members sitting on huge family fortunes

Oh to be rich and famous

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I’d happily be deserted on an island with them tbh

Amber is now a millionaire after landing the biggest post Love Island deal ever

And everyone thought she was doing nothing

Right, what does ‘and I oop-’ and ‘sksksk’ mean? The phrases used by VSCO girls

Because you wouldn’t want to feel left out, right?

Dirty John season two is coming and is about a true story of an obsessive wife

The real life story is just as shocking a season one

India has now denied rumours she CHEATED on Ovie: Here’s the tea

There’s been speculation she got back with her ex

You won’t believe how much ex-Islanders have changed since the villa

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Everything that’s gone down in the Greg, Amber and Anna breakup drama

There are definitely three people in this breakup

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Greg how could you do this?!