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Selling Sunset transformations: What the cast looked like before they got rich and famous

I am obsessed with noughties Chrishell

Ranked: Who is the most popular Selling Sunset agent, by Instagram followers?

Chrishell has over two MILLION more followers than Davina 😬

Selling Sunset cast net worths: Here’s just how filthy rich they all actually are

Give me a slice of this lifestyle, I beg

No, Davina hasn’t sold the $75million listing – it’s still on The Oppenheim Group website

She’s even got into Twitter beef with Netflix over it

Ranked: Who is the richest I’m A Celebrity contestant this year?

Ok why are they putting themselves through this if they’re already so rich?

Say hello to Emma Hernan: The model who has just joined season four of Selling Sunset

She has a VERY messy history with Christine 👀

Meet Vanessa Villela: The soap star who’s now a real estate agent on Selling Sunset

She’s 43 and grew up in Mexico City

Exactly why Davina left The Oppenheim Group ahead of Selling Sunset season four

Jason is said to be ‘sad’ about her decision

Only someone who *still* watches Made in Chelsea can get full marks in this trivia quiz

Sophie, who?

Everything you simply *need* to know about Netflix’s Selling Sunset spin-off Selling Tampa

It drops next month!

Forget Squid Game, people are saying dystopian Netflix drama Hellbound is ‘even better’

Right now it’s the most watched series globally

Ranked: Who from the current Made in Chelsea cast has the most Instagram followers

And who has the least, of course

I’m A Celebrity 2021 ages: This is how old all of this year’s campmates are

Arlene is the oldest campmate in history

The 16 cast members of Love Island who ended up becoming millionaires

I’m trying not to be jealous, I really am

Ranked: These are officially the UK’s most Instagrammable university libraries

Feed goals x

Lucinda from Love Island 2021 says she was robbed by someone in a balaclava

The incident happened earlier this week when she was walking to go and see Frozen the Musical

People are shook after TikTok trend says to watch intro of Netflix film Nocturnal Animals

Just a warning, don’t watch this at work or around your parents x

Meet Ripper Jack: The ‘armchair detective’ from Tiger King 2 on Netflix

His real name is Johnny Jack Smith and his videos have had over 2.8million views

Ranked: These are the biggest ever brands deals there have been with Love Islanders

Six figures here and seven figures there, it’s all in a day’s work

Shannon says Love Island 2021 couples are fake and their relationships are ‘like a job’

‘They all have moved in together but I feel like it is keeping up appearances’ 😬

Sex Education is casting for two new trans characters for season four of the show

They will be called Abbi and Kent and no previous acting experience is necessary!

Who is Yarri Schreibvogel? Joe Exotic’s older brother who features in Tiger King 2

Their relationship is said to be estranged and they haven’t spoken in 20 years

Tiger King 2 is out and savage reviews say it’s ‘trashy’, ‘icky’, ‘bonkers’ and ‘farcical’

‘The most distressing takeaway is that we’re almost certainly going to have to sit through a Tiger King 3’

Inside £1million mansion Chloe and Toby have moved into that used to be owned by Henry VIII

It’s right by Millie and Liam’s place too!!

Can you guess the Netflix show from just emojis? Take this quiz to find out

This quiz is 👌 💯 🤪

Love Island’s Faye has done a tour of inside the house she and Teddy have moved into

‘We love it for all of its features and how quirky it is’

All the businesses and companies that are owned by Made in Chelsea cast members

Ok but Harvey founded a beer brand?!

Btw, all the main guys from Mean Girls have come out as gay since the film first premiered

They’re almost too gay to function!!

Netflix is releasing a true crime series about The Times Square Killer next month

It’s by Joe Berlinger, the creator of Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ranked: These are officially the 11 sexiest TV shows there have been this year

If you’re into that sort of thing

The votes are in, so now we can reveal if people think Love or Joe is the worse killer

It was a tough, tough call

This food choice test will tell you just how posh you truly are

If you pick caviar and lobster mac and cheese I think you already know

Every time Penn Badgley has outright said he absolutely hates Joe Goldberg

I mean, fair

Love Island’s Faye turns down six figure deals and is launching property empire instead

Her new company already has a swanky Instagram page

Quiz: On a scale of zero to Beck, how much of an absolute liability are you?

I am once again asking you to remember that she did not own curtains

Ranked: Which is the best season of YOU on Netflix, according to Rotten Tomatoes

This is my equivalent of rating a favourite child

Ranked: Who from Love Island 2021 has the biggest net worth already

Liberty’s net worth is £1.7million!!

The 30 under 30 rich list 2021: The wealthiest and youngest celebs in the UK right now

This is what dreams are made of

Made in Chelsea jobs: This is what all the current cast actually do for a living

Yes, some of them do work!!

Quiz: Plan a trip to A Fresh Tart and we’ll tell you if Love Quinn would kill you

I’ll have one muffin and a baseball bat to the head, please

Ranked: How expensive the most iconic horror movie houses are in real life

£3million to live in a haunted house? You can keep it x

Vote: Let’s settle it, who is actually the worst killer out of Love and Joe on YOU?

The question that has divided us all

Ranked: The 19 most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been on YOU

Will I ever forget Joe putting a man in a meat grinder? Probably not

Can you remember exactly how these characters in YOU died? Take this quiz to find out

I haven’t truly recovered from many of these deaths

It’s finally happening, so here’s what we actually know about Tiger King season two

There will be five episodes, promising even more ‘stunning’ revelations

16 juicy behind the scenes facts and production secrets about making YOU on Netflix

Joe Goldberg’s character was thought up in a coffee shop when the writer saw a man staring at her

The huge brand deals that have made Love Island 2021’s Liberty a multi-millionaire already

She’s on course to be one of the most successful Islanders ever

You say you’re obsessed with Joe Goldberg, so can you ace this quiz all about him?

If you get full marks you’re as much of a creeper as he is

These are all best TikToks about season three of YOU on Netflix

They’re so good Joe Goldberg has locked them in his glass box to keep forever

Molly-Mae and Tommy victims to £800k robbery where gang ‘took everything’

The couple have reportedly said they will never return to their Manchester home

Only a real YOU fan can score more than 9/11 in this obscure character quiz

Even Joe Goldberg has forgotten some of these people

Over 25,000 of you voted, so now we can reveal the most annoying YOU character ever

The winner had over a quarter of the votes

Just 39 more memes about how much of a wild ride season three of YOU is

This show will never stop giving

Meet the celebrities taking part in the new series of Celebs Go Dating

Ok this cast is pretty wild

Quiz: They’re both rotten, but are you more like Joe or Love from YOU?

You have to be one of them, I don’t make the rules

Ok, this is exactly who and how many people Love Quinn has ever killed in YOU

She’s really been running riot out here

Just 33 memes about how much of a moment Love Quinn has had in YOU season three

This is Love’s world, we are simply living in it

Vote: Who is undeniably the most annoying character there’s ever been on YOU?

I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but Beck was just the worst

Are you more Beck, Love or Marienne? Take this quiz to find out

No matter what, Joe is going to be obsessed with you

These 21 moments from season three prove YOU is the wildest show on Netflix

Did Love bonk an anti-vaxxer over the head? Yes, yes she did

Quiz: On a scale of zero to Love Quinn, how chaotic are you?

Prepare for some home truths here

All the differences between season three of YOU on Netflix and the book it’s based on

Joe gets arrested and the ending is completely different

Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold both auditioned for *very* different roles in YOU

Oh what could have been!

Quiz: Which character from season three of YOU are you?

I’ll take anyone who’s not Love or Joe

YOU love lives: A deep dive into who all the cast are dating in real life

Can I date Joe Goldberg? Yes or no?

YOU fans have spotted a hilarious error in season three message scene

Sorry, that is not Joe Goldberg?!

Would you survive Joe Goldberg’s glass box? Take this quiz to find out

Let’s be real, not many do

These 43 YOU season three memes are even more wild than Love Quinn herself

Honestly, why is Love like this?

These are the real life ages of the cast of season three of YOU on Netflix

In real life, Theo is older than Love

People are calling season three of YOU ‘darkly fun’, ‘so messed-up’ and ‘the best yet’

‘This show gets better every season’

So, is Madre Linda from season three of YOU on Netflix a real place?

Fancy moving near the Goldberg-Quinns, do we?

Who was Mark Blum? The man episode one of season three of YOU is dedicated to

He was an actor in the show

Right, here’s exactly who and how many people Joe Goldberg has ever killed in YOU

How many more ‘fresh starts’ does one man get?

Guys, season three of YOU drops on Netflix TOMORROW!


It’s official: Millie from Love Island is set to become a multi-millionaire with new deal

It’s believed to be the biggest with any Love Islander in history

Ranked: The 16 best Netflix teen dramas, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Some get a perfect 100 per cent

Quiz: Can you match the Netflix show to the school that appears in it?

At this point, loving teen dramas is part of my personality

Introducing Nicole Berry: The Canadian model who’s just joined Made in Chelsea

Are we surprised she’s a 10/10 model who travels the world?

Squid Game creator reveals the real reason why Gi-hun dyed his hair red at the end

This has been keeping me up at night

The Netflix awards: The shows and films which broke huge records on the platform

Squid Game is making itself known in a very impressive hall of fame

Ranked: The Squid Game cast by how many millions of Instagram followers they’ve gained

Yes, we’re talking tens of millions of new followers here

Here are 39 more Squid Game memes that are even wilder than the show itself

I could look at these all day

Finished Squid Game and feeling empty? Watch these nine similar Netflix shows next

After you’ve peer pressured all your mates to watch Squid Game too, of course

How well did you pay attention to the details in Squid Game? Take this quiz to find out

Only the old man is getting full marks here

Brooklyn Beckham is being ripped for making an awful ‘English breakfast sandwich’ on TV

‘Was this meant to be a joke?’

Squid Game production secrets and behind the scenes of making the Netflix show

It cost £12.3million to make the series

All the hints and clues to the Squid Game ending that you definitely missed

It was right there in front of our eyes the whole time

The 13 wildest yet most believable theories about Squid Game on Netflix

Yes, I believe every single one of them

Your 12 most burning questions about Squid Game on Netflix, answered

Ok we have Googled A LOT about this show

Would you actually survive Squid Game? Take this quiz to find out

Let’s be honest, it’s probably a no

This is what the cast of Squid Game on Netflix are all like in real life

In short, they all have no business being this good looking

This Squid Game theory about Gi-hun and the old man has everyone THINKING

I want this to be true so badly

These 31 Squid Game memes are so good they deserve the 45.6billion won prize money

This show has played with my emotions

Ranked: How much the houses in Sex Education cost in real life

Otis and Jean’s house is worth £3million!

Ok, so what do the shapes on the workers’ masks on Squid Game mean?

Every episode this confuses me

The 12 biggest and most shocking revelations from Britney vs Spears on Netflix

Britney said her father ‘loved every minute’ of controlling her life

Otis might not, but these 25 memes prove we love queen of Sex Education, Ruby Matthews

For her, I would risk it all

This theory explains how people think the Squid Game workers and players are chosen

Ok, this makes sense 👀

Netflix editing scenes after man says his real number was used on the cards in Squid Game

After initially offering £620 in compensation, Netflix is now cutting out the scenes

Try and get full marks in this iconic Sex Education quotes quiz, you detty pig

Only the best can recite the lyrics to F The Pain Away

Meet HoYeon Jung: The model who is player 067 in Netflix series Squid Game

She was on Korea’s Next Top Model and has over 17million Instagram followers