Lydia Spencer-Elliott

Chief Features Writer

Lydia Spencer-Elliott
Exeter University

Pop culture, politics, entertainment, trends, opinion, dating, real-life stories, guides, The Tab's Do Better Campaign, The Tab's You Matter Campaign

  • Lydia has interviewed everyone from the women who brought down Harvey Weinstein to Love Island's Ekin-Su.
  • Her expertise in pop culture has seen her appear in a documentary about Harry Styles and go viral on TikTok explaining the infamous Wagatha Christie trial.
  • Lydia pioneered The Tab's coverage of the Women's World Cup and wouldn't rest until her Mary Earp's profile was the most read story of the tournament.


Lydia Spencer-Elliott joined The Tab in 2022, currently working as the Chief Features Writer. She has previously freelanced for VICE, The Guardian, The Independent, Cosmopolitan and was Grazia's Senior Features Writer before joining the team.


Lydia graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA Honours in English Literature and Film Studies. After she graduated, she completed an MA in Magazine Journalism at City University, London and freelanced throughout her post grad.


The Tab's journalism is brought to you by young reporters who like being first. On university campuses, our writers deliver local news you care about. At The Tab HQ, our experienced journalists write about everything from breaking news to politics to pop culture to TikTok trends to the latest entertainment and celeb gossip. Our aim is to deliver sharp, original, and agenda-setting journalism to young people. All our stories are fact checked and sources verified. Further information on our editorial policies and processes can be found here.


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