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The Love Island villa is targeted by FIVE intruders a day

That’s actually so scary

‘Lower grade requirements made me work harder’: Uni is being made more accessible for low-income students

We spoke to low-income students about lowering grade boundaries

Porter at Leicester Uni prevents suicide after finding student’s suicide note

The note was found in halls

Lord Mayor declares Donald Trump is ‘banned from the great city of Sheffield’

It comes ahead of Trump’s visit

A goose interrupted a York open day talk, of course

Quite literally, a wild goose chase

DSU president-elect ‘escorted from open day’ by uni security while handing out flyers about accommodation fees

The uni has said it is investigating an incident involving security and students

95 students died by suicide in one year. That’s one every four days

New statistics show the extent of suicides at UK universities

‘Insular and selfish’: Councillors roast Durham students at County Council meeting

Local councillors claim Durham students don’t care enough about the city

Durham Uni hints 8am lecture change might not go ahead after criticism reaches national media

The university has now revealed the changes are ‘provisional’ and ‘not final’

People are campaigning to get misogyny recognised as a hate crime in Manchester


Bristol cleaner cries tears of joy after students raise £1,500 for him to go on holiday

The power of the internet

The strikes saved the University of Manchester over £1 million

And they’re only reimbursing £50 each

Who is the biggest name in Britain? Vote now for BNOC of the year 2018

Your mum is gonna be SO proud

‘Controlling and violent’ student who drove girlfriend to suicide is now partying at Oxford Brookes

Angus Milligan was convicted of assault and kicked out of Aberdeen

A new study has had the audacity to claim that Sheffield is actually in the South

You’d never get five pound rounds down there

Exclusive: Anti-semitic abuse involving YUSU officer exposed after 12 month ‘cover up’

The Union of Jewish students say they are ‘appalled’ by the alleged anti-semitic comments

Exeter sent students a ‘motivational’ email which included a quote from a Nazi General

The quote was randomly generated online

Cambridge academic refuses to teach students in protest of ‘racist’ porters

Dr Gopal will specifically not teach at King’s College Cambridge