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‘Now it’s harder for sexual assault survivors to get justice,’ says student rape activist

Betsy DeVos has changed guidelines for colleges handling sexual assault

Former York University Challenge contestant cleared of rape

He called the woman’s claims “horrible, horrible lies”

‘Unpack the quack’: Oregon athletes help students move into dorms

Don’t we all wish we could be so lucky

What does your most used emoji say about your general vibe?

Beware the monkey-with-hands-over-mouth


Exclusive: Jacob Rees-Mogg is coming to speak at Bristol University

But will he be no-platformed?

Everything you need to know about the Black student protest last night

Things quickly turned violent

People are outraged after these UNH sorority girls sang the n-word at a party

‘If you are white and think this is OK, then you have some serious growing up to do’

Harvard meme kid speaks out about how mad his parents were when he got kicked out

‘I felt like my whole world shattered’

Men’s swim team sanctioned for ‘lewd, sexist and misogynistic’ email

The women’s team have also been sanctioned for underage drinking

Death of Leeds Beckett student not thought to be suspicious

His injuries are still unaccounted for

That awful Trump kid who tried to get an undocumented girl kicked out of America… has been kicked out of his college

Life comes at you fast

Whatever happened to the ‘Don’t Tase Me Bro’ guy?

It’s been 10 years since he first went viral

Rutgers frat brother arrested in connection with weekend stabbing outside house party

He’s being held in county jail

Banana found on door handle of black students’ dorm

They’re the only entirely black room on the floor

Loughborough halls tried to throw a ‘slave auction’ party for Freshers’ Week

An SU officer didn’t think an apology would be ‘particularly proactive’

Jeremy Underground is dropped from club line-up after he demanded a five star hotel with a gym and sauna

The club wasted over £1,000 on his diva requests

This Trump-supporting jackass tried to get his undocumented classmate deported

‘Everyone go report this illegal at my school’

Everything we know so far about the Bestival death

The man who was arrested is her ex-boyfriend, according to her family

Nobody knows why Jaden Smith has been in MIT classes all day

He went to Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Napleton Infiniti parked their entire inventory in FSU garages and people are livid

They removed reviews on Facebook because people were roasting them so hard