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If you want to pull a rugby lad you’ll have to go to Retro because they’re banned from the SU

Hold back the tears girls

Notts house parties are so loose that marriages are breaking up around Lenton

According to this letter sent to everyone

These are by far the worst leaked screenshots from a frat we’ve seen all day

‘It’s not rape if she enjoys it’

Exclusive: University of Manchester professor’s sexist and xenophobic Twitter feed exposed

He made sexist remarks about a Cambridge student recently

The Newcastle Badminton team forwarded a newsletter with old members in blackface

The club had previously been rewarded for their inclusivity by the SU

York VC tells MP where to shove his request for all Brexit teaching material

He emailed everyone letting him know he wasn’t taking any bullshit

Vicious media attack on Lola Olufemi provokes University response

Lola Olufemi was featured on the front page of The Telegraph today, which incorrectly portrayed the ongoing debate about decolonising the curriculum

‘The next person to speak dies’: York student makes death threat in library

He’s now been banned from campus

Exclusive leaked audio tapes describing hazing and racism in UF Kappa Alpha Theta

‘Do you realize he was black?!!’

Christian college football players charged with trying to sodomize a freshman and leaving him naked in a park plead not guilty

A hazing incident has led to charges of aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint

Proud dad overjoyed to find his son’s fake ID confiscated in liquor store

Does this guy not look like the most dad-like dad on earth

‘The system failed her’: Petition to create Alina’s Law in order to protect victims of domestic violence

District Attorney Stephen Zappala supports the additions proposed

A Tory MP has demanded to see what universities will be teaching on Brexit this year

Lecturers are not happy

Teen with Down syndrome given honorary bid at FSU Phi Delt

‘Brother after brother took him under their wing, making him feel so safe and loved’

Stephen Hawking PhD release causes Cambridge University website to crash

It’s the first time it’s been made freely available online

Martin Shkreli sends a jailhouse letter to The Tab: ‘Avoid this place’

‘I almost slugged someone for cutting me in the computer line’

Martin Shkreli sends a jailhouse letter to The Tab: ‘Avoid this place’

‘I almost slugged someone for cutting me in the computer line’

These are all the offensive costumes people will be wearing this Halloween

Based on popular Google searches

These are the counties most likely to get you an Oxbridge offer

SHOCK! One of them is Surrey!