Here’s what you need to know about Extinction Rebellion, the protests taking over London

They’ve turned Waterloo Bridge into basically a garden

Bristol’s new BME officer tells Jewish student to ‘be like Israel and cease to exist’

In Bristruths comments, he said Israeli settlements are ‘always popping up where they aren’t wanted’

Cardiff Uni spends almost £8million on ‘gagging order’ settlement agreements

Experts say that these NDAs are silencing victims

Sophie Gradon died by suicide, her inquest confirms

Her family previously said they didn’t believe she took her own life

Who is Robin Boardman-Pattinson? Bristol grad and face of Extinction Rebellion

He stormed out of a Sky News interview yesterday

Aberdeen University revokes Sultan of Brunei’s degree over gay death penalty

The discussion came after he made it legal to stone gay men in Brunei to death

An anti abortion group is taking legal action against Aberdeen University

The Aberdeen Life Ethics Society have accused the student union of censoring controversial societies.

This Edi fourth year giving birth to her dissertation is the greatest diss pic ever taken

Ohhhh, so this is A R T.

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Upskirting is now a crime in the UK thanks to Gina Martin’s campaign

She has been campaigning for almost two years

Third year buys sanitary products for everyone out of her loan to help period poverty at UWE

Keep your eye out for free sanitary products around campus

NUS boot election candidate over anti-semitism complaint

The Union of Jewish Students called the posts ‘deeply troubling’

Instagrammer cries at the thought of working a ‘normal job’ after account gets deleted

Naturally, she filmed an entire YouTube video about it

Exclusive: Hull Uni planning £20 million of cuts by 2022, leaked docs show

The VC has admitted the uni’s position is ‘untenable’ and 10 per cent cuts might be needed

The NUS are voting to stop ‘douchebags’ pressing F to pay respects today

You know, the meme from Call of Duty

Breaking: Zamzam Ibrahim elected as the new NUS President

She’s promised a National Student Strike

CCTV shows hooligan students egging Frenchay house in ‘racist’ attack

Police are investigating as UWE students are allegedly involved in harassing residents in Cheswick Park