200 firefighters tackle huge fire at student halls as residents are evacuated

Online shopping addiction should be a mental heath condition, say experts

Erm, okay?

Cardiff Uni Students’ Union to vote on becoming officially pro-choice

It follows controversy around the pro-life society

Jewish students ‘disappointed’ about Warwick’s response to ‘antisemitic’ lecturer

They said ‘antisemitism is not up for debate’

Love Island Australia is being axed after this season

And just like that, my day is ruined

Jo Malone is selling perfumes in Zara and they are CHEAP


I rewatched 11 Disney childhood classics and yikes, they’re dodgy

Peter Pan needs banned

40 per cent of students are planning to vote for Labour, according to our poll

Looks like Jezza’s doing it again

Netflix is being sued for racial and gender discrimination

The lawsuit says Netflix is ‘plagued by a lack of racial diversity’

Elephant rides to the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia are being banned

Elderly elephants are being moved back to the jungle

Netflix is creating a SpongeBob spin-off based on Squidward

The justice he deserves

Tell us your UK children’s TV opinions and we’ll tell you who to vote for

Disney Channel is pure Tory, sorry

McDonald’s has answered our prayers and FINALLY extended breakfast hours

Let’s McFreaking lose it!

These 30 memes from this week’s Drag Race UK will blow your wig off

Start your engines, unless you don’t want spoilers!

Over 3,000 sign petition for new safety measures in Exeter after sexual assault

‘For £9,250 a year a shuttle bus to prevent further horrific assaults is a small request’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for season eight

Has Christmas come early?!

Jeremy Corbyn is on Lancs campus right now

The Labour leader is giving a speech at the uni

Instagram has removed likes and people are ‘furious’ as it will ‘ruin lives’

Cheating boyfriends are going to be able to run wild!!

QUIZ: What should you do after uni?

Is winning the lottery an option?

Sheffield SU urges students to stay away from dog racing stadium after vegan boycott

Vegans say they’re ‘outraged’