Grace Millane didn’t die because she’s a young woman who went travelling on her own

We tracked down the man posing as ‘Fake Taxi’ in Coventry to find out what he’s trying to do

The university issued a warning telling students not to get in his car

Exclusive: Number of Bristol students waiting more than 21 days for regular counselling has doubled in five years

Nearly 100 UoB students have been waiting for counselling sessions in first term

Double amputee Leeds student knocked unconscious by Headrow House bouncer

The victim was chucked out of the club after he apparently ‘spilt a drink’ on someone

Meet Hana Cross: The 21-year-old London girl who’s dating Brooklyn Beckham

She’s met the parents!!!!

UCL’s saddest Christmas decorations

Can someone call Santa? Uni has killed Christmas…

Dani has finally spoken out about her and Jack’s break up

If this isn’t Fiat 500 behaviour I don’t know what is

Former LUSU President convicted of terror charges after blocking deportation flight

The verdict has been called a ‘crushing blow for human rights in the UK’

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Top unis are spending millions on disadvantaged students, so why are they admitting fewer of them?

A new report reveals Manchester, Leeds, and Cambridge all took fewer disadvantaged students than last year

Hull Languages department faces closure as they consider not taking students next academic year

The university have confirmed it is a ‘possibility’