Former UW student Alec Cook will plead guilty to five charges in sexual assault case

He was facing 21 charges from 11 women after an initial complaint resulted in more victims coming forward

Tuition fees are going to be reduced, but only for certain courses

It’s part of a new ‘value for money’ deal laid out by the government

United Kingdom  /  United States

‘Tuition fee variety’ won’t help working class students, it will disadvantage them

It’s turning uni into Waitrose vs. Lidl, with prospective students shopping where they can afford

A UoB academic has been sentenced for committing ‘depraved sexual and physical acts’

He will serve 32 years imprisonment

A UoY tutor is being questioned after allegedly calling Jeremy Hunt a ‘fucking twat’ in a seminar

He also apparently said: ‘Tories, fuck them’

Introducing Rave Shades: The new must-have accessory for your next night out

It’s a lewk

Notts Uni Tories are now sponsored by a male-only Freemason’s lodge

Nottingham University’s Labour Society described it as ‘out of touch’

Jeremy Corbyn said he would investigate Cadbury’s for overcharging for Freddos

Reasonably priced chocolate for the many, not the few

An Exeter student has been missing since Monday night

Rory Cattermole was last seen miles from Exeter on Snap Maps

There is no sex trafficking Bible group trying to kidnap you from campus, it’s just a Korean church

The PSAs circulated are completely untrue

I went to McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day to see if I could find someone to date me

Nuggets > men

I put all my exes in a group chat and watched all hell break loose

All because I asked them to rate me out of 10

Which one of these tragic Valentine’s Day starter packs is you right now?

I swear to God, if I see another ‘spontaneous’ trip to Paris

I did a no-added sugar diet for a week and surprisingly remained sane

My diet consisted of porridge and bananas

Love Island’s Jess and Dom just got married live on Good Morning Britain

And they’re both wearing swimwear

This Nottingham student turned his Tinder bio into a Powerpoint about himself

Including pie charts, lists, and graphs

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in Edinburgh right now

I wanna be part of this relationship

Aberdeen Uni sadly deny Buttons the cat’s Rector nomination

He just missed it by a whisker

Glasgow Uni students plan to occupy the Beer Bar in support of staff strikes

Drinking pints will resolve the crisis

A Sheffield club sent free pizza to a girl whose 21st was ruined by a stupid boy

And this is why they’re the most iconic club in Sheff

How to fit in as a Southerner at a Northern uni

Everyone’s from NW11, be like them