Student bullied off social media for criticizing China in a commencement speech

‘The UMD Chinese Students and Scholars Association has called for people to stop attacking her’

‘Solidarity is our strength’: Manchester stood together tonight at the Albert Square vigil

‘Manchester is united as a city. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless.’

United Kingdom  /  United States

Cambridge flags at half mast for Manchester victims

Several Cambridge colleges are paying tribute to the victims of the attack in Manchester

A Muslim Manchester student was spat on today in a racially motivated attack

Someone was heard shouting ‘ban Muslims’ in the city centre

‘The screaming just kept getting louder’: We spoke to people who were at Manchester Arena last night

People were climbing over each other to get out

A house has been raided in Fallowfield in connection with last night’s attack

Twitter users posted videos of police and bomb squads in the area

Here’s what we know about the Manchester suicide bombing that killed 22 people

There are 59 confirmed injuries

Third year business exam cancelled because the university forgot to print the case study

The exam had to be rearranged until this afternoon

Jeremy Corbyn, our lord and saviour: Labour will scrap tuition fees in time for September

If you’re new to uni, or heading back for third year, you ain’t paying a penny

General Election 2017

Caius college announces first female Master

She’ll come into post in late September 2018

Eduroam ban another Bristol student for illegally downloading Shrek

“Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me”

25 Students’ Unions have boycotted the NSS – here’s everything you need to know

What was once a useful tool now has an underlying threat


Everything you’ve always wanted to ask a dyslexic person, because what is dyslexia anyway?

It’s an identified disability, but nobody really understands what it is

Jonathan Pie comedian gives rape joke speech at Cambridge Union

Students claim Tom Walker trivialised sexual assault in shocking Union debate

UEA students stand in solidarity after news of prayer room closure

Students gathered in the square today for a group prayer in support of Muslim students

Over 80 per cent of young people would rather go on a night out with Jeremy Corbyn than Theresa May

VKs for the many, not the few

General Election 2017

Meet the Manchester students campaigning against redundancies

Did someone say crowded lectures?

UEA permanently closes Muslim prayer spaces a week before Ramadan

The current facility in Lecture Theatre 2 will be turned into a ‘library corridor’

Which university courses take the most study drugs? An investigation

The results come from The Tab’s annual drug survey of 11,000 students

Just because I’m a Tory doesn’t mean I eat with a silver spoon and hate poor people

There’s more of us than you think

Students from Leeds in urgent need of blood donors after car crash while travelling in Fiji

The couple are in desperate need of a blood transfusion

Bristol student is banned from eduroam for illegally downloading Chicken Run

In the middle of exam season