‘There is a crisis of morale amongst hall staff’: Bristol Halls Advisory Committee speaks out

‘There are fears that student wellbeing standards are set to be dangerously lowered’

Man on Bumble tells girl ‘if you went to the gym, I’d smash your back doors in’

He said he’s a 10/10 while she’s a 6 at a push

Jon Snow has been selling Christmas trees in Aberdeenshire

You still know nothing, Jon Snow

United Kingdom  /  United States

Bristol and UWE Varsity rugby matches banned for two years

It follows major crowd disturbances at the last fixture

Wait, is Jeremy Corbyn… hot?

This is weird

From state school to reality TV star: Everything you didn’t know about Georgia Toffolo

She previously worked as an events manager

Exclusive: Liam from Bake Off was at a student house party this weekend


Things boys should not do on Tinder, by disappointed girls

You’re all trash

Over 175 UoB academics have signed an open letter complaining about the Vice Chancellor’s unbelievable salary

Academics have signed an open letter of complaint

Who are the people watching YouTubers cement their heads in microwaves?

Seriously, this guy has 3 million subscribers

Exclusive: Tab investigation finds Hall Wardens look set to be axed in major halls review

The University are wanting to cut-costs in the pastoral system

Exclusive: Durham Union Secretary resigns after comparing women’s periods to pooing your pants

He said women wearing short skirts is ‘like leaving your door unlocked’

Sheffield Hallam student refused entry into Yates because they mistook his cerebral palsy for being ‘drunk’

He was allegedly told to ‘have a medical card or letter to prove it’

A student Tory has said it’s harder to come out as a Tory than as gay


Why we need to give idiot men like Charlie Silcox air time, not pretend they don’t exist

He said women enjoy being raped, but apparently we’re supposed to ignore this

Lincoln students came together to sing Toto outside the library and it was beautiful

It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from memes

Two Newcastle University graduates join the cast of Made In Chelsea

They are Sophie ‘Habbs’ and Clemmie

Tom Harwood is running for NUS delegate again, and he’s made another meme video

He’s promised to make Freddos cheap again

These new British life goals will confirm just how badly your life is going

Leave home at 21? AHAHAHHAHHA

We spoke to the anti-feminist Tinder guy who thinks women enjoy being raped

And shock, he’s single!!!

£2500 worth of coffee has been ‘stolen’ from Glasgow library due to people knowing the machine code

Even the police were called to investigate, lol

We tested Lidl’s ‘hangover free’ prosecco and decided it’s a miracle

An experiment in the name of fizzics