Who is Lady Eliza Manners? The Newcastle student who lives in a massive castle

‘Strobe-free’ night at Royal Holloway SU still uses strobe effects

The lights used change colours rapidly and create a strobe-like effect

The Rihanna birthday meme has got everyone frantically googling their birthdays

Gutted if your birthday’s outfit isn’t iconic

Scam email pretends to offer £1,750 grant to Birmingham students

All you need to do is give all your personal details!

Abducted in Plain Sight director finally answers all your burning questions

Like someone explain the whole damn thing please

There’s a new Netflix series that is basically You, but it’s a TRUE STORY

I am SO ready

Cambridge Uni has installed anti-rough sleeping lights across some of its locations

A source told The Tab that it was an act of ‘social violence’

We asked boys what’s on their bedroom playlists and now all music is banned, forever

It’s safe to say Catfish and the Bottlemen is the least horny music in the world

York students lead ‘mass die in’ at shopping centre in protest again fast fashion

They are part of climate activist group Extinction Rebellion

Edinburgh students confess stories of spoilt brats adapting to uni life

Life without the live-in maid proves difficult for some

Nottingham students strike for climate change in Old Market Square

Students protested for action against climate change

These Valentine’s Clubbers will make you cry into your microwave meal

You’re so fucking alone, but in the end we all are

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


UWE tells trans students ‘we support you’ after backlash over toilet posters

The posters urge students at the university to not challenge people they feel are in the ‘wrong’ bathroom

Banned speaker joins panel to speak at Bristol free speech event

The speaker was originally banned due to security concerns