Of all the things to get angry at in this world, literally why would you get angry at people who Instagram their food?

If it looks good take a pic you paid for it

It’s time we stopped dismissing Fashion as ‘easy’- it’s cut-throat, competitive and draining

Fashion students shouldn’t have to defend their degree

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It was called The Scramble

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So apparently crocs are back in fashion, because the world is a cold, cruel, hateful place


Is it just me or is the NSS basically the ex that can’t get over you?


Bristol lecturer investigated by University for saying Jews ‘privilege’ the holocaust

Her remarks have been compared to ‘holocaust denial’

‘I went on a suicide route’: What happened after a Sussex grad was nearly deported by the Home Office

In 2015, Luqman Onikosi’s application to remain in the UK on medical grounds was terminated

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I literally hate the internet

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No, you won’t live in a studio flat in Central London

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Good news if you’re a vet, bad news if you study CompSci

Vice-Chancellor ‘deeply upset and disappointed’ by recent wave of anti-Semitism

They are trying to identify the individuals involved

Uber launches ‘urgent investigation’ after sexual harassment claims from former female employee went viral


Pembroke students have beef with catering over constant ‘cultural misrepresentation’

The staff were “upset” they had offended students

‘Wannabe chavs’ and ‘gym rats’: What your trainers say about you, by the Daily Mail

The writer calls them ‘fashion leisure shoes’