How did Jack Renshaw, star of the creepy BNP Youth video, end up attempting to murder an MP?

He also plotted to kill a policewoman

Here’s every single Love Island 2018 contestant boiled down into a starter pack

Factor 50 suncream has Alex written all over it

Love Island 2018

Sussex student sentenced to eight years in prison for Freshers’ Week rape

His phone included searches for ‘minimum sentence for rape’

Where you should live in London, according to where you go to university

There’s not enough houses in Clapham for everyone!!

Meet Zara, Love Island’s newest girl who works in Parliament and is a 12/10

Zara, Love Island’s new girl, has a job in Parliament as a government advisor

Love Island 2018

This crusty old Tory MP just blocked the bill to make upskirting a criminal offence

Even other Conservative MPs are livid

A Manchester fresher died from accidentally falling from a crane after a uni ball

A toxicologist confirmed he had been taking ketamine, but it wasn’t to blame for his fall

What is ‘The Fear’: The anxious feeling you get the morning after drinking alcohol

It’s the feeling of dread that you’ve done something REALLY bad the night before

Let’s take a look at the biggest exam catastrophes of 2018

Excuse me, I think you’ve given us a paper with answers written in it?

Everything you need to know about Houghton Festival 2018

Houghton Festival 2017 was huge, so here is everything you need to know about this year’s offering

We worked out what the Love Island couple’s children would look like because we know you want to see it

If Eyal and Megan’s child doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will

Love Island 2018

Behold! Here’s every desperate attempt Eyal has made to get famous

Warning: He puts a fidget spinner on his nipple

Love Island 2018

Find Eyal too annoying? Good news! He’s got two brothers who are also very fit

Watch me dive into the Booker gene pool

An MMU grad has admitted involvement in a ‘neo-Nazi’ plot to kill a labour MP

He also pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill a police officer and is accused of child sex offences

Here’s where the Love Island villa really is, and I’m going to prove it

Trust me on this one

Love Island 2018

React to these Love Island scenarios and we’ll tell you how much of a snake you are


Love Island 2018

Breaking: Niall quits Love Island in shock move

Niall’s Love Island journey is over and will be covered in tonight’s episode

Love Island 2018

Which Love Island girl would you couple up with? Take this really good quiz and find out

Gutted if you get Hayley

Love Island 2018

Based on their star sign, which Love Islander are you most compatible with?

Of course Adam’s a Scorpio

Love Island 2018

Three students in the Warwick boys group chat have been banned from campus as university conclude investigation

One student has been banned for life and two more have been banned for ten years

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield is having a party this Friday and you’re all invited

Still in Sheffield? Get partying with Magid

These unholy pictures of Charlie from Love Island will make you feel like you’ve eternally sinned


Love Island 2018