Cancer didn’t stop me from finishing my degree, starting a charity and running a triathlon

Jake Teitelbaum is clear from Hodgkin’s lymphoma and in his final year at Wake Forest

Female student who reported UA junior’s racist Tinder messages just received neo-Nazi hate mail

They’re addressed ‘Dear Trollop’ and ‘Dear Bimbo’

The Fat Jew made me into a meme and now I’m the face of basic girls everywhere

You’re welcome gals

United Kingdom  /  United States

John Legend just played the piano at St Pancras, and you missed it

He played Ordinary People, All of Me, and Surefire

For years doctors didn’t take my period pain seriously. Then, at 24, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer

Ovarian cancer month should be focused on breaking the taboo around women’s health

I used Ed Sheeran lyrics as chat up lines on Tinder

Oh, maybe I came on too strong?

Bristol students have launched a campaign to rename the Wills memorial building over its links to slavery

It is named after Henry Overton Wills III, who financed the uni with ‘slave-profited money’

Exclusive: Cardiff student blacked up for a house party and says it wasn’t racist

People at the party made him wash his face

Breaking news just in from the Daily Mail: WOMEN HAVE LEGS

It’s 2017 and they still don’t get it

Inside Zouk Tea Bar and Grill, Drake’s favourite Manchester restaurant

He even took Rihanna there

£70k raised for Newcastle agric who died after being hit by a taxi on night out in York

The taxi driver has since been charged with the student’s death

A woman was sexually assaulted after getting off the bus in Fallowfield this weekend

It happened on Mauldeth Road

Glasgow final year Medics caught cheating by ‘colluding on social media’ before exam

270 students will now have to resit their finals

Student run Men’s mental health campaign launches in Bristol

It’s time to ditch the inner lad and have a frank conversation.

Riot vans broke up a rogue 16th birthday party, and we wept for the youth of today

Because clearly your childhood wasn’t this lit

This year’s UEA Jailbreak winners reached Dubai in under 48 hours

Others managed to get as far as Gran Canaria and Italy without spending a penny

Malala Yousafzai has applied to Durham University

She’s the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever

BREAKING: Reports of 15 injured in explosion on the Wirral

The noise was heard as far away as North Wales

Liverpool student hit by terrorist’s car opens up about Westminster terror attack

His friends all survived

Our reactions to terrorist attacks on social media are so predictable, it’s harmful

We have become part of the terror

Where you move to in London, and what it says about you

Obviously Shoreditch has a French bulldog