Friend of Joana Burns could go to jail for supplying the MDMA that caused her death

Joana Burns died after taking a quarter of a gram on her final night out as a student

NUS committee member resigns after saying ‘Israel policy similar to Nazi policy’

He previously said he would not resign following allegations of antisemitism

Everything you need to know about Arctic Monkeys’ return to Sheffield

They’re coming home

Jack and Dani are coming to Sheffield for a student night at Meadowhall

There will be hundreds of giveaways

I’m 40 years old and about to start as a fresher at Sheffield

‘Very rarely are you the oldest in the club’

I asked a lecturer what the most annoying things about students are

‘People who say ‘I can’t do 9am’. It’s like, what?’

Nobody panic, but Tiger Works have cancelled the ‘Five Pound Round’

I’m not angry, just disappointed

An 18-year-old has been stabbed on a night out at Corp

The teenager is reportedly in a ‘serious condition’

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week – It’s Nice to be Nice Edition

Only wholesome content here

I asked a lecturer to tell us once and for all whether BAs are actually worth it

‘It is as if you’re kind of a waster if you do the arts’

Sheffield Uni and SU help launch a new suicide prevention campaign

They are the first organisations to do so

‘DnB meets Total Wipeout’: An inflatable rave is coming to Sheffield

One for the ravers – and big kids

Societies, seminars, and knowing your limits: Top tips for Freshers’ Week

The dos and don’ts for first years

Corp will start accepting card payments as of September

No longer will Corp have cash-only bars

Propaganda will move to the main room of Corp on Saturday nights

It marks a change from Dirty Deeds

Here are the cringiest posts in the Sheffield freshers’ groups

Anyone else like computers? xD

‘I miss my dog’: An ode to the bittersweet feeling of leaving home

We’ll all miss our dogs

What to wear to every club in Sheffield

You really don’t want to wear your white converse to Corp

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