The University of Sheffield still has an English module dedicated to Woody Allen

The director has been accused of assault by his adoptive daughter

We asked Sheffield students about their best self-care tips

We all need to take time out for ourselves

An open letter to clubs: Stop saying songs from our childhood are guilty pleasures

There’s no shame in liking Busted

BREAKING: The occupation of the Arts Tower has come to an end

It will be open as normal from 7am on Monday

What’s That Smell on West Street?: An Investigation

A Nasal Exploration

The University of Sheffield are taking ‘legal steps’ to remove Arts Tower occupiers

This follows occupiers claiming the uni aren’t allowing students in to collect coursework ahead of deadlines

There’s currently an anti-occupation protest happening outside the Arts Tower

Architecture students are not happy

Exclusive: We spoke to the occupiers of the Arts Tower

They said they are ‘sympathetic’ to affected students

The Steel City Darts event is this Friday

Will Uni Of retain their crown?

Third year Architecture deadlines pushed back due to occupation of the Arts Tower

Laptops, models and resources are stuck on Floor 18 of the Arts Tower

Opinion divided as students react to the occupation of the Arts Tower

It is set to remain closed until Saturday evening

BREAKING: Sheffield students occupy the Arts Tower in support of the strikes

Students occupied the building this morning to support the lecturers’ strike

BREAKING: Sheffield UCU members have rejected a proposed agreement to end strike action

Over 350 members voted on the deal

It’s time to admit that Adsetts is the best library in Sheffield

A Journey to the Centre of Adsetts

UPDATE: University and SU provide joint statement regarding attack on SU Officer

It comes after the development officer was physically assaulted at Pop Tarts on Saturday

Sheffield City Council has admitted it aims to remove half of the city’s street trees

About 17,500 trees are set for the chop

An Amnesty International society is launching at Sheffield Hallam this Wednesday

It’s Hallam’s first human rights society and open for everyone to join

Sheffield SU’s Development Officer assaulted by Medic Rugby student in unprovoked attack

She was hit in the face by a boy on a sport social

Sheffield’s Clubbers of the Week: Snow Day

Ain’t s(no)w stopping us now