Richard Gadd speaks about how similar Baby Reindeer’s Martha actually is to his real stalker

baby reindeer real martha

Meet the local team

Private school smashed skulls

Student at £43,000 a year private school ‘smashed the skulls’ of two students with hammer

The 17-year-old also tried to kill a teacher in ‘horrific attack’

Lucinda Timothy MAFS Australia 2024 still together

After a tumultous MAFS Australia 2024 homestay, are Lucinda and Timothy still together?

Rooting for them ngl

Timothy Lucinda MAFS Australia 2024

What have Timothy and Lucinda been up to since their MAFS Australia 2024 homestay fight?

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Richard Gadd Baby Reindeer where to watch

Here’s where to watch Richard Gadd next if you’re obsessed with Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

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Ekin-Su since Celebrity Big Brother

Digs at Davide to Lorraine Kelly drama: What Ekin-Su has been up to since Celeb Big Brother

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Inside Nava Mau’s vibey life when she’s not playing the best character in Baby Reindeer

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MAFS Australia 2024 Jack Tori still together

After their tense homestay, are Jack and Tori still together after MAFS Australia 2024?

I need answers immediately

Taylor Swift leaked

Yikes! A snippet of Taylor Swift’s new album has allegedly leaked and people are SLATING it

‘We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist’ is an actual lyric

Walton Goggins Fallout

Inside the life of Walton Goggins, the Fallout ghoul everyone is weirdly crushing on

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Andrea MAFS Australia 2024

What has Andrea been up to since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 with her head held high?

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