A complete guide to all the monsters, creatures and outcast species in Wednesday

Wednesday monsters

Meet the local team

Meet Yasmine Zweegers: The 23-year-old Master’s student who’s now on Made in Chelsea

She has a drama degree, nearly 200k TikTok followers AND her own brand

It wasn’t Christmas until all of these 17 things happened at primary school

Still holding a grudge that I never got cast as Mary

All the niche moments from GCSE science that altered your brain chemistry

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The Holiday cast now

This is what the cast of The Holiday are up to now, 16 years since the film was released

Kate Winslet hasn’t aged a day

Winter Love Island 2023 start

GUYS! The start date for winter Love Island has been reported and it’s just weeks away

This is not a drill!!!

Molly-Mae Hague talks about pregnancy

Molly-Mae says Tommy ‘sometimes forgets’ she’s pregnant and they’re ‘never together’

In an interview she talks about loneliness she’s faced during pregnancy

A bar, pool and three stables: Inside the mega £1million mansion Liam Reardon grew up in

They should have filmed Love Island here instead

Alex Gray The Traitors

Meet Alex Gray, the presenter and influencer with a secret boyfriend on The Traitors

Obsessed with the video of her interviewing Dr Alex from Love Island

Tributes pour in for ‘beloved’ university student who died after suspected spider bite

His flatmates had reported a ‘spider infestation’, an inquest heard

Molly-Mae baby shower

From a candlelit dinner to designer gifts: Inside Molly-Mae’s lavish ‘Baby Fury’ shower

It’s okay Molly, I know my invite was just lost in the post x