This ‘which sandwich is your uni?’ article is the best thing since sliced bread

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a ‘Just Ham’ sandwich, probably

How to pull on a first date, a guide for boys and girls

Take notes

Haunting is the latest dating trend which is so much worse than ghosting

They won’t reply to your texts, but will like your Instagram

£100 fines, 3,000 word essays, and ‘strong’ words of advice: How British unis fail to punish racist students

Four students have been suspended for racism in 5 years. It’s no wonder students are going to social media instead

Girls who take a snack with them on a night out are the true brains of this country

They really are the heroes of our generation

I endured an illegal abortion under the Eighth Amendment in Ireland

Rita Harrold could have gone to prison for 14 years for terminating her pregnancy. Today that might change for women across Ireland

All the struggles you will encounter living with a Northerner

The words bath and grass are hotly debated

Fresher who chanted ‘we hate the blacks’ pleads guilty to racial harassment and fined £800

The racist incident took place in Nottingham Trent halls back in March

Ex-Love Islanders are still making over £8,000 for every sponsored Instagram post

Kem is absolutely raking it in

Art students are officially the most sleep deprived at university

Those discussions about Post-Modernism do keep you up at night tbf

There’s a new, very specific North/South divide map based on whether you say ‘dinner’ or ‘tea’

Lincolnshire and Shropshire are in the North, apparently

Don’t panic, but Pizza Express are giving away free pizzas RIGHT NOW

Literally all you have to do is download their app

Prince Harry’s 24-year-old cousin Louis Spencer is really fit, really rich and also really single


This is how to hide someone’s Instagram story from your feed without unfollowing them

Goodbye all past ex-boyfriends and people I hate!!

These are the universities paying for Irish students to go home and vote in the abortion referendum

Universities are calling it a ‘political donation’

Forget Harry, Prince Philip was a DADDY back in the day

It’s illegal to be this hot

Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani is first to be ‘confirmed’ for Love Island 2018

Her dad doesn’t want her kissing anyone on TV, awks

The sun is shining, so I bet you’re wondering which ice cream is your uni?

If you don’t agree with what we’ve chosen that’s chill