Music videos and modelling: Everything Charithra Chandran has been up to since Bridgerton

Charithra Chandran since Bridgerton

Meet the local team

Bridgerton book series differences

Here are all the shocking key differences between Bridgerton season three and the book

In the book there’s a fourth Featherington sister?!

Cressida symbolism

Bridgerton costume designer explains hidden symbolism behind Cressida’s HUGE sleeves

It all makes sense now!

The incredible glow ups the Bridgerton characters have had from season one to now

Thanking my lucky stars every day since the Bridgerton brothers shaved their side burns

Young Sheldon George

An entirely alternate ending for George’s death was originally filmed for Young Sheldon

It was filmed to ‘make light of George’s death’

Young Sheldon George

It turns out George attended his own funeral in Young Sheldon disguised as an old woman?!

I’m actually in tears this is so rogue

Prudence Featherington Umbridge

Wait, Prudence Featherington from Bridgerton’s mum is actually Umbridge from Harry Potter?!

Her dad is also Mr Carson from Downton Abbey

Love Island 2024 signs makeup artist Samantha Kenny

Love Island has ‘signed up’ this stunning makeup artist for the 2024 summer series

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Bridgerton behind the scenes pics

Feel like part of the ton with these vibey Bridgerton season three behind the scenes pics

Filling the void while we wait for part two

Bridgerton Eloise Phillip Crane

One small detail on Eloise’s dress foreshadows her relationship with Sir Phillip Crane

Obsessed with the level of detail