All of Us Strangers wasn’t snubbed at the BAFTAs, it wasn’t good enough to deserve any

All of Us Strangers snubbed

Meet the local team

Russell Group vaping

These are the Russell Group universities where students are most addicted to vaping in 2024

A Tab survey found 56 per cent of Russell Group students are addicted to vaping

Tom and Molly have revealed exactly what they’re doing once they get back from the villa

And explained what they both really think of Callum

Brigdit Mendler is the latest Disney Channel star to join the parents club

From Bridgit Mendler to Hilary Duff: All the ex Disney Channel stars who are now parents

These kids grow up so fast x

Scott Mitch Love Island

Scott EXPOSES Mitch for having a ‘secret girlfriend’ as he reignites their messy feud

‘He hasn’t stopped talking about her’

One Day

One Day: Every reason why Netflix’s series is way better than the 2011 film

2. Dex is actually likeable

Madame Web memes

19 Madame Web memes so hilarious you don’t need to see the film to laugh at them

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Cow maths puzzle

Buckle up, this viral cow maths puzzle has truly fried everyone’s brains

The maths is not mathing right now

Love Island voting figures

Love Island: All Stars final voting figures revealed in ‘closest ever’ victory

There was just a two per cent difference between two couples

Amber Matthew Love is Blind

What is Matthew up to now after quitting Love is Blind, and are he and Amber together?

The man is an enigma

Billie Eilish moaning about TikTokers apparently

Omg, Billie Eilish got caught moaning about TikTokers being at the People’s Choice Awards

To Kylie Minogue as well x