It’s settled: This is exactly what meal deal each of the England Euro 2024 squad would be

euro 2024 england meal deals

Meet the local team

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The dead on arrival disaster of Katy Perry’s return to music: How did she get it so wrong?

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Influencer Auschwitz outfit

‘Tone deaf’: Influencer called out for posting her outfit inspiration for visiting Auschwitz

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Um, Gypsy Rose Blanchard just shared her whole sex timeline to prove the father of her baby

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Georgia Steel get ready with me for mosque TikTok video

Georgia Steel is being dragged for ‘get ready with me for the mosque’ video in Abu Dhabi

‘This is the little outfit… for the mosque’

George Martin House of the Dragon dragged

George R. R. Martin has dragged Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon for big errors

‘Ignore canon, and the world you’ve created comes apart like tissue paper’

Uma and Wil make first adorable posts and statements since leaving Love Island together

‘I am so full of joy right now’

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