OceanGate Titan sub co-founder is organising a trip to one of the world’s deepest sinkholes

Titan OceanGate sinkhole

Meet the local team

Sweet Delivery, Sweets shop and business owned by Sean from Love Island 2024

Inside Sweet Delivery: The fancy sweets business owned by Sean from Love Island 2024

I’ve bought three bags x

Young Sheldon cast paid episode

The absolutely whopping amount the Young Sheldon cast got paid per episode

Most of them were making six figures!

So, what did Penelope previously say about Colin and Eloise Bridgerton in Lady Whistledown?

No wonder they were so upset when they found out it was her

students election

The Russell Group uni cities where students will have the most power in the Genny Lec

Rishi kinda quaking right now

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All of the Queen Charlotte couples ranked, from physical repulsion to forbidden love

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Drag Race Plane Jane Chappell Roan

Drag Race’s Plane Jane has been dragged for calling Chappell Roan ‘performative as f*ck’

After major backlash, Plane Jane deleted the tweet and released a statement

Bridgerton Colin Penelope

How Penelope and Colin first meet in the Bridgerton books that’s not shown in the series

Penelope was smitten from the moment she first saw Colin

The best student cities to live in across the world right now, according to new rankings

The QS Best Student Cities 2025 Ranking is out