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These are the easiest Oxford subjects to get into, so shoot your shot

If you’re smart enough to play statistics, you’re the exact kind of brain genius Oxford needs

Zara ‘cheating’ on Sam Thompson is set to ‘air on Made In Chelsea’

Apparently there’ll be ’a lot of tears and rows’

NHS coronavirus tests are only available at four of the 24 Russell Group unis right now

A Tab investigation has found just how hard it is to get tested at uni right now if you have symptoms

Your uni could report you to the police if you are seen breaking the rule of six

Universities may have to ‘engage with local police’ if students do not conform

Oh great, now they’re talking about a 9pm curfew for pubs

Sounds like the government is giving the green light to my day drinking

Meet the contestants of this year’s Great British Bake Off

One is an armed guard

Jerry from Cheer is under investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors

He has denied all claims

Local residents in student areas want unis to pay police to shut down parties

The smart thing to do is just invite them