Prince William is the latest posh boy to shave his head

Can’t wait to see him in the smoking area with a Red Stripe

Natural Cycles app blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies in one hospital

It has 700,000 users worldwide

Missguided have just launched a ‘jeans and a nice top’ section!!!

The Fiat 500 girl inside of me is SCREAMING

This new app sends a ‘legal request’ for sexual consent during one night stands

Ah, so this is what 2018 looks like

Take a shot of tequila, because science says it’s good for your health

Umg mate im suu drink, on d-floor witj fit guy lol!!!

M&S are selling sliced cauliflowers for £2 and calling them ‘steaks’

They were originally £2.50

NUS president apologises after NUS send out survey without Judaism in a list of religions

It’s not the first time this has happened

The NUS have proved, yet again, that they don’t really care about Jewish Students

I for one am not shocked at all

Love Island 2018 applications are now open

Can I apply more than once???

A guy documented his experience living with girls for a week and it’s scarily spot on

Every girl will relate to this

The Bumble fat-shamer now claims his phone was hacked by ‘highly intoxicated’ friends

Because that makes it better apparently

Don’t panic but Love Actually is back on Netflix today


Exclusive: Man on Bumble tells girl ‘if you went to the gym, I’d smash your back doors in’

He said he’s a 10/10 while she’s a 6 at a push

Good news! Undergraduate degrees will soon be £5,000 cheaper

Finally some good news on tuition fees

So, you can now buy avocados without a stone

The world is spinning and I don’t know what’s real or fake anymore

A student Tory has said it’s harder to come out as a Tory than as gay


We spoke to the anti-feminist Tinder guy who thinks women enjoy being raped

And shock, he’s single!!!