Derailed: TikTok train star Francis Bourgeois’ real name is… Luke

We’re just as heartbroken as you

Male grads are 40 per cent more likely than women to earn £30k and above

But the gender pay gap doesn’t exist!!!

So it turns out one person owes £190k in student loan debt

This is the largest single student loan debt owed by an individual

North Korean student sentenced to death after smuggling Squid Game into country

He stored the series on a hidden USB

‘I wasn’t supported’: Only one in 20 students would report their assault to their uni

A Tab x Our Streets Now survey reveals whilst sexual assault and spiking are on the rise, most students still don’t trust their institution to handle their claim

PSA: You can now get your 16-25 Railcard for literally half price

Quick, someone tell Francis Bourgeois

Here are the universities doing the least to help students from lower income backgrounds

Only one Russell Group university is ‘outstanding’ at promoting social mobility

Zara McDermott is calling for sex education reform after her own experience of assault

‘Schools need to put victims first’

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