Here’s a video of students doing jazz hands at NUS conference, because clapping is triggering

‘Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping which can cause disturbance and create anxiety’

Shakira Martin, who’s never been to uni, has been elected as the new NUS President

But she is mates with Vince Cable

NUS Exec candidate defends himself after it was revealed he tweeted #heilhitler

He says they were taken out of context

Abolishing the monarchy and other irrelevant motions proposed for the NUS National Conference 2017

Bringing down the status quo, statement by statement

Don’t make the same mistake twice – stop what you’re doing and spend five minutes registering to vote

Fool me once, shame on you

NUS officials call for Ali Milani to withdraw after he tweeted that Jews are stingy

‘Appalling, outrageous, but sadly not all that surprising’

NUS VP candidate apologises for ‘extremely offensive’ antisemitic tweets calling Jews stingy

‘Nah u won’t mate it will cost you a pound #jew’

Freddos are going to cost 10p again, Cadbury have announced

The price drop will be immediate

Exclusive: A student rugby team planned a sleep with ‘a fatty’ competition for their social

‘Fatty’ referred to ‘higher poundage girls’

Glastonbury 2017 line up announced: The XX, Stormzy and Biffy Clyro join headliners

And Barry Gibb is back woo

Revealed: The courses which have to pull the most all nighters to get work done

Whether they have to or not is up to you

That bottle of prosecco you always buy in Tesco is now only a fiver


A university has literally built a 10ft statue of a deceased dog in the Students’ Union


Take The Tab’s Mental Health Survey 2017

It’s one of the biggest problems at university and it’s time to tackle it

Reports from inside Wesminster, on lockdown after gunfire outside

‘We’ve been told to stay away from windows’, says a witness inside Parliament

Revealed: The courses smoking the most weed, because they’ve got nothing better to do

Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday

You can buy two big bottles of Gordon’s gin for £20 in Tesco right now

What are you waiting for