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We spoke to Drag Race UK’s Anubis about her early exit and if there’s a ‘Brighton curse’

Season three’s first eliminated queen talks what we didn’t see and why a shrimp is camp

These 19 Drag Race UK season three memes prove why it should be on all year long

I will be recreating River Medway’s runway walk for the rest of my life

We spoke to all the new queens of Drag Race UK about what we can expect from season three

‘This calibre of queens is unlike anything you’ve seen before’

The Great British Bake Off is boring, and if you think otherwise you’re lying to yourself

Forget the bakes, it’s this slog of a series that’s got the soggiest of bottoms

Every season of American Horror Story, ranked by how high it scores on Rotten Tomatoes

Number one is a shock but FULLY DESERVED

This is where the ‘pink pink pink, girls girls girls’ TikTok sound is actually from

Glitter glitter glitter, TWIRLS TWIRLS TWIRLS

The judges of Drag Race UK tell us what we can expect from season three

‘There are incredible highs and howling lows where RuPaul is not a happy mama!’

QUIZ: How well do you remember season two of Drag Race UK?

Do you still know your bing bang bongs from your ding dang dongs?

This is what the inside of Otis and Jean’s house from Sex Education actually looks like

It’s a rentable holiday home if you want to see it in person

Meet Kitty Scott-Claus: The all-singing, all-dancing queen of Drag Race UK season three

She plays Kimberley Walsh in a drag tribute group to Girls Aloud

Meet Choriza May: Newcastle’s Spanish queen bringing silliness to Drag Race UK season three

‘I’m an immigrant queen, but my drag was born in the UK’

Only an Industry Baby is getting 10/10 on this Lil Nas X lyrics quiz

Call me when you want, call me when you need

Meet River Medway: The British-Singaporean queen on Drag Race UK season three

Her biggest drag inspiration is Hannah Montana

Every The Saturdays single, ranked definitively from worst to best

Forever will never be over as far as I’m concerned

Every cursed James Corden film, ranked by how pure evil they are

Why was this man allowed a career after a film called LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS?

Meet Scarlett Harlett – the working class, East London queen of Drag Race UK season three

‘I’m like Danny Dyer in drag!’

Reintroducing Veronica Green, the Drag Race UK icon back for season three

Covid halted her season two run, but she’s back for round two

Meet Victoria Scone, the Cardiff cabaret queen making Drag Race UK history on season three

She is the first cis-female queen to compete in Drag Race herstory

Meet Charity Kase, the ‘sci-fi nerd’ bringing bold looks to Drag Race UK season three

She’s also the drag daughter of Raja from Drag Race US

Meet the three dating professionals on Married At First Sight UK

Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas did the matchmaking

QUIZ: Which Jessica Lange character from American Horror Story are you really?

‘I’m Fiona Goode – I’m in charge everywhere’

Remembering the cursed X Factor group performances that felt like a fever dream

They haunted the opening of every live show

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars winner you are

Look, we can’t all be Kylie

All the naff chain restaurants you had your birthday meal at as a child, ranked

Still reeling that we willingly paid £15 for a pizza at Frankie and Benny’s

Every song in the dreadful new Cinderella film ranked from least to most cursed

I refuse to believe Janet Jackson authorised this butchering of Rhythm Nation

Attention! Drag Race UK has finally announced season three’s start date

There’s only a couple of weeks to go until it’s back in our lives

Here’s everything Love Island needs to change for 2022 if it wants to stay relevant

Priority number one: Sort out that dreadful reunion

All 27 Sugababes singles ranked definitively from worst to best

They will be playing Freak Like Me at my funeral

Only mother monster herself is getting full marks on this Lady Gaga lyrics quiz

One way plane ticket to Chromatica please

All Stars 6 crowned the perfect winner after a season that always kept us guessing

Reflecting back on an unexpectedly iconic season where it was anyone’s game

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which naff Doctor Who alien you are

Look, we can’t all be a Slitheen

The true story that inspired season 10 of American Horror Story and made it scary again

The real ‘Cape Cod Vampire’ murders are as terrifying as you’d expect

Take this timey wimey quiz and we’ll tell you which Doctor Who companion you are

We can’t all be Donna

No ifs, no buts: These are the 12 guest judges we need for season three of Drag Race UK

Get Charity Shop Sue on that panel right now laydeh

Can we talk about these horrifying Doctor Who episodes that should not have aired at 6pm?

‘Are you my mummy?’ haunts my nightmares to this day

‘Forgive me, I’ve changed’: Everything that’s happened with Drag Race UK’s Charity Kase

The new Drag Race UK season three queen has had racist tweets surface

All 23 Girls Aloud singles, ranked definitively from worst to best

Every one of these bangers is iconic and should be in a museum

It’s time: Here are the winners of the Love Island 2021 yearbook awards

Of course Millie is getting best dressed I’m not blind

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what season of American Horror Story you’d die in

If I don’t get to die a witchy Coven death then what’s the point of anything

Meet the latest announced celeb guest judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season three

Nicola Coughlan, Russell Tovey and Lulu are the latest announced judges

The definitive ranking of every 2021 Love Islander, from least to most iconic

37 Islanders, eight long weeks – who will emerge as the ultimate icon of the season?

All Stars 6’s ‘Game Within A Game’ was a hoot, it just came far too late in the season

But in this house though we now stan Silky Nutmeg Ganache

What the hell is that ‘berries and cream’ sound all over TikTok right now, and where’s it from?


10 Little Mix songs that show why they’ve been the biggest girl band in the world for a decade

10 years of Little Mix, and they’ve never once stopped thriving

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Islander you’d get stuck talking to at a party

Would honestly rather never go out again than get stuck talking to Hugo

Right, where the hell is that ‘feel my vegan, vegan’ sound all over TikTok actually from?

We can’t say the other words in it here, but you know damn well what they are

Hold on to your wigs and meet the 12 new queens of Drag Race UK season three

I’m ready to clap for the bing bang bong all over again

Here’s everything we know about American Horror Story: Double Feature before its premiere

The trailer has just come out and it looks TERRIFYING

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what Sarah Paulson American Horror Story character you are

We can’t all be Lana Winters, but we can dream

You need to watch the completely bizarre new Netflix horror show Brand New Cherry Flavor

The whole series dropped on Friday 13th and is full of revenge, witchcraft and… kittens

You’ll only feel good as hell if you get 12/12 on this Lizzo lyrics quiz

Only super fans welcome – truth hurts, guys x

All Stars 6 needs to crown Kylie Sonique Love as the first ever transgender Drag Race winner

A trans winner is overdue, and there’s no queen more deserving

The definitive ranking of all 11 Princess Fiona looks from across the Shrek films

Green is the new black, baby!

Order a Nando’s and we’ll tell you what 2021 Love Islander you are

If you get Priya just throw your order in the bin

These are the 16 RuPaul’s Drag Race queens that would be the most fun on a night out

Bimini would stay out until 7am with me I just know it

The definitive ranking of every Billie Eilish song, from worst to best

From Don’t Smile At Me all the way to Happier Than Ever

Lady Gaga in House of Gucci is the best new TikTok sound, and these are the funniest ones

‘I don’t consider myself to be a particularly ethical person… but I am fair’

RIP X Factor, these 13 iconic live shows performances will live on forever

I felt Wagner slapping the bongos deep in my soul

Casa Amor is a waste of the Islanders’ time and emotions, and Love Island needs to scrap it

It’s not the twist it used to be, and the formula needs a serious shake up

QUIZ: Which iconic Black Widow sister are you, Natasha or Yelena?

We can’t all be Yelena

The worst entrance looks from every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Yes of course Ginger Minj’s All Stars 6 entrance look is here

An ode to Toby: The chaotic villain of Love Island 2021 we all needed

This man is unhinged and I love every second of it

Here’s everything we know about House Of Gucci, the new Lady Gaga film

‘Father, son and House Of Gucci’

All Stars 6 power ranking: Which iconic queen is going to take home the crown?

We’re down to the top six and it’s anyone’s game

Okay so why the hell is TikTok actually called TikTok?!

Very sad that it has nothing to do with the Kesha song

Here are nine wholesome men who would have been better on Love Island than the lads we got

Merlin from First Dates would never cheat on me in Casa Amor 💔

This is where the ‘that wasn’t real’ ‘it was real to me’ TikTok sound is originally from

Yes that is our Lord and saviour Florence Pugh doing a Russian accent

QUIZ: Who said it, Taylor Swift or William Shakespeare?

Romeo taketh me somewh’re we can be high lone!

Blood Red Sky is the chaotic Netflix film about a hijacked plane and… vampires

Yes you did read that plot correctly

Chloe fuming about Toby on Love Island is going viral on TikTok and the videos are hilarious

I’m not gonna let someone take me for a prick NO WAY 😡

The new beach horror film Old is atrocious and no amount of memes can save it

Enduring this film made me feel older than any spooky beach ever could

Where is that ‘the killer is escaping’ sound that’s all over TikTok from originally?


The best entrance look from every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Explained: The ‘chopping dance’ trend on TikTok and where the song is from

I can’t stop banging my hands together and it’s a problem x

16 lip sync for your life songs we absolutely need on Drag Race UK season three

If there’s no Girls Aloud I won’t be responsible for my actions

This week’s episode of All Stars 6 proves Drag Race needs to abandon acting challenges

Hire new script writers or leave us alone

What the hell is that gibberish Laboratory song all over TikTok and where is it from?

Yaba dababada when da BEAT DROP!

An ode to Faye Winter: The Love Island villa’s resident gay icon and hun in the making

I need to make friends with her in a gay club smoking area NOW

If you aren’t following Bimini Bon Boulash, why do you even have Instagram?!

I become more Bimini Bon Besotted with every single post

Only the Chosen One is getting full marks on this impossible Buffy The Vampire Slayer quiz

If you aren’t a potential slayer, honestly, don’t bother

Love Island: Why has an iced coffee become every Islander’s romantic gesture of choice?!

Curtis Pritchard, I blame you

Where is that ‘Vanessa!’ song from on TikTok and how do I get the blue and red filter!?


Explained: Why Britney Spears is calling out her sister Jamie Lynn on social media

‘I don’t like that my sister showed up at an Awards Show and performed my songs’

Bella Fitz and Max Balegde from TikTok have fallen out and this is what’s happened

The huge public argument has started over names for their merchandise

RuPaul: Queer people’s trauma is not your Drag Race reality TV storyline

All Stars 6’s discussion table challenge was Drag Race’s most exploitative yet

Right so Michael Ball made a cursed Hairspray TikTok and it is haunting my nightmares


Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how likely you are to win RuPaul’s Drag Race

Are you the next Lawrence Chaney or the next Victoria Porkchop Parker?

People on TikTok are naming and rating their mum’s shoes and it’s as iconic as you’d expect

The ‘Majorca 2013s’ and the ‘Bethlehem stompers’ are my personal favourites

Everything we know about American Horror Stories, the new American Horror Story spin-off

It’s another anthology series and some eps have been directed by Sarah Paulson!!!

An accurate prediction of what the Love Island 2021 cast would have as their Tinder bio

I’m swiping right on Liam no matter what he has on his tbh

This is everywhere you recognise the cast of Netflix horror Fear Street: 1978 from

Yes that is Max from Stranger Things being an icon once again

What is the ‘white woman’s Instagram’ song that is all over TikTok right now?

I literally can’t stop singing ‘latte foam art!!!’

All the 2021 Love Islanders’ first Instagram post compared to their most recent

Kaz has just always been a 10 tbh

Drag Race: The only bad thing about All Stars 6 is that a queen has to go home

Forget the rules and just crown them all

Drag Race: Who would win an all-winners edition of Snatch Game?

Literally the OLYMPICS of celebrity impersonation

QUIZ: Can you match these bedroom designs to the Drag Race queen who inspired them?

Honestly if I lived in any of these rooms lockdown might actually have been bearable

The Love Island 2021 cast, ranked by how long they’d survive in a horror film

Brad would betray everyone to save himself I KNOW IT

I picked my Euro 2020 England squad exclusively using Drag Race UK queens

It’s coming home, via Bimini Bon Boulash

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix horror Fear Street Part One: 1994 from

Yep, Heather was in Stranger Things