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  • Harrison published a book in 2022, Would You Rather: The Very Adult Edition. It's the best and silliest thing he's ever done.
  • Harrison's passion for pop music has seen him judge on the panel for the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize consecutively for the last six years.
  • Harrison describes himself as a 'Sarah Michelle Gellar enthusiast', and in 2023 got to meet his lifelong idol in person. He's never recovered.


Harrison Brocklehurst joined The Tab in 2021, currently working as the Senior Pop Culture Writer. He's also written for VICE UK, MixMag, The Face, Big Issue and Polyester Magazine. Harrison's first book released in 2022.


Harrison graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA Honours in Drama. After he graduated, Harrison started working freelance as a pop culture writer before joining The Tab.


The Tab's journalism is brought to you by young reporters who like being first. On university campuses, our writers deliver local news you care about. At The Tab HQ, our experienced journalists write about everything from breaking news to politics to pop culture to TikTok trends to the latest entertainment and celeb gossip. Our aim is to deliver sharp, original, and agenda-setting journalism to young people. All our stories are fact checked and sources verified. Further information on our editorial policies and processes can be found here.


The 12 greatest runway looks of Drag Race UK series five

Michael Marouli’s black heart look is my Roman Empire

Um, Squid Game: The Challenge players didn’t fall through the bridge, it was stunt doubles?

The TV trickery is beyond belief

A gruelling rundown of the most evil players on Squid Game: The Challenge

I will never forgive Ashley for what she did on that bridge

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Biting my nails like a nervous madman watching these

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If I get a lame Sound Town, do not speak to me

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To the surprise of literally no one, we love Taylor Swift

Mark’s said MAFS UK left him ‘unemployed and single’ and Channel 4 has clapped back

‘We stress to all cast that the series should not be seen as a vehicle to gain fame’

From besties to boyfriends: The Big Brother Jordan and Henry ‘Jenry’ timeline in full

It’s been a journey

Jenry have responded to Danny Beard calling them in Big Brother hot tub ‘Tory soup’

Jordan and Henry clapped back in an interview

No ifs, no buts: Every season of MAFS UK ranked from worst to best

The way each season has somehow got more chaos needs to be studied

Every Girls Aloud single ranked, in honour of their 21st anniversary reunion tour

My girls are back… I’m sobbing

The nostalgic 00s soundtrack of Saltburn, definitively ranked from worst to best

Any film featuring The Cheeky Girls deserves an Academy Award

JJ’s confirmed he and Ella slept together at MAFS homestays, despite previously denying

‘I feel the need to put the record straight’

All the Oxford on campus filming locations where Emerald Fennell shot Saltburn

Students literally loaned their actual dorm rooms to the production team

Saltburn: A messy, posho melodrama that for better or worse makes you feel 14 again

Emerald Fennell’s hedonistic second film is sometimes thrilling, often cringe

The Big Brother finalists went wild at ITV Palooza last night and the pics are a vibe

They are truly living their best life

LadBaby’s reign of Xmas number one terror is over! Why today is a euphoric day for music

Their five year run of songs were for charity, but there’s no one it served more than themselves

The first teaser notification has pinged! Here’s when Spotify Wrapped 2023 is landing

Can’t wait to once again be told I streamed nothing but Taylor Swift

Ascot and Ainsley Harriott: Inside Big Brother Henry’s boujee food critic life

Baby we don’t stop and and we don’t quit!

The only thing not boring about the I’m A Celeb launch are these 25 memes roasting it

Everyone referring to Jamie-Lynn Spears as ‘Britney’s sister’ against her wishes is pleasing to me

Inside the wild Big Brother wrap party that looked like the greatest night out of all time

Of course Jordan is on the shots

Kate Butch on conspiracy theory Drag Race UK wanted rid of her before the comedy roast

‘You have to take what you do seriously, but don’t be serious about it’

Here’s what Diana’s chauffeur Henri Paul from The Crown was like in real life

He was behind the wheel for the night he, Diana and Dodi lost their lives

The final, definitive ranking of all the Big Brother 2023 housemates from worst to best

The rollercoaster of Olivia opinions has been wild

From day one to the reunion special: Here’s the full MAFS UK 2023 filming timeline

Cannot imagine pretending to still be married to someone for that long

It’s time: The definitive final ranking of the entire MAFS UK 2023 cast

The hate turning to love journey we had with Georges is for the history books

All of the infamously devastating Taylor Swift track fives, ranked from worst to best

Get the tissues out it’s time to cry

Laura and Nathanial from MAFS have fallen out and she’s opened up on what went down

‘We aren’t friends and that’s fine’

A rundown of every statement the MAFS UK cast have made following the final vows

Not Georges saying it’s been ‘unbaguettable’

Ranking the I’m A Celeb 2023 cast by how pure evil they really are

No Dingo Dollar Challenge prize for guessing the top two

The only thing more chaotic than this season of MAFS UK are these final week memes

Someone called Peggy the job centre because she won’t shut up about Georges’ job

A petty little ranking of every Taylor Swift boyfriend

Somehow Matty Healy isn’t actually the worst

MAFS UK and Big Brother prove it: Why can’t reality shows make a good final week of TV?

Both of these should be reaching their peak of drama, but I’ve never been more bored

Thomas from MAFS UK had to be treated by a medic because he was so heartbroken

‘I ruined Paul’s shirt with my tears – I felt like someone had died’

Every From The Vault song by Taylor Swift, definitively ranked from worst to best

No prizes for guessing what number one is

SNL is the least funny show on TV and the disastrous sketches from this weekend prove it

Joking about Britney Spears’ ordeal and Hamas should be the final nail in the chuckle-free coffin

Suella Braverman has been sacked as home secretary by Rishi Sunak

The decision comes after she wrote a controversial article for The Times last week

‘I deserved to go when I did’: Vicky Vivacious on her Drag Race UK elimination

‘There’s a saying a dog instantly knows when its time’s up, that’s kind of how I felt’

Ranking the 2023 MAFS UK cast by who is undoubtedly the most pure evil

Peggy gets worse every episode I fear

Year after year, the worst thing about MAFS UK is the nightmarish friends of the cast

Laura, I’ll be your mate instead

The absolute best episode from every season of Friends

Need a marathon watching all 10 of these back to back

Meet Peregrine Pearson: The British millionaire aristocrat Sophie Turner was seen kissing

His ex girlfriend is King Charles III’s goddaughter

They’re all full of classics, but here is the best song on every Taylor Swift album

Resisting the urge to choose All Too Well twice

All 10 seasons of Friends, definitively ranked from worst to best

But let’s face it, there was never a bad season

Swifties, proceed with caution: Here’s the worst song on every Taylor Swift album

I never want to hear Stay Stay Stay again in my life

Sophie Turner’s moved on with a millionaire after Joe Jonas divorce and honestly? Slay

They were seen kissing in Paris? Girl, the bedbugs!

Luke says MAFS producers ‘set up’ the fight with Jordan and Channel 4 has responded

He claims production were ‘in his ear’ telling him to go to Jordan’s apartment

‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’: The ultimate horror trivia quiz to take this Halloween

Unless you’re too scared, of course x

Ranking the MAFS UK 2023 cast by who has the most followers on Instagram

How the hell is Brad in the top five?

A nosy peek inside the Instagrams of the Big Brother 2023 cast

Of course Hallie’s is the biggest slay

Since chaos has changed everything, here’s a brand new Big Brother housemate ranking

Still hasn’t sunk in Hallie’s been evicted

The best Chandler episodes of Friends where Matthew Perry truly shined

Sharks, a proposal and Miss Chanandler Bong

‘I hate gay Halloween parties’: The best and most niche meme costumes of 2023

Explaining these costumes to a Victorian orphan would put them in a coma

Banksie on exiting Drag Race UK, trans acceptance and their future in fashion

‘For Snatch Game I was going to do the artist Banksy fused with Lorraine Kelly’

All the new Vault songs on Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version), ranked from worst to best

Um, why do they all sound like they should be on Midnights?

Peggy had to quit her day job after MAFS UK because the stress was making her ill

She said she had to quit for ‘the good of her health’

So you’re a horror fan? Let’s see if you’ve watched the 40 essential films in this checklist

You loved our first 60 essential movies, so here’s 40 more

In defence of Erica and Jordan: The MAFS couple under fire who’ve done nothing wrong

The entire cast are gunning for them and I simply don’t understand it

MAFS’ Ella speaks out after partner JJ gets homophobic slurs for dating a trans woman

‘The fact he was not ashamed and proud to be with me shows how incredible he is’

A harrowing roundup of the most evil characters from Mike Flanagan’s Netflix shows

Bev from Midnight Mass keeps me up at night

Davide from Love Island is now the best TikTokker on the FYP and these videos prove it

Watching Davide play silly little games is my Roman Empire

The most terrifying jump scares in film history, according to actual science

2000 movie buffs were tested, and these are the results

No ifs, no buts: The definitive ranking of all the main characters in Friends

Don’t trust anyone who puts Ross last

Justice for MAFS UK’s Georges: Being silly on Twitch and talking about sex is normal

God forbid a man’s partial to a squat from time to time

Paul C Brunson has spoken out about the trolling of the MAFS UK cast on Instagram

‘It’s natural to have opinions, but the line is crossed’

Right, what the hell is this Disney 100 card game all over TikTok rn?

Everyone’s desperate for the Mirabel card

Um, The Fall of the House of Usher’s Camille is based on Mirage from The Incredibles?

I can’t unsee it now

The MAFS UK cast went out for Arthur’s birthday this weekend and the pics are a vibe

Why is JJ wearing a vest may I ask?

One year on: The definitive ranking of every song on Midnights by Taylor Swift

I’ve literally listened to this album at LEAST once a week since it came out

Every Mike Flanagan Netflix show, definitively ranked from worst to best

The horror series king of Halloween

Ranked: Who came out looking worst after the most explosive MAFS UK dinner party ever

Bianca deserves a Pride of Britain award for how she handled all that

Ella shared a statement and is quitting social media after last night’s MAFS dinner party

‘In hindsight, I regret a lot… it’s hard reading the constant abuse I’ve received recently’

Nearly two weeks in, here’s all the Big Brother housemates ranked from worst to Yinrun

I need Chanelle and Jordan to fall in love

These are officially the scariest films of all time, according to actual science

Scientists tested 250 people with heart rate monitors and the spooky results are IN

‘I didn’t want us to separate’: MAFS UK’s Matt has opened up about sad split from Daniel

‘It’s taken me a long time to move forward and get over it’

A release day ranking of every song on Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other

I can’t get over Troye in drag for One Of Your Girls

Erica’s opened up on why Tasha and Ella ‘attacked’ her in last night’s MAFS UK

‘It was an attack, and I didn’t understand where it was coming from’

Omg, there’s a wild Gerald’s Game easter egg hidden in The Fall of the House of Usher

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix ‘Flanaverse’ just gets deeper and deeper

Inside the harrowing story Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher is based on

Mike Flanagan always gets his spooky shows CORRECT

A full rundown of all the day jobs of the Big Brother housemates

Everything they get up to when they aren’t pretending to work in an office for a task

Ranking the MAFS UK cast by who came out looking worse at THAT chaotic dinner party

Still feeling unsure about why they randomly flipped to arguing in French

Brad from MAFS UK confirms he attended Russell Brand’s Community festival

Not the greatest of looks

Rows, racism and removals: Inside Big Brother’s biggest ever controversies

I cannot believe the Roxanne Pallett saga actually happened

Nathanial from MAFS UK seen with cig and vape despite kicking off over Ella smoking

Nathanial previously said his one request for his MAFS partner was a non-smoker

A full rundown of all the ages of the Big Brother housemates for 2023

How the hell is Hallie only 18?

Meet Will Best: The vibey presenter hosting Big Brother with AJ Odudu

His first presenting gig was with Kimberley from Girls Aloud

If you think Big Brother has ‘gone woke’, you clearly never watched it in the first place

Don’t let pointless culture wars make you think this show has been anything other than diverse

A brutally honest day one ranking of all 16 new housemates in Big Brother 2023

NEED to go for a wine with Kerry

24 memes about the Big Brother launch that prove the best show on TV is back, baby!

Not Jenkin enduring World War III within the first hour

‘People doubting me was painful’: Alexis Saint-Pete on her untimely Drag Race UK exit

‘Even though I was saying I was fine in the second episode, it still got to me’

RIP to the Big Brother smoking area: ITV has scrapped the best bit of the house

A cig-filled ode to the house’s most iconic area

Ella from MAFS UK has revealed her hidden code from the commitment ceremony

‘I have a message and a meaning behind every outfit I wear’

So how posh is Posh? Inside what Victoria Beckham’s childhood was actually like

At least we’ve now cleared up her dad drove a Rolls Royce to school

We need answers! How and when do we watch Love Island Games in the UK?

I need Curtis being cringe on my screen once more

All 19 winners of Big Brother, definitively ranked from worst to best

Josie Gibson slayed her season before she went on to This Morning

From Roy Keane to Anna Wintour: All the wild celeb cameos in Netflix’s Beckham doc

Of course Mel C pops up

All the Love Island winners, ranked by how long they lasted until they split

Jess and Sammy only managed two months before breaking up

Brad’s behaviour on MAFS UK last night was bad vibes and these reactions prove it

If someone I was married to told me I’d ‘passed the test’ I’d be divorcing

It’s over! Jess and Sammy have SPLIT just two months after winning Love Island 2023

‘Things have changed since leaving the villa’

‘RuPaul will never be in a room with me again’: Willam just fully dragged Ru on a podcast

‘She needs to be reminded she’s a drag queen like everyone else’

Erm, Lucinda is confirmed to be going on Love Island Australia this year!?

Yep, this is realllyyyyyyyyyyy happening

We got a relationship expert to rank the MAFS UK couples by compatibility and it’s savage

‘They are very different people who don’t seem to connect on an emotional level’

Forget the Roman Empire: Here’s what thinking about these time periods says about your vibe

If you dwell on Ancient Greece, call me

Thomas has revealed he nearly quit MAFS UK because of ‘manipulative castmates’

He also said a lot of the cast ‘can’t be trusted’

Ranking the couples of MAFS UK 2023 by compatibility, according to their star sign

Of course Ella and Nathanial are least compatible

MAFS UK gossip column: Porscha’s ‘plan’, and the groom Ella cheats on Nathanial with!?

Week two and the chaotic gossip is everywhere

MAFS UK week two: Thomas Hartley’s brutal verdict after the first commitment ceremony

‘Porscha deserves an Academy Award – there’s nothing genuine there’

Love Island’s Zach has finally addressed all the rumours that him and Molly have split

‘She does my nut in’

Drag Race UK 5’s northern queens on what it means to represent ‘up north’ on TV

‘I’m the fashionable northern chip shop woman’

A 2023 Love Island couple apparently on the rocks!? And another beefs with ex’s dad!?

The show’s over for the year but the drama never rests

Channel 4 has clapped back against Nathanial’s claims MAFS UK ‘manipulated’ him

‘He entered the process with more information than we’d normally disclose, and did so with full consent’

Love Island’s Mitch has been dropped by his management amid ‘homophobic’ allegations

He’s also pulled out of his appearance tonight at Bournemouth’s Halo nightclub

Zachariah has made a statement on allegations he and Mitch were ‘homophobic’ at event

‘I’m embarrassed to have to address it and never imagined I’d be writing this’

Mitch apologises after allegations he and Zach were ‘homophobic’ and kicked out of event

‘I didn’t throw any money at a homeless person – it was a kind gesture that’s been twisted into an evil act’

Erm, this is not a drill! Meet the EIGHT ‘intruder singles’ heading into MAFS UK 2023

The Jack Grealish lookalike will cause carnage of the highest order

The Kevin James meme explained: Where did this hands in pockets viral chaos come from?

I can’t escape his sheepish little face

MAFS UK’s Adrian and Thomas are having major beef on Instagram over Nathanial saga

Adrian’s blocked Thomas and Thomas’ mum kicked off with Adrian

If you want your brain to ache, this viral store theft puzzle has got everyone stressed out

I need to go and have a lie down

A release day ranking of every song on Tension – Kylie Minogue’s new album

Can anything live up to the dizzy heights of Padam Padam?

MAFS UK week one: Thomas Hartley gives us his brutal verdict on the 2023 couples

‘There are a lot of parallels between Ella and Nathanial and me and Adrian’

The eye-watering prices for Olivia Rodrigo tour tickets prove live music needs to change

£100 to see a singer with two albums? It can’t go on

Two weeks on: Everything Sophie Turner has been up to since divorcing Joe Jonas

From gaining 150,000 Instagram followers to spaghetti with Taylor Swift

Reviews for Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story say she’s ‘the only reason to watch’

Her performance is a ‘campy delight’ and she’s the best thing about the whole season!

Angelica Ross accuses Emma Roberts of misgendering her on the American Horror Story set

Angelica Ross says she never reported it because when one person did, they got ‘repurcussions’ for doing so

Brett from Love Island is dragging Paige after she signs on to be new Shein ambassador

‘Working for Shein is an awful career move, and I’d look at Paige’s management for giving her terrible advice’

Instagram added Broadcast Channels, so here’s what the annoying new feature actually does

If one more person adds me to theirs I’m going to smash my phone

Wait – is a Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift collab actually coming? A very serious investigation

The two are teasing it and the Swifties and Barbz are going feral

Taylor Swift is causing chaos with her Google Vault puzzles, so here’s how to solve them

Feel like I’m completing a Tomb Raider level just to get the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) tracklist

A full rundown of all the ages of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

They’re officially the youngest and coolest cast the show’s ever had

A nosy peek inside all the vibey Instagrams of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

Following them all so I can spend hours guessing who’s actually still together

From Era 1 to Problématique: Every Kim Petras album, ranked from worst to best

After insane demand from fans, Kim’s scrapped debut album Problématique is finally out

Ranking all the 2023 MAFS UK cast based on nothing but the vibes of their promo pics

The pose where the lads are rubbing their hands together is pure evil

Katy Perry said Russell Brand had ‘very controlling’ attitude in old interview about their split

The two were married between 2010 before divorcing in 2012

A Dannii Minogue interview has resurfaced where she called Russell Brand out in 2006

‘He’s a bit of a vile predator – he wouldn’t take no for an answer’

Everything we know about BBC’s Boiling Point, the four-part TV sequel to the film

I am so ready for the TV event of the year

One year on from Queuegate, here’s a full timeline of the downfall of Holly and Phil

It all plummeted after allegations they skipped the queue for the Queen’s coffin

A’Whora says Chrishell ‘couldn’t look at her’ because she was reminded of Christine Quinn

The Drag Race X Selling Sunset crossover we never knew we needed

A look at the wild transformations of the Buffy cast, 26 years after they first slayed

Ageless queen Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be mother

From Pink to Selena Gomez: This was the week pop stars lost their sense of humour

As the girlies moan about memes, might I suggest we all just lighten up a bit?

Um, Drag Race UK’s Veronica Green and Danny Beard are randomly beefing on Instagram

Jonbers Blonde and Bailey J Mills have also piped up backing Danny

From Shakira to Doja Cat: Ranking the best performances from the VMAs 2023

Doja Cat doing a medley of three of the best songs of the year? We’re not worthy

Debunking whether the next season of Fortnite is actually going to be one month long

Epic Games might not have moved to four season chapters after all

The Sims 4 Hustle and Bustle is being teased, but what’s actually coming to the game?

Streets saying it could be a real estate expansion pack? Take my money

Ranking all of Kim Kardashian’s lines in the AHS trailer by how much they deserve an Oscar

Not everyone saying it sounds like dialogue from her Hollywood mobile game

Inside the stupidly lavish house Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis did their apology video in

Not them saying it was inspired by Soho Farmhouse

Engines? Revved! The start date for Drag Race UK season five has been announced

Danny Beard’s also back hosting The After Shave, where they interview the eliminated queen!

‘Middle aged Love Island’ is here! But why does My Mum, Your Dad have to be so boring?

This show treats the sexy parents like pensioners and they deserve better

Ella says when dating before MAFS UK she was fetishised by men for being trans

‘A lot of guys see us as a fetish – I never believed I would get married’

Here they come! Meet the 10 queens in the cast of Drag Race UK season five

One queen has toured with Little Mix AND Dannii Minogue!

The richest RuPaul’s Drag Race judges, ranked by their massive net worths

Please spare a crumb of coin for me Mama Ru

How to do the viral voice test that tells you if you’re a chad or a voicecel

I have been utterly humbled by my results

Introducing Ella: The first trans bride on Married at First Sight UK

She lives with her nan and I love that for her

A release day ranking of every song on Olivia Rodrigo’s new album GUTS

Vampire is a strong contender for best song of the year

The most life ruining lyrics on every song on GUTS, Olivia Rodrigo’s new album

‘I pour my little heart out but as I’m hitting “send”, I picture all the faces of my disappointed friends’

How Swifties are making Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce all about Taylor Swift

Nobody is safe from their clutches

Every Kylie Minogue album’s second single, ranked from worst to best

You best believe I am well and truly breaking the Tension

Sophie and Joe’s divorce apparently came after Joe saw something on Ring camera

Why does the divorce plot keep thickening? I need answers

Get the bouquet! The start date for Married at First Sight UK has finally been confirmed

And it’s officially the longest season ever – six episodes more than last year

Loved by students, loved by your nan: How Kylie Minogue remained endlessly cool

Across five decades of pop music, our love for Kylie never goes anywhere

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just released the first statement about their divorce

‘There are many speculative narratives as to why, but truly this is a united decision’

A definitive ranking of the best (and worst) dressed Love Islanders at the NTAs

Tasha Ghouri the woman that you are

A year on from the chaos, here’s what the legendary 2022 cast of MAFS UK are up to now

Of course they’ve all gone on a Virgin Voyages influencer cruise

Every Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass skin, ranked from worst to best

This is a Piper Pace hate account

Thomas Hartley tells us his brutally honest verdicts on the new MAFS UK cast

‘She’s giving off the energy that I wouldn’t be friends with her – the dress looks like it’s from Shein’

To the Harry Potter fans at King’s Cross station: Can I suggest you get a life?

Stop waving around fake wands, guys – Hogwarts isn’t real

Love Island’s Kai and Sanam respond to racist comment calling them ‘curry munchers’

The winners have clapped back after getting the abuse on Kai’s TikTok

Another major blow! Phillip Schofield has been ‘quietly axed’ from The Cube

In the immortal words of Ian Beale: He’s got nothing left

Right, will we be able to watch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film in UK cinemas?

There’s just been a huge announcement that changes EVERYTHING

It’s confirmed! Holly’s This Morning return date and co-host announced after Phillip saga

Now Schofield’s gone it will never be the same again

A look at the wild transformations of the Gavin and Stacey cast 16 years on

I can’t get over how different Dawn looks

Meet Sachin: The determined Barb who made Nicki Minaj get her music done

Sachin and Nicki have been hanging out irl and his TikTok bio says he’s her P.A…

Erm, why do Doja Cat and a German metal band’s new albums have nearly the same cover?

Doja Cat has now deleted the album announcement post on Instagram since the internet clocked on

Well, it’s over! Ella B and Mitch announce split a month after Love Island ended

‘I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter’

Only a diehard Friends fan can name these famous one episode characters

Jennifer Coolidge should have been in it for five seasons

Right, what the hell is going on with every British celeb doing a Royal Match game advert?

Do we need to save AJ Odudu, Olly Murs and Rylan from a basement somewhere?

An ode to Ekin-Su and Davide: The turbulent Love Island icons who still have me obsessed

Their breakup ruined me, them getting back together healed me – but why am I this invested?

Phones handed in and Holly questioned: The ITV Phillip Schofield inquiry explained so far

‘They look at every single text, email and WhatsApp you’ve ever sent’

Vampires and Ahsoka: Everything new in Fortnite as Chapter 4 Season 4 launches

Um, there’s a ripped Fishstick skin called Fish Thicc

Every Severance character ranked by how pure evil they really are

I live in fear of being dragged to the break room by Milchick

Ranking the big celebs in the Fortnite Icon series by how wild it is they’re in the game

Khaby Lame, the most followed creator on TikTok, is allegedly in the next Battle Pass

Let’s face it: Sometimes music sounds better when the artist is a bit of a villain

Doja Cat tweeting that she hates her fans is somehow making her excellent new singles slap even harder

From Fearless to 1989: Every Taylor’s Version rerecording by Taylor Swift, ranked

The Vault tracks on Red changed the trajectory of my life

Um, Courtney Act says RuPaul once emailed asking her to be lead singer in Ru’s band

RuPaul’s had Courtney Act blocked on social media since 2015

Shock! Love Island USA proves queer Islanders aren’t ‘logistically difficult’ after all

Kassy and Johnnie are putting bi people where they belong – in the villa and on mainstream TV

From The Fame to Chromatica: Every Lady Gaga album ranked from worst to best

It’s been 15 years since Gaga released her debut record and changed pop music forever

Max Balegde and Elphaba are beefing on TikTok and the drama is so messy

‘Your behaviour towards me, acting two faced on a podcast, is horrific’

An ode to Hijack: The unabashedly ridiculous, most bingeable show of 2023

Apple TV’s seven hour hijacked flight from Dubai to London is my new silly obsession

‘I wish her the best always’: Sam Asghari releases first statement on divorcing Britney

He also denies accusations he’s attempting to ‘exploit’ Britney

Ranking all the songs on the Addison Rae EP by how hard they win the IDGAF awards

The high camp performance art of these hollow pop bangers must be studied

Justice for Kai and Sanam! The Love Island winners dealt the sh*t end of the stick

My wholesome king and queen deserve more

As divorce looms, here’s a full timeline of Britney and Sam Asghari’s relationship

They met on the set of one of Britney’s music videos

From Ne-Yo to Joel Corry: Ranking all the Love Island music guests from worst to best

Rita Ora is to me what Craig David is to Anton

The definitive ranking of every Taylor Swift album cover

The Folklore forest is my safe space

Meet Versatile: The chaotic Irish rap duo who’ve gone viral on TikTok with Blue Razz

Blasting out Pon De Replay and touring with Snoop Dogg

Here’s why your entire timeline has gone feral over Addison Rae releasing her lost album


A concise rundown of all the Starfield lore you need to know before the game releases

The most fun history homework ever

‘Ashley look at me!’ Where the TikTok audio you can’t escape is actually from

The vibes between the origin and the TikToks could not be more different

Inside the wild theory that 1989 is about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles doing a hit and run

‘Remember when you hit the brakes too soon?’

Ranking Joel Corry bangers by how much I reckon Coco Lodge enjoys listening to them

Their first dance will be to Head & Heart

Everything Steve Miller’s been up to since he called everyone obese on Fat Families

Shock: He’s still at it!

A full timeline of events surrounding the tragic, mysterious ‘mushroom murders’ case

Erin Patterson denies wrongdoing after she served a meal that killed three family members and put one in hospital

Ranking every song on 1989 by Taylor Swift, in honour of the Taylor’s Version announcement

This album changed the trajectory of my life

All the hints, leaks and clues we know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 so far


A rundown of all the films that have made a billion dollars post Covid

Barbie’s the latest to join the club

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Jennifer Lawrence character matches your vibe

She mothered so hard as Mother

A rundown of all 33 films that inspired Barbie, according to Greta Gerwig

The ultimate watchlist sorted

It’s Instagram official! Love Island’s Coco Lodge confirms relationship with Joel Corry

We need her vocals featured on his next banger

Even a Heartstopper superfan will have missed all these wild season two easter eggs

Obsessed with the blazer one

I can’t enjoy Heartstopper without feeling sad about those of us it’s come too late for

A generation of LGBTQ people would live differently if we watched it as teenagers

10 seasons in, why is Love Island utterly incapable of giving us a good reunion episode?

Just give us an hour of Scott and Catherine

18 memes about the Love Island reunion that prove we only care about Scott and Catherine

They were still up flirting at 5am…

Max Balegde’s podcast is getting called out for ‘ableist’ discussion about the Paralympics

‘How many fingers would I have to cut off to become a Paralympian?’

Here’s how old the cast of Heartstopper season two are compared to their characters

How am I meant to believe Kit Connor is 16?

From Just For Me to Angel, here’s every PinkPantheress banger ranked

The boy’s a liarrrr

Every city in Skyrim, ranked by how much I’d actually want to live there

Oh to sip on an iced vanilla latte in Whiterun

You’ve got maximum Kenergy if you score 10/10 on this I’m Just Ken lyrics quiz

Song of the millennium

A definitive roundup of the 13 most iconic moments of Love Island 2023

‘There’s never gonna be a battle… I would never go head to head with a girl for a man’

A logical guide to all the 2023 Love Islanders as Taylor Swift albums

Taylor needs to add Bad B*tch as a bonus track on Reputation

Happy August by Taylor Swift day! Celebrate with these 19 memes marking the occasion

‘Salt air’ could raise me from the dead

23 memes about the Love Island 2023 final that prove the season ended in chaos

I need to take compassionate leave to mourn Whitney not winning

Enough’s enough: After a decade of mediocrity, it’s time for The Sims 4 to call it a day

To buy the game in full now costs you over £1000

Closed douche stations and traumatic food: Inside Whole, the chaotic ‘gay Fyre Festival’

‘Someone did their main sh*t of the day in the shower’

The time has come! A definitive ranking of every 2023 Love Islander from worst to best

Scott is MY national treasure

A brief history of the most harrowing discontinued Barbies ever made

Yep, boob growing Barbie from the film is real

The ultimate ranking of every iconic character in the Barbie movie

Allan is the people’s princess

The definitive ranking of every All Stars season of Drag Race

I can already hear screams of ‘Shangela was robbed’

Everything The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack completely flopped on

Even horse girlies are bored

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Ken from the Barbie film shares your Kenergy

Never forget that you are Kenough

Ranking the Love Islanders by who came out looking worse at the Grafties

A woeful night for Mitchel

23 savage memes about the Grafties that prove it’s the best Love Island addition in years

Scott VS Mitch was for the history books

Ranking the 2023 Islanders’ talent show performances by how toe-curlingly cringe they were

Scott should send a handwritten apology to Emeli Sande

There’s a wild Bratz easter egg in the Barbie movie and I’m shook to my plastic core

Greta Gerwig’s insane for this

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Barbie from the film matches your overall vibe

Peak if you get Midge

A full rundown of the eye-wateringly huge amounts of cash the All Stars 8 queens earned

The producers were chucking dollars at them this season

I survived Barbenheimer: The most chaotic cinema day of a generation

Pausing Barbie when she says ‘do you guys ever think about dying?’ to watch Oppenheimer

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Islander you’d get stuck talking to at a party

If I got lumped with Abi I’d be ordering an Uber

Last night proved Love Island friendship breakups hurt more than romantic ones

I need my girlies to patch things UP

All seven levels in The Simpsons: Hit and Run, ranked from life-ruining to legendary

Lisa’s level is my safe space

You knew it was coming! It’s time to tuck into boy dinner

It’s got its own little TikTok jingle for the LADS

From boring loot to tree tops from hell, we’re suffering through Fortnite’s worst season

‘Never trusting a primal season ever again’

The definitive ranking of Rita Ora’s biggest ever bangers

Never been more jealous of Love Islanders in my life

‘They’ve left us with no alternative’: The Hollywood strikes fully explained

‘AI will not replace us’

Not a soul can clock! How Monica Beverly Hillz went viral by winning the IDGAF wars

‘Not a soaking clock!’

RIP Love Island 2023: You started with a bang, you’re ending with a whimper

This last week has been a slog

Troye Sivan only used skinny bodies in the Rush video and I’ve had a bellyful

I guess he just forgot gay men bigger than a size small also enjoy sex and partying

People have found the first ever RuPaul’s Drag Race casting call and it’s deeply cursed

Why does RuPaul look like Joni Mitchell?

Every Taylor Swift album, ranked by how high it scores on Metacritic

1989 has been done so dirty

Every explosive Love Island movie night, ranked by sheer carnage

Jake Cornish never recovered

Omg, Aaron Paul nearly played another major role in Black Mirror before Beyond The Sea

This is the weirdest thing to imagine

Ranking the Love Islanders by who came out looking the worst after Movie Night

Justice for Scott!!!

Not to panic anyone, but the Drag Race All Stars 9 rumoured cast is already spreading

Shannel and Roxxxy on a season together is not a want but a need

Barbie finally premiered last night, so here’s everything iconic that went down

‘It’s a cinematic triumph – poignant, clever and hilarious’

All six vault songs on Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), ranked

Shaking over the Hayley Williams feature

Brands trying to be funny and annoying millennials: Inside the messy first day of Threads

I’ve already had to block Ellen Degeneres

The Casa Amor recoupling showed Love Island 2023’s problem: Zero solid couples

Love Island is lacking love

Right, what does ‘closed off’ actually mean and why do Love Islanders keep saying it?

Just say exclusive like the rest of us!

Ranking all the Love Islanders by how main character they are at Casa Amor 2023

Sammy and Montel are Tyrique’s minions

Here’s how to get your Instagram Threads countdown ticket before the app launches

This has no business being so satisfying

Just 26 Love Island memes that prove this year’s Casa Amor is pure evil

Catherine don’t do this to us!!!

All the vibey behind the scenes pics shared by the Black Mirror season six cast

Not the Loch Henry trio doing the Spider-Man meme

Instagram’s Twitter rival Threads launches on Thursday, so here’s what it actually is

Elon Musk is shaking

Remembering Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set, the first unofficial Black Mirror masterpiece

TV peaked in 2008 with a Big Brother zombie apocalypse and an undead Davina McCall

Inside the blatant favouritism of Molly Marsh on Love Island 2023

Nobody asked for this

The top 10 episodes of Black Mirror, ranked by how high they score on Rotten Tomatoes

Number three is so random

The definitive ranking of every Olivia Rodrigo song, including Vampire

Trying my hardest not to be Brutal

Every song on the Barbie movie album, ranked from worst to best

Ryan Gosling singing I’m Just Ken needs an Oscar

It’s over! Davide and Ekin-Su have split 11 months after winning Love Island

Nobody speak to me

Meet the queens setting sail in the cast of Drag Race Down Under season three

The pirate theme is a … choice

TikTok has declared Old Rose the real villain of Titanic, and they’ve got a point

Evil woman

Wait… Did HBO cut The Idol short by an episode because of all the backlash?

Six episodes were ordered, but only five are going to air

All the annoying plot holes that ruined season six of Black Mirror

They make my blood boil

Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker has explained why Mazey Day wasn’t classed as Red Mirror

‘In an ideal world, you’d watch it once and then it would change’

People are starting to clock a silly little joke hidden in Black Mirror’s Joan Is Awful

Feel 12 years old laughing at this

Every disastrous bit of drama that’s ruined Drag Race All Stars 8 so far

It’s one mishap after another

Everything new coming to Fortnite today in the big summer update of 2023

New shotgun alert!

Erm, Nick from The Apprentice was pulling pints at Glasto?

The vibes are immaculate

All the 2023 Love Islanders’ heart rate challenge attempts, ranked by phwoar factor

Sammy was a jumpscare

Here’s the frustrating reason why Lana Del Rey’s Glastonbury set isn’t on iPlayer

I have now indeed got that Summertime Sadness

Right, who the hell is Katie from Goat Story and why’s she taken over Twitter?

She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment

People are pointing out a plot hole in Black Mirror’s Loch Henry that ruins season six

I don’t know what to believe anymore

Every major Black Mirror twist, ranked by shock factor

If you didn’t see the Shut Up and Dance twist coming, I don’t know what to tell you

As Black Mirror goes horror, Charlie Brooker says show has never been about ‘tech is bad’

Erm, have we been watching the same series?

People have noticed a major error in Black Mirror’s Mazey Day and it’s driving me mad

The worst episode ever just got even worse

Black Mirror moving away from sci-fi into horror is the worst thing the show can do

Why lose what makes it special?

Everyone’s noticed a major plot hole in Black Mirror’s Beyond The Sea and I’m shook

How was this overlooked!?

All the Black Mirror episodes you had no idea were inspired by true events

One episode was inspired by I’m A Celeb

Here’s a full rundown of what your Titanic submarine trip would look like if you paid $250k

You’re in the sub for 12 hours, but the whole trip lasts 10 days

RIP Black Mirror: The once freshest show on TV has never felt more stale

The quality took a Nosedive

Inside the terrifying serial killer case that possibly inspired Black Mirror’s Loch Henry

I’ve still not recovered from this episode

Who is Hamish Harding? The British billionaire currently missing in the Titanic submarine

He’s a Cambridge graduate

Here’s what you need to know about Red Mirror, Black Mirror’s new horror direction

Demon 79 is the first episode to get the Red Mirror branding

All six seasons of Black Mirror, ranked by how high they score on Rotten Tomatoes

I believe in season three supremacy

All five episodes from season six of Black Mirror, ranked from worst to best

Don’t worry: Mazey Day is last

A rundown of the most evil characters in Black Mirror history

Still feel sick after the twist in Loch Henry

From Cheryl to Jesy: The best and worst of girlband members’ solo singles

Leigh-Anne Pinnock understood the assignment with her new banger

Who are the Angelllboys, the boujee suit wearing gays who are all over the TikTok FYP?

How the hell are they making content with The Jonas Brothers?

As a former drama student, Love Island’s Molly Marsh is triggering my fight or flight

I thought I was free of this Lea Michele hell

Help! I’m addicted to watching people roll and smash bottles down stairs on TikTok!

When will I be free from these destructive shackles?

The ultimate ranking of every Black Mirror episode, including season six

Joan Is Pretty Decent

Who’s still following who from the I Kissed a Boy cast? An investigation

The consequences from the dinner party are still being felt…

Mayhem, mischief and Molly: How 2023 had the best first week in Love Island history

I will never moan about week one again

A load of Love Island 2023 predictions after week one you simply can’t prove wrong

Mehdi is the one most likely to wake up and make everyone a coffee so they’re ready for the morning

Um, Drag Race’s Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese are randomly beefing on Twitter

‘I’ll fix my credit when you fix that drooping ass’

Inside Parklife 2023, a festival experience that felt like trying to survive an apocalypse

Not being dramatic but it was the worst day of my life

Drag Race winner Tyra Sanchez arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot police

Situations escalated after a minor car crash

Inside the new POI locations in the brand new Fortnite jungle biome

It’s making me want to go on holiday tbh

Doctor Slone is still alive in Fortnite, so here are all the theories on how she managed it

‘You know it takes a little bit more than them dropping a tank on me to take me out’

All the new Battle Pass skins from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, ranked from worst to best

The worst Battle Pass of all time? Perhaps

It’s time to be brave and live my truth: I’ve got a crush on the Spotify AI DJ

Just deleted Hinge!

The Battle Pass skins for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 are here – and they’re terrible

Completely bland, utterly boring – I’m dreading the next few months

‘Messy, boring, rigged’: Why fans are absolutely hating Drag Race All Stars 8

It’s not giving

A rundown of all the queens who quit Drag Race in the middle of filming

Heidi N Closet is the latest to walk prematurely out of the Werk Room

Um, neighthing to worry about, but a Sims 4 horses expansion pack has allegedly leaked

Giddy up, Bella Goth!

The Sims 4 Grunge Revival kit is here, and it’s actually a huge win for the rock chicks

All we need now is Smells Like Teen Spirit in Simlish

Ranking all the Love Island 2023 cast by how iconic they were in episode one

Jess an instant icon I fear

Love Island’s back and we all moaned – but these 23 memes prove it’s still hilarious

‘I love bum bum’? It’s gonna be a long summer

I Kissed a Boy has shown once and for all that Love Island is homophobic

Ruling LGBTQ+ Islanders out as ‘logistically difficult’ isn’t going to cut it anymore

As a gay man, it’s wrong for Phillip Schofield to claim this backlash is homophobic

There are many reasons why Schofield is under fire, but his sexuality isn’t one of them

This week’s proved it: The UK’s outgrown the need for insincere morning TV

Young people are sick of starting our day with fake smiles from 50 year olds

Phillip Schofield clutching on to a Lost Mary is cursed and these tweets prove it

This has done more damage for the vape community than health warnings ever could

A look at the huge transformation James Arthur has had since he won The X Factor

He beat Jahméne 10 years ago and has been annoying us with his songs ever since

Here’s when I Kissed a Boy actually all comes to an end

I’m not ready!!!

Ranking all the new Love Islanders based on literally nothing but their promo shoot vibes

Molly looks like she doesn’t have the capacity to speak with an inside voice

‘They f*ck with people’s lives’: Yvie Oddly has blasted Drag Race on Twitter

She claims ‘They took over a year to pay me my winnings because they conveniently kept forgetting they owed me $100k’

MAFS UK is looking for more LGBTQ+ people on next season and you can apply right now!

Let’s get some regional queers on the telly

Ranking the cast of I Kissed a Boy by who came out the worst after THAT dinner party

Mother Gareth was an icon as per

If you’re not on Ben’s side in the I Kissed a Boy argument, you need to think again

‘There’s no meeting in the middle when it comes to intimacy’

Omg! BBC has just confirmed an I Kissed a Boy: The Reunion is coming

Queen Dannii Minogue is back to host

A full guide to all the new Black Mirror episodes before they drop on Netflix

They’re out NEXT MONTH

From I Should Be So Lucky to Padam Padam, here’s all 15 Kylie lead singles ranked

I tell everyone I ever meet that Can’t Get You Out of My Head was choreographed in a hotel room

Every Kylie Minogue album, definitively ranked from worst to best

Just in time for her to release her 16th!

TikTokers: Find me someone who wants to watch you go on a free influencer holiday

You’d never go on a cruise if it wasn’t gifted, so get it off my FYP

‘Way, way worse than you anticipated’: The savage reviews for The Idol are here

‘Even the music is dreadful’

Um, the Rotten Tomatoes rating for The Idol is out and it’s scored a dismal nine per cent

Yikes – it’s officially the worst rated HBO series of all time

A full rundown of all the I Kissed a Boy cast ages

How the hell is Ollie 27?

A comprehensive rundown of all the chaotic I Kissed a Boy drama so far

‘Not kissing Josh and then kissing Bobski three times didn’t sit right with me’

The day’s come for the Fortnite Spider-Verse update – here’s what’s brand new in game

The sweet, sweet return of the webslingers

Kylie’s new banger Padam Padam is Twitter’s song of the year and these memes prove it

My timeline can’t stop padaming

Introducing the three new gays who’ve just sashayed into the I Kissed a Boy masseria

Dan’s causing carnage already

Since I Kissed a Boy has got everyone saying it, what the actual hell is a ‘masseria’?

If you’re feeling uncultured, you’re not alone

I Kissed a Boy needs to realise it’s possible to be gay and not live in London

With half the cast London based, show’s only flaw is its failure to showcase the rest of the UK’s gay scene

Inside the deeply slay Instagrams of the I Kissed a Boy cast

New lad Dan’s Insta is a bit TOO sexy I fear

Okay, so why the hell has trios been removed from Fortnite?

Me and the only two Fortnite friends I have are screwed

From Loreen to Måneskin: The 10 most streamed Eurovision songs of all time in 2023

TikTok has changed everything this year

I Kissed A Boy is the drama-filled, unfiltered dating show us gays have always deserved

Groundbreaking without sacrificing Love Island levels of messiness – I love it

Here’s the Taylor Swift mathematical album ranking all over your TikTok fully explained

For those who also barely passed GCSE maths

Ranked: Every Money, Success, Fame, Glamour verse from Drag Race All Stars 8

Mrs Kasha Davis is better than Nicki Minaj when you think about it…

Everything new added to Fortnite in today’s final update of Chapter 4 Season 2


It’s over! Chelsea Lee Art has blocked Elphaba on TikTok after latest drama

Juicier than Eastenders

Okay so what actually is the newly announced Ranked mode coming to Fortnite?

I’m gonna get annihilated in this mode I fear

Today’s Fortnite update is delayed until tomorrow at the last minute – here’s why

My impatience is killing me

Um, Drag Race’s Naysha Lopez and James ‘King Tyra’ Ross are having messy Twitter beef

‘Get the help you need and leave me the f*ck alone’

Just a load of the best Eurovision songs that altered my brain chemistry forever


Fights, clout and nits: Inside the strange TikTok drama of Chelsea Lee Art and Elphaba

I am all-consumingly invested

Hallelujah! All Stars 8’s Fame Games is the best new addition to Drag Race in years

Queens all get the exposure they deserve without losing the tension of eliminations

All the niche reasons why these countries are no longer participating in Eurovision

This year has the least amount of countries competing since 2014

Ok so where’s the ‘It’s hard to believe I’m walking through the ruins’ TikTok sound from?

‘Because I’m not – that’s in Iraq, miles away, and f*cking dangerous’

Every RuPaul’s Drag Race reunion, ranked from the dreary to the dramatic

We should preserve season nine’s in a museum

All 37 songs competing in Eurovision 2023, ranked from lame to life-changing


I watched The Hunger Games franchise for the first time in 2023 and guys it’s so mid

Peeta is a burden

Death by sex and snogging Grim Reaper: The darkest things you can do in The Sims

God only know what Sims endured on the Makin’ Magic rollercoaster

All the info, rumours and gossip we’ve got about Fortnite Chapter 4 season 3 so far

I’m ready for the jungle biome

Just a load of secrets in Fortnite right now you had no idea even existed

No way is Poker Face by Lady Gaga sneakily hidden in an emote

Captain Hypatia’s landed in Fortnite! Here’s where her first seven quest locations are

The ponytail is a slay

Um, an AI has turned Mario characters into villains and they’re haunting my dreams

Sheer terror in the Mushroom Kingdom

The definitive ranking of all 30 Drag Race promo looks ever worn by RuPaul

The season seven ripped white dress changed lives

RIP Drag Race All Stars: Season 8 might be the death of the spin off as we know it

Is the production team running out of queens they want to return?

A Reddit user’s claiming to be a fired WoW employee and is spilling big Drag Race secrets

Three queens are allegedly banned from ever returning?

US TikTokers are causing drama with British creators over their Chinese takeaway content

‘I know it’s not intended to be racist, but it feels like it is’

The first reviews of Redfall are here: It’s one of the biggest gaming letdowns of the year


A full rundown of everything new in this year’s annual Star Wars Fortnite update

No one celebrates May the 4th like Fortnite

Drag Race’s Irene Dubois and Willam are beefing on Twitter, and the drama is savage

‘I hope you will be as lucky as me to be 40 and working steadily’

A brutally honest ranking of all the 2023 Gogglebox families

I would trust the Siddiquis with my life

An ode to Mae Muller: Our LoveOfHuns pop girly bringing the iconic vibes to Eurovision

Her social media presence is perfection

An ultimate, definitive and extremely important ranking of the Mario princesses

Nothing has ever mattered more

A comprehensive guide to the mysterious history of Sims icon Bella Goth

We need her disappearance adapted into a Netflix series

Stranger Things writers are teasing an Evil Dead Rise crossover and the theories are wild

Eddie’s name in the title, don’t play with me like this…

Here’s why The Sims 4’s basement and greenhouse kits are another massive disappointment

Regular Sims 4 walls covered in windows is not a greenhouse, end of

All the Drag Race All Stars 8 promo looks, ranked by how hard they slay

Jimbo’s is literally giving Met Gala

Here’s where the All Stars 8 queens finished on their original Drag Race season

Mrs Kasha Davis was ROBBED!

All the times Drag Race queens have had acting roles on other TV shows

Never forget Shangela on Glee

Every Ellie Goulding single, definitively ranked from worst to best

All three Calvin Harris collabs are a stone-cold classics

Um, Matty Healy has revealed the rat from Flushed Away is literally based on him

Ratty Healy

Here’s how to become a playtester for the new game Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions

Fifa for nerds

Sam Smith’s tour reactions prove once again that being queer puts a target on your back

There’s no outcry when Lewis Capaldi is on billboards in his underwear – and we all know why

After targeting Bailey J Mills’ boyfriend, here’s the NoHun ‘transphobia’ backlash in full

‘Men can’t get pregnant, and anyone who believes otherwise needs locking up’

All the looks Peach has served in Mario games, ranked by how hard they slay

She gagged the Mushroom Kingdom when she got on the motorbike

Ok where is the ‘Once there was a way’ sound trending on TikTok actually from?

My FYP needs peace

Um, details of the Fortnite X Doctor Who collab are leaking and it sounds insane


Everything we know about American Horror Story: Delicate, and the book it’s based on

Streets are saying Kim Kardashian is playing a painter called Tanya

A full history of Kim Kardashian’s acting roles before she stars in American Horror Story

Cinema peaked when she got crushed by an asteroid in Disaster Movie

The three Sims 4 expansion, game, stuff and kit packs every player NEEDS to own

If you don’t have these essentials, you’re doing yourself dirty

An impossible ranking of every Drag Race winner’s abdication look from the finales

It’s their chance to show the world exactly why they won

Rise and Fall finished its first season in the worst way: By letting the rich get richer

Instead of a young student mum, the £85k cash prize went to literal landed gentry

Meet Rise and Fall winner Eddy’s uber-posh, aristocratic family with a 3000 acre estate

Just the people who need their son to win £85k

Ranking all the Jennys from 2:22 A Ghost Story based on nothing but vibes alone

The Jenny wheel has once again been spun!

‘I begged for lip balm on day one’: James spills about life competing on Rise and Fall

‘Everyone with nothing was happier than those with everything’

A rundown of the artists who’ve had their songs lip synced to most on Drag Race

RuPaul has forced the queens to do her songs 36 times

Just a bunch of things you definitely had no idea you could do in The Sims 4

How did I forget you can send bees to attack Sims you hate?

Strategy, backstabbing and carnage: Welcome to the UK reality TV renaissance

The Traitors, Rise and Fall and Tempting Fortune airing back to back? We’re not worthy

Inside the four upcoming ‘Take Me Home’ Sims 4 packs, and the new base game update

My bank account is weeping

All the secrets, skins and features added to Fortnite in the huge new Attack on Titan update

Dirt bikes are BACK people!

A rundown of all the Drag Race queens who have quit drag since they were on the show

Season 15’s Princess Poppy is the latest

Drag Race season two winner James Ross claims Michelle Visage ‘influenced’ hate from fans

‘On her press tour she made sure to say Tyra Sanchez didn’t deserve to win’

Every contestant on Tempting Fortune, ranked by how evil they truly are

James stealing a tea bag that cost three grand was evil incarnate

Every contestant on Channel 4’s Rise and Fall, ranked by how pure evil they truly are

Jack’s fall from grace needs to be studied

Every 3D Super Mario game, definitively ranked from worst to best

Replaying these as a palate cleanser after the film

The past’s in the past! MAFS UK’s Adrian and Thomas are finally friends again

They’re following each other on Insta and making dinner plans!

Last night proved it: Rise and Fall deserves the same acclaim we gave The Traitors

Never in my life have I been so on the edge of my seat at a cliffhanger

It’s nearly time! Here’s when this chaotic season of Rise and Fall is due to end

Will there even be any money left to win!?

Okay here’s how to use the Barbie AI generator to make your own film poster meme

This Barbie is writing her diss x

‘I miss him all the time’: MAFS UK’s Adrian posts about Thomas on wedding anniversary

‘Even though we don’t communicate anymore, I’m quite teary writing this’

The 15 best fashion moments from season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Bury me in Sasha Colby’s puffer look

All 23 worlds in The Sims 4, definitively ranked from ghastly to gorgeous

Living in Willow Creek is such an ick

OMG! Drag Race’s Jinkx Monsoon cast as ‘major role’ in the new season of Doctor Who

This could literally be the best thing to ever happen

Here’s where the ‘There will come a soldier’ song all over TikTok is actually from

I feel like I get nerdier every time I hear it

Drag Race’s Daya Betty calls out ‘hateful’ taxi driver who made her uncomfortable

‘I deserve the same respect as everyone else – queer people aren’t going anywhere’

Drag Race’s Luxx Noir London and Trinity the Tuck are fighting on Twitter and it’s MESSY

‘You’ve done great, I just don’t like you’

‘Started with four people of colour, now it’s six white men’: Rise and Fall has a problem

‘I know it’s called unconscious bias for a reason, but can nobody see what’s going on?’

Um, Sasha Colby has confessed she piddled on the Drag Race main stage during season 15

‘I could not hold my pee in’

Inside the iconic sisterhood of queens who came fifth on Drag Race

This is a place for legends

‘You can cry about being second place’: Luxx on Drag Race fans thinking she’s cocky

‘When people who look and act like me are given a platform, they’re deemed as the negative or the aggressor’

Meet Mia Goth, the baby-voiced horror movie icon Twitter and TikTok are obsessed with

She’s dominating the cinema in Pearl and Infinity Pool right now

Get ready to Let Loose all over again, because a remix with Jan and Lemon is out THIS WEEK

The Loosening never ends

RIP Paul O’Grady, whose camp warmth on after school TV made growing up gay a little easier

When someone so queer is loved by your nan, you don’t feel as much of an outcast

‘It hurts my heart’: Alaska on her cold relationship with World of Wonder after Drag Race

‘I don’t think World of Wonder is thrilled with me doing a podcast, which is sad’

Salina EsTitties ripped up Loosey LaDuca’s picture after she got eliminated on Drag Race

‘It had Loosey in shambles’

‘It’s devastating’: Loosey LaDuca says she was robbed of a place in the Drag Race final

‘People can call me delusional – I earned a spot in the finale’

Thomas from Married at First Sight UK is now a drag queen called Pam Sandwich

Drag Race UK next!

A petty ranking of all 18 silly little stuff packs released for The Sims 4

My favourite way to waste eight quid x

Every game pack for The Sims 4, ranked meticulously from worst to best

I want a divorce from My Wedding Stories

A release day ranking of every song on Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, Lana Del Rey’s new album

How is Margaret managing to break and heal my heart at the same time?

Inside the ‘delusional edit’ on Drag Race, and the queens who got stuck with it

How is Loosey meant to live, laugh, let loose in these conditions?

These 24 memes from The Apprentice final are so good they deserve the 250k investment


Every expansion pack for The Sims 4 ranked, including the brand new Growing Together

If loving Snowy Escape is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

Everything you need to know about UEFN, Epic’s Creative editor changing Fortnite forever

How is this even the same game!?

Everything wrong with Growing Together, The Sims 4’s new expansion pack

Oh yay, a gorgeous pier my Sims can do absolutely nothing on!

Mistress Isabelle Brooks speaks out after Drag Race fans claim she was harsh on Loosey

‘Stop finding reasons to talk about me, just admit you’re obsessed’

If you can’t see Kim Kardashian in a London pub as a PR stunt, get an urgent grip

No OF COURSE she just fancied a Paddy’s Day pint!

Here’s the catastrophic Claire and Jesse MAFS Australia cheating scandal fully explained

The carnage is expected to erupt on tonight’s episode

Lord Sugar says he’s ‘underestimated’ and replacing him would ‘kill The Apprentice off’

Humble as ever

Every mainline Resident Evil game, ranked by how high it scores on Metacritic

Lady Dimitrescu will always be mother

A rigorous rundown of every Beyoncé reference in Swarm

‘Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or events, is intentional’

All 44 songs from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour setlist, definitively ranked from worst to best

I won’t rest until she adds Maroon and makes it 45

The Apprentice has defended the interviews episode after complaints it was too ‘nasty’

Two candidates were reduced to tears

The Apprentice’s interviews week is a toxic, mean-spirited mess and it needs to be axed

Anyone fancy watching women be torn down and reduced to tears for an hour?

Let Loose! How Loosey LaDuca’s Drag Race talent show became the viral song of the summer

Have you remembered to Let Loose today?

These 21 memes about last night’s The Apprentice are more savage than the interviews

‘My friends call me Karren’

The final Apprentice power ranking: Brace yourselves – it’s interviews week

Dani’s confidentiality agreement was the peak of comedy

A nosy peek inside the LinkedIn profiles of The Apprentice 2023 candidates

Highlights include Joe calling The Apprentice a ‘business documentary’

Um, a guy on TikTok is trying to claim Leonardo DiCaprio might be his dad

‘Leonardo DiCaprio DOOP’

Six months on from the chaos, here’s what the MAFS UK 2022 cast have been up to

Thomas is the queen of podcasts

It was fun whilst it lasted, but let’s admit it: BeReal is dead

BeFake again for 2023

Inside Rebels: City of Indra, the forgotten sci-fi novel Kendall and Kylie wrote in 2014

It’s got 3/5 on Goodreads!

Here’s the twisted true story that inspired The Clovehitch Killer on Netflix

In the film, Tyler suspects his dad might be a serial killer who was never caught

Ok so what happens at the end of the Luther film, and why doesn’t he go back to prison?

No he isn’t becoming 007 – don’t start

Ok what’s the ‘everybody told me that I sound like CG5’ sound all over TikTok?

The nepo babies are loving it

The filmmakers have explained why the Luther film on Netflix is called ‘The Fallen Sun’

No characters mention the title and it’s got nothing to do with the plot

Every ridiculous moment in Luther: The Fallen Sun that proves the film is pure nonsense

Can someone please tell me why we’re in Norway?

The definitive ranking of every 2023 winter Love Islander from worst to best

The way we went from hating Tom to loving him must be studied

A release day ranking of every song on Miley Cyrus’ new album Endless Summer Vacation

Manifesting a music video for Handstand

All eight new Battle Pass skins in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, ranked from worst to best

Mizuki is mother

Apprentice power ranking: Naturally, they made an absolute dog’s dinner out of it

Catch me NOT feeding Megan’s mealworm slush to my puppy

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 drops tomorrow, so here’s everything exciting we know about it

The Neo-Tokyo theme? INJECT IT

All the Best Picture nominees at the 2023 Oscars, ranked by their score on Rotten Tomatoes

Everything Everywhere All at Once hive rise!

All six iconic opening kills from the Scream films, ranked from average to savage

Justice for Casey Becker

Every season of Fortnite ranked definitively from worst to best

Superpowers in the Marvel season? Elite

HEY HEY YOU YOU! Read this ranking of all seven Avril Lavigne albums

Need to know which one is Tyga’s favourite

Hogwarts Legacy has been pushed back AGAIN on last gen consoles, but when is it releasing?

Switch players have never known impatience like this

Everything we know about Assassin’s Creed Codename Red, the series’ first game in Japan

Already better than Valhalla’s boring England setting

Everything we know about Assassin’s Creed Codename Hexe, the ‘darkest’ game yet

Is AC going full horror?

Okay so what actually is the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Infinity and is it even a game?

The franchise will never be the same

An inarguable ranking of all 12 mainline Assassin’s Creed games from worst to best

Kassandra you will ALWAYS be famous

All six films in the Shrek Cinematic Universe, definitively ranked from worst to best

The SCU is what the MCU wishes it was

Meghan Trainor is a popstar trapped in a doo-wop, wannabe viral world who must be stopped

Her new single begs us to call her Mother, but I’m afraid we never will

Apprentice power ranking: Shrek-green slime exfoliator that literally stains your skin

A double firing tastes so sweet

The definitive ranking of all Mario Kart characters, based on nothing but vibes

I would enjoy a pint of Estrella with Bowser

How Euphoria creator’s new HBO show has gone ‘disgustingly off the rails’

The Idol’s script was described as ‘like a rape fantasy’

Just 22 memes about Cocaine Bear that are somehow even wilder than the movie

The bear being one of the girlies is so slay

Just a load of franchises crying out for the Hogwarts Legacy style game treatment

Give me Hogwarts Legacy but in the world of Buffy I BEG

Here’s why everyone playing Hogwarts Legacy absolutely loathes Ignatia Wildsmith

What a pest

Drag Race power ranking: Which queen from season 15 is going to snatch the crown?

Mistress Isabelle Brooks hive rise up!

It’s nearly time! Here’s the confirmed start date for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Gagging for a new Battle Pass

Right, just how evil can you actually make your character when playing Hogwarts Legacy?

Avada Kedavra!

Sugar and Spice are shading Michelle Visage online for how she treated them on Drag Race

‘Your obsession with age and youth is just weird’

Um, Wakey Wines has released a single and of course there’s a music video

We’re living in hell

Despite boycotts, Hogwarts Legacy broke sales records – but the backlash wasn’t in vain

Hogwarts Legacy sold 12 million copies in its first two weeks

Inside the wild theory Sasha Colby is going to win Drag Race and replace RuPaul

‘When a new Supreme rises, the old one fades away…’

A brutally honest ranking of all 13 brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

You wouldn’t catch me dead on the Wind Wisp broom

Ranking all the Islanders by how bad they came out looking after movie night

I can taste the downfall of Olivia, and it tastes so sweet

Apprentice power ranking: Shouted at in prison or caned in a Victorian town for £100

‘I’ll make YOU disappear’

A ranked guide to which Hogwarts Legacy house is best, based on vibes alone

Face it: Gryffindor common room is mid

A comprehensive roundup of all the Love Islanders who identify as LGBTQ+

Icons only I fear

It’s official: These are the games we’re most hyped for releasing in 2023

Playing Starfield immediately is not a want but a need

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have a Photo Mode, but one player has found a sneaky hack

This game’s too gorgeous not to take pictures

Fortnite: How to tick off all this week’s challenges, earn trick points and eat Slap Berries

Any destroy objects challenge is a friend of mine

Hogwarts Legacy players have found a hidden tribute to Hagrid actor Robbie Coltrane

‘There’s no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid’

Meet Ariana DeBose: The Oscar winning actress who’s gone viral for *that* BAFTAs rap

AnGeLa BaSsEtT diD tHe tHiNg!

It’s chaotic TV, but let’s face it: Tanya’s behaviour on Love Island is straight up toxic

I want to give Martin a hug

Right, is Hogwarts Legacy going to get DLC in the future, or is the game complete?

Speaking Diagon Alley DLC into existence

Ranking the remaining queens of Drag Race season 15 by how good they are at lip syncing

Anetra VS Sasha was one for the herstory books

Matty Healy is dragging Yungblud on Instagram and it’s absolutely savage

‘I feel a bit responsible and I really am sorry’

Drag Race fans have noticed a huge editing error that proves the producers are acting wild

This is so ridiculous

It’s time to face the facts: This season of The Apprentice is the worst of all time

Bring back the candidates from 2022!

Apprentice power ranking: Both of these lunchboxes put me right off my food

Bring back Tupperware methinks

All seven wild transformations of S Club since they debuted back in 1999

Rachel is still an absolute 10

Here’s where the guy from the ‘Me walking into work’ TikTok trend is actually from

I’m horrified this isn’t common knowledge?

Inside the iconic and wholesome friendship between Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish

Imagine stanning someone your whole life and then becoming besties with them?

A comprehensive list of all the weird Mix playlists Spotify makes for you

Casually streaming my Angry Tuna Mix on the way to work

Ranking all the hosts of the Drag Race Pit Stop, from best to Bianca Del Rio

We need Bob back and we need it now

There ain’t no party like an S Club party, and this ranking of their 14 best bops proves it

Steps could never

An ode to Mistress Isabelle Brooks: The old school queen making Drag Race feel fresh again

She’s simply a blessing from the Gods of reality TV

The rumoured cast for Drag Race All Stars 8 is here, and sis? It’s a slay

I won’t know peace until Jimbo gets a crown

Think you’re a massive fan of Drag Race? This quiz tests if you can name all 272 queens

Getting a score of 238 on this is my proudest academic achievement

Drag Race is going back to 90 min episodes, but people online are skeptical as to why

It’s not happening for another month, when Real Friends of WeHo has ended…

Apprentice power ranking: No winners here, this show is just a game of who loses less

Imagine being in the Dubai desert and getting told you have to make a glass of water last

Omg, Reece left The Apprentice because he was drinking alcohol on the flight to Dubai

Lord Sugar was livid

Inside the wild productions secrets behind the scenes in the making of Happy Valley

How they filmed the finale car scene has me shook!

Drag Race’s Aura Mayari is having messy online drama with Monét X Change and Mistress

‘It’s just a show – and girls like Aura don’t really get how that works’

Explained: All the controversy around Hogwarts Legacy, and why gamers are boycotting

‘You deserve every bit of criticism you get if you still support Rowling at this point’

There’s a rumoured cast for Drag Race UK Vs the World 2 circulating and it’s PERFECT

Choriza May and Tia Kofi on the same season? Shaking!

Okay what the hell are Elux Legend vapes, and are they actually illegal?

They’ll forever be known as highlighter vapes to me

‘We first met when I was 17’: Inside the wholesome friendships of the Happy Valley cast

Sarah Lancashire getting all the cast and crew a goodbye candle is too cute

All five albums by The 1975, definitively ranked from worst to best

If you lived on Tumblr in 2014 you’re not going to be happy

Georgia called Shaq ‘Zack’ on Aftersun as she ‘can’t pronounce it’ and people are fuming

Awkward flashbacks to when she refused to say Kaz’s name on her season

Mourn the end of Happy Valley with these 22 iconic behind the scenes cast pictures

They’re all family to me (except Neil)

Happy Valley might be over, but these 22 memes about the finale will live on forever

‘We’ve had another bit of a tussle – I won, obviously’

Love Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley? Here’s everything else you need to watch her in

She needs her Olivia Colman Oscar nominated era next

Apprentice power ranking: Who thrived and who Zip Zapped their way to the bottom?

We’re living in a world where ‘Ride dirty, drive clean’ managed to win

In defence of Babylon, the wildest film you could ever hope to see at the cinema

Everyone who hated this stupid little masterpiece hates fun

Inside the Happy Valley theory saying creepy teacher Frances is returning for the finale


An ode to Happy Valley’s Catherine Cawood: The best main character in British TV history

The toughest hero on telly is a middle aged woman from Yorkshire

All the shows you need to watch if you love Happy Valley, to fill the void of it ending

Viv Deering from No Offence has huge Catherine Cawood vibes

The Last of Us showed a gay love story to the mainstream audience who need to see it most

Queer people exist, even amidst the apocalypse

Break your heart all over again with these 20 Bill and Frank from The Last of Us memes

I’m actually sobbing

Only Catherine Cawood could correctly name all of these niche Happy Valley characters

Hayley Cropper popping up in season two was a fever dream

There’s a theory the Happy Valley ending has been staring right at us on the poster

I’m shaking

Call the ‘think of the children’ backlash over Sam Smith what it is: Bigotry and fatphobia

You don’t care about explicit music videos, you just can’t stand seeing fat queer people living their truth

Apprentice power ranking: Nautical barometers and endless Brighton blunders

How do you make buying asparagus look that hard?

Since he’s back on the market, take this quiz and we’ll tell you if Paul Mescal would date you

Question one: Do you own a pair of GAA shorts?

Julia Fox did a TikTok tour of her chaotic apartment and it’s major student house vibes

‘We have a small mouse problem, but it’s only a problem depending on how you look at it’

An ode to farmer Will: The Islander singlehandedly making winter Love Island a joy

Oh to be a sheep having its arse shaved by Will

The definitive tier list ranking of every major character in Happy Valley

I will hate Neil with my last breath

Ranking this year’s winter Love Islanders by how pure evil they are in the villa

Will is too pure for this earth

A comprehensive history of ‘villain of the season’ queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race

The show would be nothing without them

Explained: The heated drama between the Drag Race fandom and The Real Friends of WeHo

‘We worked too hard and invested too much money for a 45 minute edit’

Cheryl made her West End debut and the reviews are in… She’s the new Meryl Streep!

Erm, she got a standing ovation!?!?

Here’s where the ‘I’ll never forget that first day at pit’ northern TikTok sound is from

This sound can put a London posho into a coma

Apprentice power ranking: Evil laughter from tall giraffes VS children with no hands or feet

Another impossible watch from Lord Sugar

Kim Kardashian has purchased these 22 memes about her spending habits for $1.2 million

Hayley Cropper’s red coat? Priceless

‘No bigger than size five’: A brief history into the foot fetishists of Love Island

‘Her tootsies were a little bit dirty so we got them nice and clean’

Kim Kardashian doing a ‘British chav’ TikTok makeover isn’t funny or iconic, it’s classist

I don’t want to see billionaires M to the B-ing

Gregory from The Apprentice apologises for his antiques business stocking Nazi memorabilia

‘I in no way condone this abhorrent and shameful part of history’

Here’s how the scarily real Cordyceps fungal virus from The Last of Us actually works

Anything with the word ‘fungus’ in is pure horror

Here’s everywhere you recognise the mega famous cast of The Last of Us from

What’s Armond from The White Lotus doing here!?!?

The new Love Islanders have confessed their biggest icks and yep! They’re ridiculous

Men aren’t allowed to use umbrellas apparently

Just some silly predictions about the new Love Islanders, based on episode one alone

Olivia is the icon of the year already – facts are facts

M3GAN is already the most iconic film of 2023 and these 21 chaotic memes prove it

I can’t get over her spontaneously singing Titanium by Sia

Princess Poppy responds to backlash after ‘faking negative Covid test’ to get on Drag Race

She put chapstick up her nose

Say hi to Haris Namani: The Doncaster salesman and youngest lad on winter Love Island 2023

He says he’s after ‘Molly and Tommy success’

No ifs, no buts: Here’s the definitive tier list ranking of every character in Gavin and Stacey

I am president of the Stacey Hate Club

Apprentice power ranking: Slime-oozing green bao buns are still better than the candidates

You know things are bad when a candidate fires herself

From Bad Romance to Bloody Mary: The 30 greatest Lady Gaga songs, ranked


Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Miley Cyrus era matches your general vibe

Choosing a favourite Miley cover in this quiz was harder than my uni degree

Ranked: The 10 unquenchable UK towns and cities with the highest demand for Prime

Number two is so rogue

A roundup of the most eye-watering amounts people have spent on Prime at Wakey Wines

One girl spent more than the price of a brand new MacBook on 12 cans

From Essex to Edinburgh: The longest journeys made to get some Prime from Wakey Wines

Abdul coming closer for these people is not a want but a need

Explained: Why bots are driving you mad by constantly liking your Instagram stories

I need peace

Apprentice finalist Rochelle’s company ‘owes £65k’ and has just £500 in the bank

Someone tell Lord Sugar she needs his investment ASAP

Explained: Why Paul Breach got into a police van with a bag of fish and chips

This man’s life is beyond belief

Ranking all the new winter Love Islanders based on nothing but their promo pic vibe

Ron’s necklace is causing me great dismay

All 16 talent show performances from Drag Race season 15, ranked from flop to jaw drop

‘You better walk that f*cking duck’

Here’s how old all the candidates are on this year’s The Apprentice

Shock! They’re all young and fit

Bingo bingo! Wakey Wines has been banned on TikTok after selling £100 Prime cans

Abdul came closer, Abdul got banned

Oh my god! Paul Breach has his account banned on TikTok – here’s what we know

The end of a very cursed era

The Apprentice power ranking: Who’s an icon and who’s getting blasted from a cannon?

My life is infinitely better when this silly little show is airing

Fire the cannon and enjoy these 22 memes about last night’s return of The Apprentice

Can’t get over the candidates being forced to wear full business attire on the beach

Guys, Noah Schnapp has come out as gay and I don’t know a better way to start the year

‘I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought’

18 predictions about every candidate on The Apprentice 2023 you can’t prove wrong

Dani’s deffo the most likely to say ‘yoo hoo’ to Claude

If you’ve got the appetite for it, here’s the wild ending of The Menu fully explained

Really craving a cheeseburger now

Here’s everything you need to know about M3GAN, the new doll horror film that’s gone viral

It currently has a higher score on Rotten Tomatoes than The Godfather

Every major character from Glass Onion, ranked by how much of an icon they are

Oh to play Among Us in the bath with Benoit Blanc

VOTE: Which film is actually better, Knives Out or Glass Onion?

Baw gawd, I’m torn!

Here’s exactly where you recognise the cast of Happy Valley season three from

That evil PE teacher is so familiar

Every season of Drag Race that came out in 2022, ranked from worst to best

I can’t believe we got 12 seasons in A YEAR?

Meet the 18 new candidates strutting into the boardroom of The Apprentice 2023

‘I will bite, I will sting, and I will leave my mark’

From Love Island to The Traitors: A definitive list of the 10 best reality TV icons of 2022

Manifesting all of them to be cast on a season of Big Brother

The Traitors is the best reality TV of 2022, and this fresh batch of 22 memes proves it

Amanda has changed the trajectory of my life forever

An ode to Amanda, the traitor so savagely iconic she brought the whole country together

‘Wilfred, can I just tell you something? What is on the flag of Wales?’

Rajah O’Hara says she thinks there was ‘favouritism’ on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

She said she had to speak to producers about it at one point

RuPaul has said which queen he thinks deserved to win a crown, and you know what? Fair

He’s right and he should say it !!!

A guy on TikTok was on BBC’s trial run of The Traitors and here’s how the show’s changed

‘We had more drama on our dry run than the actual show’

Ekin-Su and Max Balegde are allegedly beefing and the drama is so messy

This is my multiverse of madness

Every song that hit number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2022, ranked from worst to best

Getting this out of the way before the return of LadBaby

Amy from MAFS says she’s ‘devastated’ after body shaming comments were ‘allowed’ on a live

‘Since losing her twins, Amy’s had an ongoing battle with loving her body and this low blow has set her back’

Here’s the controversy around Brendan Fraser and Sadie Sink’s new film The Whale explained

‘The Whale is unapologetically fatphobic, and deserves to be critiqued for that’

Buckle up: It’s time for a THIRD roundup of all the chaotic MAFS tea from the last month

Chanita announcing she fancies Miles from Made in Chelsea sends me

All the secrets the cast have spilled about what it’s really like to go on The Traitors

‘I can’t explain to you how heightened the emotion was because you’re so sleep-deprived and anxious’

There’s been a lot, so here’s a rundown of every queen that won a Drag Race crown in 2022

Blu winning UK Vs the World feels forever ago

The 2022 Drag Race moments that altered my brain chemistry forever

The Jimbo ghost? A fever dream

Meet Sugar and Spice: The vibey twins cast on Drag Race with 7.4 million TikTok followers

It’s the first time they’ve had siblings on the show!

Ranked: The 20 greatest RuPaul’s Drag Race verses of 2022

‘Fashion, beauty, runway pose – Icesis nails it on the nose’ 💅🏻

They’re here! Meet the 16 vibey queens competing on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

There’s a set of actual twins competing?!?!?

Here’s a breakdown of the insane amounts of money queens have spent to go on Drag Race

Icesis Couture spent $70k to compete on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

Drag Race is moving to MTV, so here’s where you’ll be able to watch season 15 in the UK

We’ve got you covered, hunty

Johnathan calls Christmas reunion ‘cringe’ and says he’s distancing himself from MAFS UK

‘To all the nasty hypocrites, give your head a wobble’

MAFS UK’s Amy accuses Sophie and Adrian of allowing body shaming comments on a live

‘I would have thought the MAFS family would know better by now’

Here are all the reasons why Icesis Couture chose to quit Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

‘I don’t agree with what’s happening here, I don’t agree with what you guys are doing to me’

All the reasons why the tragic MAFS UK Christmas reunion was more eggslog than eggnog

Did the Grinch produce this reunion?

Not another one! Dan and Matt from last year’s MAFS UK have split after two years

‘Breakups are never easy, even when amicable – we can’t thank you enough for your support’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how long you’d last on The Traitors

I’d be banished straight away I fear

Tom from The Traitors has confirmed whether him and Alex are still together

Their Instagrams give NOTHING away

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re a faithful or a traitor on The Traitors

Dead vibes if you get faithful

Okay so what does ‘rizz’ actually mean, and why is everyone on TikTok saying it?

I personally am radiating rizz

Prove you’re a faithful and laugh at these 22 chaotic memes about The Traitors

Can’t stop thinking about Claudia’s turtleneck

Cheryl has randomly been cast in 2:22 A Ghost Story and everyone’s losing their minds

She’s taking over from Laura Whitmore… what on EARTH is this play???

Meet Tom Elderfield, the magician getting everything wrong on The Traitors

Howling that his website features a testimony from Logan Paul

Every contestant on The Traitors ranked by how pure evil they really are

Don’t even speak John’s name around me

Jenna Ortega had Covid when the Wednesday dance scene was filmed and Twitter is furious

‘I wonder how many people got sick? And how many people those people got sick?’

Jenna Ortega says she has ‘always been against the love triangle’ in Wednesday

‘I told them very early on that I did not want her to be in the middle of a love triangle’

A full rundown of the characters who died by the end of Wednesday season one

If we didn’t see a body I refuse to believe they’re actually dead

A complete guide to all the monsters, creatures and outcast species in Wednesday

Brb off to become a siren so I can have eyes that blue

GUYS! The start date for winter Love Island has been reported and it’s just weeks away

This is not a drill!!!

Meet Alex Gray, the presenter and influencer with a secret boyfriend on The Traitors

Obsessed with the video of her interviewing Dr Alex from Love Island

Multiple seasons and more Morticia: What to expect from Wednesday season two

The creators said they’ve laid out storylines for ‘at least three or four’ seasons

If you loved Jenna Ortega in Wednesday, here’s everything else she’s been an icon in

I worship at the altar of Ortega

All of Matty Healy’s autotune one-liners from The 1975 tour, ranked

DoN’t LiKe MeNtHoLs

Rounding up all the easter eggs from Wednesday on Netflix that you definitely missed

I was shaking when Christina Ricci did the classic clicks

Ranking every major Motherland character by how pure evil they really are

Julia’s mum is dark sided

This is what the ‘sunrise to sunset’ Audio Day in your Spotify Wrapped actually means

If you don’t have Wistful Yearning at night, don’t talk to me

Spotify Wrapped is here, along with these 22 memes celebrating the best day of the year

I listened to Taylor Swift for the entire duration of a working week

Rounding up every single thing we know about the 2022 MAFS UK Christmas reunion

Advent calendars counting down to this carnage are needed

Just the 2022 MAFS UK cast as the classic British chain restaurants they match the vibe of

Can really imagine Thomas having a scrap over the peas in Toby Carvery

Meet Leo Woodall: The hot Londoner from The White Lotus who everyone’s obsessed with

He literally modelled his entire character off Joey Essex

The chaotic cast of MAFS UK 2022 as what meal deals they get before a commitment ceremony

Matt reeks of an all day breakfast triple

All four seasons of Drag Race UK, definitively ranked from worst to best

No prizes for guessing what number one is

The 20 greatest fashion moments from Drag Race UK season four, ranked

Sminty Drop twerking and crying dressed as a moth was better than anything at London Fashion Week

It’s all over Twitter, so here’s how to make a festival lineup with your Spotify artists

Shaking at my headliners being Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna

‘It was like someone had kicked me in the willy’: Danny Beard on winning Drag Race UK

‘You should want to bring people up – drag should always be about that’

Rounding up the chaotic MAFS UK moments that are etched into my brain forever

Not being dramatic but Kwame’s park bench changed the trajectory of my life

All hail Jenna Ortega! The next generation of scream queen royalty

If you want the It Girl of horror, she’s right here

VOTE: Which iconic queen do you want to win Drag Race UK season four?

Four way tie, end of

It’s an exhausting time to be LGBTQ+, and the World Cup debates are just the start

Stop branding a human rights issue as a cultural difference we should quietly respect

‘In one word? Adrenaline’: Drag Race UK top four look back on their iconic season

‘We’ve given fans the season of the sister’

‘Quite frankly, it’s hurtful for me’: The Drag Race UK finalists speak out about the World Cup

‘It’s a great learning opportunity to find out who’s actually interested in being there for the LGBTQ community’

A comic book artist has accused the creators of Netflix’s 1899 of fully plagiarising her work

One of 1899’s creators, Jantje Friese, fully denies the claims

Inside the true story of 1899 that the creators say the Netflix show is based on

The series is intended to represent a ‘counterpoint to Brexit’

Gemma from MAFS UK was hospitalised and says ‘the outcome could have been fatal’

‘I’ve been in such a bad way emotionally and physically’

Netflix’s 1899 is a slog, so here’s the full ending explained if you cba getting to the end

Just give us the twist and get on with it!

Right, here’s everywhere you recognise the full cast of of Netflix’s The Wonder from

If Ciarán Hinds is in it you know the film’s gonna bang

Okay, so here’s *that* mysterious ending of The Wonder on Netflix fully explained

Why does Florence Pugh sound exactly like Mel B in this film?

Pixie Polite discusses the Jonbers Blonde argument after sashaying away from Drag Race UK

‘I personally don’t think I said anything out of line’

A comprehensive beginner’s guide to the sad girl music world of Phoebe Bridgers

Wet, cold and crying? Time to stick Phoebe on

Drag Race’s Icesis Couture releases statement after being falsely accused of doing blackface

‘How is it okay that I have to wake up my sick mother to dig up pictures to prove that I am ethnic?’

Matt and Marilyse from Married at First Sight UK finally confirm they’re dating

Wonder if Matt’s got a new ‘I appreciate you’ tattoo for her yet

The first pic of the MAFS UK Christmas reunion is here and there’s LOADS of cast missing

Thomas and Nikita together? A recipe for Christmas carnage

Luca’s broken his silence on the Gemma breakup with a salty statement on Insta

‘I would have liked some time to process this privately’

Love Island 2022’s Gemma Owen and Luca Bish have officially SPLIT!

‘It wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately this is what’s best for us right now’

A full roundup of all the brutal MAFS UK drama that’s kicked off since it ended last month

The chaotic gossip never ends

Inside the bizarre world of Bass Lion, Martin Bashir’s forgotten 2010 reggae album

I can’t believe The Crown didn’t include his reggae side hustle

All five seasons of Netflix’s The Crown, definitively ranked from worst to best

Gillian Anderson supremacy!!!

Erm, Martin Bashir was on The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 and it’s an absolute fever dream

He crooned out some dad tunes alongside Wes Nelson and Megan McKenna

All the I’m A Celeb intro clips from the 2022 theme tune, ranked by how cursed they are

This show loves making the reality TV girlies blow a kiss

Okay so did Martin Bashir actually break the law in how he secured the Diana interview?

The Crown showed Bashir forging bank statements, but were his methods illegal or just unethical?

A definitive ranking of the 30 greatest Kim Petras songs of all time

The vibes shifted after Kim Petras called her boobs Mary-Kate and Ashley

Here’s what The Crown got right about the rocky relationship between Margaret and Diana

The two lived as neighbours in Kensington Palace

Right, did Diana’s brakes actually fail in her car like the scary scene in The Crown?

On the show she tells her brother she thinks someone tampered with them

Oh my god! Johnathan from MAFS UK now looks to be dating Amy from last year’s season

They’ve been photographed holding hands AND went to Turtle Bay together 👀

If you paid Elon Musk to get a blue tick on Twitter, it’s time to sort your life out

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Sorry but I’m shook

Drag Race UK queens have called out BBC for mixing up Baby and Black Peppa in a video

‘It’s honestly lazy and disgusting’

Rita Baga from Drag Race has apologised for doing blackface in a past performance

The show was allegedly ‘Glee themed’ and saw Rita play Amber Riley

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His Instagram… I am looking respectfully

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Regret, tears and therapy: MAFS UK shouldn’t continue if this is how it leaves its cast

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Kwame from MAFS UK has released a single and it’s worse than you could ever imagine

One lyric literally says ‘d*ck long like placenta’

All the cast of MAFS UK 2022, ranked by how many Instagram followers they’ve now got

The most followed nearly has 300k

Jenna from MAFS UK breaks her silence on offensive comments Thomas made on podcast

‘I needed time to process what had happened’

George from MAFS UK says he’s going to ‘speak his truth’ in a new TV documentary

He was arrested last month under suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour

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Here’s the huge bop of a song behind the ‘I’m coming back for you baby’ sound on TikTok

Another win for Carly Slay Jepsen!

‘Sometimes I felt sidelined’: Le Fil on how he kept his positive attitude on Drag Race UK

‘I always try to think WWKD: What would Kylie do?’

Build your perfect Taylor Swift album and we’ll tell you what era you are

I got 1989 and can die happy

Jordan confirms he went on holiday with another MAFS UK cast member after Chanita split

‘I had to hide it from everyone’

Jenna and Zoe say Matt was axed from the MAFS UK reunion after ‘aggressive behaviour’

‘He was involved in everyone’s business – he lost control’

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I regret to inform you Astrid Wett and Snapshot Eye Paul are hanging out on TikTok

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Meet Kim Petras: The pop star making history as the first trans woman to win a Grammy

Play her verse on Unholy at my funeral

FIVE of the MAFS UK cast haven’t been invited to return for the Christmas reunion special

At this rate it’s just going to be Adrian, Thomas and a turkey

All the easter eggs you definitely missed that Taylor Swift hid throughout Midnights

Swifties rival the FBI for finding these

Duka from MAFS UK is getting rinsed for his cursed impressions of the cast on TikTok

‘Time to let it go now Duka’

Ok so where is the ‘You want a picture let me pose for you now’ TikTok sound actually from?

You got me now? You like this one?

Whitney from MAFS has said she wishes she’d left the experiment and not stayed with Matt

‘I’m gonna say it: I do have regrets’

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