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Harrison Brocklehurst

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  • Harrison published a book in 2022, Would You Rather: The Very Adult Edition. It's the best and silliest thing he's ever done.
  • Harrison's passion for pop music has seen him judge on the panel for the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize consecutively for the last six years.
  • Harrison describes himself as a 'Sarah Michelle Gellar enthusiast', and in 2023 got to meet his lifelong idol in person. He's never recovered.


Harrison Brocklehurst joined The Tab in 2021, currently working as the Senior Pop Culture Writer. He's also written for VICE UK, Dazed, MixMag, The Face, Big Issue and Polyester Magazine. Harrison's first book released in 2022.


Harrison graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA Honours in Drama. After he graduated, Harrison started working freelance as a pop culture writer before joining The Tab.


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Every Little Mix solo single ranked from worst to best now Jade’s finally dropped her banger

Love a little bitter in the sweet x

Enough is enough: Sean is the most toxic man on Love Island and needs to be dumped

These sweets are sour

Brittany Broski is getting dragged for her response to the Cody Ko allegations

Her statement did not go down well

Billie Eilish failing to sell out her tour proves ticket prices for gigs must change, and fast

Tickets have been on sale since May but are still widely available – if you’ll pay £250 for standing

Jess from Love Island has finally reacted to everyone roasting her for saying ‘I’m the prize’

‘My mum said I said it seven times in one episode’

A full rundown of all the allegations against Cody Ko from fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau

Ko is accused of being intimate with Mongeau when she was 17 and he was 25

Here’s how much Charli XCX is allegedly making in royalties whilst we have a Brat summer

Bumpin’ that!

In life-ruining news, Pret has just permanently axed free drinks from its subscription

What’s even the point anymore?

A rumoured cast for Drag Race All Stars 10 has allegedly leaked and there’s a HUGE twist

If this is real I will probably combust

All the controversies and backlash Katy Perry’s had before the Woman’s World drama

She’s made multiple nasty digs at Britney Spears

Drag Race’s Kandy Muse and Elliott With 2 Ts are having a very public, messy fight right now

The drama is insane

The Boys might have to delay this week’s finale after Trump assassination attempt

The episode is called Assassination Run – terrible timing

Ranking The Boys characters by who definitely deserves to be killed off next

Hear me out… It’s not Homelander

Not reem in the slightest: How Joey Essex utterly destroyed his image on Love Island 2024

A spiteful side to him in the villa has ruined his silly and lovable reputation

Here’s the actual reason Longlegs looks so terrifying that was never mentioned in the film

Nicolas Cage’s makeup artist has explained the harrowing appearance

Longlegs director has explained how a famous real life murder inspired the film’s doll twist

Never want to see those dolls again in my life

Longlegs director has debunked a wild theory about the film’s sinister name

Oz Perkins explained the actual reason he went with the mysterious title

Longlegs is terrifying, but it’s even scarier when you learn the bleak ending’s true meaning

I haven’t been right since I watched this EVIL movie

All the mortifyingly cringe things Katy Perry has done since her new single got annihilated

She’s now claiming her critically panned comeback is ‘satire’

Right: Here’s whether King Aegon II actually died in House of the Dragon

My nerves are shot

House of the Dragon keeps showing Hugh the blacksmith: Here’s why he’s actually so important

His storyline in the books is wild

Explaining what Daemon’s wild visions in House of the Dragon actually mean

Traumatised by the one of his mother to be honest

The Boys is disgusting: Here’s some insanely wholesome behind the scenes pics to heal you

The cast vibes are immaculate even when covered in blood and guts

Ranking all the new JoJo Siwa EP songs by how much they make me wanna chop my ears off

If you thought Karma was bad, have I got some songs for you!

The dead on arrival disaster of Katy Perry’s return to music: How did she get it so wrong?

Her female empowerment anthem Woman’s World has arrived to nothing but boos, dragging and cancellation

George R. R. Martin has dragged Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon for big errors

‘Ignore canon, and the world you’ve created comes apart like tissue paper’

Love Island is in crisis! Every single great Islander has been dumped from the villa

Bring back my Uma!

These memes about last night’s Euros semi-final prove it might actually be coming home

I can taste that Keir Starmer-teased bank holiday now

Let’s be honest: What is the point of watching Love Island 2024 now Uma isn’t there?

We should have all followed our girl out of the villa

The most utterly disgusting moments from The Boys, ranked by how hard they are to watch

How does this show get made!?

There’s a major plot hole in the final episode of Supacell and it ruins the whole show

We need answers

This wild The Boys theory hints Sister Sage is actually targeting Ryan after all

I just don’t believe she’s on the same side of Homelander tbh

This theory on Butcher from The Boys’ power makes him strong enough to defeat Homelander

I’m on EDGE

Ranking who in the Love Island villa is most evil after all the post Movie Night week of chaos

My heart has been broken about 600 times

Ranking all the Supacell characters by whose super power you’d actually want

Imagine the train money you’d save being able to run to Edinburgh in a few seconds

Inside the wild conspiracy forcing Reform UK to validate whether candidates are real people

‘I am not AI’

Harriett has finally responded to all the TikTok videos mocking her iconic Love Island walk

Strut of the century

Ranked: The Love Islanders who came out the absolute worst after the Casa Amor recoupling

Message for Ayo: Get out of my sight!

Here’s exactly what Keir Starmer will be getting up to during his first few days as prime minister

The removal vans are already clearing Rishi’s stuff out

The Taylor Swift beef rages on! Jack Antonoff just made a shady dig at Billie Eilish

‘You don’t hear good songs about, like, someone’s lunch’

This roundup of the best General Election results night memes proves the UK is unserious

The returning officer for Blyth stole the show tbh

The Love Island 2024 cast are the most unlikeable ever, and this Islander rundown proves it

They’re all doing my head in tbh

Inside wild Love Island theory Grace and Joey plotted to get Konnor to recouple with her

The conspiracy theories with these two have me hooked

Sabrina Carpenter posted a guy’s negative post about her song and he’s deleted his Twitter

She’s getting dragged for being petty, but perhaps she had a point

In honour of Sean, here’s a rundown of all the 2024 Love Islanders as what sweets they are

‘And most importantly… raspberries’

Right, is Millie Gibson back for season two of Doctor Who or has Ruby actually left the show?

The show said the Doctor would have two companions next series, but rumours are saying otherwise

Omg, there was apparently a 30 minute rant RuPaul gave Shannel that Drag Race didn’t air

All Stars 9 drama is never-ending

Charli XCX has spoken out against fans who were chanting ‘Taylor Swift is dead’ at her show

‘I will not tolerate it’

Taylor Swift claps back after Foo Fighters made a shady dig claiming she ‘doesn’t play live’

Dave Grohl is braver than me to face the wrath of Swifties

‘Stay away from her you roach’: Uma’s sister just dragged Ayo from Love Island on Insta

She ‘can’t stand him’

From Nipplegate to getting arrested: All of Justin Timberlake’s scandals and controversies

Justice for Janet and Britney, always

A video has resurfaced of Justin Timberlake seemingly telling Britney Spears to stop drinking

Alexa, play What Goes Around Comes Around

Munveer has finally explained what’s going on with Ronnie’s hair on Love Island

Can sleep well tonight with these actual answers

OceanGate Titan sub co-founder is organising a trip to one of the world’s deepest sinkholes

The 663-feet deep Dean’s Blue Hole has never been explored, locals call it ‘a portal to hell’

Drag Race’s Plane Jane has been dragged for calling Chappell Roan ‘performative as f*ck’

After major backlash, Plane Jane deleted the tweet and released a statement

‘This is going to ruin the tour’: The latest cringe details of Justin Timberlake’s arrest

The police officer apparently had no clue who he was

The mega net worths of The Boys cast, ranked by who’s actually the richest

Give Starlight a pay rise for slaying

What your choice of Glastonbury footwear categorically says about your overall vibe

Can’t wait to see your obnoxious Crocs seeping with mud

Ariana Grande defends her voice changing mid-interview after getting backlash online

A video went viral of her voice changing completely within seconds on a podcast

Love Island’s Josh Ritchie dragged after not paying a small business for birthday balloons

Josh has now clapped back with his say on the drama

Emirates releases statement on Jack Fowler ‘nearly dying’ after allergic reaction on flight

‘We cannot guarantee a nut-free inflight environment’

Inside wild Love Island theory that Joey and Grace were still together before the show

It would explain why Joey didn’t kiss Samantha for two weeks

Omg: The ‘sad little life Jane’ guy from Come Dine With Me had another insult that got cut

Channel 4 – release the footage!

Kesha seemingly shades Katy Perry after rumours her new single is produced by Dr Luke

Uh oh

Justin Timberlake has been arrested for drink-driving in the Hamptons

He’s set to appear in court later today following the arrest

Drag Race icon Stacey Layne Matthews has been hospitalised after losing mobility in her legs

A serious spinal issue has left her unable to move

Love Island’s Jack Fowler ‘nearly died’ on plane to Dubai after life-threatening allergic reaction

The pilot had to speed up the flight as the severity worsened

People think Katie Price and JJ from MAFS have split after flirty Jack Grealish comment

Classic Pricey antics

Gottmik responds after Drag Race fans clock her for copying comedy routine from Nikki Glaser

The jokes were almost word for word the same

‘I’m grateful’: Armie Hammer addresses ‘hilarious’ claims he’s a cannibal for the first time

Interesting perspective on the claims you’ve got a kink for eating people I guess

A Bridgerton showrunner has commented on all the theories Eloise might be queer

‘She does read as queer, and I totally understand why’

Does Sabrina Carpenter ALWAYS autoplay after any song on Spotify? An investigation

Now why am I getting Espresso right after Eminem?

They’re fuming! A rundown of the Love Islanders who were saltiest after getting dumped

At least leave the villa with some decorum, you guys…

Sara from MAFS Australia just explained how her feud with Cassandra started and it’s so messy

The girls are FIGHTING

Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy are having huge beef and she’s really not holding back

‘Why don’t you text me and ask me yourself you stuck up, ungrateful loser?’

Taylor Swift dropped three UK only album versions to block Charli XCX from number one

It is truly beyond belief

The Dunder Mifflin rich list: Ranking The Office US cast by their huge net worths

Michael Scott would be fuming to hear Toby’s raking it in

From NYC kisses to getting engaged: How Matty Healy and Gabbriette became a power couple

Never forget when he took her to Manchester and made her try a Greggs

The mega rich Game of Thrones cast, ranked by their insanely whopping net worths

They’re all worth more than the Iron Throne

An ode to Harriett: The Islander bringing drama and making Love Island worth watching

Thank god for her messy, MESSY ways

Simon Cowell just said he regrets not taking full control of the One Direction name

‘I can be very naive at times – and that was me being very, very naive’

This TikToker got fired for saying the n-word in a video, and now she’s doubling down on it

Lilly Gaddis’ TikTok has now been deactivated, but she’s not sorry

Aaron from The Traitors is going on Love Island USA and has made the most cringe video ever

It’s a villa-themed version of Looking For a Man in Finance

Erm, MAFS Australia’s Lucinda and Timothy have suddenly unfollowed each other!?

The post-MAFS friendship seems to be well and truly over

An exhaustive list of all 34 versions of her album Taylor Swift has greedily released

The Swifties are the real Tortured Poets having to buy 34 versions of the same album

Every wild Bridgerton reference and easter egg in this week’s Doctor Who episode Rogue

The Bridgerton style cover of Poker Face was perfection

Matty Healy allegedly liked a post dragging Swifties for making everything about Taylor Swift

This is so messy

This The Big Bang Theory scene has everyone weeping harder after the Young Sheldon finale

George Sr’s death has scarred me for life

Lawyer who claims she was stalked by ‘dreadful’ Fiona Harvey shares alleged ‘screaming abuse’

Laura Wray claimed to Piers Morgan Fiona Harvey harassed her for years before Richard Gadd

The extremely strict Love Island smoking and vaping rules for 2024, explained in full

My vape obsession could NOT cope with this

Everyone thinks Charli XCX made a Taylor Swift dig on new album and it’s not subtle at all

‘I hope they break up quick’

The Traitors Charlotte’s wife has spoken out about Conor Maynard pregnancy drama

‘Charlotte has stated in interviews she was single, which wasn’t the case at all’

Reddit fans have mapped out a Young Sheldon series eight and the ideas are amazing

We can dream

Ranked: The 10 best Sabrina Carpenter bangers, since she just dropped a new one

Working late ’cause you’re a singer clearly pays off

They just hard launched! The full Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan relationship timeline

I would die for them

Inside the wild The Traitors cast drama, where Mollie has now unfollowed winner Harry

Charlotte is pregnant with Conor Maynard’s baby!?

Wait, who is the new Charli XCX diss track about? Explaining the rumoured beef with Lorde

‘Sometimes I think I might hate you’ – These lyrics are insane

A considered ranking of Jennifer Lopez’s most cursed films, from worst to somehow worser

Brb rewatching Anaconda

Young Sheldon fans are debating the theories on why Sheldon’s style changed so much

One of them is actually so sad

Taylor Swift sticks up for Lady Gaga after the internet weirdly debates if she’s pregnant or not

‘It’s invasive and irresponsible to to comment on a woman’s body’

‘Jarringly ugly’: The most savage reviews of JLo’s film Atlas on Netflix

‘Another Netflix film made to half-watch whilst doing laundry’