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It took its time, but 2022 has been the year MAFS UK finally became iconic reality TV

The cheating scandal dinner party was carnage Love Island could only dream of

Erm, Mary’s crooked mouth is backwards in Hocus Pocus 2 and Kathy Najimy’s revealed why

I knew something was off!!!

Hocus Pocus 2 is the most disappointing sequel ever and these reasons prove why

The filmmakers clearly forgot that the Sanderson sisters are meant to be evil

Just May on what it’s like to be the first Drag Race UK season four queen to sashay away

And why she’ll never cancel Geri Halliwell, no matter what Tories Ginger Spice gets pictured with

These 22 memes from the Drag Race UK season four premiere prove it’s the best show on TV

It’s Black Peppa’s world and we’re all living in it

Inside the TikTok conspiracy theory that believes Camilla Parker Bowles’ head is a mask

‘Something seems off with Camilla…’

Cherry Valentine from Drag Race UK season two has died, aged 28

‘We are still processing his death and our lives will never be the same’

Rounding up the 27 most iconic Drag Race UK moments of all time before season four starts

‘A red wig and a silver dress? I don’t think’

From Olivia Rodrigo to Billie Eilish, here’s a roundup of the entire Do Revenge soundtrack

Este Haim scored the whole film!

Spankie Jackson winning Drag Race Down Under shows talent and charm take you all the way

Proof you don’t need to look like Krystal Versace to snatch the crown

We spoke to every queen from Drag Race UK season four before tomorrow’s premiere

‘When I say this is a good season, there has *never* been a cast like this’

Here’s *that* twist ending of the new Netflix film Do Revenge fully explained

We demand a sequel!

Everything critics are saying about Do Revenge, the Netflix film called ‘next Mean Girls’

‘Proof that Netflix doesn’t just do Kissing Booth movies’

The 30 best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes of all time, ranked by a superfan

Cordelia episodes are always god tier

BBC has announced the Queen’s death will not delay the queens of Drag Race UK season four

The season will premiere as planned on 22nd September

Ok so who actually is the guy in the chef in the kitchen meme all over Twitter right now?

‘Me making my Hello Fresh meals’

Do Revenge drops on Netflix tomorrow, so here’s where you recognise the iconic cast from


Right, is the Queen actually in the coffin? An investigation

I’ve been debating this for days

Omg guys!!! Love is Blind season three is officially coming to Netflix NEXT MONTH

I’m Shake-ing!

Rita Ora singing a cover of Running Up That Hill is so bad she deserves Vecna’s curse

‘It’s giving Fergie doing the National Anthem’

If you get 10/10 on this Katy Perry Just Eat lyrics quiz you deserve a massive takeaway

Song of the year methinks!

Who are Thomas and Adrian? The bickering couple making MAFS UK worth watching

‘There’d be no show without them’

Ok so who actually is Chelsea Lee Art from TikTok, and why is she always live on the FYP?

Ah-roots, darling! Roots!

Ok so here’s what it means for the Queen to lie in state, and how you can visit her coffin

It will be open to the public for 24 hours a day until her funeral

It’s everywhere, so here’s the iconic origin story of the Lisa Rinna M&M meme explained

‘Lisa Rinna M&M has arrived at Balmoral’

Coco Jumbo says Drag Race Down Under lost footage of her and had to re-film three times

She had to return to redo the runway, judges’ critiques AND lip sync

Nobody is taking the Queen’s death harder than these 11 emotional mums on TikTok

Wholesome icons all round!

Erm… some people online are convinced the Queen has been reborn as Trisha Paytas’ baby

Why does this feel like a Riverdale storyline?

Breaking: Queen Elizabeth II has died

The UK’s longest serving monarch has passed away aged 96

Inside Antigoni’s boujie London life: Huge house, celeb pals and a mum on GB News

I am looking *respectfully* at her dad’s bodybuilding pictures

A guy on TikTok is claiming he met Davide in Liverpool, and he had a Scouse accent?

The real Davide or Scouside? This is a case for the FBI

Jake Cornish has had a big career change and wants to be known as ‘Jakey The Rattan Man’

He described himself as ‘a rattan furniture mogul’

Here they come! Meet the 12 sickening queens cast on Drag Race UK season four

Every picture here needs to hang in the Tate

Okay, so what is Kiwi? The new app getting described as the music version of BeReal

Now everyone can see that all I do is stream Taylor Swift – perfect

The most cursed TikTok content from Love Islanders, ranked from worst to best

‘Jakey’ cufflinks will haunt me forever

From urgent toilet trips to burning kitchens: The most chaotic BeReals ever captured

It’s time to ⚠️ cause mayhem ⚠️

Laura Whitmore says she ‘wasn’t allowed’ to ask Love Islanders if they were okay

‘I question things a lot, and even if I don’t do it publicly people would rather I didn’t’

Only Matty Healy himself could get full marks on this The 1975 lyrics quiz

They’ve released nothing but bangers, end of

Okay so what is the ‘who is she, at the chip shop’ song all over the TikTok FYP right now?

Yes I have learned the dance x

Just a round up of 13 drag queens that could absolutely *destroy* Vecna

Who needs Eleven when we have Bailey J Mills?

Rounding up every queen rumoured to be cast on season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

If even half of these are true, prepare to be gagged

Start your engines: Drag Race UK is coming back for season four on 22nd September!

Shaking, crying, throwing up

An ode to the iconic mums of Married at First Sight UK, who make the show worth watching

Tom’s Scouse ma needs her own spin off as a matter of urgency

Drag Race UK has revealed all the iconic guest judges for season four and we’re not worthy

Whoever booked Alison Hammond needs a pay rise

21 iconic reactions to the Taylor Swift album announcement before we meet her at Midnight

Swifties getting ‘shaking, crying, throwing up’ to trend on Twitter is legendary

Ranking every cursed gesture in Luca and Gemma’s going official video from worst to worser

He went to all that effort but forgot to buy a question mark balloon

Davide’s been papped getting into a taxi with two women whilst Ekin-Su’s in LA

Oh to witness them argue about this around a Majorcan fire pit

The worst thing about Drag Race Down Under? RuPaul’s hosting is holding back the cast

When the host doesn’t know the cultural references, the queens can’t thrive

George Ezra’s Green Green Grass is the worst song ever and these cursed lyrics prove it

When will we know peace from its evil grip?

Student who went viral for phobia of Michael Jackson opens up about her lifelong terror

‘When his music plays, I have a rush of fear through me’

Harry Styles’ acting in Don’t Worry Darling is being compared to Curtis and AJ on Hollyoaks

How’s Trish?

Everyone on earth hates the Totaljobs YouTube advert and the internet is at breaking point

Granny, she got the job – but at the cost of our sanity

Andrew Tate says ‘his future’ is starting The Tate Foundation charity to help women

‘There will be no pictures of Bugattis anymore, sorry gentlemen’

Everything Andrew Tate has said in his ‘final message’ video shared after social media ban

‘I have some responsibility to bear, although I believe I have been unfairly vilified’

Every UK number one single from 2002, ranked from worst to best

The country was in a Gareth Gates Vs Will Young chokehold

Omg! One of the producers of Drag Race finally revealed how lip sync songs are picked

I will not rest until we get a Girls Aloud song

Dear Islanders: No one wants to see your extravagant lives during a cost of living crisis

Families struggling to feed themselves but Luca and Gemma are filming a full trolley M&S big shop

Who is Aubrey O’Day? The singer who’s gone viral for her wild Instagram photoshopping

She was on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2018

Aubrey O’Day has been accused of photoshopping herself into a globetrotting Insta holiday

Naturally, she’s responded by photoshopping herself hugging Jesus in a bikini

She-Hulk getting ‘review bombed’ proves Marvel’s biggest problem is misogyny

IMDb was flooded with one star reviews from men over 30 before the first episode was even released

Okay so this is where you recognise the cast of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law from

Yes that is Jameela Jamil playing a supervillain

Danica reveals she had management before the villa who ‘arranged’ Love Island application

She says she was approached by Neon Management back in January

From Jess to Ekin-Su: All 16 winners of Love Island definitively ranked from worst to best

Liam Reardon I will never forgive you for Casa Amor

Revealed: All the allegations regarding podcast host Murad Merali’s fetish video past

The videos show his feet being smacked across a guy’s face and ‘raceplay’

Okay so just how rich is Andrew Tate, and how did he make all of his money?

He’s always on private jets and claims to own 27 supercars

Inside the iconic 2009 Gaga performance of Paparazzi that’s become a big TikTok sound


Debunking the wild conspiracy that RuPaul is green screened into Drag Race Down Under

‘I know for a fact he was there, because I smelt him’

Here’s the full lineup of the artists who performed at the disaster that was Woodstock ’99

Alanis Morissette on before Limp Bizkit is a major clash of vibes

What did we as a society do to deserve the painfully abysmal Love Island 2022 reunion?

You’d struggle to find a worse way to spend an hour and a half

Only Vecna himself could get full marks on this *hard* Stranger Things 4 quiz

If you’re not a card carrying Hellfire Club member, don’t bother

From Nikki Grahame to Alison Hammond: Here are the most iconic Big Brother housemates ever

Never forget Michelle Bass singing Pie Jesu

Every UK number one single from the year 2001, ranked from worst to best

The fact that Nicole Kidman has a number one is iconic

Terrace crawls and t*t sucks: A roundup of all the iconic moments from Love Island 2022

Or whatever

Real people, big diversity: If ITV is bringing Big Brother back it needs to do it right

The show needs to be as trailblazing and iconic as it was in the 00s

Drag Race Down Under is back! And unlike the disastrous season one, it’s actually great

Season two is bursting with talent, personality and immaculate vibes

Ekin-Su winning Love Island is a victory for the girls, the gays and LoveOfHuns culture

We’ve reclaimed the show from the clutches of Fiat 500 Twitter and it feels so good

Yvie Oddly has blasted the All Stars 7 editing, calling her experience on show ‘gruesome’

‘I’ve been lobotomised and presented as a goofy, big-d*cked mascot’

The wait is over: The definitive ranking of every Islander from Love Island 2022

Please just pretend to be shocked when you get to number one

All Stars 7: A joyous yet frustrating celebration of why Drag Race is a global phenomenon

The queens were outstanding, but production and silly twists held the season back

All Stars 7 crowns its winner! Meet the queens who won the two final lip-sync smackdowns

This is a place for legends!

‘It wasn’t kind behaviour’: Coco reveals drama with Paige that Love Island didn’t air

‘I didn’t do anything in there besides try really hard with her because she was the least welcoming’

Clean Bandit’s 13 biggest bops ranked, from Rather Be to Rockabye

Drive with Wes Nelson slaps a bit TOO hard methinks

Holding reality stars accountable online isn’t trolling – we need to stop blurring the line

Telling people they can’t call out Luca’s behaviour is not #BeKind, it’s tone policing

Trinity the Tuck reveals unaired argument between Raja and Michelle Visage on All Stars 7

She claims Raja looked right at Michelle and said ‘Who are you to judge me?’

Bad rapping and Breaking Free: Everything wrong with the Love Island talent show of 2022

Why did Davide’s carbonara look like an omelette may I ask?

We’re soaring, flying and crying laughing at these 23 Love Island 2022 talent show memes

Indiyah’s flute and Tasha’s cup should join forces for Eurovision 2023

Andrew Tate was on Big Brother UK in 2016 – here’s a recap of everything he did on there

He ended up getting removed from the house

Every iconic Love Islander that needs to guest judge on Drag Race UK

Ekin-Su could replace RuPaul at this point

All the performances from the All Stars 7 talent show, ranked by how hard they slayed

Still got goosebumps from Monét’s opera tbh x

Omg! Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to TV as the lead role on new Teen Wolf spin off

SMG back doing supernatural teen drama? Huge win for the gays

On its final challenge, All Stars 7 dropped a twist that’s left the whole season pointless

Rigga morris, girl!

Footballers, Strictly stars and boyband members: Inside the love lives of Girls Aloud

Nicola Roberts has a new boyfriend!

A silly little ranking of the 2022 Love Islanders based on how good they’d be at cooking

Dami has huge Rustlers burger energy

The definitive guide to what flavour Elf Bar the Love Islanders of 2022 would smoke

Known American Summer puffs on a cotton candy for sure

Ranking all the 2022 Love Islanders by who I’d most like to be stuck on a desert island with

If I’m stuck with Luca I pray Mother Nature takes me quickly

Hugo Hammond’s team has posted a statement denying the allegations made by Lottie Lion

The statement says Hugo’s mental health has ‘plummeted’ and that he’s taking time off social media

Omg! Secret Celebrity Drag Race is back for season two with major changes and additions

It’s giving huge Masked Singer vibes

Since it’s the biggest vibe ever, here’s the Rosalía chewing gum meme fully explained

I cannot escape these videos and I don’t want to x

Lottie Lion has accused Hugo Hammond of ‘screaming in her face’ after trying to kiss her

Hugo Hammond has posted a statement denying all allegations

Guessing who the five Tory leadership contest hopefuls want to win this year’s Love Island

Liz Truss deffo dashed home from the ITV debate for movie night

All the 2022 Love Islanders ranked by who came out looking the worst after movie night

No episode of TV has ever made me this seething