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Harrison Brocklehurst

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  • Harrison published a book in 2022, Would You Rather: The Very Adult Edition. It's the best and silliest thing he's ever done.
  • Harrison's passion for pop music has seen him judge on the panel for the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize consecutively for the last six years.
  • Harrison describes himself as a 'Sarah Michelle Gellar enthusiast', and in 2023 got to meet his lifelong idol in person. He's never recovered.


Harrison Brocklehurst joined The Tab in 2021, currently working as the Senior Pop Culture Writer. He's also written for VICE UK, Dazed, MixMag, The Face, Big Issue and Polyester Magazine. Harrison's first book released in 2022.


Harrison graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA Honours in Drama. After he graduated, Harrison started working freelance as a pop culture writer before joining The Tab.


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Omg, Avril Lavigne just addressed the rumour she’s been replaced by body double ‘Melissa’

Avril (or maybe Melissa) got grilled about it on a podcast yesterday

Everything Sophie Turner has said about Taylor Swift helping her through Joe Jonas divorce

‘I’ve never been more grateful to anyone than I am to her’

The ‘first girl’ of Love Island 2024 has been ‘revealed’ – she’s a model with 80,000 followers

Not Molly-Mae already following her

Okay: What is actually going on between Bobby Brazier and Ella from MAFS UK!?

They were pictured snogging at the BAFTAs

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Hannah Dodd has been recast as her in series three

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It’s not looking good for the Jodie Whittaker era

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Surprised any are after all the drama

Kelly from Love Triangle says she felt bullied by cast over comments about her age

‘I’m all about empowerment’

Everything Piers Morgan has said about Fiona Harvey since the Baby Reindeer interview

‘I think she lied to me a lot’

Kasbah club cancels ‘real’ Martha from Baby Reindeer appearance due to ‘negative publicity’

‘The promoter has deemed the event unsafe’

Um, a club is getting dragged for claiming it’s booked the real Martha from Baby Reindeer

‘As a business you should be appalled – absolutely vile’

Every savage dig Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan have thrown at each other since the split

‘People will see who you really are soon’

The theories on why Doctor Who keeps mysteriously sneaking Susan Twist into episodes

She’s popped up as four different characters and is set to be back in the next episode too

Inside the wild theories on why Doctor Who is now constantly breaking the fourth wall

Something’s shifted and fans have noticed

A rundown of the vibey Instagrams of the I Kissed a Girl cast

Need to be mates with them all

All the amazing songs Taylor Swift scrapped from the Eras Tour, and what got added

SEVEN songs from The Tortured Poets Department? I’m selling my ticket

All the shady, salty digs Love Island’s Georgia and Anton have thrown since their split

Yep, they’re still beefing

Lucinda from Love Island’s getting dragged for going to ‘100’ Downing Street ‘to see Boris’

‘Bet you were disappointed when Rishi answered’

The best episodes of Hacks ever, according to IMDb

I will follow Deborah and Ava to the ends of the earth

Nava Mau’s opened up on how she prepared for Baby Reindeer scene where Teri’s attacked

‘We built up a structure that I was gonna get knocked over, so when I’m on the floor I can look at the pieces’

From Rose Tyler to Ruby Sunday: The definitive ranking of every Doctor Who companion

Criminal that Jackie Tyler has never been on a Tardis trip tbh

All the best vibey behind the scenes pictures shared by the cast of Baby Reindeer

Love them so much

Since it might be on the rocks, here’s a timeline of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey’s friendship

‘I’m so lucky to know you and be your friend’

The setup for Fallout series two gives the TV show a huge game canon issue to tackle

This might be a problem they never had in the first series

A diss track-by-track breakdown of the increasingly personal Drake and Kendrick beef

Nine diss tracks this year alone? Enough!

Richard Gadd questioned by Baby Reindeer producers after actress called him out on Twitter

After an investigation he was cleared of any misconduct

All the levels from the OG Tomb Raider, ranked from miserable to masterpiece

Palace Midas is my happy place

From Thandiwe Newton to Billie Piper: Meet the iconic new cast for Wednesday series two

Joanna Lumley… I’m shaking

A rundown of the most random celebs who managed to get invited to the Met Gala

Hopefully Lea Michele was able to read her invite

All the evidence people think Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift have fallen out after the Met Gala

Uh oh

MAFS Australia’s Tahnee and Ollie just threw more savage digs on socials after the split

‘It’s not my fault the situation makes you look bad’

The most terrifying episodes of Buffy that prove it used to be the scariest show on TV

Get that skin eating monster away from me

A release day ranking of Dua Lipa’s disappointing new album Radical Optimism

Inspired by Britpop and 90s rave culture? Where?

A roundup of the best vibey behind the scenes pics of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast

Missing them x

James Corden just confirmed the finale of Gavin and Stacey is coming on Christmas Day!


You need to watch the explosive new dating show Love Triangle that makes MAFS look tame

It’s got dinner parties, arguments and cheating scandals in the first two episodes!

Inside Jono and Ellie from MAFS Australia’s cringy shared TikTok account

‘So this goes out to all the haters…’

OMG, MAFS Australia camera crew almost walked in on Jack and Tori doing the dirty deed

My eyes! MY EYES!

Who’s actually related!? A full family tree rundown of the Berzattos from The Bear

No, they’re not all cousins

Explaining the completely bizarre and violent ending of Love Lies Bleeding

I support lesbian rights AND lesbian wrongs!

Inside the controversial Serena Williams tennis match that inspired the film Challengers

‘What if you really needed to talk about something? And what if it was something going on beyond tennis?’

MAFS Australia’s Jack and Tori have ranted about their co-stars on their secret Instagram

‘We honestly couldn’t give a f*ck’

Tori’s bestie from the MAFS Australia wedding now thinks her and Jack are ‘so compatible’

Changed her tune since she was a bridesmaid I see

Memes, streams, popstar of dreams: How Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso took over the world

Me 80 times a day: ‘I’m working late, ’cause I’m a singer’

Collins is rebranding as a TikTok interviewer after MAFS Australia, and it’s absolute hell

Laughing so much at the bad microphone quality

‘The most edited episode’: A MAFS Australia cast member has blasted the reunion

‘Every other episode has been fairly accurate, but that was extremely out of context’

Everything Lauren’s said about Ellie and Jono’s relationship after the MAFS reunion

‘Me and him were forced to be together’

Everything Natalie and Collins have been up to since their disastrous time on MAFS Australia

If I had to hear about Collins discussing OnlyFans, you do too

The 10 best songs on Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department, according to streams

Justice for So High School!!!

‘Taylor Swift pub’ The Black Dog staff have spoken out about chaotic week mobbed by Swifties

‘We’ve got a Swift half pint on the menu, which people can get for free if they sing a Taylor lyric’

More lies Jack from MAFS Australia has been telling his ex have surfaced and it’s chaos

‘He’s only staying with Tori because he’s backed into a corner’

No ifs, no buts: These are the absolute WORST episodes of Black Mirror ever

Black Mirror episode idea: Me being forced to watch these on loop

Inside the wild transformations of the Buffy cast, from the first episode to now

Sarah Michelle Gellar my ageless queen!

Um, a MAFS Australia couple who’ve broken up did a joint club appearance this weekend

Beyond awkward I fear

Bronte speaks out against MAFS Australia and says show offers no support to the cast

‘During filming, I was distraught’

Ella Ding dropped some brutal shade towards Jayden from MAFS Australia on Eden’s TikTok

Long live her Eynaud brothers vendetta!

Erm, there’s a secret code hidden in Martha’s Baby Reindeer emails and it’s WILD

This is the most random crossover

Brit Smith has finally posted a video fully addressing the JoJo Siwa song ‘theft’ situation

‘I just want to make it clear that JoJo has done nothing wrong to me’

People think they’ve found the real Martha from Baby Reindeer laughing in a stand-up video

It’s from a clip of Richard Gadd doing a comedy routine back in the day

Lucinda’s set to ‘make millions’ after MAFS Australia, with a ‘bidding war’ over her next gig

‘Her positive energy has resonated with viewers who see her as a breath of fresh air’

Tori has finally spilled what her friendship status is now with the other MAFS Australia girls

‘What those girls did to me was not friendship’

A body language expert says Jack and Tori are lying about having sex on MAFS Australia

‘Do I think they had proper sex? No’

Everything Eden and Jayden have been up to since their messy run on MAFS Australia

Apparently they broke up FOUR TIMES after filming finished

All the savage Matty Healy lyrics Taylor Swift sings on The Tortured Poets Department

‘They shake their heads and say God help her when I tell them he’s my man’

Here’s where to watch Richard Gadd next if you’re obsessed with Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

He’s in a police show with Stephen Graham!

Inside Nava Mau’s vibey life when she’s not playing the best character in Baby Reindeer

Fully obsessed with her

Lauren from MAFS Australia has been spotted on a night out getting close to her ex again

There’s picture evidence!!!

OMG! The viral four lads in jeans are back and the jeans got… baggy

It’s been five years since the first picture was posted!

Definitively ranking all the episodes of Fallout series one from worst to best

Kind of like picking your favourite child

OMG! Fallout has a real number you can call or text to get a secret easter egg

If you actually ring it, prepare to be terrified

Here’s how Lucinda from MAFS Australia actually found out about Timothy’s criminal past

‘One mistake doesn’t define who you are today’

Gypsy Rose Blanchard divorced Ryan after a fight over his ‘food hoarding and snoring’

He apparently buys and keeps food in bulk and Gypsy wasn’t feeling it

OMG: A third claim has emerged that MAFS Australia’s Jack has cheated on Tori

When will it end!?

Amazon’s Fallout finally answers mystery fans of the game have wanted to know for years

A gap in the nuclear apocalypse lore has been filled

Omg, we now officially know Lucy’s stats if she was in one of the Fallout games

Nerding out so hard right now

Everything we know about the explosive chaos of the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows

Buckle UP

Here’s when the MAFS Australia cast will actually get control of their Instagrams back

Imagine the drama when they can say what they want again

Where are the Deathclaws!? Why Fallout’s most famous monster isn’t in the TV show

Dying to see Lucy VS Deathclaw

The Fallout TV show has a huge lore error that completely contradicts one of the games

Fans are so confused Bethesda has now had to speak out and clarify

OMG! Brit Smith officially releases Karma’s A B*tch on streaming after the JoJo Siwa drama

Let the chart battle begin!!!

‘I don’t know who Brit Smith is’: JoJo Siwa has addressed the chaos around her new song

Karma has been wrapped up in nothing but controversy since it came out

A roundup of all the Love Islanders at Coachella 2024 and their very vibey outfits

Maura just never misses

Revealed: The real reason Richard and Andrea’s MAFS Australia marriage crumbled

‘Not letting her speak, talking over her – all of that crushed her the most’

Cassie from MAFS Australia has spoken out about how she tried to save Tristan relationship

‘I could have done this better’

Meet Ella Purnell: The vibey Brit playing Lucy in Fallout who everyone’s obsessed with

She has the coolest Instagram on the planet

What the TV show doesn’t tell you about the backstory of the vaults in Fallout

They’re not the paradise from the apocalypse you might think

A rundown of easter eggs and nods to the game in the new Fallout TV show

Any lifelong fan will be very happy

MAFS Australia expert explains the weird reason they’ve only cast a few same-sex couples

Alessandra finally gave us an answer

Omg, turns out Lauren from MAFS Australia hooked up with a VERY famous DJ ‘for clout’

He flew her to Bali for his show and they’re still mates now

Um, JoJo Siwa’s new song was recorded in 2012 by someone else and there’s a music video?

The plot thickens daily

From Mother Monster to corporate sellout: The dismal downfall of Lady Gaga

2009 Gaga was dying for her art, 2024 Gaga is doing adverts for Big Pharma

LGBTQ+ music stars are dragging JoJo Siwa for saying she wants to invent a ‘gay pop’ genre

Open the schools!!!

Um, Jade and Ridge from MAFS Australia have done a big interview on wanting kids soon?

Alexa, play Movin’ Too Fast!

Omg, Richard was spotted ‘chatting up girls’ with Collins on a hectic MAFS night out

Smoooooooth operator

Erm, JoJo Siwa just revealed that she spent $50,000 on a cosmetic procedure!?

50 grand on cosmetic work aged 20 is wild

Abby Lee Miller has spoken out about the JoJo Siwa rebrand and did NOT mince her words

JoJo first became known when she was coached by Abby on Dance Moms

There was another MAFS Australia editing error last night and it’s a DISASTER

How did this get missed!?

‘Nothing but excuses’: MAFS’ Stephen and Michael on the demise of their marriage

‘I gave too much’

Explained: What the ‘be mindful of why you were invited to the section’ memes mean

Can’t escape this on the socials rn

Erm, so JoJo Siwa’s new single is apparently an old Miley Cyrus song from 2011!?

It all makes so much sense now