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Apprentice power ranking: Nautical barometers and endless Brighton blunders

How do you make buying asparagus look that hard?

Since he’s back on the market, take this quiz and we’ll tell you if Paul Mescal would date you

Question one: Do you own a pair of GAA shorts?

Julia Fox did a TikTok tour of her chaotic apartment and it’s major student house vibes

‘We have a small mouse problem, but it’s only a problem depending on how you look at it’

An ode to farmer Will: The Islander singlehandedly making winter Love Island a joy

Oh to be a sheep having its arse shaved by Will

The definitive tier list ranking of every major character in Happy Valley

I will hate Neil with my last breath

Ranking this year’s winter Love Islanders by how pure evil they are in the villa

Will is too pure for this earth

A comprehensive history of ‘villain of the season’ queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race

The show would be nothing without them

Explained: The heated drama between the Drag Race fandom and The Real Friends of WeHo

‘We worked too hard and invested too much money for a 45 minute edit’

Cheryl made her West End debut and the reviews are in… She’s the new Meryl Streep!

Erm, she got a standing ovation!?!?

Here’s where the ‘I’ll never forget that first day at pit’ northern TikTok sound is from

This sound can put a London posho into a coma

Apprentice power ranking: Evil laughter from tall giraffes VS children with no hands or feet

Another impossible watch from Lord Sugar

Kim Kardashian has purchased these 22 memes about her spending habits for $1.2 million

Hayley Cropper’s red coat? Priceless

‘No bigger than size five’: A brief history into the foot fetishists of Love Island

‘Her tootsies were a little bit dirty so we got them nice and clean’

Kim Kardashian doing a ‘British chav’ TikTok makeover isn’t funny or iconic, it’s classist

I don’t want to see billionaires M to the B-ing

Gregory from The Apprentice apologises for his antiques business stocking Nazi memorabilia

‘I in no way condone this abhorrent and shameful part of history’

Here’s how the scarily real Cordyceps fungal virus from The Last of Us actually works

Anything with the word ‘fungus’ in is pure horror

Here’s everywhere you recognise the mega famous cast of The Last of Us from

What’s Armond from The White Lotus doing here!?!?

The new Love Islanders have confessed their biggest icks and yep! They’re ridiculous

Men aren’t allowed to use umbrellas apparently

Just some silly predictions about the new Love Islanders, based on episode one alone

Olivia is the icon of the year already – facts are facts

M3GAN is already the most iconic film of 2023 and these 21 chaotic memes prove it

I can’t get over her spontaneously singing Titanium by Sia

Princess Poppy responds to backlash after ‘faking negative Covid test’ to get on Drag Race

She put chapstick up her nose

Meet Tanyel Revan: The Piers Morgan loving hairstylist on winter Love Island 2023

She’s got a phobia of milk

Say hi to Haris Namani: The Doncaster salesman and youngest lad on winter Love Island 2023

He says he’s after ‘Molly and Tommy success’

No ifs, no buts: Here’s the definitive tier list ranking of every character in Gavin and Stacey

I am president of the Stacey Hate Club

Apprentice power ranking: Slime-oozing green bao buns are still better than the candidates

You know things are bad when a candidate fires herself

From Bad Romance to Bloody Mary: The 30 greatest Lady Gaga songs, ranked


Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Miley Cyrus era matches your general vibe

Choosing a favourite Miley cover in this quiz was harder than my uni degree

Ranked: The 10 unquenchable UK towns and cities with the highest demand for Prime

Number two is so rogue

A roundup of the most eye-watering amounts people have spent on Prime at Wakey Wines

One girl spent more than the price of a brand new MacBook on 12 cans

From Essex to Edinburgh: The longest journeys made to get some Prime from Wakey Wines

Abdul coming closer for these people is not a want but a need

Explained: Why bots are driving you mad by constantly liking your Instagram stories

I need peace

Rochelle from The Apprentice’s company ‘owes £65k’ and has just £500 in the bank

Not the ‘Kim Kardashian of the business world’ in her flop era

Explained: Why Paul Breach got into a police van with a bag of fish and chips

This man’s life is beyond belief

Ranking all the new winter Love Islanders based on nothing but their promo pic vibe

Ron’s necklace is causing me great dismay

All 16 talent show performances from Drag Race season 15, ranked from flop to jaw drop

‘You better walk that f*cking duck’

Here’s how old all the candidates are on this year’s The Apprentice

Shock! They’re all young and fit

Bingo bingo! Wakey Wines has been banned on TikTok after selling £100 Prime cans

Abdul came closer, Abdul got banned

Oh my god! Paul Breach has his account banned on TikTok – here’s what we know

The end of a very cursed era

The Apprentice power ranking: Who’s an icon and who’s getting blasted from a cannon?

My life is infinitely better when this silly little show is airing

Fire the cannon and enjoy these 22 memes about last night’s return of The Apprentice

Can’t get over the candidates being forced to wear full business attire on the beach

Guys, Noah Schnapp has come out as gay and I don’t know a better way to start the year

‘I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought’

18 predictions about every candidate on The Apprentice 2023 you can’t prove wrong

Dani’s deffo the most likely to say ‘yoo hoo’ to Claude

If you’ve got the appetite for it, here’s the wild ending of The Menu fully explained

Really craving a cheeseburger now

Here’s everything you need to know about M3GAN, the new doll horror film that’s gone viral

It currently has a higher score on Rotten Tomatoes than The Godfather

Every major character from Glass Onion, ranked by how much of an icon they are

Oh to play Among Us in the bath with Benoit Blanc

VOTE: Which film is actually better, Knives Out or Glass Onion?

Baw gawd, I’m torn!

Here’s exactly where you recognise the cast of Happy Valley season three from

That evil PE teacher is so familiar

Every season of Drag Race that came out in 2022, ranked from worst to best

I can’t believe we got 12 seasons in A YEAR?

Meet the 18 new candidates strutting into the boardroom of The Apprentice 2023

‘I will bite, I will sting, and I will leave my mark’

From Love Island to The Traitors: A definitive list of the 10 best reality TV icons of 2022

Manifesting all of them to be cast on a season of Big Brother

The Traitors is the best reality TV of 2022, and this fresh batch of 22 memes proves it

Amanda has changed the trajectory of my life forever

An ode to Amanda, the traitor so savagely iconic she brought the whole country together

‘Wilfred, can I just tell you something? What is on the flag of Wales?’

Rajah O’Hara says she thinks there was ‘favouritism’ on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

She said she had to speak to producers about it at one point

RuPaul has said which queen he thinks deserved to win a crown, and you know what? Fair

He’s right and he should say it !!!

A guy on TikTok was on BBC’s trial run of The Traitors and here’s how the show’s changed

‘We had more drama on our dry run than the actual show’

Ekin-Su and Max Balegde are allegedly beefing and the drama is so messy

This is my multiverse of madness

Every song that hit number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2022, ranked from worst to best

Getting this out of the way before the return of LadBaby

Amy from MAFS says she’s ‘devastated’ after body shaming comments were ‘allowed’ on a live

‘Since losing her twins, Amy’s had an ongoing battle with loving her body and this low blow has set her back’

Here’s the controversy around Brendan Fraser and Sadie Sink’s new film The Whale explained

‘The Whale is unapologetically fatphobic, and deserves to be critiqued for that’

Buckle up: It’s time for a THIRD roundup of all the chaotic MAFS tea from the last month

Chanita announcing she fancies Miles from Made in Chelsea sends me

All the secrets the cast have spilled about what it’s really like to go on The Traitors

‘I can’t explain to you how heightened the emotion was because you’re so sleep-deprived and anxious’

There’s been a lot, so here’s a rundown of every queen that won a Drag Race crown in 2022

Blu winning UK Vs the World feels forever ago

The 2022 Drag Race moments that altered my brain chemistry forever

The Jimbo ghost? A fever dream

Meet Sugar and Spice: The vibey twins cast on Drag Race with 7.4 million TikTok followers

It’s the first time they’ve had siblings on the show!

Ranked: The 20 greatest RuPaul’s Drag Race verses of 2022

‘Fashion, beauty, runway pose – Icesis nails it on the nose’ 💅🏻

They’re here! Meet the 16 vibey queens competing on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

There’s a set of actual twins competing?!?!?

Here’s a breakdown of the insane amounts of money queens have spent to go on Drag Race

Icesis Couture spent $70k to compete on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

Drag Race is moving to MTV, so here’s where you’ll be able to watch season 15 in the UK

We’ve got you covered, hunty

Johnathan calls Christmas reunion ‘cringe’ and says he’s distancing himself from MAFS UK

‘To all the nasty hypocrites, give your head a wobble’

MAFS UK’s Amy accuses Sophie and Adrian of allowing body shaming comments on a live

‘I would have thought the MAFS family would know better by now’

Here are all the reasons why Icesis Couture chose to quit Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

‘I don’t agree with what’s happening here, I don’t agree with what you guys are doing to me’

All the reasons why the tragic MAFS UK Christmas reunion was more eggslog than eggnog

Did the Grinch produce this reunion?

Not another one! Dan and Matt from last year’s MAFS UK have split after two years

‘Breakups are never easy, even when amicable – we can’t thank you enough for your support’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how long you’d last on The Traitors

I’d be banished straight away I fear

Tom from The Traitors has confirmed whether him and Alex are still together

Their Instagrams give NOTHING away

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re a faithful or a traitor on The Traitors

Dead vibes if you get faithful

Okay so what does ‘rizz’ actually mean, and why is everyone on TikTok saying it?

I personally am radiating rizz

Prove you’re a faithful and laugh at these 22 chaotic memes about The Traitors

Can’t stop thinking about Claudia’s turtleneck

Cheryl has randomly been cast in 2:22 A Ghost Story and everyone’s losing their minds

She’s taking over from Laura Whitmore… what on EARTH is this play???

Meet Tom Elderfield, the magician getting everything wrong on The Traitors

Howling that his website features a testimony from Logan Paul

Every contestant on The Traitors ranked by how pure evil they really are

Don’t even speak John’s name around me

Jenna Ortega had Covid when the Wednesday dance scene was filmed and Twitter is furious

‘I wonder how many people got sick? And how many people those people got sick?’

Jenna Ortega says she has ‘always been against the love triangle’ in Wednesday

‘I told them very early on that I did not want her to be in the middle of a love triangle’

A full rundown of the characters who died by the end of Wednesday season one

If we didn’t see a body I refuse to believe they’re actually dead

A complete guide to all the monsters, creatures and outcast species in Wednesday

Brb off to become a siren so I can have eyes that blue

GUYS! The start date for winter Love Island has been reported and it’s just weeks away

This is not a drill!!!

Meet Alex Gray, the presenter and influencer with a secret boyfriend on The Traitors

Obsessed with the video of her interviewing Dr Alex from Love Island

Multiple seasons and more Morticia: What to expect from Wednesday season two

The creators said they’ve laid out storylines for ‘at least three or four’ seasons

If you loved Jenna Ortega in Wednesday, here’s everything else she’s been an icon in

I worship at the altar of Ortega

All of Matty Healy’s autotune one-liners from The 1975 tour, ranked

DoN’t LiKe MeNtHoLs

Rounding up all the easter eggs from Wednesday on Netflix that you definitely missed

I was shaking when Christina Ricci did the classic clicks

Ranking every major Motherland character by how pure evil they really are

Julia’s mum is dark sided

This is what the ‘sunrise to sunset’ Audio Day in your Spotify Wrapped actually means

If you don’t have Wistful Yearning at night, don’t talk to me

Spotify Wrapped is here, along with these 22 memes celebrating the best day of the year

I listened to Taylor Swift for the entire duration of a working week

Rounding up every single thing we know about the 2022 MAFS UK Christmas reunion

Advent calendars counting down to this carnage are needed

Just the 2022 MAFS UK cast as the classic British chain restaurants they match the vibe of

Can really imagine Thomas having a scrap over the peas in Toby Carvery

Meet Leo Woodall: The hot Londoner from The White Lotus who everyone’s obsessed with

He literally modelled his entire character off Joey Essex

The chaotic cast of MAFS UK 2022 as what meal deals they get before a commitment ceremony

Matt reeks of an all day breakfast triple

All four seasons of Drag Race UK, definitively ranked from worst to best

No prizes for guessing what number one is

The 20 greatest fashion moments from Drag Race UK season four, ranked

Sminty Drop twerking and crying dressed as a moth was better than anything at London Fashion Week

It’s all over Twitter, so here’s how to make a festival lineup with your Spotify artists

Shaking at my headliners being Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna