Francesca Eke

Assistant Editor

Francesca Eke
Newcastle University

Universities, student stories and lifestyle, campus culture, higher education, chick flicks, Netflix and American sitcoms.

  • Francesca is an Assistant Editor at The Tab and currently oversees 12 of The Tab’s local sites, which are directed regionally at different universities.
  • She is knowledgable on universities, student lifestyle, campus culture and all associated trending topics after being part of The Newcastle Tab as a student.
  • When she’s not assisting student journalists, Francesca loves both travelling and reading and spends most of her free time outdoors.


Francesca joined The Tab as an Assistant Editor in 2023, after graduating. Whilst at university, Francesca joined The Tab as a student writer, going on to become Co-Editor in Chief after eight months.


Francesca graduated from Newcastle University in 2023 with a BA Honours in Geography. She completed her final dissertation on sustainability, graduating with a 2:1 overall.


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Family of Aberdeen student launches legal bid to sue her ex-boyfriend over her death

Emily Drouet took her own life in 2016 after a campaign of abuse

Newcastle Uni gives students ‘no detriment’ policy to tackle impact of marking boycott

The uni has assured students that all assessments will still be marked but may be delayed

Newcastle Uni threatens students with investigations if they use ChatGPT in summer exams

In an email sent to all the uni urged students to use AI ‘responsibly’

As a final year, I’m sick of my future being used as a bargaining chip between unis and staff

I’ve poured months of my life into my dissertation and now it could all be for nothing

New NUSU president Shah Ali loses local council election with second lowest amount of votes

Only the Communist Party of Britain received fewer votes than Shah

Mum of Newcastle student who died by suicide calls for unis to have a legal duty of care

Phoebe Grime’s mother Hilary is campaigning as part of For The 100

More than 60 per cent of Newcastle students have reported feeling lonely whilst at uni

The toon is the sixth highest uni where students experience loneliness

‘It’s appalling’: Newcastle students on NUSU president elect standing as Tory councillor

‘I would not have voted for him if I had known’

Petition launched to sack incoming NUSU president elect because he’s standing as a Tory

Students are calling for a vote of no confidence in Shah Ali following his Tory candidacy for City Council

Man who murdered Northumbria Uni student Jason Brockbanks sentenced to life in prison

Aaron Ray stabbed Jason in his student halls after reading messages on his phone

Landlord told Newcastle student ‘put dryer and cooker on’ to keep warm after heating broke

Charlotte’s housemates were forced to sleep in coats in order to keep warm

This Newcastle student went on the uni’s dissertation writing retreat and I’m high-key jealous

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Newcastle SU to ‘amend approach’ to promoting fast fashion after backlash from students

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Students furious after Shein is given a stall at Newcastle SU’s Discover Newcastle Fair

The university is being criticised for going against its sustainability targets

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I don’t want to see any stress-induced butterfly haircuts about Jesmond this month

Trial date set after Northumbria student found dead in uni halls

Aaron Ray is set to go on trial on March 14th

I’m a northern student and I’m sick of my accent being judged at university

Having a northern accent has meant I’ve had a completely different university experience than I expected

Newcastle student who died from effects of drugs found to have not bought them herself

Jeni Larmour died in student halls in October 2020

Newcastle student died from the ‘effects of alcohol and ketamine’, inquest hears

Jeni Larmour died after her first night out after arriving at university

Tributes pour in for Northumbria University student who was killed in their student halls

Jason Brockbanks was described as having a ‘beautiful soul’

A man has been charged over the murder of a Northumbria Uni student in their halls

Other students living in the hall had their fingerprints taken and were relocated

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TikTok has launched a new instant photo feature like BeReal and people aren’t impressed

It’s giving little sister copying everything you do vibes

Tributes pour in after Newcastle graduate dies two weeks before starting ‘dream job’

Alice Birchall was described as ‘the most caring and considerate young woman you would ever wish to meet’