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Francesca Eke
Newcastle University

Universities, student stories and lifestyle, campus culture, higher education, chick flicks, Netflix and American sitcoms.

  • Francesca is an Assistant Editor at The Tab and currently oversees 12 of The Tab’s local sites, which are directed regionally at different universities.
  • She is knowledgable on universities, student lifestyle, campus culture and all associated trending topics after being part of The Newcastle Tab as a student.
  • When she’s not assisting student journalists, Francesca loves both travelling and reading and spends most of her free time outdoors.


Francesca joined The Tab as an Assistant Editor in 2023, after graduating. Whilst at university, Francesca joined The Tab as a student writer, going on to become Co-Editor in Chief after eight months.


Francesca graduated from Newcastle University in 2023 with a BA Honours in Geography. She completed her final dissertation on sustainability, graduating with a 2:1 overall.


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Liverpool student woke up Palestine encampment at 3am blasting Rule, Britannia! on speaker

The man accused a protestor of ‘trespassing’ on ‘his university’ and ‘intimidating people’

Jonathan Bailey ran a half marathon this weekend and raised over £30k for a LGBTQ+ charity

As if being Viscount Bridgerton wasn’t iconic enough, he just smashed Hackney Half too

Despite being single in the show, here’s who Cressida Cowper marries in Bridgerton books

And she still doesn’t get her happily ever after

Police launch investigation after Uni of Manchester building vandalised with red paint

Manchester Museum and Queens Arch are located opposite Brunswick Park, where a pro-Palestine encampment is still ongoing

University of Birmingham threatens students with legal action over pro-Palestine encampment

Occupiers arrived on the Green Heart on Thursday and are the first in the UK to have been threatened with police action

University of Manchester animal testing hits seven year high with over 100,000 tested on

Animals which were used for experimentation in 2023 include mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, sheep and fish

Sleeping pills and underwear: All of Martha’s bizarre gifts to Donny that Netflix cut out

The nature of their relationship was completely different in the play

Martha’s arrest and all the other differences in Baby Reindeer from the original play

Netflix also cut out all of the bizarre gifts Martha gave Donny

Liverpool students launch encampment on Abercromby Square in solidarity with Palestine

Students intend to occupy campus until the University of Liverpool meets their demands

UCL students set up encampment on campus in solidarity with Palestine

Tents were pitched last night, with students intending to stay until their demands are met

From casting to release date, here are all the juicy details of the It Ends With Us movie

Getting paid to kiss Blake Lively would heal me too, tbh

‘Aggressive’ Liverpool students kidnapped and attacked woman over jealous Snapchat messages

The women physically assaulted the victim before warning her ‘next time don’t f*cking mess with Arabs’

Saltburn star Barry Keoghan spotted filming advert on street in Manchester

I’m disappointed he didn’t stop off for a pint at Squirrel’s

Raving to radio: Everything Richard Gadd did after the real life events of Baby Reindeer

He even had time to go travelling

A look at Richard Gadd’s intense transformation in order to appear ‘neurotic’ on Baby Reindeer

He drastically changed his appearance for the series

Everything Richard Gadd has said about Jessica Gunning’s captivating Baby Reindeer performance

‘It lived and died on Martha and we couldn’t have been luckier’

A look inside the wholesome life of Jessica Gunning who carried Baby Reindeer as Martha

I can’t believe she’s not actually Scottish

Jessica Gunning has spoken about how ‘tough’ it was playing Martha in Baby Reindeer

‘I never saw her as a villain, I always saw her as multifaceted and complicated’

Madeleine complains that her MAFS Australia edit made her look like a ‘batsh*t crazy b*tch’

The psychic medium said that producers ‘pushed on a relationship topic that she didn’t want to go into’

Glasgow University distances itself from newly elected rector after Israel/Gaza comments

In a letter to UKLFI, Principle Sir Anton Muscatelli said the rector’s views ‘do not represent those of the university’

‘Terrified’ student watched as mouse ran around Manchester Metropolitan University library

The rodent was seen on the first floor of the All Saints Library on Saturday

Police release CCTV image after woman was sexually assaulted near Newcastle University

Northumbria Police believe this man may have witnessed the incident and could have valuable information

Lawyer’s behaviour to Glasgow student rape victim found to have broken professional conduct

Ellie Wilson’s complaint found that Mr Alonzi’s behaviour had ‘repeatedly crossed the line’

Glasgow Uni professor defends Germany at ICJ against claims it ‘enabled genocide’ in Gaza

Professor Tams told judges that Germany had only licensed four exports of weapons of war to Israel since October

Birmingham student police officer harassed ex-partner on social media over five months

PC Price committed gross conduct and would’ve been dismissed from the force had he not already resigned

Manchester police officer accused of raping student in her home after she rang for help

The 20-year-old student had called police after her ex threatened to post naked photos of her online

Northumbria student caught hiding class A drugs with intent to supply avoids prison time

28-year-old Arjun Tandon transformed his life after his arrest which had brought ‘shame’ on his family

Two men sentenced to life in prison for murder of Cody Fisher in Birmingham nightclub

Remy Gordon and Kami Carpenter were sentenced to 26 and 25 years respectively at Birmingham Crown Court today

Glasgow student drives ambulance 3,000 miles to Gaza to assist humanitarian relief efforts

Umran Ali Javaid is currently driving the second-hand vehicle through Europe after setting off from Scotland

Newcastle University student takes home £5,000 prize from ITV gameshow The 1% Club

22-year-old Maisie McClure didn’t use her ‘pass’ card until the 13th question

Leeds student rammed a police car to escape after being caught selling cocaine and cannabis

23-year-old Asif Yaseen was given a suspended sentence and will be permitted to continue studying at the University of Leeds

Oxford Brookes to introduce vape rooms in all buildings to stop students vaping in lectures

Each room will be fitted with a ventilation system to ensure air quality and ‘user comfort’

Jamie Laing to quit showbiz and return to Leeds University to teach broadcast journalism

A leaked email revealed that Jamie will be moving back north to lecture on podcasting and media

All Glasgow University graduations will be Wonka themed with VC dressed as The Unknown

Students will receive a singular jellybean alongside their certificate

Exeter University bans Sambas from Students’ Guild calling loose shoelaces a safety hazard

SU staff and security will check every students’ footwear on entry

Southampton University bans Stanley cups in lectures after damage caused by leakages

Students carrying the cups will be asked to leave them outside lecture halls inside a ‘Stanley holding pen’

Sussex Uni introduces compulsory office wear in library to prepare students for employment

A leaked email explained students would be denied entry to the library if they didn’t dress to code

Coventry University will use AI to teach business because course ‘isn’t worth the time’

A leaked email explained that the initiative will allow lecturers to focus on more ‘beneficial’ work

This Glasgow law student wrote her dissertation on the re-recording of Taylor Swift’s songs

Despite being a hardcore Swiftie, Regan said it took ‘a million vanilla lattes from Pret’ to get through the study

Student occupiers ‘locked in’ Parkinson Building confirm they can leave ‘through fire exit’

Leeds Palestinian Solidarity Group and Student Rebellion said that food and supplies are delivered inside the building between ‘certain hours’

Footage emerges of armed police arresting Sussex student in halls after ‘threats to kill’

Police raided East Slope halls with dogs after a 19-year-old student made ‘malicious communications’

Leeds students occupying Parkinson building claim the university rescinded its offer to meet

The occupiers also claim that security closed the building ‘four hours before the agreed time’

‘Insulting’ trigger warning in Uni of Manchester lecture around buying a round of drinks

The sociology lecture included two warnings and links to helplines for students that found the topic distressing

Glasgow Uni rape survivor gave empowering talk to students after changing Scottish policy

Ellie Wilson campaigned for students to declare violent criminal charges when applying to university

Leeds Jewish students feared for their lives after van driver ‘threatened to ram’ them

Two students were threatened and verbally abused while walking to prayer service at Hillel House

Newcastle students forced to move into hotel for days after house was left without water

Megan and Kirsty were given £50 from their landlady to spend on food

Leeds student who kept knives in halls and planned ‘shoot up for the lols’ jailed

Nicholas Rees was sentenced to six years in prison after speaking about making bombs

Jewish student centre vandalised after emeritus Leeds professor ‘suggested protest there’

‘Free Palestine’ was graffitied on Hillel House after a professor called for a ‘coordinated response’

A complete ranking of all Katie Price’s relationships, based on how long they lasted

I give her relationship with MAFS’ JJ Slater three months

This is what happens to your body when you first drink alcohol after Dry January

1. You rot in bed all weekend with a hangover

Everything Russell Brand’s done since the allegations made against him last year

Yesterday he commented on the allegations in an interview for the first time

So, who is Anna Archer’s new boyfriend that she’s soft launched on TikTok?

Gutted it’s not me

Birmingham City University student fundraises £7k in order to continue with her studies

International student Joanna Idowu was told she must pay half of the outstanding £14,500 by Friday

Wanting to try something new in 2024? Come and join the team at the The Birmingham Tab

Come to our open meeting at The Soak, Selly Oak on Tuesday 6th February 7:30pm to learn more!

PSA, your water bottle has 40,000x more bacteria than a toilet so here’s how to clean it

You’re a certified minger if you don’t wash your Stanley cup like this

Hit your Lost Mary whilst you can and weep over these 23 disposable vape ban memes

Harambe and Captain Tom will greet them with open arms

Apparently only ‘good drivers’ can spot these four road hazards in under 15 seconds

I’m sorry, but not even Lewis Hamilton could crack this

Speeches broadcast to London students calling for ‘death to Israel’ now under investigation

Speeches promoted by the Islamic Students Association of Britain denied the Holocaust and called on students to become ‘soft-war officers’

Liverpool students forced into temporary housing after no electricity or water for days

Students at The Exchange were left without heating whilst temperatures reached lows of -2 degrees

When they’re not pretending to be at Oxford, here’s where the Saltburn cast actually went to uni

One of them actually studied at Oxford?!

Family of Newcastle graduate who died from nut allergy want food takeaway apps to improve

James Atkinson died in 2020 after eating a takeaway pizza that contained nuts

Inside Mel Schilling’s glamorous return to the MAFS UK set just weeks after cancer surgery

She’s made it through filming on cocktail of Berocca and Champagne

It’s been eight months, so here’s what Lizzo has been doing since the accusations against her

She’s gotten into fitness and recently travelled to Tokyo

Are you more Felix or Oliver? Take this quiz to see which Saltburn heartthrob you’d be

Anyone who doesn’t like runny eggs is weird, end of

Who is Callum Turner? Dua Lipa’s new crime drama boyfriend who is actually fit

Not only is he 6’3″ but he even has a cockney accent

Stanley’s are cancelled, these are all the water bottles the girlies are using instead

Owala bottles are in for 2024

Who is Stormi Bree? Joe Jonas’ first rumoured girlfriend since his divorce

She shares a six-year-old child with Lucky Blue Smith

It’s coming! MAFS Australia is back in a few weeks and here are all the juicy details

This season will see the ‘most diverse’ group of brides and grooms yet

Only those with ‘super’ brains can find the animal in this optical illusion in eight seconds

I am questioning everything I know

These are the hottest new fashion trends predicted for 2024, according to TikTok

Please god, not capri pants

A look inside the weird and wonderful Instagrams of the The Traitors UK series two cast

Diane posting memes about herself on the grid is so iconic

From lifeguarding to investment banking: The jobs of the Dubai Bling cast before the show

Imagine having your car washed by Kris Fade

This is exactly what your emotional support water bottle says about your overall vibe

Stanley cup girlies are basic and I’m not sorry

People are convinced MAFS UK Brad has split from his influencer girlfriend, Hollie Baldwin

The pair went Instagram official just three months ago

Happy Dry January! These are officially the top 10 most sober universities in the UK

How is the University of Manchester on the list?

This is what it’s really like filming Sex Education, according to an extra who was there

Apparently Kedar Williams-Stirling wore contacts and Mimi Keene vaped ‘the whole time’

Everything Shona and Matt have been doing inside their whirlwind romance since MAFS 2023

Family selfies and couples vlogs? They may as well be married

Inside Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews’ lavish £12,000 a night Christmas break

The pair are staying at Spencer’s beautiful Scottish family estate, Glen Affric

Sammy Root hints he’s ready for a new relationship after not talking to Jess since split

The Love Island winner admitted he’s been having ‘too much fun’

Inside Molly-Mae and Tommy’s New Year’s trip to the Maldives, after rumours of their split

The couple appear to be loved-up on their luxurious £2,400 a night holiday with Bambi

People are convinced Monica and Chandler move into this famous house at the end of Friends

Could there BE any more clues?

MAFS Mel Schilling reveals she was able to spend Christmas at home after cancer surgery

The relationship expert was discharged from hospital after her tumour was successfully removed

Parasite star Lee Sun-kyun found dead in his car after police investigation over drug-use

The 48-year-old actor was found in his car in Seoul

Inside Matt Rife’s millionaire net worth and how he made his money doing stand up

He can afford to pay for a new jawline, that’s all I’m saying

Um, people are convinced Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are in London together for Christmas

They were both spotted in the city on Wednesday

Everything Adrienne has been up to as a fun-loving single after leaving MAFS UK 2023

She’s moved to Liverpool!

Boxing, swilling and finger biting: All the MAFS UK 2023 drama since the show ended

Georges calling Erica and Jordan ‘rodents’ will never not be funny to me

He’s cuffed! Introducing Matt Rife’s hot, British influencer girlfriend Jessica Lord

I cannot believe she’s from Rochdale

Brunches, World Cups and hunting: Inside Sophie Turner’s relationship with Perry Pearson

Country estates look good on Sophie

Presenting award shows and partying with Tulisa: Inside Jay’s it girl life since MAFS

Jay Howard and Denise Welch is the iconic duo I never knew I needed

If you do any of these specific 17 things at Christmas you’re a certified posh girly

Number one: Exclusively wear bows

If you can get full marks on this celebrity jawline quiz, you need a social media break

Timothee Chalamet needs to put the gua-sha down

Captain Raymond Holt carried Brooklyn 99, so here are his funniest episodes of all time

Holt and Cheddar deserved their own spin off show

‘He was so full of song’: Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast members pay tributes to Andre Braugher

Terry Crews said: ‘You showed me what a life well lived looks like’

Build a Christmas dinner and we’ll tell you if you’re actually northern or southern

Yorkshire puddings go on a Christmas dinner, end of

Matt Rife is facing backlash, this time for telling a six-year-old that Santa isn’t real

Matt told Bunny Hedaya’s son that his presents would be bought with ‘money she makes on OnlyFans’

Steroids, rehab and cooking a rat: I’m a Celeb’s biggest controversies over the years

I’m still mad at Amir and Iain for eating those strawberries

Skydiving and owning a Tesla: Inside Matt Rife’s whirlwind life since his rise to fame

I’m lowkey mad he’s got a girlfriend

Bibs, bras and better veneers: This is what the MAFS UK 2023 cast should get for Christmas

Arthur should definitely get a shirt that’s suitable for dinner

A complete rundown of all Matt Rife’s controversies as his Netflix special gets dragged

A clip of Matt teasing Zendaya has resurfaced from 2015

Here’s exactly where you recognise Player 198 in Squid Game: The Challenge from

I can’t escape him