Izzy Schifano
Co-Editor of The Soton Tab

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Soton’s Easter ski trip cancelled as resorts close due to coronavirus

The trip to Andorra had been planned for April

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Yesterday Easter break was brought forward by a week due to coronavirus

There has been a confirmed case of coronavirus on Soton’s campus

Students are being warned not to enter Building 53 over the weekend

Soton medical students’ placements have been cancelled due to coronavirus

But nursing students still have to go to their placements

Varsity has been cancelled because of coronavirus

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Hey Siri play that should be me

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You can now get paid £3,500 to get infected with coronavirus

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Uni students are literally having stones thrown at them because of coronavirus

Students have been verbally and physically abused

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Police have been investigating for a month

‘I woke up to a rat on my pillow’: The rankest things ever overheard in Portswood

Warning: The vast majority of these involve either rats or sick

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One Soton Uni student had a stone thrown at him