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‘I went from sober to throwing up in five minutes’: Young people’s stories of being spiked

‘This has left me with months’ worth of physical and mental recovery’

Over 2,600 young people believe they’ve been spiked already this term

The Tab surveyed over 23,000 students and young people. Here are the shocking results

Man arrested after women report being ‘injected with needles’ in Nottingham

Police are investigating multiple reports of spikings

So there are now trainers inspired by your uni, and they’re actually quite a vibe

Catch me stomping around the library in these x

Priti Patel announces inquiry into how Wayne Couzens kept his Met Police job

She said: ‘Women and girls have said enough is enough’

Police looking for men who kicked woman in face after she defended a gay man from attack

Daisy needed eight stitches after the group turned on her

Flag down a bus, and all the other tone-deaf ‘advice’ the Met Police is giving women

All of this ignores the actual issue, which is men

‘I am so fearful’: Young women outside Old Bailey as Couzens given whole-life sentence

One said: ‘If anything happened to me, I don’t think I’d be able to call a police officer in confidence’

Anti-lockdown protestors hijack scenes outside Wayne Couzens’ sentencing

A person outside the Old Bailey said: ‘It’s so upsetting to see people using this as a platform to further their own cause’

In pictures: Protestors gather as Couzens due to be sentenced for Sarah Everard’s murder

They chanted: ‘We will not be silenced by police violence’

All the celebs and influencers who are studying at your uni this year

Sorry but imagine turning up to halls and seeing the actual Gordon Ramsay moving his daughter in

Quiz: Which Sex Education adult are you spiritually aligned with?

Look, we can’t all be Jean

Meet Dua Saleh, the 26-year-old who plays Sex Education’s first non-binary character

‘Just being ourselves, not having to have somebody else play us. It feels amazing’

How to cook beetroot, and everything else freshers are frantically Googling right now

I don’t even want to know why ‘how to unblock a toilet’ is on this list

Get ready to bend and snap! Legally Blonde three is finally coming next year

Reese Witherspoon is back as Elle and I could not be any more excited

People are hearing this Sam Smith TikTok audio loads of different ways and my head hurts

Okay but what actually comes after ‘and I wanted you to know’???

Leaked audio clip: Government equalities minister goes on ‘anti-LGBTQ rant’

Kemi Badenoch questioned same-sex marriage and called trans women ‘men’

St Andrews tops uni league tables, the first time ever a university has beaten Oxbridge

No other UK uni has come first on the Good University Guide in 30 years

Half of young people have been screwed over by a landlord’s illegal behaviour

Here’s what to look out for and how you can know your renters’ rights

Which Bridesmaids girl are you spiritually aligned with? Take this quiz to find out

You’re gonna climb this quiz like a tree x

Love Island Gossip Column: Jake says Love Island manipulated his scenes?! And Georgia’s working at Lidl!

Plus, Liam was scouted for Love Island THREE years in a row?!

It’s only been three weeks: Here are all the 2021 Love Islanders back with their exes

No one moves quicker than the Love Island cast

Students on TikTok are sharing uni survival guides for freshers – here are their best tips

Rule number one: Get some designated night out trainers

Meet Emma Raducanu, the 18-year-old tennis star from London who just won the US Open

She won a chill £1.8mil just weeks after her A-Level results, nbd x

I refuse to believe the Outnumbered kids are adults: Here’s what they’re all up to now

I suddenly feel one million years old

Troy Bolton will only marry you if you get 22/26 on this bumper High School Musical quiz

Prove you’re a Wildcat by properly remembering all three HSM films

Only a true Wildcat could get full marks on this High School Musical trivia quiz

You better get’cha head in the game to take this quiz

These 11 emojis are officially icks and if you use them you need to be stopped

If you actually use the cry laughing emoji, sort yourself out

Sharon says she ‘felt like the diversity card’ in the Love Island 2021 villa

Sharon Gaffka revealed to The Tab what she said in unaired Love Island conversations about race, sexuality, and disability

Only David Beckham himself would get full marks on this Bend It Like Beckham trivia quiz

This film made you think you could be a footballer and don’t even try to deny it

Crying that it’s over? These 11 shows will fill the Love Island-shaped hole in your heart

Now you finally have something to do at 9pm every night x

PSA: Netflix has a ‘French version of Selling Sunset’, and it looks *so* good

Luxury homes and fit French people? Sign me UP

Quiz: Can you guess how many Ofcom complaints these Love Island moments received?

Over the years the show has racked up thousands of complaints

Quiz: Which Love Island series matches your overall vibe and do you spiritually belong on?

Soz in advance if you get winter Love Island x

Quiz: Can you guess the Love Island 2021 contestant from just a photo of their mouth?

No prizes for guessing Faye’s lipstick soz x

What is negging? We asked a relationship expert about the ‘misogynistic’ dating trend

It’s toxic and a form of emotional manipulation

Quiz: Plan a meal deal and we’ll tell you which 2021 Love Islander you are

Toby is a sweet chilli chicken wrap and Ribena and you cannot convince me otherwise

It’s time to finally admit it: Love Island has now just lost all its relevance

Times have changed, but Love Island hasn’t yet caught up

Here’s exactly what each of the Love Island 2021 contestants would be like at uni

Toby would pretend to freeze on Zoom when he’s asked a question in a seminar

We asked a relationship expert how to tell your mate the boy she’s dating is utter trash

‘Kaz did a great job of validating Liberty’s feelings whilst expressing her concern’

Quiz: I bet you can’t name a single one of these dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021


Don’t be silly Bridget, get full marks on this Bridget Jones’s Diary trivia quiz

Mark Darcy would defo get 10/10

The most deeply cringe and embarrassing Love Island moments of all time, ranked

Never forget Anton thinking Anna was going to recouple with him

These ‘what I wanted, what I got’ TikToks will make you want to never buy anything again

‘I’m literally CRYING over my nails right now because they’re SO UGLY’

Quiz: Can you actually remember the names of all these irrelevant Love Islanders?

Wait, there were twins in series one?

Subliminals are the newest TikTok method to apparently manifest everything you want

People use them to gain anything from confidence to money, but others say there’s a dangerous side to them

Go to the year 3000 and then get full marks on this Busted lyrics quiz

Not much has changed but they live underwater!!!

Love Island chefs: Can you match the grim attempt at cooking to the Islander who made it?

Some of these really stretch the definition of the word ‘cooking’

Which Love Island 2021 girl would be your bestie? Take this quiz to find out

Okay but can I just be best friends with all of them please?

The most dramatic Love Island exits of all time: Islanders who were kicked out or walked

Tbf I would also leave if Curtis told me ‘I want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee in the morning’

It’s official: The date of the Love Island 2021 final has now been confirmed

Our long, hot summer is nearly over 😭

Think you were a big McFly fan? Prove it by getting full marks on this lyrics quiz


This is officially who you should date, according to your star sign compatibility

Now you know who to swipe for during hot girl summer

Please enjoy these 32 memes about *that* chaotic Love Island episode and Hugo’s speech

‘This episode will go down as one of the classics’

Post-grad depression is a real thing: We asked mental health experts how to cope with it

‘Challenges graduates face can provide a hotbed for worry’

Elle Woods’ best Legally Blonde outfits, ranked from iconic to even more iconic

What, like it’s hard to dress this well?

How well do you remember the iconic Bratz film? Take this trivia quiz to find out

Do you have Bratitude though?

Grab a cold one, lie down in the shade and then enjoy these 27 UK heatwave memes

No air con, no sleep, just sweat

People on TikTok are freaking out after finding out the gross meaning of ‘sizing up’

Here’s what sizing up actually means

‘The worry takes away the fun’: Young people on why they aren’t going clubbing

‘I never realised how toxic club culture is until I couldn’t go’

Quiz: Everyone is either Poppy or Kate from Wild Child, but which are you?

Either way at least you’re not Harriet x

Poll: What actually *is* breaking girl code? See if your opinions match everyone else’s

In the wise words of Gretchen Wieners, ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends

Only the one less lonely girl could remember all these classic Justin Bieber music videos

Prove you were a Belieber by getting 12/12 on this quiz

Quiz: She’s all over your TikTok, but what percentage ‘that girl’ are you?

If you’ve ever actually gone to a 9am, you’re that girl x

Here’s exactly how Legally Blonde was made, from the bend and snap to Bruiser being a diva

It wasn’t originally going to be set at Harvard?!

Shake the hand of the head girl and then score 13/15 on this Wild Child quotes quiz

You’re seriously a horrideous cow if you don’t

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you exactly when your house plants will die

Do you kill everything you touch, or do you unironically call yourself a plant mum?

Here’s why girls are talking about white nails all over TikTok, and what it means

Turns out it’s more than just a nice colour for summer

It’s all over your TikTok, but here’s where that ‘Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bezos’ song actually comes from


TikTok has discovered a new ‘psychology eye’ trick to make anyone fall in love with you

Hot girl summer here I come!!

Say hello to Teddy: The ex-Abercrombie model and newest Love Island bombshell

He says he’s not afraid to stir things up in the villa 👀

Police officer pleads guilty to the murder of Sarah Everard

Wayne Couzens had previously pleaded guilty to her rape and kidnap

Quiz: Which of the Too Hot To Handle season two cast would be your bestie?

You just KNOW Melinda would be your ride-or-die best friend

It needs to be said: The Love Island boys this year are just straight-up toxic

This is probably the worst cast of male Islanders ever

It’s confirmed! Everything we know so far about Too Hot To Handle season three


Okay but how do the Love Island phones *actually* work? Here’s everything we know

Turns out there’s way more than just ‘I’ve got a text!’

Quiz: Can you remember who all your fave Love Islanders were originally coupled up with?

I literally refuse to believe who Amy Hart was first with

What the Too Hot To Handle contestants are doing now and which couples are still together

Larissa’s dating a doctor, and Melinda and Peter are now together?!

Okay so Melinda and Peter from Too Hot To Handle season two are together now

Melinda ended things with Marvin after the show

Cam and Emily from Too Hot To Handle are still official – and they now live together!


This is not a drill: There’s a Too Hot To Handle season two reunion show out NOW

Finally we can find out which couples are together!!!

Too Hot To Handle is one million times better than Love Island and here are the receipts

It’s literally just all the best bits of Love Island, with none of the bad stuff

Too Hot To Handle season two rule breaks: Every single time the contestants got fined

They managed to rack up $70,000 of fines

Love Island ‘needs to be more transparent’ with cast before the villa, says Niall Aslam

Niall told The Tab: ‘Everything just needs to be more honest, open and out there’

Say hello to Tabitha, Elle and Joey, latest Too Hot To Handle season two bombshells

Joey was apparently in an episode of Jersey Shore

Poll: Do these foods belong in the cupboard or fridge? See how popular your opinions are

If you keep ketchup in the cupboard we can’t be friends

One of the Love Island girls is reportedly going to be LEAVING the villa tonight

There will be a recoupling tonight

Is Too Hot To Handle staged? Everything we know about how much the producers set up

Apparently they’re watching the contestants 24/7

Quiz: Can you match the iconic Love Island quote to the Islander who said it?


Quiz: How well do you remember the lyrics to all these iconic primary school disco songs?

Here are all the bangers you used to knee slide to

LGBTQ+ students report at least three homophobic hate incidents to their unis every month

‘Growing up LGBT+ is still unacceptably tough’

One in three LGBTQ+ students have experienced discrimination and queerphobia at uni

The Tab surveyed 1,000 LGBTQ+ university students. Here are the shocking results

It’s all over TikTok, but does swinging your arm after the Covid vaccine actually help?

A scientist said it’s ‘harmless and looks very silly’

Why’s everyone on TikTok talking about Starbursts? The Starburst challenge explained

The iconic sweet’s been turned into a TikTok kissing trend

Here’s how to make a sigil, the newest manifestation method all over your TikTok

People say they’ve used them to manifest money, grades and clear skin

Quiz: There are seven definitive types of hot girl summer, but which are you having?

Booked every bottomless brunch and rooftop bar? Social butterfly hot girl summer

Billie Eilish’s boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce apologises for racist and homophobic posts

‘The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible’

‘It’s been co-opted’: What young LGBTQ+ NHS staff actually think about the rainbow flags

‘People need to learn the reasons why the Pride flag is there’

Here’s the true story behind the ‘oh, what a day’ TikTok audio and where it came from

Some people are calling it ‘distasteful’ and ‘uncomfortable’