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Assistant Editor

Stop oversexualising people with big boobs for wearing literally anything

Please just let me wear a nice top without mentioning my boobs

Uni’s a place for LGBTQ+ students to thrive, but this year many haven’t had the chance

‘My life’s a controlled version of what it was’

Man Met LGBTQ+ society event interrupted by homophobic Zoom bomb ‘trolls’

‘I will not stand by and watch a safe space be infiltrated with hate’

Listen up: You really don’t need to lose any weight by June 21st

You can still have a hot girl summer without losing any weight

PSA: It’s only 83 days until you can legally have sex again

Brb counting down every single second

I do OnlyFans, and I’m sick of people telling me sex work isn’t a ‘real job’

‘Never have I said sex work was easy nor enjoyable, because it’s often neither of those’

It needs to be said: Jill is the hero of It’s A Sin and here’s why

She’s the true ally we all need

These 35 tweets prove UK Hun? is the best thing to ever come out of British TV


The Pink Palace from It’s A Sin was a real place and I want to move in right now please

And the real Jill lived there 😭

Curtis is being called out for sexist ‘comedy’ which compares Love Island girls to dogs

‘Likening women to used cars and dogs isn’t comedy, it’s disgusting’

I watched the new Tracy Beaker series and here’s everything that happened

Cam is gay and if I’m honest that’s the only good bit

To All The Boys almost had an alternate ending and I’m actually sad it didn’t happen

Lana Condor has said she ‘really wanted to show Lara Jean’s dreams and her future’

What was Section 28? The law that stopped schools ‘promoting homosexuality’ in It’s A Sin

It was illegal for schools to ‘teach the acceptability of homosexuality’

Did the BBC AIDS advert in It’s A Sin really happen? The true story

It told people ‘don’t die of ignorance’

Do the final songs from each It’s A Sin episode have a deeper meaning?

Here’s everything you need to know about the 80s bops in It’s A Sin

Just 33 It’s A Sin tweets and reactions for when you’ve finished crying over the show

I am highkey in love with this show and its entire cast

People are ordering four times as many HIV tests thanks to the ‘It’s A Sin effect’

HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust had to ask for 10,000 extra tests

Is It’s A Sin episode three based on real life? The true story of the It’s A Sin lawyer

And were people with AIDS really detained?

Harry Styles will only marry you if you get full marks on this quiz about him

Brb retaking this a million times until I get 12/12

It’s A Sin star Nathaniel Hall has spoken out about contracting HIV aged 16

He says he was ‘lucky to be diagnosed in the era of medication’

Finished It’s A Sin? Watch these films, docs and series to learn more about LGBT+ history

School taught us nothing but these are here to help

Please watch this video of Colin from It’s A Sin singing on a BBC talent show

I love one man and his name is Callum Scott Howells

Asos confirms it’s buying Topshop and Miss Selfridge brands for £295m

Now you can rest easy knowing you can still get your Joni jeans

The It’s A Sin cast are all best mates and these behind the scenes pics prove it

Can I live in the Pink Palace with them please?

The real Jill from It’s A Sin has spoken about the ‘fear and shame’ of the AIDS crisis

Jill Nalder says she was ‘constantly helping friends’

PSA: Here’s how you can listen to the It’s A Sin soundtrack, all in one handy playlist

Your WFH life will be dramatically improved by all the 80s bangers

Which It’s A Sin character are you? Take this quiz to find out

Either way you’ll be living in the Pink Palace so you win

Here are all the It’s A Sin characters who are based on real life people

The real Jill is actually in the series!

Meet Callum Scott Howells, the 21-year-old Welsh grad who stars as Colin in It’s A Sin

His Insta’s worth a follow purely for the pics of his puppy tbh

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how much money you’d be worth on Bling Empire

Realistically they’re all stinking rich so I’ll be happy with any result

It’s A Sin taught me more about LGBTQ+ history and sex education than school ever did

‘This is our history and we deserve to be taught about it’

Meet the cast of It’s A Sin, and where you recognise the actors from

Finally we have gay characters played by actual gay people

Andrew from Bling Empire is abusive and we need to talk about it

He gaslights, manipulates and love-bombs Kelly

You can now get an £800 fine if you attend a party of more than 15 people

Organisers will still be fined £10,000

Over 8,000 of you voted so now it’s official: Mr Schue is the worst person in Glee

This is the hard scientific proof we needed

‘My entire life’s on hold’: Six months on, 2020 grads are still struggling to find jobs

‘I’ve lost a lot of opportunities just because of lockdown’

What happened to Kelly’s criminal ex-husband in Bling Empire? Everything we know

‘He was running one of the largest cyber scams in American history’

So it turns out Drag Race UK queen Ginny Lemon was on X Factor, and it’s iconic

They even asked Simon if he ‘fancied a slice’

They should all be in jail, but who is definitively the worst person in Glee? Vote here

You can’t spell terrible without Terri

Which of the four Bratz girls are you? Take this quiz to find out

Soz if you get Yasmin x

Who is categorically the worst guy in Bridgerton? A considered ranking

I’m sorry but the Prince would give you the ick so quickly

These behind the scenes pics show the Bridgerton cast living their best lives on set

They’re all best mates and I actually can’t cope

Where are Jedward now? This is what John and Edward have been up to since X Factor

Besides DMing random people on Twitter

Okay but what is manifesting all about? Here’s how to manifest your life

It’s all over your TikTok, but here’s how to actually manifest

Here’s everywhere you recognise Regé-Jean Page, Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings, from

Okay so who was gonna tell me he’s in Waterloo Road AND Fresh Meat?

Someone on Depop is selling bandeaus made out of social distancing train signs

She truly is the most resourceful of all the Depop girls

Here’s how to find if your celebrity crush is your soulmate, using zodiac compatibility

One girl on TikTok is 100 per cent compatible with Harry Styles and I’ll never be over it

Please enjoy these 22 beautiful photos of Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings, Regé-Jean Page

Okay so how do I become the Duchess of Hastings?

There was a rape scene in Bridgerton and no one seems to have realised

We need to talk about it

Here’s all the modern music you recognise from Netflix’s Bridgerton soundtrack

Please inject the cover of Wildest Dreams directly into my veins

How to get a robot to judge how bad your Spotify is, like everyone’s doing on Twitter

It’s bad, but is it ‘can-be-convinced-the-Earth-is-flat bad’?

Introducing the YouTube rich list: The top 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2020

First place is an actual nine-year-old

All the cast of Netflix’s Bridgerton, and where you recognise them from

Where else would you get people from Derry Girls with actual Julie Andrews?

These are the leggings that are all over TikTok because they make your bum look incred

And here’s how you can buy them

Build a Christmas dinner and we’ll tell you what uni you should’ve gone to

Gammon? York

Ariana Grande just got engaged, but who is her fiancée? Everything we know

They were first linked only 10 months ago

Royal Holloway investigating a number of racist messages sent over social media

They said: ‘Racism has no place at Royal Holloway’

Every single Love Actually storyline, ranked by how badly it’s aged

The octopus is the only winner of this film

It’s all over your TikTok, but here’s what’s actually happening on December 21st

Everyone’s freaking out about it

Okay but am I a bad person for actually liking The Prom on Netflix?

James Corden this doesn’t include you

Laura Whitmore is expecting her first child with Iain Stirling

The baby is ‘coming early 2021’

They’re all bangers, but which song from Nativity is the best? A considered ranking

In the plot twist of the century, Things Are Really Cool In Nazareth doesn’t win this

Megan Barton Hanson calls Scott Disick’s random messages to her ‘abusive’

He told her to write Eyal an apology for ‘mugging him off’

Meet the cast of Netflix film The Prom, and where you recognise them from

Unfortunately for us all, James Corden is on this list

Instagram has a new Vanish Mode where your messages disappear after they’re read

Now you really have no excuse to still be on Snapchat

How well do you remember New Girl, really? Take this trivia quiz to find out

Nick Miller will only love you if you get full marks

Revealed: The most popular student TikTokers studying at your uni right now

Now you know who to become best mates with

Niall Aslam says he left Love Island after suffering from stress-induced psychosis

He says he was hallucinating and losing ‘touch with reality’

Quiz: Write some 1D fan fiction and we’ll tell you which member is your soulmate

If I don’t get Harry I am suing

Here’s what the children from Nativity have been up to since the film

For some reason they’re literally all on TikTok

All these festive vegan snacks slap so hard you’ll forget they’re vegan

Vegan Baileys and gingerbread doughnuts? Yes please

Only Mr Poppy himself could get full marks on this Nativity trivia quiz

Will you sparkle and shine?

Okay but did Nigella pronounce microwave like that on purpose? Here’s why she said it


AUB student dies in Bournemouth Oxford Point halls

The student was a man in his 20s

Quiz: Only a true Little Mix fan can guess their music videos from just one picture

Do you know your Sweet Melody from your Wings?

Sue Sylvester memes are back and I am going to create 27 of them now

They’re better than ever

Okay but what actually is a substantial meal? All the new Tier 2 pub rules

Please just let me have a pint I am begging you

We asked students the worst things they’ve done in Zoom lectures with the camera off

‘I still had my one night stand in my bed’

Manchester Rent Strike wins up to £900 rent reduction for all students in halls

They will each get a 30 per cent reduction for semester one’s rent

This is how to play the True American drinking game from New Girl

Because what else have you got to do in lockdown?

These are the code names used for when each member of the Royal Family dies

Their funerals are already planned

Who were Diana’s flatmates she lived with before marrying Prince Charles?

They had a cleaning rota and listened to ABBA – so exactly like your uni house

Manchester Uni offers students two-week rent reduction, rent strikers say is ‘insulting’

215 students have been withholding over £300,000 in rent

Did Prince Philip actually take Diana deer stalking in Scotland?

In The Crown, Diana helps Prince Philip shoot a stag

Joe Biden’s grandchildren are on TikTok and here’s everything you need to know

And Kamala Harris’ niece has 1.4m followers 😮

Here’s how to do the dumb betch test everyone’s doing on TikTok

68 per cent and PROUD x

Quiz: Finish the lyrics of these songs from pop princesses of the last decade

Do you know your Ariana from your Taylor?

McDonald’s is introducing a vegan ‘McPlant’ range and all my prayers have been answered

Vegan chicken nuggets? Yes please

Why thousands of freshers across the UK are withholding millions of pounds in rent

‘Lots of us are thinking about dropping out. This year’s so hard mentally, academically and socially’

‘The fences were absolutely the last straw’: Manchester students on last night’s protests

‘I’m yet to find anyone who can say they’ve felt supported mentally since coming to uni’

People on TikTok have turned Ratatouille into a musical and honestly I love it

‘Remy, the ratatouille, the rat of all my dreams’

Finish the lyrics of all these Harry Styles songs to prove you’re his number one fan

Do your 13-year-old self proud x

Overheard at Durham students come together to get hungover second year a McDonald’s

‘I was like, the only thing that can sort me out is a Big Mac’

Only Harry himself would get full marks on this Harry Styles music video quiz

We are truly not worthy of him

215 Manchester Uni freshers to withhold over £300,000 in halls rent strike

‘We’re paying to be at uni and have a worse experience’

Freshers jump out of first-floor window to avoid security called to a halls party

One joked ‘the hospital’s gonna be full in the morning’

Build a celebrity friendship group and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to

Anyone from MIC? Durham

One arrested after police called to parties at university halls in Bournemouth

Another 12 were reported for breaking coronavirus rules

This is what actually happens if you get a £10,000 house party fine

Don’t think my student loan will stretch that far