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Universities face fines if not enough students get jobs after graduating

They could also be fined for having high dropout rates

Why the hell are UK unis so incapable of providing their students with somewhere to live?

Freshers in Manchester have been offered £100 a week to live in … Liverpool

All the clues people have spotted Molly-Mae dropped about expecting a baby with Tommy


Ned Fulmer no longer working with The Try Guys after admitting cheating on his wife

‘I’m sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused’

Cupboard or fridge? A chef has finally answered where all these foods should actually go

Okay so apparently bread in the fridge is a big no-no

Are you spiritually more like Drea or Eleanor in Do Revenge? Take this quiz to find out

I don’t care who I am so long as I have Drea’s beaut wardrobe

All the stunning and boujee filming locations in Do Revenge, Netflix’s newest teen movie

The school in Do Revenge is actually a university!!

‘I felt betrayed’: Student says she was spiked by friend for ‘a laugh’ on night out

‘It’s scary to think that it’s not just strangers you need to look out for’

Mean Girls to Clueless: All the iconic teen movie references and Easter eggs in Do Revenge

There are SO many

All of Drea’s outfits in Do Revenge, ranked from iconic to even more iconic

I need her entire wardrobe right NOW

Meet Sam and Arthur Chatto: The young royal brothers everyone is obsessed with

They both went to Edinburgh Uni, naturally x

From Exeter to Edinburgh, this is exactly where all the royals went to university

Prince William said he ‘kept falling asleep in lectures’ when he was at uni lol

Omg! Ekin-Su’s Oh Polly collection is finally here and it’s as iconic as she is

Apparently Davide is ‘so proud’ 🥺🥺

The John Lewis uni essentials list is out again and it’s as ridiculous as ever

A crystal prosecco glass? Ok then x

Omg! You can now apply for actual jobs at Eurovision 2023

It’s your LinkedIn’s time to shine x

Here’s why girls are talking about red nails all over TikTok, and what it means

Better get stocking up on that red nail polish 💋

Live: Everything happening this A-Level results day 2022, from chaos to cringe celeb tweets

It’s a big day

He’s back! Here’s Jeremy Clarkson’s cursed A-Level results day 2022 tweet

In case you’d forgotten, he got a C and two Us x

A definitive list of every single person you’ll meet in your uni halls this year

We all have the flatmate who’s a walking, talking Elf Bar

We all misjudged Tasha and Andrew, they’re officially the best Love Island couple

Or whatever x

Jacques has finally apologised after backlash over his ‘offensive’ behaviour

Remi has accused him of ‘bullying’ and videos have surfaced of Jaques mocking Tasha

Inside Tasha’s vibey life: From her boujee home to modelling and dancing around the world

She’s just signed a brand deal with eBay!

Police release CCTV of student nurse who’s been missing for over a month

Owami Davies was last seen on 7th July

Tory millionaires: Conservative MPs and their absolutely mind-boggling net worths

Boris was once paid a rate of £20k an HOUR for public speaking engagements

A TikTok conspiracy theory says this uni’s Vice-Chancellor is actually Banksy

Apparent evidence includes a Banksy mural suspiciously appearing the day after he had the day off work 👀

Love Island’s Summer and Josh have split amid all the Coco and reunion show drama

Coco said she’s ‘not surprised’ 😬😬

Quiz: She’s Love Island 2022’s icon, but what per cent Ekin-Su are you?


What brand deals the 2022 Love Islanders should get, based on their overall vibe

If Davide doesn’t bring out a cookbook called ‘Did anyone order an Italian snack?’ I will riot

Ekin-Su is the greatest Love Island contestant of all time and these 22 memes prove it

God save Queen-Su x

Okay, so here’s exactly how much Love Island’s Gemma Owen and her dad Michael are worth

They’re RICH rich

Exactly how compatible the Love Island couples are, according to a relationship expert

He said ‘there is an unhealthy dismissiveness’ between Luca and Gemma, yikes

Uni student given life sentence after repeatedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend

‘You don’t know what it’s like to kill your girlfriend’, he told prison staff

The Love Island meet the parents episode brought utter chaos and also these 19 memes

Give Indiyah’s mum and Tasha’s dad their own show right NOW

Quiz: Can you match the Love Islander to the degree they studied?

Let’s hope you don’t get a 2:2 in this x

All the rules and behind the scenes secrets of the Love Island meet the parents episode

Their parents are only in the villa for 20 minutes each??

Wagatha Christie case: Rebekah Vardy loses libel trial against Coleen Rooney

It’s………. Rebekah Vardy

Which Love Island 2022 couple would be your parents? Take this quiz to find out

If I don’t get Ekin-Su and Davide I will RIOT

The Love Island 2022 talent show ranked by how far they’d all get on Britain’s Got Talent

Ekin-Su’s performance was like an Oscar’s acceptance speech

If Stranger Things characters went to UK unis this is exactly where they would go

Vecna would study economics at Durham

Here’s how to do the ‘what is your weakness’ test that’s all over your TikTok right now

Brb using my answer in my next job interview x

As a 2020 grad, I waited two years for my graduation ceremony – and it was a car crash

I love waiting for two years to not even have my name called out on stage x

Uni student nabs Banksy’s honorary certificate during graduation ceremony

‘There’s no reason that I’m not Banksy’, he said

A Russell Group uni isn’t reading out its grads’ names at graduation ceremonies this week

And the grads aren’t even getting a handshake on stage!!

They’re all trash, so it’s time to vote for the worst boy of Love Island 2022

Luca Bish I am looking firmly at you

Stranger Things fans have a very convincing theory Max will be the one to kill Vecna

Okay this makes so much sense!!

Quiz: Plan your heatwave menu and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to

Who knew the ice cream and park tinny you get could say so much?

There are 12 types of person in a heatwave and I’m about to tell you which one you are

I’m the iced coffee master wbu x

Tasha’s dad says Love Island is ‘mentally draining’ for her and he’s ‘shocked’ at ableism

‘It’s a pressured environment but she has an extra pressure no one seems to recognise’

Omg, *that* Stranger Things four Will and Jonathan scene wasn’t originally meant to happen

Brb sobbing 😭😭

Stranger Things four theory says Suzie’s house had clues about volume two, and I’m shook

Literally *everything* matches up!!!

Take this quiz and find out which Stranger Things character would be your best friend

If I don’t get Max I will RIOT

Quiz: Can you guess the Stranger Things season based off just one screenshot?

Steve will only date you if you get full marks

They’re all minted: Here are the insane net worths of the new Cabinet members

Keir Starmer has called the new cabinet ‘a Z-list cast of nodding dogs’ lol

Surprise! New Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi is… a multi-millionaire

This is really great in a cost of living crisis for the worst off x

Loads of people are resigning from Boris’s government, but at least we have these 18 memes

Has anyone checked on Matt Hancock?

People are convinced they know what’ll happen to Max next with this Stranger Things theory

‘Max’s storyline is very up in the air’, Sadie Sink has said

Casa Amor proves how hypocritical the double standards are in Love Island

The boys are having a completely different time to the girls

I let Adele borrow my Pride flag to wear on stage at her concert, so she gave me VIP seats

‘To have someone on that level be so outwardly an ally is huge’

Shock, the government’s said it has ‘no intention’ to make specific anti-spiking strategy

Thousands of students reported being spiked this year at uni

Here’s exactly which boys in the Love Island villa the Casa Amor girls have their eyes on

I’m already crying for Indiyah 💔💔

Omg, people think Andrew and one of the new Casa Amor girls already know each other

Here’s all the evidence we have 👀

‘Nobody should have to hide their love’: LGBTQ+ young people on why we still need Pride

‘Until every queer person can wake up without fear of being harassed for being who they are, we still need Pride’

Laura Whitmore ‘earns £600k’ – and she’s only been on Love Island for 14 minutes this year

That means she’s earnt almost £750 per SECOND 😮😮

Alright nerds, take this bumper Stranger Things all-seasons quiz to prove you’re a mega fan

Only Eleven herself could get full marks on this

‘None of us feel safe’: Trans activists at Downing Street conversion therapy protest

The government is banning gay conversion therapy – but the ban won’t protect trans people

Introducing: The new uni league table that cares about student mental health

‘We want universities to consider mental support just as much as they value academic performance’

Introducing: The first ever uni league table that cares about student mental health

‘We want universities to consider mental support just as much as they value academic performance’

In pictures: All the carnage, cowboy hats and rain of Glastonbury 2022

The FOMO is real x

Named: All the MPs who have voted against abortion laws in the UK

Universities minister Michelle Donelan is among the 99 MPs who voted against extending abortion rights to Northern Ireland

Glastonbury covered in rubbish after Greta Thunberg leads ‘climate justice’ chant

Are you lot not embarazzed?

This year’s Love Island boys might be the most toxic cast yet

Jacques calling Ekin-Su a ‘headache’ was just uncalled for

In case you were wondering, Glastonbury has released a handy guide to drugs at the festival

It has advice like ‘stay hydrated’ 👍👍👍

What to pack for Glastonbury, by an influencer with a million Instagram followers

Take inspo from Olivia Rodrigo, Britney and the Spice Girls x

Lettings agency doused tenant in petrol in campaign to evict residents, court hears

It’s claimed 10 men barged into a man’s home and beat him

She’s a 10 but … she relates to these 19 memes

‘She’s a 10 but she can’t park’ 😭😭😭

Quiz: You’re a mouth breather if you can’t remember these iconic Stranger Things quotes


Pack your bags: These are the most LGBTQ-friendly countries you can travel to this summer

Brb, off to Portugal x

Feather boas and cowboy hats: All the best outfits so far at Harry Styles Love On Tour

The vibes are simply immaculate

Jess Phillips MP says ‘thousands of people are suffering from’ being silenced by NDAs

Many unis have pledged to stop using non-disclosure agreements to silence victims, but many are yet to follow suit

KSI is paying £18k of a uni student’s tuition fees after losing rock paper scissors game

Hey Siri play That Should Be Me

Finding Nemo and Stacy’s Mom: Just 19 things the same age as Love Island’s Gemma Owen

12. McDonald’s Chicken Selects

It’s only been two days and Love Island is already fetishising lesbians

For a show that’s called queer Islanders a ‘logistical difficulty’, it has no problem showing boys drooling over two girls kissing

23-year-old Indiyah is the ultimate cool girl joining the Love Island 2022 cast

I want her entire wardrobe

These 19 Binley Mega Chippy memes are even better than a Morbius Meal

Hey Siri play Binley Mega Chippy

Ignore the Love Island photographer – here’s what the 2022 Islanders *actually* look like

Why are the promo pics always so bad??

Guys, Greene King is offering FREE pints today and I’m off to the pub right now

The best thing that’s come out of not abolishing the monarchy x

Named: These are the MPs who have been accused of sexual misconduct

56 MPs are reportedly facing sexual misconduct allegations

What Sue Gray’s report found *actually* happened at all the No10 lockdown gatherings

One event went on until 3am and someone was sick

Sue Gray’s lockdown gatherings report has found ‘failures of leadership in No10’

‘The senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture’

Wait, this might be the poshest student house in the country and it costs over £15k a month

Your silverfish and damp could never

Durham Uni’s planned marking boycott ends following UCU vote

The marking and assessment boycott was due to start on Monday

23 reactions to Harry Styles’ new album to help you emotionally recover from Harry’s House

I love this album more than I love myself

Derry Girls creator reveals the storylines that didn’t make the show, and they’re so good

Sorry but we were ROBBED of seeing Orla play Romeo with Jenny Joyce as Juliet

G Flip says they first met Chrishell last year – when she was still with Jason

‘We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s life forever’

PSA: Chrishell’s music video with G Flip has just come out and it’s iconic

I’m screaming, crying, throwing up rn

‘It’s about the person, their heart’: Chrishell speaks out about G Flip in Instagram video

She says there was ‘context missing’ from the Selling Sunset reunion

Everything we know about G Flip and Chrishell Stause’s relationship so far

They’re official!

Stop crying over Heartstopper and take a look at these 26 more memes and reactions

I’m having a full on gay crisis

This is what all the Heartstopper cast are actually like in real life

Some of them are literally doing their A-Levels rn!!

Vote: So then, which degree is ultimately the biggest ick?

If you do engineering please stay away from me

Omg! Chrishell confirms G Flip dating rumours at the Selling Sunset reunion

‘I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that’s very important to me. Their name is G Flip’