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Derry Girls creator reveals the storylines that didn’t make the show, and they’re so good

Sorry but we were ROBBED of seeing Orla play Romeo with Jenny Joyce as Juliet

G Flip says they first met Chrishell last year – when she was still with Jason

‘We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s life forever’

PSA: Chrishell’s music video with G Flip has just come out and it’s iconic

I’m screaming, crying, throwing up rn

‘It’s about the person, their heart’: Chrishell speaks out about G Flip in Instagram video

She says there was ‘context missing’ from the Selling Sunset reunion

Everything we know about G Flip and Chrishell Stause’s relationship so far

They’re official!

Stop crying over Heartstopper and take a look at these 26 more memes and reactions

I’m having a full on gay crisis

This is what all the Heartstopper cast are actually like in real life

Some of them are literally doing their A-Levels rn!!

Vote: So then, which degree is ultimately the biggest ick?

If you do engineering please stay away from me

Omg! Chrishell confirms G Flip dating rumours at the Selling Sunset reunion

‘I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that’s very important to me. Their name is G Flip’

Stop complaining about Heartstopper and just let queer people have nice things for once

Not every LGBTQ+ show has to be full of trauma

Who is G Flip? The Australian singer who is dating Chrishell from Selling Sunset

They met Chrishell last year

These 19 memes about James and Erin on Derry Girls will make you believe in love again

Jerin are the best thing to come out of Derry Girls, end of x

The Heartstopper cast are all best friends and these behind the scenes pics prove it

I love them all so much, brb sobbing x

Only Nick Nelson himself would get full marks on this Heartstopper trivia quiz

Okay but can you remember what milkshake flavour he gets??

How old the cast of Heartstopper on Netflix are in real life compared to their characters

The actor who plays Charlie is actually older than who plays Nick!

The Tab exposed Tim Westwood nine years ago for making vile ‘jokes’ at an SU performance

So why has it taken so long for the BBC to investigate him?

Which Heartstopper character would be your best friend? Take this quiz to find out

Honestly I just wanna be besties with them all

Heartstopper soundtrack: All the iconic songs you recognise from the Netflix series

There are SO many queer anthems in it

‘It’s mine’: Harry Styles says it’s ‘outdated’ to ask him about his sexuality

‘I’ve been really open with it with my friends, but that’s my personal experience’

‘It felt embarrassing’: Lesbians are delaying coming out because of harmful stereotypes

‘I felt like calling myself a lesbian would take away my femininity’

Who from One Direction is still mates? A very serious investigation

Apparently Zayn doesn’t talk to any of them 💔

These are all the bizarre Coachella rules people at the festival have to follow

You can only drink in specific areas??

All of One Direction’s X Factor performances, ranked from alright to pure, terrible chaos

Niall Horan’s ‘aaaaaaaaAAAA’ in Viva La Vida will live rent free in my mind forever x

The Ultimatum on Netflix is straight-up toxic and everyone on it is a walking red flag

Netflix really said ‘let’s cause pure chaos’

‘I really don’t like hypocrisy’: Even young Tories are fed up of Boris Johnson

‘Ideally Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak would resign, but it’s complicated’

An estimated 43,000 people may have been spiked last year in the UK

Only one in 12 spiking victims report it

LGBT+ charity calls Health Secretary’s conversion therapy comments ‘damaging and wrong’

Sajid Javid suggested doctors need to determine if someone has ‘genuine gender dysphoria’, or see if it could be ‘linked to bullying’

Missing Liverpool student ‘found safe and well by police’

Danny Carberry was reported missing earlier this week

Happy April Fools’ Day! Here’s every ridiculous way we got you this year, you fools

No, Molly-Mae isn’t taking over from Lord Sugar as the host of The Apprentice

Meet the uni student who’s written her law dissertation on Clueless

Cher Horowitz would be so proud x

A Liverpool John Moores student has been reported missing

Danny Carberry was reportedly last seen yesterday in Liverpool city centre

Gay TikTok thinks Chrishell from Selling Sunset is with Australian singer G Flip

In one Insta comment Chrishell said G Flip’s song makes her ’emotional and horny’ 👀

If the Bridgerton characters went to UK universities this is where they’d go

After his gap yah, Colin could only belong at Oxford Brookes

Everything that happened in Molly-Mae’s PLT fashion show behind the scenes documentary

It doesn’t mention the protestors lol

Fired Apprentice candidate Stephanie wants to work with Karren Brady instead of Lord Sugar

And Brittany says Mike’s ‘chalky’ drink ‘didn’t taste even like her recipe’

Revealed: Almost half of Durham students are Oxbridge rejects

The biggest uni stereotype has been confirmed

It’s time for influencers to step up and acknowledge their privilege

After Molly-Mae’s ’24 hours’ comments, now Kim K’s at it too

5,000 of you voted: Shake is officially the worst man on Love Is Blind season two

But Shake told The Tab he’s been ‘misunderstood’ and didn’t do anything wrong

Vote: Once and for all, it’s time to crown the worst man of Love Is Blind season two

I wish I could burn Sal playing the ukulele permanently from my brain

Everything we learned so far from Molly-Mae’s PLT fashion show documentary

Molly-Mae used her 24 hours to be in charge of the show’s appetisers and drinks menu x

Students will have lost an entire month of teaching to the strikes this year

The third wave of strikes this academic year is coming before Easter

Bristol Uni failed to make reasonable adjustments for Natasha Abrahart, court told

Her family have argued university staff ‘didn’t ask questions’ before her death

Universities’ zero-tolerance drug policies stop students asking for help, report says

‘If students aren’t asking for help in a life-threatening situation because they worry about punishment, that’s a big problem’

Man Met fresher died after slipping from halls staircase in tragic accident

‘He always wanted to make people happy and laugh’

The parents were the best bit of Love Is Blind season two and these reactions prove it

Natalie’s dad has my whole heart

Build a pancake and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to

Sorry but blueberry pancakes are SO Exeter

In pictures: Thousands gather around the UK in protests in solidarity with Ukraine

‘Stop Putin, stop the war’

Tesco meal deals are going up by 50p today and this is the worst inflation news yet

‘Truly a dark day for British lunch’

Karren says you’d better run from these 18 memes about last night’s Apprentice

Nick is now the people’s princess end of x

Which couples from Love Is Blind season two are still together? All the clues we have

Just saying, there are a LOT of clues about Natalie and Shayne 👀

If you want to actually be an LGBTQ+ ally, you need to stop doing these 25 things

11. Going to Pride once and then using that as some sort of weird entitlement

Love Is Blind predictions: Who will say ‘I do’ and who will be left at the altar?

If anyone deserves to be left at the Love Is Blind altar, it’s Shake

People on TikTok are going wild for 22nd February: What’s actually happening on 22/2/22?

According to TikTok it’s going to be a big day for us all

If you wanted a grad job in 2022, you should have gone to one of these universities

These are the unis most targeted by top graduate employers – and no, Oxbridge aren’t number one and two

These are the highest graduate starting salaries in the country right now

Shock, law’s at the top x

Universities’ supply of free lateral flow tests reportedly set to stop this week

Thanks Boris x

Love Is Blind showed us two plus-size women, then ignored them for the rest of the series

Hope and Chassidy’s only screen time was either sharing insecurities or being asked superficial questions

Okay so it turns out cranberry juice *doesn’t* actually help cure your UTIs

My whole life is a LIE

Build a celebrity friend group and we’ll tell you if you’ll be single this Valentine’s Day

Sorry in advance if you get ‘it’s complicated’ x

Quiz: Just how downright gross is your relationship?

If you wee with the door open I have some bad news for you

Here’s how to find all the TikTok videos you’ve watched, so you never lose a video again

There is nothing worse than accidentally refreshing when you’re on a good vid

How to add echo sound to TikTok videos and do the ‘core memory’ trend

Okay but how do the videos *actually* sound like memories?!

Grace Beverley reveals *exactly* how she secured her £4.2mil recent investment in Tala

The activewear brand only launched a couple of years ago but has already bought in millions of pounds of sales

Someone’s worked out how long you’d have to cancel Netflix for in order to buy a house

Spoiler alert: It’s literally thousands of years

Here’s how you can stop being DMed and tagged by bots in random Instagram giveaways

If I ‘win’ another iPhone 13 I am going to SCREAM

Faye and Teddy install home security systems after Teddy’s car was broken in to

They have alarms going directly to the police and are avoiding putting their house on social media

What is the ‘criminal’ plastic surgery in The Tinder Swindler and is it real?

Ayleen says Simon wanted to change his cheekbones, lips and nose but was refused by the plastic surgeon

The only thing better than We Don’t Talk About Bruno are all these Encanto fan theories

I will not rest until I find out the truth behind these

Boots cuts the ‘sexist surcharge’ price of morning after pill to just £10

‘This will help so many people and will go some way to narrowing the gender health gap’

‘I’m stifling myself’: How LGBTQ+ people have to change their behaviour in public

‘As soon as I step foot outside, I don’t feel safe’

Why is everyone doing silly little walks on TikTok? Where the ‘he told me’ sound came from

Mariano walking lives in my head rent free

Every Encanto character has a gift, what would yours be? Take this quiz to find out

If I get Bruno’s I’m suing

Has your uni unfairly denied your mitigating circumstances? We want to hear from you

The Tab is investigating universities who have unfairly denied claims for special considerations

It’s been confirmed: The coronavirus vaccine *can* cause changes to your period

‘Changes to the menstrual cycle do occur following vaccination’

I have no thoughts, just all these thirsty TikToks of Harry Styles performing live on tour

I would quite simply die for this man x

It’s official: Lecturers at almost 70 unis will be striking for 10 days in February

This will be the second wave of strikes this academic year

Still got We Don’t Talk About Bruno stuck in your head? These 17 Encanto memes will help

‘Ok fine you caught me watching Encanto for the 12th time but can you blame me?’

We Don’t Talk About Bruno, but we do talk about getting 10/10 on this Encanto lyrics quiz

Will I ever get these songs out of my head? No, no, no x

These students’ uni house ceiling was leaking – so their landlord put them in Premier Inn

He even threw in free breakfast for them! Your landlord could never x

As well as being ambushed by cake, Boris Johnson has now been ambushed by these 17 memes

Okay but seriously has anyone checked on Sue Gray recently?

Only a true Manchester Medlock student could get full marks on this Fresh Meat trivia quiz

Lol never forget when they found out Oregon had been a secret posho all along

Why are people posting the moon on their birthday on TikTok? And how do I calculate mine?

Apparently you can even tell your soulmate through it!

Every single social event the government allegedly had during lockdown, a timeline

I guess every day’s a party at Downing Street!!

10 years on since the start of Fresh Meat, here’s what all the cast are up to now

Vod is now apparently engaged to the actual Tom Hiddleston!!!

There were 670 reports of spiking by injection in term one alone

Several arrests have been made across the country in the past few months

What photos should I have on Hinge? TikTok expert matchmaker explains exactly what to use

Please whatever you do, just take your sunglasses off

Court cases and deals with ASOS: Here’s where all The Apprentice winners are now

One winner SUED Lord Sugar

Depop launches new feature allowing users to ‘make an offer’ and negotiate price

It says Make Offer will make negotiations quicker and simpler

The Queer Eye Fab Five’s major transformations, from season one to now

I’ll never be over Bobby’s bleach blonde quiff in season one

In the wildest crossover ever, now Libby Mae is defending Molly-Mae’s podcast comments

Maes support Maes xx

We need to stop using ‘be kind’ to let influencers get away with whatever they want

Influencers like Elle Darby and Molly-Mae need to step up and take responsibility for things they have done

Molly-Mae has lost 20,000 Insta followers in one day following podcast backlash

Her latest 24 hours in a day hasn’t gone so well x

Everywhere from Emily In Paris you can actually visit, to live your best Emily Cooper life

Brb moving to France without knowing any French xx

Get ready to sparkle, shine, and get full marks on this Nativity lyrics quiz

‘Things are really coooooool in Nazareth’

Best dressed on campus 2021: These students are so stylish it will make you weep

Please can someone tell me why Exeter students are so damn FIT

Androids and singing lyrics wrong: These are officially the UK’s biggest icks of 2021

2. Refusing to learn to drive

People on TikTok are sending their parents fake Christmas cards, here are the best ones

‘From Susan, Michael and the kids xx’

Quiz: Only a true expert could guess the university from the AI generated artwork

You deserve to be back in GCSE art if you don’t get full marks in this

You have to laugh about these 21 Omicron variant memes otherwise you’ll cry

Hey Siri play We’re All In This Together from High School Musical x

I played Jude Law’s daughter in The Holiday, and this is what it was actually like

Miffy Englefield told The Tab: ‘If I’m in a pub, someone will find a napkin and be Mr Napkin Head’

People are just realising the ‘when you take a step back’ TikTok audio is from Love Island

‘Is it that deep???’