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These 23 The Duchess memes are almost as good as Katherine Ryan’s headbands

All hail Queen Katherine

For some reason, Morrisons is selling ‘sacks of wet eggs’ and I found out why

I want to be sick on the floor

Okay, but can we talk real quick about how great the outfits are in The Duchess?

You need to watch it just for the headbands

This is where you recognise The Devil All The Time cast from

Edward Cullen, Spider-Man and … Dudley?

21 red flags about Edward Cullen that should’ve made Bella think RUN

You better hold on tight spider monkey, because it’s time for some cold hard truth

Zara ‘cheating’ on Sam Thompson is set to ‘air on Made In Chelsea’

Apparently there’ll be ’a lot of tears and rows’

Disinfectant and flour shortages: Everything we know about this year’s Bake Off

But will there be handshakes??

Put on your best pink outfit and then take this quiz to see which Mean Girl you are

Get in loser, we’re taking a quiz

I watched Netflix’s Cuties and yikes, here’s everything wrong with it

Sorry but whose idea was it to make us watch an 11-year-old twerking?

Take a look inside Rihanna’s £32m London mansion which is now up for sale

She rented it for £18k a WEEK

Love, Guaranteed is the dumbest thing on Netflix right now and let me tell you why

How can anyone afford 1,000 dates??

People who don’t wear masks are more likely to be sociopaths, study says

If you’re not already wearing one then what are you doing?

There’s a special place reserved in hell for this Biffy Clyro cover of WAP

My ears are BLEEDING

Which Below Deck cast member are you? Take this quiz to find out

I’ll take anyone but Adrienne

Everyone’s rinsing this awful advert about going back to work in the office

God I miss proper bants with my boss x

How is Below Deck filmed? Here are all the show’s production secrets

The boat can cost $300k per WEEK

Here are all the rich and famous exes of the Selling Sunset cast

Chrishell was engaged to Mr Schue from Glee I REPEAT CHRISHELL WAS ENGAGED TO MR SCHUE

Explained: People are suddenly saying they’re boycotting Oatly, but why?

Brb just learning how to DIY milk an oat

QUIZ: All the John Tucker girls are complete opposites, so which one are you?

Soz in advance if you get Kate x

Expectation vs reality: Moving into your second year home

There’s going to be slugs, that’s just a fact of life x

‘I thought it would be bants’: Freshers send homophobic slurs in LSE group chat

One said they were sent as ‘dark humour’

Liam Payne is now engaged to 20-year-old American model Maya Henry

They first met at a 1D meet-and-greet when she was 15

Obvs you want to know which era Harry Styles you’d date, so take this quiz to find out

Realistically I’d be happy with literally any version of him

So Chrishell was named after a petrol station and I’ll never know peace again

And it’s not even her real first name??

What the Selling Sunset cast used to look like, according to their first Instagram

They all used to LOVE a filter

QUIZ: Can you guess the One Direction song title from just one of its lyrics?

Of course you can, but now you need to prove it

I hate to break it to you, but there’s a lot of evidence Selling Sunset is staged

I’ll never trust anything ever again

This is where the iconic presenters of CBBC are now

Dick and Dom have a podcast

Liam Payne’s singing Shorty A Lil Baddie on TikTok and can someone stop him please

I feel SICK

Apparently there are two different ways people see time and now my brain hurts

I’m sorry but there’s no WAY it’s 10am

Christine from Selling Sunset is rumoured to be on this year’s I’m A Celeb lineup

Imagine her doing a bushtucker trial

A considered ranking of all Sharpay’s outfits, from least to most chaotic

Turns out she’s not the fashion icon we all used to think she was

QUIZ: You know all of 1D’s songs, but how well do you remember their music videos?

You spent enough time watching them as a teenager, so this should be easy

QUIZ: Every High School Musical song is a banger, but do you remember the lyrics?

Do you know your Breaking Free from your Bet On It?

Confirmed: Parklife is coming back in June next year!!

And earlybird signup is now open!

Look at Alex and Olivia’s house transformation and then weep in your grotty uni room

Your fairy lights could NEVER

This is what it’s like to be living in a local lockdown right now

‘We’re back to being stuck inside’

Only a real ex-Directioner could finish all the 1D lyrics on this quiz

Better ring 13-year-old you because it’s her time to shine

What is wokefishing and how do I know if it’s happened to me?

‘He would say he’s a feminist but then treat women like shit’

Make a packed lunch and we’ll tell you what uni you should’ve gone to

Avo? Manchester

What your Spoons pitcher of choice says about you, according to the bartenders

Porn Star Martinis wear jeans and a nice top and that is a FACT

Anyone who’s had disordered eating knows how dangerous weighing kids in school is

There are plans to introduce it in schools this year

Think you were a Directioner? Prove it by taking this 1D trivia quiz

Don’t lie to yourself, you were obsessed

You’re not a true Pop Princess if you can’t finish 10/13 of these lyrics

Do you know your Avril from your Christina?

31 things you only know if you’ve lived with a Tory at uni

No.7: They will forever insist they’re not a Tory

Paul Mescal is auctioning off his Normal People shorts and I’m ready to be bankrupt


All the pathetic challenges you did as a British teenager, ranked

Doing the cinnamon challenge just to feel something x

Pubs are closing again in Aberdeen as lockdown restrictions reimposed

The measures will last for at least seven days

Jack Fincham kissed a 17-year-old two weeks before going official with new girlfriend

The two were pictured on a night out in Tenerife

Okay but what does the Midnight Sun pomegranate actually mean?

The latest Twilight book is out today

You can’t call yourself anti-racist if you’re still buying fast fashion

The industry is built on exploitation

The 60 statues in the UK Black Lives Matter wants torn down

The statues ‘celebrate slavery and racism’

‘Actions speak louder than words’: Soton students on the Uni’s BLM response

In light of racism on campus, students are accusing the uni of performativity

Semester Two work will now be taken into account, Soton Uni says

There had been criticism over previous changes to the no detriment policy

Soton Uni is reviewing the no detriment policy again

The University has received a ‘significant volume’ of emails from students about the changes revealed last week

Soton third year makes an Insta filter that lets you get a diss pic with Hartley

Our prayers have been answered

Here’s the last goodbyes every final year wishes they could have said to Soton

Southampton we miss u x

When is the government going to start caring about uni students?

We’ve been constantly overlooked

Here’s how to make the TikTok iced coffee everyone’s talking about

Because you’re missing your daily trip to Costa

Soton Tinder boys are using coronavirus pickup lines and oh God they’re horrific

Quarantine and chill?

Soton classes and exams have moved online for the rest of the year

Halls and Hartley are remaining open

Social Science diss deadlines extended at Soton due to coronavirus

They’ve got a whole extra WEEK

Soton’s Easter ski trip cancelled as resorts close due to coronavirus

The trip to Andorra had been planned for April

‘I want my money back’: Soton students have their say on the uni closures

Yesterday Easter break was brought forward by a week due to coronavirus

There has been a confirmed case of coronavirus on Soton’s campus

Students are being warned not to enter Building 53 over the weekend

Soton medical students’ placements have been cancelled due to coronavirus

But nursing students still have to go to their placements

Varsity has been cancelled because of coronavirus

SUSU said: ‘The situation is unprecedented’

Here’s everything you need to know about dealing with coronavirus at uni

Time to do your diss!!

Soton biomed students granted deadline extensions because of coronavirus

Hey Siri play that should be me

Here’s everything still going ahead in Soton despite coronavirus

Coronavirus won’t be stopping Soton students from getting lit

Southampton uni is ‘open as normal’ despite the coronavirus panic

There’s a dedicated team to help anyone self-isolating

You can now get paid £3,500 to get infected with coronavirus

Sign me UP

Uni students are literally having stones thrown at them because of coronavirus

Students have been verbally and physically abused

Have you experienced racism over coronavirus in Southampton? Tell us

Police have been investigating for a month

‘I woke up to a rat on my pillow’: The rankest things ever overheard in Portswood

Warning: The vast majority of these involve either rats or sick

This map shows every confirmed case of coronavirus in the UK so far

There have been 105 confirmed UK cases of the virus

A Soton grad is being quarantined in Tenerife over coronavirus fears

‘No one knows how long we’ll be stuck here’

Soton student’s bedroom ceiling collapses in Portswood

Portswood couldn’t cope with Storm Dennis

Police are investigating allegations of racism over coronavirus in Soton

One Soton Uni student had a stone thrown at him

The Valentine’s cards every Soton student wants to get from their admirers

With these you’re absolutely guaranteed to secure a bae

Soton school closed and evacuated amid coronavirus fears

Students experienced symptoms after travelling to affected areas

Dani Dyer tweeted about how ‘beautiful’ Soton is and we’re confused

She’s clearly not in Portswood

Here are the best and worst of Soton’s Movember ‘taches

So many fit boys, so many horrible moustaches

‘Climate change is more important than Brexit’ says Soton’s Labour candidate

Southampton Itchen is the most marginal Tory seat in the country

Soton’s January exam timetable is out!!!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for

This is how much you’ll get paid, depending on your role in the Nativity

Mary and Joseph are rolling in the Benjamins

Attention Soton students: Your vote could swing the General Election

One Southampton constituency was won by 31 votes in 2017

Revealed: Soton is the second most Brexit Party uni in the UK

Nearly 6 per cent of us are planning on voting Brexit Party

I spent 24 hours inside Hartley Library and slowly lost the will to live

This was the worst idea I’ve ever had

Southampton officially launches investigation into racist Mayflower FC video

The club was filmed chanting racial slurs on a bus

Meet Soton’s best dressed on campus: October edition

You’re all fit AND smart

Once more for you in the back: Degrees with reading weeks aren’t proper subjects

It’s basically just a glorified half term

Are you a pink or a blue Quad Vod? Take this quiz to find out

Pray you’re not an orange one, ew

Mayflower FC’s Social Sec resigns over racist chanting video

He said: ‘You’re represented by the company you keep’

Mayflower FC filmed chanting ‘one naked n****r on the bus’ during social

Members of the society later said ‘the bus journey was a highlight’

Introducing Soton Goes Dating: Here’s how you can apply

Cuffing season’s coming up and you don’t want to be alone

BusSoc member wears ‘Greta Thunberg is Aspergers af’ to white t-shirt social

The society says the incident ‘tarnishes the reputation of all white t-shirt socials’

‘A Master’s student sucked my toes’: Soton’s most rancid Freshers’ confessions

Wow you’re all gross

What percentage Portswood are you? Take this quiz and find out

Does Tariq Manzils know your name, though?