Hermione Blandford

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The UCU has released all 18 strike dates for Exeter University

Hold onto your horses lads, we’re going in

The first date of the Exeter UCU strikes has been announced

Spoiler alert: it’s in less than two weeks

University staff set to strike for 18 days between February and March

Mamma Mia, here we go again

Every iconic Christmas film matched with an Exeter Uni halls

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There’s something for everyone

Exeter University staff to go on strike in November

Staff will walk out on the 24th, 25th and 30th of November

Exeter Uni launches £2 hot meals on campus to help students with the cost of living

It’s giving elite school lunches

Exeter University ‘failed to support’ student who took his own life, inquest finds

Astrophysics student Harry Armstrong Evans died in June 2021

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Checking your bank balance post TP Wednesday

Meet Liang Lawrence: The Exeter Uni grad who’s just got a record deal

Respectfully, I am obsessed x

University of Exeter is investing £3 million to help students with the cost of living

Eligible students can receive up to £150

Exeter Uni students forced to live in hotels due to delays over student accommodation

Holiday Inn Express doesn’t count as student accommodation

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Q is for quarter-zip

Exeter University ranked 19th best in UK in new Times World University Rankings

137th in the world, but we move

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The Exeter Tab is looking for new writers and we want you!

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Exeter named runner up for University of the Year in Good University Guide 2023

Oxford, we’re coming for you

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9. I won’t get Freshers’ Flu

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Listen up straight girls: Here’s exactly how you should be checking your bi-phobia

Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I fancy you

What year is Derry Girls set in? All your questions about ‘the troubles’ answered

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I did a night out sober in Exeter and here’s how it went

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The top 10 alternative walks of shame: Exeter edition

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