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Frances Gurney


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A considered ranking of the funniest Love Islanders of all time

There are so many laughs to be had beyond Chris Taylor’s salmon, I promise x

The Dolan twins posted online for the first time in three years and I’m losing my mind

The boys are back and I’m going to throw up with excitement

MAFS Australia’s Melinda and Layton had a big row on their honeymoon which didn’t get aired

‘He said I wasn’t his type’

Omg! Ollie Locke has officially quit Made in Chelsea to do YouTube full time with his husband

It’s the end of an era

MAFS Australia’s Ella Ding forced to apologise after saying you can cure cancer with positivity


‘I wanted to die’: Everything James Charles has said about his grooming allegations from 2021

James and his brother haven’t spoken since the grooming allegations surfaced

Debunked: Has Corn Kid actually died and where have these rumours come from?

This isn’t the first time people claimed he was killed

Calling time on these annoying British TikTokers and their embarassing brand of influencing

Max Balegde trying to ruin Ekin-Su’s red carpet moment was so cringey

Erm, you can fully live in the original Dumping Ground and Tracy Beaker’s bedroom


Everything that’s happened to Colleen Ballinger, five weeks into the biggest scandal of her career

Imagine your legal team denying posting your 10 minute apology song to iTunes loool

In the last month, Colleen Ballinger has lost over 110,000 subscribers on YouTube

The release date for Toxic Gossip Train was a dark day for her sub count

CLA’s death hoax and Elphaba’s 48 hour boyfriend: This week proves British TikTok is at its peak

I love all of them so much

Everything that’s emerged in the last 24 hours of the BBC presenter sex photo scandal

The mystery presenter is said to be ‘extremely angry’ about the allegations

Barbification of TikTok: Inside the milkshake trend that’s turning people into gorgeous Barbies

Erm, hi Ken!

Debunked: Inside TikTok’s latest theory about having longer hair and being more girly

Short hair girlies are punching walls rn

He’s back! And this time Eamonn Holmes is coming for the BBC and the mystery presenter

He dragged Phillip Schofield and he’s ready to drag again

‘Baby girl, go home’: Amber proves the fact 19 is way too young to be going onto Love Island

She’s giving emotionally immature

Inside Molly Marsh’s British YouTuber heavy friendship group she has outside Love Island

The girl’s got connections

YouTuber babies: Your childhood favourite British YouTubers who now have kids of their own

I can’t get over Baby Glitter being 12

Right, here’s exactly how much Amber Wise and her dad Dennis Wise are worth

She’s got an older brother with a net worth of £4 million omg

‘She doesn’t exist to me anymore’: Trisha Paytas responds to Colleen Ballinger’s scandal

Colleen Ballinger allegedly shared and mocked Trisha’s explicit photos

Someone made a website telling you the colour of your name, here’s how to find it

Why do I have SO much yellow??

Here’s how to beat rule 24 in the viral Password Game taking over TikTok right now

The hardest bit is genuinely keeping Paul alive

Explained: This savage TikTok filter tells you when you and your partner are going to break up

Not some of you taking this seriously

Piers sticks up for Phillip Schofield AGAIN as Holly leaves life’s worries behind her at Glasto

Every time I blink there is more goss

All the signs we’ve had for months telling us Davide and Ekin-Su split up before he announced it

How did we miss any of these??

Jump on the toxic gossip train and enjoy these memes of Colleen Ballinger’s cringe apology

I’ve got the ick soooo bad

‘The mask has slipped’: YouTuber who accused Colleen Ballinger reacts to her apology song

‘I’m glad her video showed you all exactly the type of evil woman she is’

‘The toxic gossip train’: All the allegations Colleen Ballinger addresses in her weird apology song

‘I won’t survive in the crash but hey, at least you’re having fun’

This is the best season of Love Island we’ve had in years and these 38 chaotic memes prove it

Whoever said Sammy’s hair looks like a disguise is going to JAIL

What is the McDonald’s Grimace milkshake death trend and can I buy one in the UK?

His birthday milkshake is Griminal!

Order a McDonald’s and we’ll tell you which MAFS Australia season 10 groom you’d marry

Dan is soooo Filet-O-Fish to me

MAFS Australia’s Harrison made a vile comment about Bronte’s OnlyFans and she’s dragging him

‘Why would I pay to see something I didn’t want when it was free?’

Colleen Ballinger is back touring and she’s addressed the allegations, here’s what she said

‘The last few years have been crazy’

‘He’s giving a bit of both’: Love Island Aftersun guest speculates Mehdi’s sexuality live on TV

‘Homophobia and biphobia during Pride month? Simply wild scenes’

Phillip Schofield puffing his vape and Kendall in the wind: The best flags at Glastonbury 2023

‘It’s Rachel Adedeji’

Erm, Phillip Schofield is apparently a ‘changed man’ and Holly took a pop at Eamonn this week


TikTokers are pouring beer over themselves to get a better tan and it’s the dumbest trend ever

The only thing you’ll be attracting this hot girl summer is wasps!

TikToker Alex Warren says Thomas Petrou was the only one earning money from Hype House

What a mess

Wait, will Taylor Swift actually be at Glastonbury Festival in 2024?

Imagine she brings out Denise as a support act

Glastonbury 2023 theories: All the secret sets and rumoured performing artists at the festival

Manifesting a bit of Harry Styles and Britney this weekend

Erm, the missing submarine is steered by a literal video game controller

The sub weighs over 10,000kg

Here’s everything you need to know about Colleen Ballinger’s strange and very perky family

Why are they all best mates with JoJo Siwa??

Gino D’Acampo dropped this indirect about Phillip Schofield’s scandal and Holly was gagged

This is so on brand from Gino

Joey Graceffa has footage of him and Colleen Ballinger inappropriately joking taken down

‘His silence is deafening’

Jeffree Star calls Colleen Ballinger ‘sick’ and admits he doesn’t speak to her

Not Eugenia Cooney piping up! Are we back in 2011?

How to do the Scandi hairline trend just in time for your hot girl sun kissed summer

Millie Bobby Brown does it so you already know it slays

Where is JoshuaDTV now? Colleen Ballinger’s ex-husband who just celebrated three years sober

Their divorce was WILD

Eamonn Holmes has once again ripped into Phillip Schofield branding him as a ‘liar’ on live TV

‘He’s admitted he’s lied to everyone and yet people are deaf to this’

Erm, someone called a SWAT team to Jeffree Star’s Wyoming yak ranch as he was on TikTok live

The SWAT team was stood outside his ranch waiting for him ffs

Trisha Paytas shared a very cryptic quote about forgiveness amid Colleen Ballinger controversy

The pair have been friends for years

A complete history of Colleen Ballinger’s past controversies and big scandals

Never forget the fake coming out tweets

The tampon video and Kory deleting his Twitter: All of the Colleen Ballinger scandal updates

He shared a video Colleen sent her fans of putting a tampon into her mouth

After 19 days, ITV bosses have finally spoken directly about Phillip Schofield’s scandal

ITV bosses claimed Phillip Schofield was ‘deeply inappropriate’

Someone made a TikTok wrapped feature and it’s the best thing ever, here’s how to use it

It’s putting Spotify wrapped to shame x

Debunking Tahnee and Evelyn’s rumoured feud after Married at First Sight Australia

MAFS fans are something else

Can you find the hidden number? The optical illusion that’s wrecking everyone’s eyes right now

My brain hurts

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger has lost 30k subscribers following the grooming allegations

Colleen is yet to speak about her controversy

Is it a canon event or is it just trauma? TikTok’s latest trend explained

Creating the world’s worst Snapchat username is a canon event x

Inside Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman’s London lad pad with a huge balcony and green sofas

They’ve done a TK Maxx shop and everything

Tommy Fury played horrendously in Soccer Aid yesterday and these clips from Twitter prove it

I’m not convinced he’s ever kicked a football in his life

A full timeline of Amanda Holden’s rumoured ongoing catty beef with Phillip and Holly

This has been going on since 2018 lol

The Baby Gronk meme on TikTok: Inside his origin story and how he become the new rizz king

He’s been rizzed up

A rundown of all the accusations Colleen Ballinger is facing in this three year-long drama

‘No, I should have never sent a fan underwear’

Where are all The Ultimatum: Queer Love couples now and are any of them actually still together?

Not Yoly and Xander meeting up at Coachella ffs

Ok, here are all the MAFS Australia season 10 stars who are officially back on dating apps

Imagine a MAFS icon swiping right on you omg

‘A two-faced b****’: Here’s what celebs have had to say against Holly Willoughby

Kim Woodburn is out for blood

MAFS Australia’s Ollie Skelton is launching a podcast and it actually doesn’t sound awful

I’m just surprised it took this long for one of them to start one lol

‘I thought it was obvious’: MAFS Australia’s Lyndall reveals she’s bisexual and on dating apps

I am shaking

How Phillip Schofield can make a comeback to TV and save his career, according to an expert

‘Just look at Jeremy Kyle’

MAFS Australia star Evelyn Ellis has clapped back at the fake relationship rumours

Not Melinda saying they started out for the ‘hype’ looool

Melinda has revealed who she still speaks to and a juicy ‘secret divide’ in the MAFS Australia cast


MAFS Australia’s Melinda Willis has exposed which couple started dating for the ‘hype’

This is so shady looool

‘He hasn’t committed a crime’: The celebs supporting Phillip Schofield and what they’ve said

Caroline Flack’s mum has asked Phillip to not do ‘anything silly’

Holly Willoughby’s speech on This Morning deserves a BAFTA Award and so do these memes

Holly’s speech 🤝 Matt Hancock fake crying on GMB

Holly Willoughby’s dramatic speech about Phillip Schofield on today’s This Morning in full

She admits being ‘let down’ by Phillip ‘not telling the truth’

Viewers can expect an ’emotional’ speech about Phillip from Holly as she returns to This Morning

She apparently ‘will be kind about Phillip Schofield’

A timeline of how Phillip Schofield went from the king of daytime TV to a ‘national disgrace’

He has had a catastrophic three years

The seven most shocking revelations to come from Phillip Schofield’s BBC interview

He believes homophobia played a major part in public outrage

A rundown of everything Phillip Schofield said about his scandal in the explosive BBC interview

He denied all claims of grooming and said he and his lover were ‘just mates’

Phillip Schofield compares himself to Caroline Flack, admitting he ‘understands how she felt’

‘Do you want me to die? Because that’s where I am’

‘He’s now a national disgrace’: What celebrities have said about Phillip Schofield’s scandal

Katie Hopkins went in so hard on him

Avocado toast and white linen trousers: 51 beige flags every posh girl can painfully relate to

8. Ordering a Guinness

A rundown of every single brand to drop Phillip Schofield since his scandal

Big yikes

MAFS Australia’s Melissa files a police report after man turns up at her work demanding sex

He asked to meet the ‘freak in the sheets’

We’re about to get our annual Strawberry Moon and it will affect you, here’s how

Manifestation is for the girlies who like to slay

Omg! Melissa from MAFS Australia went on a ‘hot and heavy’ date with a younger guy

She said it gave her ‘flutters’ ffs

Oh dear, everyone thinks MAFS Australia’s Josh and Tayla are dating – here’s the evidence

Not Tayla calling Josh ‘big daddy’

MAFS Australia’s Evelyn Ellis has been tipped to star in Celebrity Apprentice and I’m shaking

Can you actually imagine??

New Love Island contestants have recorded self-descriptions and the outcome is so cursed

I cba with Ella describing herself as having ‘really long legs and arms’

From Rylan to Amanda Holden: Here’s what the ITV celebs have said about Phillip Schofield

Dr Ranj has had a lot to say

Eamonn Holmes has been dragging Phillip Schofield non-stop, so here’s everything he has said

I need to know why he calls him Pip

This British TikTok group are everywhere rn, so here’s a brief history of all their controversies

Max Balegde carrying this group’s drama on his back I see

Here are The Ultimatum: Queer Love original couples because we’ve all lost track at this point

The drama on this show is giving Love Is Blind season two

Someone has discovered how to turn yourself into a Sim from Sims 4 and I’m dying

Sul sul hotties!

Erm, Selling Sunset’s Amanza and Chrishell are beefing right now, here’s what we know

Not Amanza calling Chrishell by her real name

Everything you need to know about Marie-Lou Nuerk: Jason Oppenheim’s new girlfriend

She has four iconic inches on him

Sophie Habboo was forced to invite ‘B-list’ friends to her wedding after ‘rude’ guests pulled out

Imagine being a B-list in the eye of Sophie Habboo? I’d sob

MAFS Australia’s Tayla Winter has dropped some bombshells about her edit on the show

‘I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment’

Erm, Harry Styles’ house features in Selling Sunset season six and I am shook

Harry Styles’ bedroom is nothing like how I pictured Harry Styles’ bedroom

This TikToker found her ‘drama sofa’ on the pavement in NYC and now it’s become a viral meme

If I see this blue sofa one more time I’ll scream