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The prisoner who attempted to kill Jeffrey Dahmer said he’d do it again and has no regrets

‘I wanted to kill Dahmer; he ate people’

Who is Joseph Zilber and why did he buy all of Jeffrey Dahmer’s belongings?

He purchased all of Dahmer’s belongings off the families for $407,225

You can now buy Jeffrey Dahmer’s urn as loads of his personal belongings go on sale

Who is buying any of this may I ask??

Here is everything Evan Peters did to mentally prepare himself for playing Jeffrey Dahmer

One thing he did was he forced himself into dark places for long periods of time

The Try Guys have said they are working to remove Ned from new videos and merch

Apparently they signed approval to remove Ned from the group in mid September…yikes

George from MAFS UK has been arrested over allegations of harassment

E4 still broadcast pre-recorded a episode featuring George

Natalie says the footage of her showing the DMs between Shayne and Shaina was cut

Drop the messages bestie!!

Everything you need to know about the Miami Boys Choir and its iconic music

The Miami Boys Choir is the only thing maintaining my mental health right now

Dream has finally done a face reveal after being an anonymous online gamer for years

This is bigger than any Taylor Swift album drop, end of

Starlet was the second queen to sashay away last night, here’s what she has to say about it

‘It’s okay to let loose and just be more confident in yourself’

Omg, Louis Tomlinson has defended Liam Payne and said he ‘hates them Paul brothers’

Ok now get the band back together x

Netflix shows like Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story that you should be watching next

I am in a true crime hole, help!

All of the Ferne McCann and Sam Faiers leaked voice note drama explained

Sam has since unfollowed Ferne on Instagram

Who was Jesse Anderson? The prisoner killed at the same time as Jeffrey Dahmer

Jesse Anderson was facing a life sentence

Did Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy ever actually meet and what was their connection?

John Wayne Gacy features in the final episode of Monster

People on TikTok are auditioning to become Tesco’s self-service checkout voice

Some of you have talent

The cast for I’m A Celebrity All Stars has been announced and it’s nothing short of iconic

Why is Gillian McKeith putting herself through it AGAIN?

Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix: Who were Konerak Sinthasomphone and his brother Somack?

Dahmer was still on probation when he murdered Konerak

This TikTok influencer says her job is really hard because she had to work until 5:19pm

Who is going to tell her about overtime?😳😳

Jeffrey Dahmer had 17 male victims – here’s everything you should know about them

His final victim was a father of three looking for work in Milwaukee

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer victim Tony Hughes and where are his family now?

Tony was both deaf and mute

What happened to Joyce Dahmer? The mother of serial killer cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer

Both of Jeffrey’s parents blamed themselves for his killings

Omg! Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury are having a baby

She shared a video of Tommy kissing her bump

Omg! The Byers family home from Stranger Things is currently for sale for only £275k

Joyce is gagged and so am I

Don’t Worry Darling ending explained: Here’s what the big twist at the end means

This movie is going to be my new unhealthy obsession x

Meet Catherine Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother who didn’t know he was a serial killer

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered three people in his grandmother’s basement

He was one of the few men to survive Jeffrey Dahmer, here’s where Ronald Flowers is now

He’s said before that if it wasn’t for Dahmer’s grandmother then he’d be dead

‘An exceptional artist and friend’: Drag Race queens lead tributes to Cherry Valentine

Cherry Valentine tragically passed away on Sunday

Meet Lionel Dahmer, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad who is still alive today

He was involved in Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

It blows my mind how these 33 Adam Levine sexting memes make me want to see the booty

I may need to see Lisa Rinna’s M&M booty😔

Where is Tracy Edwards now? The man who survived and escaped Jeffrey Dahmer

His escape led the police to Dahmer’s apartment

The shocking true story of Jeffrey Dahmer from Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series

Many of his murders involved cannibalism

Who the hell is Rodger Cleye from TikTok and why is everyone making edits of him singing?

He’s a whole mood

What’s happening on 24th September 2022? The latest viral doomsday date debunked

We have a 21st December 2012 situation on our hands

Just 39 memes that prove Do Revenge is the best Netflix movie of all time

Pure cinema

All the celebs who have made digs at Holly and Phillip’s alleged queue jumping antics

Mel B being on this list is jokes

The best memes and reactions to Netflix’s Love Is Blind: After the Altar season two

Sal is the new Shake, end of!

Love Is Blind’s Kyle announces split from Deepti just days after confirming they’re dating

They apparently split earlier this summer

The wildest and most shocking revelations in Love Is Blind: After the Altar season two

Yikes! Iyanna moved out before splitting with Jarrette

Love Is Blind: After the Altar drops tomorrow so here’s a recap of all the recent drama

Filing for divorce, relationship rumours and Shake getting blocked lol

Um, Maya Hawke has straight up said she wants Robin to die in Stranger Things five

It’s a big no from me

Meet the famous cast of Netflix’s latest British thriller I Came By

Hugh Bonneville from Paddington is in it!!

Liz Truss has just been announced as the UK’s next Prime Minister

Not another one

If you enjoyed watching Echoes on Netflix then you should watch these nine shows next

Suddenly I have no more free time x

Stranger Things fans on TikTok are being told they’re ruining the show for cosplaying

‘The Stranger Things fandom is literally insufferable’

Debunked: Is McDonald’s really going to start doing all day breakfast from 6th October?

No because I would die for a 6pm hashbrown

Love Is Blind’s Iyanna says she went to bed crying after announcing her divorce

She says the reaction from her followers was hurtful

‘Bish n Chips’: Love Island’s Luca Bish has joined YouTube and quit his fishmonger job

The logo is a fish shaped microphone ffs

Every single time Curtis Pritchard has proved himself as being the biggest walking ick

His recent bizarre dance as a pea is where I draw the line

Umm, this man filmed Boris Johnson on Snapchat searching for drugs at 6am in his home

‘Wagwan Boris?’

Inside Elle Darby and Connor Swift’s big Ibiza wedding weekend

I haven’t seen that many fairy lights since I was in halls

Stop trying to tell Leni and Gina apart for a second and find solace in these Echoes memes

Why do so many of you hate the sheriff?💀

A full timeline of all the Addison Rae family drama involving her parents and Yung Gravy

Monty Lopez has written a diss track called ‘Leftovers’

A complete rundown of all the carnage that took place inside Reading and Leeds festival

Whoever did a number two right outside someone’s tent deserves hell

Reading and Leeds Festival ruined by tents being set on fire and antisocial behaviour

People called it the ‘Sunday purge night’

Tributes paid to ‘beautiful, fiercely independent’ 16-year-old boy who died at Leeds Festival

He’d just got his GCSE results and was going to college in September

Everyone is saying Echoes on Netflix is super confusing so here it is explained

Finally some answers!!

Omg Noah Schnapp has a lifeguard summer job and is heading off to university

I’d simply rather drown in a pool than put Noah Schnapp through saving me

Instagram precise location debunked: Here’s how and why you should be turning it off

This feature is a big no from me

Andrew Tate has been banned from these 24 things and this entire meme roundup

You really have to reevaluate your life choices when you’re banned from EastEnders Makeover

Debunking the rumours saying Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have split

The day they break up is the day I stop believing in love

‘We are forever grateful’: The real story behind Owami Davies’ disappearance

It took seven weeks, 118 sightings and five arrests to bring Owami home

Look Both Ways ending explained: Which life did Natalie choose at the end?

Did anyone else not entirely hate this film???

Omg! Laura Whitmore has just quit Love Island

It is Ekin-Su’s time to shine x

Inside Ekin-Su’s iconic birthday celebrations featuring Love Island’s cursed yellow bean bag

Oi oi! Mum and dad went to a club in Mayfair

‘Thank God he got banned’: Inside Andrew Tate’s dramatic weekend downfall

Is anyone actually surprised?

Omg! Dan Levy has joined Sex Education as a teacher and I’m shook

This is the casting we never knew we needed

Here’s everyone who either smoked or vaped in the Love Island 2022 villa

Of course Adam vapes loool

Amber Gill has come out publicly for the first time since her ‘switching teams’ tweet

She says she meant exactly what she said

Stop hounding those Clearing hotlines and cry over these crippling A-Level results day memes

In the words of Katie Price, never underestimate the C

Love Island’s Adam Collard was attacked by a group of men whilst on a night out with Paige

‘Adam and his friends were extremely shaken up by the situation’

Russell Group universities ranked by how expensive their city’s pints are

And London isn’t even the most expensive!!

Debunked: What is the Quiet Quitting trend I’m seeing all over TikTok right now?

Can I quiet quit uni?? Asking for a mate x

Heartstopper season two will begin filming next month and fans are shaking

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about Nick and Charlie

The rise and very rapid fall of the British YouTubers we all watched in the early 2010s

Things took a dark and ugly turn in 2014

One year on from filming the season, here’s what The Apprentice 2022 cast are up to now

Two of them are dating and one of them is still a loyal Barb x

Meet Kyle Thomas: The most followed British TikToker of all time

And he’s only 17!!

Sidemen net worths ranked: Who are the highest and lowest earning members in the group?

They have a collective net worth of £44.2 million

What is thick water and how do I make my own? Debunking TikTok’s latest popular trend

The trend actually isn’t too great when you think about it

People are dragging YouTuber Anastasia Kingsnorth for her ‘cheapest food’ video

‘This is poor people’s reality’

Amber Gill says she’s ‘disgusted’ by the Murad Merali OnlyFans situation

‘This isn’t a situation where I have a hot take’

Jason Nash claims Trisha Paytas threatened to ‘destroy’ him if they ever broke up

He’s spoken out about their relationship for the first time in three years

Here are all the Love Island 2022 finalists’ first posts back on Instagram since the villa

It won’t surprise you to see Indiyah is serving

Debunked: Is MrBeast actually dead and where did these rumours even come from?

Here we go again

Davide has revealed what he plans to spend his prize money on and it’s so wholesome

Mum and dad are THRIVING xxx

Meet Tristan Tate: Andrew Tate’s younger brother who is very similar to him

Tristan says he and his brother never disagree on anything

Ekin-Su has just signed the *biggest* fashion deal in the history of Love Island

‘She’s the most in demand Love Island star ever’

Here’s what to do if your boyfriend follows and watches Andrew Tate, according to Reddit

‘His attitudes and opinions have changed dramatically’

Influencers and Love Island stars react to the Murad Merali allegations

Amber Gill has unfollowed him! Yikessss

Debunked: Here’s how the honey method on TikTok helps you manifest the love of your life

Some people have said it can be very dangerous

Danica says Billy caused her ‘lowest moment’ in the villa and almost made her quit

‘I was ready to walk at that point, as I was so over being walked over, pied and rejected’

Coco Lodge is a true menace and this recap of all her post-Love Island antics proves it

We should’ve known she was chaos the minute we saw she was the chosen one for Andrew’s tongue

Inside the massive Brighton mansion where Love Island’s Luca Bish lives with his family

He’s got a hot tub and a telly in the *same* room

Everything Murad Merali says in his video addressing his past and his OnlyFans content

He claims the ‘racist’ captions were not written by him

Debunking the zombies in China 2022 TikTok trend – is the world really going to end?

At this point, fair enough

‘What on earth is going on in the house of commons?’ TikTok audio explained

It lives rent free in my mind

Netflix has a problem with cancelling lesbian shows and we need to talk about it

Why does Heartstopper get another two seasons but First Kill doesn’t?

Molly-Mae’s sister says she nearly turned against her after believing mean comments online

‘I would not wish that on my own worst enemy’

Inside Noah Schnapp and Ekin-Su’s iconic friendship that has us all in a chokehold

How are they both living my dream rn??

Debunking the new Angel Shot trend you keep seeing all over your TikTok

It’s similar to the Ask for Angela campaign

Here are the most awkward moments from last night’s very tragic Love Island 2022 reunion

We experienced hell for 90 minutes and I never want to go back