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QUIZ: Think you know everything about Love Island drama? Tell me why these Islanders cried

I think we all know why Anton cried xx

What is the ‘BBL effect’ everyone’s talking about on TikTok and how can I tell if I have it??

Someone with the BBL effect will drink tongue-first when they use a straw x

Here’s where the ‘I like you have a cupcake’ viral TikTok sound actually comes from

This sound plays on loop in my head all day!!

Who is Sasha Attwood? Jack Grealish’s MUA and YouTuber girlfriend from Birmingham

When Jack was playing in the Euros, she claimed she received 200 death threats a day

Hold up, where does that ‘Oh Lord’ TikTok sound actually come from?


You’ll wish you didn’t have ears once you hear Hugo from Love Island 2021 singing in cursive

Well you know what they say…if you can’t sing, teach P.E

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what your mental age really is

I am 21, but my mental age is 16-years-old x

Here’s a rundown of David Dobrik’s biggest dramas and controversies over the years

Spoiler: There have been a lot

This TikTok filter tells you if you’re hot or pretty, so find out which one you are

My confidence after using this filter📉📉📉

17 TikToks from Freedom Day that will make you want to sink a VK and weep with nostalgia

I’d give my life to live in the smoking area of a club

Ok so why is Dom Toretto getting memed so hard all over my TikTok right now?

I’m just a guy with good old family values x

Danny from Love Island has apologised for using a racial slur before he went into the villa

He has promised to never use the slur again

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what per cent ‘pick me girl’ you really are

Pick me! Choose me! Love me! 😩

A hellish clip of Addison Rae’s film has surfaced and her acting is exactly what you’d expect

You can find me NOT watching this movie on Netflix x

Meet Rob Delaney: Twitter famous comedian who is the narrator of Netflix’s Sexy Beasts

He’s got 1.5 million Twitter followers

Gabbie Hanna is finally stepping away from the internet and it’s been a long time coming

She should’ve been cancelled when she released Monster tbh

The minister for mental health has straight up denied the UK is in a mental health crisis

The UK is in a mental health crisis and has been for over a year

NosebleedFitz has lost nearly 100k TikTok followers since she had beef with Max Balegde

Her fans are big fat disappointed with how she reacted

Dani Dyer’s boyfriend Sammy Kimmence has been sentenced to 42 months in jail for fraud

Dani and Sammy have been together since 2019 and have a son

QUIZ: Break your silence and cry whilst matching the YouTuber to their own apology video

Alfie Deyes’ apology video where he claims he’s not a Tory lives rent free in my mind

Millie Bobby Brown responds to Hunter Echo and threatens to take action against him

She’s threatened legal action after Hunter revealed explicit details about their alleged relationship on an Instagram Live

From Baby Shark to Anaconda: These are the most disliked videos on YouTube of all time

We really didn’t need Rebecca Black to release a song about the final working day of the week

Who is Hunter Echo? The TikTok star claiming to be Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend

The five year age gap between him and 16-year-old Millie has sparked some of the controversy

Explained: Okay so, what actually happened with Addison Rae at the UFC wrestling match?

This whole situation is so chaotic loool

This is what each Love Islander from the 2021 cast would be like a big night out

Chloe will dominate the smoking area and you know it

QUIZ: Stop being childish and guess the iconic Love Island quote just from a screenshot

Amy and Curtis’ break up deserves a BAFTA

QUIZ: Can you actually guess the ages of these Islanders when they were on Love Island?

Sorry but HOW much older is Maura than Molly-Mae???😮

The Kissing Booth 3: Everything you need to know about the final movie in the trilogy

Marco is back! Big yikes

Explained: Here’s how you can rewind or fast-forward a TikTok video without saving them

As if TikTok didn’t ruin my attention span already x

Meet Khaby Lame: The viral TikTokker on your FYP who has more followers than Addison Rae

His most popular video has over 267 million views😮

Think you’re a real football fan? Prove it by getting 9/10 in this football anthem lyrics quiz


Finished watching Sex/Life on Netflix? Watch these 11 steamy movies and TV shows next

Finally something to quench my thirst x

‘It’s painfully unrepresentative’: 83 per cent think Love Island isn’t diverse enough

The Tab surveyed nearly 6,000 people about representation in the show

Sex/Life on Netflix is actually really problematic and you shouldn’t watch it

Why does everyone think Cooper is an ideal husband?!

This soul destroying website will tell you how ugly you are and what age you’re going to die at

It turns out I am 100 per cent hotter than the Spice Girls x

So it turns out Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos from Netflix’s Sex/Life are together in real life

They met on set in a makeup trailer🥺

If staring at these 24 pictures of Brad from Love Island is a crime then cuff me officer

I’d like to plead guilty on the account of being in love with a Geordie

Based off vibe alone, here’s who the new Love Island 2021 cast resemble

Shannon is the new Megan Barton-Hanson

Here are the spicy TikTok accounts of this year’s Love Islanders

Stop what you’re doing and FOLLOW THEM

Meet Aaron Francis: The grad and new Islander who’s related to a Made in Chelsea legend

Apparently he almost turned the show down when he was approached

‘Hot ugly’ TikTok theory explained: Are these male celebs ‘hot ugly’, ‘ugly hot’ or ‘hot hot’?

Timothée Chalamet is the epitome of ugly hot, soz x

Mark the start of hot girl summer with these cursed Matt Hancock kissing memes

This is Matt Hancock’s world and we’re all living in it

‘I wish I was a lesbian’: 31 things queer women are sick and tired of hearing

‘My boyfriend wouldn’t care if I kissed you right now’

Take this survey and tell us if you think Love Island shows enough body image diversity

Would you like to see your body type on Love Island?

Take a look inside the wild TikTok accounts of this year’s Too Hot To Handle cast

Looks like Peter isn’t the only one with a big TikTok following👀

Daniel and Lily from The Undateables have broken up I am totally heartbroken

Is true love even real????

This TikTok soulmate test tells you whether you’ve found the love of your life or not

Brb, just working out if Gillian Anderson is my soulmate or not

Explained: Mister Maker isn’t actually dead and he’s just been wrapped up in a death hoax

Will the real Mister Maker please stand up🤔

Seeing queer people experience homophobia makes me scared to be myself in public

I feel powerless, afraid and vulnerable

These stories from LGBTQ+ young people prove schools let down a generation of queer students

‘My school taught me gay sex was a sin’

How much more do we have to endure as a nation before James Corden just stops?

We have surpassed a need for James Corden

Trisha Paytas is finally cancelled and it’s been a long time coming, here are the receipts

Over the years, Trisha has claimed they’re black, a gay man and a chicken nugget

As a lesbian, I see nothing wrong with Billie Eilish’s music video and neither should you

Having fun with your mates isn’t queerbaiting

I watched Clueless for the first time, and sorry to say this but it’s absolutely terrible

Not even the wardrobe machine is good – soz x

Deleting my dating apps because I want to meet someone the old fashioned way, via memes

Nothing says ‘old fashioned’ romance like the pizza parlour on Club Penguin

They’re here! Meet the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season two

Marvin has 240k Instagram followers already!!

Slip on a siggie ring and we’ll tell you what percentage ‘rah where’s my baccy?’ you are

It’s not looking good for you if you own a North Face puffer

How to help a friend who has just come out to you, by LGBTQ+ young people

Saying something is always better than saying nothing

How to use the new viral dynamic photo filter on TikTok, a guide

Which one of you used it on a packet of baccy??💀💀

Here are 16 icks which make people on TikTok want to run away and never come back

Hun, you’re going to have to run for your LIFE if he already knows his birth chart

All the obscure shows you missed Trisha Paytas being in

I am losing my mind over the fact Trisha Paytas was in an Amy Winehouse music video

Explained: All the reasons why Trisha Paytas decided to leave the Frenemies podcast

Apparently Ethan spoke over them when they wanted to talk about LGBTQ+ rights

Only the elite people who studied GCSE drama will relate to these 20 things

10. Every devised play being like an episode of Skins

So many young people tried to get vaccines that the booking site crashed

All they know is X Factor reaction memes

Ahoy there, ahoy, take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Backyardians song you’re aligned to

We can’t all be Castaways

We asked young people over the age of 17 who use Snapchat, why?

‘I keep all my nudes in the my eyes only folder’

Here’s how to get the Instagram tattoo filter that’s all over Twitter right now

Brb, getting inked xx

Who are The Backyardigans and why are they blowing up on TikTok rn?


‘My sexuality isn’t a logistical difficulty’: Queer voices on Love Island’s LGBTQ+ policy

‘Sometimes it is just fun to watch regardless of representation’

I thought everything gave me the ick. Turns out I’m just gay

Social pressures made me force myself into dating men

What is ‘rainbow-washing’? How to tell if it’s happening to you

Putting up a rainbow once a year isn’t good allyship, it’s performative

C’mere and look at these memes of Matt LeBlanc being everyone’s Irish da

He looks like the type of guy who types out a whole message on his phone with one finger

VOTE: It’s time to decide once and for all, which UK accent is the hottest?

Is it getting hot in here or is it just the different regional UK accents?

Consider yourself an ogre achiever? Take this iconic Shrek lyrics quiz to find out

Inject the entire Shrek discography into my veins

23 ways of saying you’re a student, without saying you’re a student

Everything becomes self care if you think about it for long enough

Young people called out the government’s BS from day one, but no one listened

Everything Dominic Cummings said yesterday, we said in March 2020

What your choice of Crocs colour says about the type of person you are

If you own yellow Crocs then you definitely say ‘Croc and roll’ unironically x

Wait, are Too Hot to Handle’s Harry and Francesca back together or what?

They’re definitely playing us, but I don’t care x

Ranked: The truly most mad and bizarre moments from The Story of Tracy Beaker

The whole musical episode was a fever dream

These 25 ‘the scene the camera man’ memes will leave you sobbing

‘Up’ made me ugly cry

The Story of Tracy Beaker served us some looks, but these were the most iconic

There’s a lot of be said for Rio Wellard’s phenomenal bandana game

Harry Styles will star in nude sex scenes in new Brighton based film ‘My Policeman’

Harry Styles is reportedly ‘excited’ for the challenge

The government cares more about football than students and I’ve had enough

Private housing has been failing students for years but no one cares

The pandemic has ruined the lives of young people and here are the receipts

Yesterday’s back-to-uni date was insulting

Sussex senior managment set to release 12 seagulls to symbolise letting go of 2020’s bad energy

The event will be livestreamed on the university’s Instagram account

ITV Studios is looking for Brighton locals to appear on Come Dine With Me

You best get perfecting your pesto pasta

19-year-old male charged with assaulting an emergency worker on Sussex Uni campus

The police also confirmed a young female briefly escaped from a police vehicle after being arrested

13 young people on why Boris Johnson should resign

‘I want him to go, but unfortunately, they’re all the same’

Stop warning women against walking alone at night. We’re not the problem

It’s men who need to change their behaviour

Jess Glynne has apologised after using a transphobic slur on The Mo Gilligan Podcast

‘I am ashamed that I was unaware of the potency of the T-slur until now’

A University of Sussex student has passed away

The uni encourage any students affected to contact student support services

I tried out a load of lesbian dating apps and here are the best ones, ranked

Nothing can prepare you for Scissr

Your ‘jokes’ about losing weight in time for June 21st are just fatphobic, so stop

Find a new joke because this one was never funny

PSA: Brighton based extras wanted for Harry Styles’ new movie

This is about to be the best hot girl summer of your life

Meet the team of Brighton and Sussex students behind The Big Student Podcast

‘It will feel like you’re listening in on a conversation with your mates’

Mr Schue Ick-Tok: 42 TikToks of Mr Schue that will make your skin crawl

He dry humps way too much for my liking

I was raped by a Sussex student and it took the uni over a year to deal with my complaint

‘I felt violated, dirty and in a lot of pain’

We need to talk about the gay shaming from tabloids during the AIDS crisis

The Sun changed its homophobic It’s A Sin headline but that doesn’t change its gay shaming in the 1980s

It took three national lockdowns to accept myself as gay, but now I’m finally out

Eleven months ago, I wish I knew how little everyone would care