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This major plot hole in Senior Year on Netflix proves how dumb the movie is

I’ve lost sleep over this

What is the hanger reflex challenge all over TikTok and does it *actually* work?

If you’re using a wooden hanger for this then you’re an idiot

Elle Darby is back online five months after her hateful tweets resurfaced

She posted a statement claiming she’s been working on becoming a better person

All the deeper meanings behind Harry’s House according to Harry Styles and his fans

I haven’t stopped crying over the deeper meaning behind Matilda

Derry Girls has come to an end but these 54 memes and our love for it are eternal

Derry Girls will never die x

As a queer person I loved Derry Girls, but last night’s episode has ruined it

I am sick of shows like Derry Girls destroying lesbian happiness

31 reactions to the emotionally traumatic final episode of Derry Girls season three

Lisa McGee has a lot to answer for

A rundown of the worst and weirdest moments from Senior Year on Netflix

This entire film is cursed

Here is all the evidence Nadine Coyle will make an appearance in Derry Girls

There’s been a special guest in every ep so far and people are convinced Nadine is next

He came second in Eurovision 2022, but who actually is Sam Ryder?

I am respectfully asking for Sam Ryder’s hair care routine

Give that wolf a banana and look at these 31 memes about the Eurovision 2022 final

This is a ballad free zone!!

Just ‘get a better job’ if you’re struggling with the cost of living crisis, says Tory minister

What in the Molly-Mae Hague is going on here?

Omg guys! Netflix just confirmed Bridgerton season three will focus on Penelope and Colin

Dearest reader, I am shaking

James from Derry Girls is in a new Channel 4 show! Here’s everything we know about it

He’s gone from a wee English fella to being a Big Boy

Heartstopper is the absolute best show on TV right now and these reasons prove it

It feels so good to have positive representation for our community

This video of Kendall Jenner struggling to chop a cucumber is both jokes and mind-numbing

I lost a few brain cells watching this clip

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea says Davina threw ‘microaggressions’ at her off camera

Chelsea says the things said to her off camera affected her ‘mental state’

Hold on to your mammy and read these 23 Derry Girls memes from last night’s episode

Joe asking the doctor about Orla’s tonsils was art

A rundown of all the jobs the cast of Derry Girls worked before being famous

The actor playing Erin was sacked from her first job

Amber says she and Greg ‘were done’ before they even won Love Island!

‘A day before the final me and Greg had the biggest bust up ever’

A definitive ranking of all the Derry Girls characters from worst to Sister Michael

You’re lying to yourself if you think Clare is in the top five

Here’s how to get the viral sad filter you keep seeing all over TikTok

It looks so natural x

27 tweets about the world’s biggest and best ally, Sarah Nelson from Heartstopper

Olivia Colman meant it when she said ‘gay rights’

These Heartstopper bloopers are just as good as the actual show itself

Olivia Colman cried so much in the coming out scene that she forgot her lines😭

Heartstopper’s Kit Connor has called out fans of the show for speculating his sexuality

‘Apparently some people on here know my sexuality better than I do’

PSA: Here’s how you can listen to the Derry Girls soundtrack, all in one playlist

There are also separate playlists for every character!!!

Wait, so it turns out the lighting and colours in Heartstopper have a deeper meaning

This show is so beautiful

Every single time James and Erin hinted at ending up together in Derry Girls

Wait, is the wee English fella a bit sexy???

Derry Girls love lives: A rundown of who the cast are dating in real life

Yes, this does mean Erin and James aren’t dating

27 Derry Girls memes to enjoy whilst you recover from the end of last night’s episode

The final two minutes chewed me up and spat me out

Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about Flossie Clegg’s new boyfriend

They’ve already said ‘I love you’ omg

A deep dive into the fun TikTok accounts belonging to Netflix’s Heartstopper cast

Kit Connor’s TikTok gives me LIFE

Lesbian fashion going mainstream makes me feel more confident in my sexuality

Everyone looks like a flaming homosexual now

Here are all of the famous faces we’ve seen in Derry Girls season three so far

Liam Neeson was in it AGAIN!!

If you enjoyed Heartstopper then you need to watch these eight shows next

There goes my social life for the next few weeks!!

23 reactions to Nick Nelson’s coming out scene in Heartstopper for the sad gays

Don’t lie, you WANT this

Here’s the true story behind the ‘Wow, crazy, you crazy girl’ viral TikTok audio

I am such a crazy girl😌

‘It makes me feel seen’: Queer people on the importance of Netflix’s Heartstopper

‘We don’t want to keep seeing trauma in series and film’

These 33 reactions to Netflix’s Heartstopper will send you spiralling into a gay panic

I am nothing but a gay and hollow shell since finishing Heartstopper!!

Want to get more TikTok followers? Here’s an easy guide for you to follow

Most of you are probably sitting on a viral video in your camera roll rn!!

Wait, there’s actually a really nice story behind Olivia Colman secretly being in Heartstopper

The cast didn’t even know she was going to be in it until she came on set!!

Heartstopper has a rating of 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes but fans aren’t shocked

I didn’t expect anything less! The show is a work of art

Meet Olivia Mitchell: The 19-year-old TikToker who is currently dating Libby Mae

Guys, Libby Mae posted a TikTok saying Olivia eats her bogies

Inside the beautiful and vibey Instagrams of Netflix’s Heartstopper cast

I love them all so much

Are you more like Jessica, Shaina or Alexis? Take this messy blonde quiz to find out

Can’t I be all three minus Shaina when she squints?

Just 36 memes about Derry Girls and that wee English fella who dressed up as Posh Spice

I will never be over seeing Jenny Joyce emerge out of a coffin

A few juicy behind the scenes facts about how The Ultimatum on Netflix is made

Apparently the cast had no idea they’d be dating each other’s partners loool

Here’s everything you need to know about the green line test from TikTok and how to do it

Brb, just going through the photos of every single couple I know

Guys, Simone Ashley just confirmed which Bridgerton sibling season three will focus on

I think I might die if I don’t get season three within a year

Everything we know about the Selling Sunset season five reunion

It drops on FRIDAY!

Here’s what happened during The Ultimatum reunion and a rundown of who’s still dating

Zay stormed out after a screaming match with Rae

The Ultimatum is Netflix’s most unhinged show by far and these moments prove it

I hate how much I love it

Guys!! This couple from Netflix’s The Ultimatum have confirmed they’re having a baby

I am so shook because I thought they all hated each other loooool

Enough is enough, it’s time for Boris Johnson to go

Whilst we were unable to grieve the loss of dying family members, Boris Johnson partied

The creator of The Ultimatum has finally addressed those silver wine glasses on the show

Just when I thought Love Is Blind overused the gold glasses!!

Fans think Eloise and Jimbo have split after she posted this TikTok about dumping a boy

Why is everyone breaking up???

Here’s how to do the new Rotoscope filter, TikTok’s coolest trend to date

Sorry but this filter screams Leeds Uni

Um, so apparently The Ultimatum lied about Alexis and Lauren’s ages in the show

‘So it’s okay for a man on TV to be 30, but we have to lie about age if the woman is?’

A breakdown of who got with who in The Ultimatum’s marriage experiment

I care about this way more than I should

An American YouTube family has compared abortion to the Holocaust in a pro-life doc

People are calling for the video to be taken down

A deep dive into The Ultimatum cast Instagram accounts

Of course Alexis has a photo with James Charles loool

BREAKING: Koci Selamaj sentenced to whole life for the murder of Sabina Nessa

Sabina Nessa’s parents described their daughter’s killer as an ‘animal’

Just 19 memes all laughing at how unhinged Netflix’s The Ultimatum truly is

It’s scary how similar Alexis is to Shaina and Jessica from Love Is Blind

Jason Oppenheim admits he’s thought about Chrishell every day since their break up

My heart cannot take this

What is the new ‘Never let them know your next move’ TikTok trend everyone’s doing?

People are so quirky x

Meet the six couples risking it all for marriage on Netflix’s new dating show The Ultimatum

I am already hooked

Bridgerton has a queer baiting problem and we need to talk about it

Queer coding characters isn’t representation – it’s cruel

‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ is the first Grammy-winning album to come from TikTok

And it SLAPS!

Peaky Blinders season six ending explained: What actually happened to Thomas Shelby?


What is the BeReal app and why is everyone suddenly using it?

This is perfect if you’re nosey x

Before his Bridgerton fame Luke Newton was in a cringe boy band that flopped so hard

I’ve just streamed their album and my ears are burning

Here are all of the lamest brand attempts at April Fools’ Day 2022

Big Mac Breakfast McMuffin?? Pull the other one Ronald x

Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley confirms Kate and Anthony will be retuning for season three

For a hot minute I thought we had another Regé-Jean Page on our hands

A rundown of exactly how Kate and Edwina Sharma are connected and their family history

I can’t be the only one who was confused

Everything Love Is Blind’s Shayne Jansen spoke about during his podcast interview

He called Shake a ‘horrible person’

Natalie says she and Shayne split after she found ‘flirtatious messages with other women’

‘I’m saddened and confused by his dishonesty’

Myles Stephenson from Rak-Su says Liam Payne would ‘change his voice’ on the X-Factor

Can Liam Payne get anymore embarrassing? I fear not

A rundown of all the women Liam Payne has dated over the years

How does this man do it???

Liam Payne is the UK’s biggest ick and these embarrassing moments prove it

Him and Olly Murs have the same vibe, end of

The creator of Love Is Blind says he’s ‘not unhappy’ about casting Shake

Tbf Shake did make some quality TV

These Bridgerton season two reviews all say it’s incredible but not as steamy as season one

I don’t care what you say, Anthony Bridgerton is better than the Duke!!

Who was Carole Prentice? The woman Bridgerton’s final episode pays tribute to

She was described as an ‘avid’ Bridgerton fan

Here’s everything we know about the brownie recipe that’s in every TikTok comment section

This is making me want brownies!!!

Just 13 times The Apprentice 2022 was as iconic as Baroness Karren Brady

Now THIS is what I pay my TV licence for

Here’s why fans think Kylie Jenner changed her son’s name from Wolf

Was Wolf too quirky or not quirky enough? I NEED TO KNOW

Everything you need to know about Kathryn Burn’s My Everyday Pyjamas business

I’d invest if it meant I could see Lord Sugar in a pair of Christmas pyjamas

Shake from Love Is Blind has been banned from the cast’s group chat and blocked

This man is clinging to absolutely everything ffs

Meet the cast for Zara McDermott’s new BBC Three dating show Love In The Flesh

One of the couples have been messaging for FIVE years but never met omg

Are these cake? No, they’re 17 hilarious memes about Is It Cake? on Netflix

This show is completely ridiculous

VC who earns £354,000 per year says uni bosses ‘don’t have the cash’ to pay staff fairly

Another VC also excused staff pay cuts by saying she has to ‘pay the gas bill’

Only the World’s Best Boss can score full marks in this The Office US trivia quiz

Q6. Who started the fire by leaving their cheese pita in the toaster-oven for too long?

Elle Darby’s clothing brand has released a statement and fans are begging her to come back

‘We are nothing without you’

Molly-Mae has bought her dream home and created an Instagram account for it

Her new house account grew by 600,000 followers overnight

Amy Anzel has been banned from The Apprentice spin-off show

Lord Sugar called her ‘slower than broadband Wi-Fi in Cornwall’

Everything we know about the viral Reading Rainbow TikTok trend and iconic song

Butterfly in the skyyyyy, I can go twice as hiiiiiigh

Molly-Mae has posted throwbacks from before Love Island and her transformation is mad

It’s the model poses in Topshop for me

Harpreet’s sister has found out she’s been fired from these 26 Apprentice interview memes

Mike is a savage, end of

‘It was always dreadful’: Twitter reactions to Little Britain being back on the BBC

Surprise surprise, some of the most offensive scenes have been left in

Is It Cake? Is coming to Netflix tomorrow and it looks just as bizarre as it sounds

It’s so ridiculous but I am obsessed

‘It’s a wild ride’: Here’s everything we know so far about Love Is Blind season three

Yee-haw! Season three was filmed in Texas

Who is Jake Bongiovi? Everything you need to know about Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend

His dad is Bon Jovi!!!!