Georgia Mooney

The pandemic has ruined the lives of young people and here are the receipts

Yesterday’s back-to-uni date was insulting

Sussex senior managment set to release 12 seagulls to symbolise letting go of 2020’s bad energy

The event will be livestreamed on the university’s Instagram account

ITV Studios is looking for Brighton locals to appear on Come Dine With Me

You best get perfecting your pesto pasta

19-year-old male charged with assaulting an emergency worker on Sussex Uni campus

The police also confirmed a young female briefly escaped from a police vehicle after being arrested

13 young people on why Boris Johnson should resign

‘I want him to go, but unfortunately, they’re all the same’

Stop warning women against walking alone at night. We’re not the problem

It’s men who need to change their behaviour

Jess Glynne has apologised after using a transphobic slur on The Mo Gilligan Podcast

‘I am ashamed that I was unaware of the potency of the T-slur until now’

A University of Sussex student has passed away

The uni encourage any students affected to contact student support services

I tried out a load of lesbian dating apps and here are the best ones, ranked

Nothing can prepare you for Scissr

Your ‘jokes’ about losing weight in time for June 21st are just fatphobic, so stop

Find a new joke because this one was never funny

PSA: Brighton based extras wanted for Harry Styles’ new movie

This is about to be the best hot girl summer of your life

Meet the team of Brighton and Sussex students behind The Big Student Podcast

‘It will feel like you’re listening in on a conversation with your mates’

I was raped by a Sussex student and it took the uni over a year to deal with my complaint

‘I felt violated, dirty and in a lot of pain’

We need to talk about the gay shaming from tabloids during the AIDS crisis

The Sun changed its homophobic It’s A Sin headline but that doesn’t change its gay shaming in the 1980s

It took three national lockdowns to accept myself as gay, but now I’m finally out

Eleven months ago, I wish I knew how little everyone would care

EXCLUSIVE: These are the three no-detriment policies Sussex Uni is taking

There will be a more lenient pass mark for Foundation and First years

There are exactly 12 types of people in a break out room. Question is, which one are you?

Not everyone can be the fit mysterious one

It’s A Sin shows the importance of queer people telling LGBT stories

Being gay isn’t a performance, it’s our lives

East Slope freshers met with £1000 rent rise for next term as system fails to update

‘If students aren’t told about the increase then it could plunge them into debt’

Sussex Uni scraps last remaining student accommodation under £100 a week

The next accommodation with the lowest price is Norwich House at £118.50 per week

The government’s neglect of students has made university unbearable. I wish I never came

I am clinging on to the thought of life after university

There are seven types of god-awful uni landlords in this world and here they are

Nothing is worse than the legal eagle

Sussex Uni says it’s ready to ‘evict’ students caught breaching lockdown rules

The university stated that it has already taken action to evict students

Exclusive: Sussex student who hosted on-campus party for 100 people gets fined £200

The police were called to campus around 2:25am on Sunday morning

Brighton teenager charged with the murder of 69-year-old Donatello’s owner

The 17-year-old teenager and restaurant owner were reportedly known to each other

Sussex VC’s email states the university has decided to ‘develop a no detriment policy’

Tickell reassured students the university will ‘be doing everything we can’ to help ease the disruption of the pandemic

Every university should be implementing a no detriment policy this term, no questions asked

What’s the point in withholding this safety net? I just don’t get it

Only students studying Medicine, Teaching or Social Work will be allowed back on campus

Students who live locally to Sussex are also allowed back to university next week

Brighton and Hove set to move into Tier 4 on Boxing Day

The city has jumped from Tier 2 to Tier 4

Texts back and sex: Sussex students share what’s on their Christmas wish list

If I don’t get the neo-liberal beast under my Christmas tree, I will riot

Introducing ‘Swiper’s Fatigue’: The feeling of being exhausted by dating apps

You really shouldn’t base your whole self worth on why Jim from Bognor Regis hasn’t swiped right back yet

Sussex Uni senior management pictured gathering without face masks

They also appeared to not be socially distancing

Sussex students expected to have two coronavirus tests before returning to university

The testing period is expected to last for six weeks to help maximise flexibility

Brighton and Hove to remain in Tier 2 ahead of Christmas

Bring on the second round of substantial meals

In honour of Jesy, here’s the ultimate ranking of which Little Mix song slaps the most

Little Me was the first song I cried alone to in my bedroom, good times

Is Adam Tickell a bad boy? The all-important questions raised from the contents of his bin

Dior Sauvage and potential filters? Mega bad boy energy

It takes up to 15 weeks to get a one-on-one counselling appointment at Sussex uni

‘It’s a matter of life and death and the university does not seem to care’

Hey celebs! Stop thinking you’re exempt from lockdown rules because you’re rich

The rich are once again proving that rules don’t apply to them

Brighton coronavirus cases fall by 50 per cent just before the city enters Tier 2

‘When lockdown ends next week, it’s really important that we don’t relax our efforts’

Brighton and Hove are officially in the new Tier 2 and here’s how it affects students

Pubs will be open until 11pm

Sexual assault cases at Sussex take up to a year to be resolved

They can take between two and 12 months to be closed

You would never treat a teenage boy the way you’re treating Charli D’Amelio right now

If a male said what Charli said then he’d be considered as driven

It takes more than a fortnight to get a face to face counselling session at Sussex Uni

‘Any body who has suffering from mental health issues will understand that support, when needed, is needed urgently’

‘No experience needed’: Sussex staff asked to Covid test students ahead of Christmas

‘If ever there was a time for our community to come together, this is it’

Official sources have stated that these 30 memes are false and misleading

Thoughts go out to the guy who shidded his pants

I tried to book uni counselling for a week but was told ‘come back tomorrow’ every day

Every time it said ‘no appointments are available’

17 memes from last night’s I’m a Celeb memes that all Sussex students can relate to

The clip of Jordan throwing up lives rent free in my mind

Adults’ response to student mental health shows how out of touch they are

I’m pretty sure Matt Hancock has a Daily Mail reader burner account

‘Christmas is saved!’: Sussex food staff furloughed until March instead of made redundant

Sussex uni has passed on thanks to Sussex Food staff for their patience

Going home is not a magic fix for every university student. Stop treating it like one

I am literally between a rock and a hard place

EXCLUSIVE: Sussex Food staff say they won’t be able to afford rent with redundancies

The latest cuts mean they’re unable to buy their families Christmas presents

Two thirds of Sussex students have experienced unwanted sexual advances at uni

85 per cent of Sussex students know someone who has experienced unwanted sexual advances

Update: Brighton and Hove no longer has the highest coronavirus rate in Sussex

Crawley now has the highest infection rate

Sussex students urged not to return home in lockdown to ‘save lives’

Students have been requested to keep their loved ones safe and stay at university

Introducing: The Zoom lecture drinking game

You’re welcome x

Sussex Police to hunt down East Slope mass gathering organisers and fine them £10,000

The police seized a generator and sound system

What’s up my witches? Here’s 13 spooky Halloween memes to lift your spirits

These memes have me laughing until I’m coffin

Sussex University postpones winter graduations due to coronavirus

Graduates were told this afternoon in an email from the University’s Head of Graduation

Sussex Uni SU calls for ’emergency assembly’ following news of mass catering cuts

The emergency assembly is set to happen today at 2pm

Sussex Uni is delivering NHS home testing COVID kits to the wrong students

One student had to wait over 24 hours for their test to be delivered from reception

Brighton at real risk of going into Tier 2 as COVID cases grow amongst over 60s

Residents of Brighton have been warned that this is ‘not the year’ for Halloween parties

Eight sneaky ways you can dip out of your Zoom classes mid-call when you’ve had enough

Don’t you just hate it when your flatmate passes out during your lecture?

Update: Coldean and Moulsecoomb remain as Sussex’s coronavirus hotspot

Other residential areas in Brighton are less affected in comparison

‘There’s a chance I’ll go home for Christmas’: Sussex students on staying in Tier 1

Students have mixed opinions about staying at ‘medium risk’

Updated: There are currently 102 Sussex University students with coronavirus

This is an increase of 21 positive tests within the past two days

EXCLUSIVE: 92 per cent of Sussex Food staff ‘at risk’ with job cuts

51 out of 55 staff members are at risk of reduction

‘More teaching failures by Sussex University’: Lecturers are playing pre-recorded content

Sussex students are livid with the standard of teaching

‘I was an accessory to a seagull attack’: Sussex students share their seagull experiences

Do you even live in Brighton if a seagull hasn’t hit the back of your head?

A group of Sussex freshers made a slip and slide in Northfield for no apparent reason

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening

Revealed: Coldean and Moulscoombe are the potential coronavirus ‘hotspots’ in Sussex

Coldean and Moulscoombe have 69 positive tests

You can get paid whilst self-isolating with Sussex University’s new support package

Students living off campus can get up to £40 a week

Sexual assault complaints go unnoticed for four months after SU reporting tool breaks

Three student complaints went completely unnoticed in this time

We spoke to the Northfield Fresher from *that* fire escape light head butt video

To quote the Northfield boys: ‘We were wankered’

All sports at Sussex University suspended due to COVID outbreaks within teams

Men’s rugby confirmed they have three active cases

Police raid a flat in East Slope and arrest two people after campus security find drugs

It was reported that around five police officers were present at the scene

Breaking: One whole Northfield block is self isolating after positive Covid test

‘Sussex University didn’t even try to help us get a test’

Sussex University opens a temporary campus mobile testing unit for COVID-19

The unit will be on campus for three days

BREAKING: A squirrel invades a Northfield flat to eat tortilla wraps left on the side

Just another day on campus tbh

Students from Sussex University are self-isolating after positive COVID test

It’s reported to only be a handful of students

The E-boy and E-girl: What are they and how can I tell if I am one?

You need lots of chains and a sexy aura

BREAKING: Sussex University is not providing its students with coronavirus tests

Students will be expected to book their tests via the NHS

Exclusive: Sussex is charging international freshers £25 for a £8.46 Welcome Box

Or they can get a two-week meal plan, costing £420

‘Now I don’t even want to go’: Sussex freshers’ halls re-allocated at the last minute

Move-in day is this weekend

‘Teaching may be subject to change’ Pro Vice-Chancellor Kelly Coate warns students in email

Students are now expected to fill in a form if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

In the name of science, I tasted the weirdest vodka shot chasers so you don’t have to

Okay but let’s talk about pickle juice for a minute

People cancel their Netflix subscriptions after Cuties is accused of ‘sexualising’ young girls

A Netflix user tweeted saying ‘We can no longer be funding this filth’

Pub bans under-25s after young people are blamed for spike in cases

This comes as a result after the government announced stricter rules

The government needs to stop blaming young people for following the rules they enforced

The Tory government should be begging for our support

People are convinced Kris Jenner is becoming a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

Never underestimate the matriarch that is Kris Jenner

Meet Tamara Francesconi: Ed Westwick’s new South African girlfriend

Of course she’s a South African-Italian model

KUWTK might be over but these 27 iconic memes will remain in my heart forever

I’m just waiting on the reboot fronted by Mason Disick

Your packed lunch and the people you date are inextricably linked, this quiz will prove it

Putting mayo into your pasta? That screams fuck boy

I asked eight of my dating app matches why they ghost women. Here’s what they had to say

Some guy fully said ‘Hinge is a concrete jungle for toxic masculinity’ and I love him

This is why people are boycotting the live action Mulan film

#BoycottMulan has been trending on Twitter

Revealed: Sussex uni library introduces new maximum capacity of 50 people in term one

For nearly 20,000 students

Sussex University announces face coverings must be worn in all seminars

You are also required to wear a mask in the library

Meet the famous TikTokkers studying at your uni

Imagine going on a night out and seeing Flo wearing her jeans

Protestors outside Brighton County Court call for an end to rent debt

They were demanding for an end to rent debt and no more fault evictions

Everything you need to know about the virtual Sussex Uni Freshers’ Fair 2020

It’ll be a week long and will be running 24 hours day