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£3 million houses and marrying best friends: Inside the love lives of the Happy Valley cast

The actor who plays Neil says he’s attracted to ‘broken people’ ffs

Debunked: Why is everybody ‘deinfluencing’ on TikTok right now and what does it even mean?

Welcome to ✨recession-core✨

Here’s everything you need to know about Kathleen from The Last of Us episode four

She’s head of the Hunters

Only Sergeant Catherine Cawood could score full marks in this Happy Valley trivia quiz

Do you even know why Tommy Lee Royce went to prison in the first place??

Every single time Happy Valley’s Catherine Cawood was a savage girlboss

She has looked camp directly in the eye so many times

TikToker says she slept with Love Island’s Will only for him to ghost her after

She literally flew from California to see him as well

‘I made her lick a slug’: Girls are sharing their sister trauma and it’s too real

‘She blackmailed me into going up to mum and asking if she was a virgin’

Everything the director of Happy Valley has said about the ‘rollercoaster’ season finale

‘The ending is really satisfying’

This TikToker was arrested for scamming over $37,000 with her fake cancer diagnosis

Over 430 people donated to her fake GoFundMe page

‘I’m going to sue you’: QTCinerella and Atrioc deepfake porn scandal explained

Other female Twitch streamers have spoken out about the AI videos made of them

Deepfake explained: Everything you need to know about the AI fake media taking over

Also some clues which point at if you’re watching one

All the LGBTQ+ influencers you should be following to make your feed even better

This is exactly what we need rn

Happy Valley fans have a harrowing theory about why Poppy doesn’t take her coat off

I won’t know peace until I have answers

Influencer says if you don’t own a Lambo in your 20s, you need a serious talk with yourself

I’m getting the words: Small man syndrome

TikTok has realised The Gen Z shake is the latest equivalent to the Millennial pause

I dread to think what the boomers do

TikTok says this guy has the ‘Hiccup Effect’ so here’s a rundown of what it actually means

I need answers now

Soft living explained: The new, gorgeous way of living that is good for your soul

It sounds like a dream

Lashlighting and finishing at 5pm: Here’s Mikayla Nogueira’s history of TikTok controversies

Of course Jeffree Star has piped up

This flower personality quiz from TikTok tells you about your dating style

This is so deep

Here’s everything we know about Jeffree Star’s rumoured NFL boyfriend

That one private jet pic has opened an entire can of worms

MrBeast is facing backlash after paying for blind people to see again in latest YouTube video

‘There is something so demonic about this’

Explained: What is the Perky Dance move taking over TikTok and how do I do it myself?

Bring on the TikTok fame x

People on TikTok found a quiz that tells you which type of girl you are and it’s everything

I want star girl or nothing at all

Emily Canham is being dragged after showing off her ‘cheapest outfit’ including a £95 bag

‘It’s giving Alfie Deyes £1 challenge’

Meet Nell Mescal: Paul Mescal’s younger sister who quit school to move to North London

Of course a Mescal sibling is a North London girly

These BBL shorts are all over TikTok because they do absolute bits for your bum

I’m about to dominate the smoking area with these hips

Two years on, HIV charity says It’s A Sin had ‘immeasurable impact on public perceptions’

‘Never before in my lifetime has a TV show had such a profound effect on people from all walks of life’

Sigma face explained: Here’s the meaning behind TikTok’s new favourite facial expression

😙💨 Slay

Debunked: This is what the masacara wand trend from TikTok *really* means

You lot are filthy

This viral test tells you which iconic Greek tragic figure you are spiritually aligned to

I want Icarus or nothing

People on TikTok have worked out how to turn themselves into a cartoon dog and it’s so cute

This is so wholesome

These TikToks of Lucien Laviscount swishing around Paris all week gave me the ick

‘Who is it?’

Here’s where you’ve seen the cast of It’s A Sin two years after the show dropped

I love them all so much

Explained: So what is sad nipple syndrome and how can I tell if I actually have it?

Jamie Laing has recently spoken about his experience

A TikToker has estimated Paul Breach’s weekly earnings from social media and it’s wild

Not you lot lining this man’s back pockets ://

Erm, this love character TikTok test tells you your dating personality and why is it so true?

I’m shaking and how well it knows me

People on TikTok are sharing whether they’re a soldier, a poet or a king, take the quiz here

Finally I’m in my regal era

Commenting ‘girly pop’ on Noah Schnapp’s TikTok isn’t funny, it’s homophobia repackaged

People are so weird

A rundown of all the juicy easter eggs you missed in Miley Cyrus’ Flowers music video

Liam Hemsworth is the Jake Gyllenhaal of 2023

Hype House landlord is suing the members $300,000 for damages to his property

‘The Hype House is going to end up in court’

Refuge charity has dumped 1,071 ‘bad apples’ right outside Met Police HQ

‘The police need to understand we are not going to accept it anymore’

This Happy Valley theory about who Tommy Lee Royce’s real dad is has changed my life

I can’t watch the show in the same way ever again

Debunking the Flowers drama between Miley and a Hollywood actress over Liam Hemsworth

The Flowers music video has given nothing but sexy vibes and drama

Guys, influencer Millie T was scouted for Love Island but then rejected by producers

‘I’m no Addison Rae but I’ve got 1.4 million subscribers’

Explained: The origin story of the Finn Wolfhard snapping meme and how to make it

His little smirk kills me

Here’s a rundown on how the TikTok subscribing feature actually works

People are paying money every month to comment on Paul Breach’s live streams

A rundown of all the LGBTQ+ shows Netflix cancelled after only a few seasons

Yes, Heartstopper is a work of art but so are these shows

Omg guys, Tesco has launched its own Clubcard wrapped and it’s iconic

I fear how many of us bought an unhealthy amount of Diet Coke last year

Here’s how the smile dating test from TikTok determines your dating style

RIP if you get ‘fickle lover’

From farts to lip biting: Hi, here are all of Paul Breach’s biggest icks from TikTok live streams

Another excruciating watch from Paul

You’re probably seeing the ‘Waffle House has a new host’ meme everywhere, here’s why


All of the iconic Happy Valley season three filming locations

Imagine your local cafe being where Catherine hunted down Clare

Erm, Carole Baskin’s husband was found alive and well and we all just missed this major news

No because I was convinced this man was done for

Here’s the real reason why Shannon decided to walk out of The Apprentice last night

I was so shook at last night’s double exit

TikToker with 1.8 million followers dies aged 33 after a suspected heart attack

He posted his final video hours before his death

Meet Reece: The Apprentice candidate and ex-Waterloo Road actor hoping to stun Lord Sugar

Not to mention the fact his brother is a convicted murderer

Say hello to the famous cast of the The Traitors US that’s dropping on the BBC

Obsessed with our Hannah walking the same corridors as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

‘The most boomer solution I’ve ever heard’: Ex-Love Islanders on ITV’s new social media rule

‘I think it’s going to be leave the contestants a little bit frustrated’

This BeReal theory explains the science behind what time the notifications go off

This makes so much sense now

Erm, someone found this massive Glass Onion plot hole and it’s ruined the whole ending

Baw Gawd! Nothing is sacred anymore

Spotify has launched a Playlist in a Bottle, here’s how to create yours

Once you lock it in and save it, you can’t access your playlist again until Jan 2024

Right, here is a clear breakdown of how long Emily has *actually* been in Paris for

No, Madeline hasn’t been pregnant for 18 months

A deep dive into Millie Court and Chloe Burrows’ messy girls’ holiday to Dubai

My FOMO is so bad rn

A rundown of all the unsuspecting celebrities who vape

Kylie Jenner blowing vape rings on her Snapchat story is a core memory

Topher is all over TikTok right now, here’s everything you need to know about his rise to fame


The weirdest pop culture moments of 2022 that altered my brain chemistry forever

The idea of Trisha Paytas giving birth to Queen Elizabeth would annihilate any Victorian child

Explained: Ok so what happens to all of my memories if I delete my BeReal account?

I don’t want to lose my fondest memories of vaping with my friends

Meet Ethan Overton, the Bournemouth student travelling from London to Amsterdam on foot

He’s been sleeping rough every night to raise money for homeless people

BeReal 2022 recap explained: Here’s how to see your year on BeReal

Some people are being put into a queue behind thousands of people

Harry and Meghan complained their first royal home was ‘too small’ but it sounds stunning

It used to be Harry’s bachelor pad lol

Dear TikTokers: We couldn’t care less about your boujie ski trips with posho brands

You’re showing off your privilege whilst your followers struggle to heat their homes

TikTok shoe theory explained: Here’s why you’ll get dumped for buying your partner shoes

Nah guys, I’m actually panicking

Guys, Liam Payne spent 50 hours on his oil painting of the Queen and it’s not even good

How can someone go from writing Strip That Down to oil painting senior royals??

Every man needs to watch this Channel 4 sexual harassment documentary and here’s why

Clips showing a man following the woman into her hotel room have gone viral on TikTok

A definitive ranking of LadBaby’s Christmas songs from awful to soul-destroying

I beg the man just writes something that isn’t about sausage rolls

A complete timeline of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship

It all started with a blind date in Soho House!

‘I could have a mad twin brother’: The key moments from Stephen Bear’s revenge porn trial

Following his guilty verdict, Bear told the court: ‘It is what it is’

Inside the very hot Instagrams of the Too Hot To Handle season four cast

They all have a cringe bio but it’s okay because they’re sexy

TikTok has found the Love Actually deleted scenes we were robbed of these storylines

Erm…Sam was a professional acrobat??

A deep dive into the cringey and cool Instagram accounts of The Traitors contestants

Tom’s magic account gives me the ick quite a bit

They’re here! Meet the ultra-sexy season four cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

Omg, there’s a racing driver so you already know they’re hot

People are convinced Amber Gill and Jen Beattie are dating, here’s all the evidence

I’m obsessed with Jen’s Love Island arch

This is the meaning behind goblin mode and how to tell if you are one

Every uni student ever seems to be living in an endless goblin mode

The horrendous ‘Mexican pancake’ trend is going viral on TikTok and this is the vile meaning behind it

People are recording their live reactions lmao

The most dramatic Love Is Blind weddings of all time, ranked from juicy to pure chaos

Imagine falling down a mudslide after getting jilted and STILL having the confidence to get back up

This is the unhinged true story that inspired Elizabeth Bank’s new movie Cocaine Bear

I’m so shook at how dramatic this film looks

Love Actually then and now: Here’s how the cast have aged in the last two decades

Erm, the octopus costume kid is giving indie boy energy and it’s fit :/

Everyone stop and look at the Love Is Blind season three post-show cast glow ups

Spoiler alert: Brennon has reached God levels of fit cowboy

This is exactly what all 16 music personalities mean in Spotify Wrapped 2022

Early Adopter until I die

It’s finally here! Here’s how to get access to your Spotify Wrapped 2022

You can really tell Harry Styles dropped an album this year

Here’s how to get access to your Apple Music Replay 2022

Spotify girlies are crying rn waiting for Wrapped 2022

A rundown of all the Love Islanders who have had hair transplants

The cast from seasons three and four are carrying the hair transplant business on their backs

Here’s how to get the explosion filter that’s all over your TikTok right now

Anyone going a step further and adding sirens is evil💀

Inside the life of I’m A Celebrity winner and former Lioness Jill Scott

She has an MBE!!

Everything you need to know about Shelly Unitt, the fiancé of Lioness Jill Scott

Jill is stepmum to Shelly’s two daughters

I’m A Celebrity rich list: A ranking of which I’m a Celeb winner has the largest net worth

Stacey Solomon is the original girlboss

Dear influencers: Flashing your wealth during a crisis is exactly why we don’t respect you

We’re all sat in mouldy houses with no heating but sure, you go and enjoy The Savoy

Inside the life of Lydia Millen before money, fame and staying at The Savoy

Omg she was an Ibiza club girly during uni

Inside the life of Lydia Millen and how she makes all her money to splash at The Savoy

She’s potentially the poshest person you’re ever going to meet

A YouTuber’s boyfriend has been arrested and charged with murdering his mum

His mum’s body was found by the police in a multi-million dollar home

An influencer checked into The Savoy after her heating broke, and I’m officially done

In a cost of living crisis, I think this wins the award for the most out of touch thing ever