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Quiz: Plan your performance and we’ll tell you which song you’d lip sync to on Drag Race

You’re so wrong if you think you can’t death drop to a power ballad x

Meet MrBeast: The YouTuber who gives away millions of dollars to random people

I will never get over the fact his real name is Jimmy

MrBeast has finally dropped his own Squid Game and it’s mad, watch it here

Players were literally put into coffins like the show

Meet Jamie Shawyer: Millie T’s new rumoured boyfriend and YouTube footballer

He failed a lie detector test when someone asked if he and Millie had done bits loool

Here’s why everyone’s searching their name on Urban Dictionary and posting it on Instagram

Turns out you can make your own definitions on Urban Dictionary

Quiz: Only someone born after 1999 can correctly guess who all of these YouTubers are

Only an OAP would fail to recognise Millie T

Fans think Olivia Neill has a new boyfriend, here’s everything we know about him so far

So the guy Olivia’s rumoured boyfriend knows Flossie’s ex boyfriend lol

What per cent Lady Diana are you really? Take this quiz to find out

Q2. Pick a revenge outfit to make your ex jealous, hun

19 reactions to Adele’s brand new album which will make you shake, cry and throw up

This is the best worst day of my life

So who exactly has Taylor Swift dated over the years and which songs are about them?

Nothing in this world is more powerful than Taylor Swift coming out of a relationship

People are straight up barking for fit men on TikTok as a way of saying they’re fit

I will bark for Jack Harlow for the rest of my life

Are you more spiritually aligned to Sophia or Cinzia? Take this quiz to find out the answer

Bestie vibes only please x

Now I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here has died, let’s relive the most iconic moments

Gone are the days when Gillian McKeith would pretend to faint on live TV

MrBeast spent $3 million making his own Squid Game and now people are calling him out

One person said MrBeast’s idea is ‘so wasteful and stupid’

Right so what actually happened between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Apparently he skipped her 21st birthday party and she cried for the whole night

People are claiming the Flossie and Olivia fall out is fake. Here’s all the evidence we have

I can’t keep up with all the drama

17 TikToks that prove the staff at M&S Romford need a one way ticket to Hollywood

They are all superstars in my eyes

This viral quiz will tell you what your red flag is whilst ripping you to utter shreds

No but why is this so savage??

Take this quiz to find out what percentage of a third wheel you truly are

Going out to dinner with a couple is so cursed

A deep dive into the lamest brand deals from the 2021 Love Island cast

Hugo advertised dog food lol

Everything we know about the Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold dating rumours

Please let this be true!!

Unpacking all of the Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg drama that’s happening right now

This is really heartbreaking

Millions of trees are yet to be planted, but in the meantime take a look at these 17 memes

This trend was so cursed, how did we all believe it?

Here’s what Beyoncé, Drake and other celebrities have said about the events at Astroworld

Kylie Jenner said she and Travis are both ‘broken’ and ‘devastated’

Molly-Mae has said she partly blames herself for the £800k burglary and she feels guilty

She also said she will be making a ‘conscious effort’ to make sure her and Tommy are safe

Unpacking the Instagram trend that says someone will plant a tree if you post a pet picture

Turns out no one is planting any trees loool

So where did this immortal snail meme on TikTok come from and what does it even mean?

POV: It’s the year 2345 and the immortal snail finally catches you

The mother of Libby Squire has said her youngest daughter was spiked whilst on a night out

Her mother said she was ‘almost incoherent’

Petition to keep James Corden out of Wicked musical movie has over 25,000 signatures

‘We’ve suffered enough’

Ranking every single John Lewis Christmas advert song based on how hard I ugly cried

Crying to John Lewis Christmas songs is my toxic trait

We asked a relationship expert to explain why women find men like Pete Davidson so hot

Bad boys who give forehead kisses for the win x

This YouTuber has created his very own Squid Game and is offering the winner $456,000

He’s already started to build the set

Ok so who is it singing in the new John Lewis Christmas 2021 advert?

I am sobbing

RuPaul is making a Christmas film and there are some iconic drag queens making a feature

Shantay you sleigh

Are you more like Olivia Neill or Flossie Clegg? Take this quiz to find out

Why can’t I be both?

Where is the famous Con Flores TikTok song from and what does it mean in English?

This song is such a vibe

People on TikTok are rubbing underneath their tongue saying it feels like something gross

This is not why I downloaded TikTok

A deep dive into all of the bewitching Halloween costumes of Netflix’s biggest stars

Of course Jason and Brett Oppenheim went as Squid Game characters loool

Every type of basic biatch you’ll meet at the pumpkin patch this year

Every single pumpkin patch photo I see on Instagram is against my will

Love Quinn from YOU has some iconic outfits in season three, so here they are ranked

Only Love Quinn can make camel cardigans cool

So this is where that Holy Spirit Activate song on TikTok comes from

Someone get this damn song out of my mind

Libby Mae and Katylee keep on making TikToks about going back to exes and it’s very suss

Long live the Libby Mae and Katylee TikTok drama

An ode to Love Quinn: The fashion icon who broke her back carrying the third season of YOU

Love Quinn understood the assignment every damn time

Women have been gaslit over spiking for years – it’s time to speak up

Why isn’t violence against women being taken as seriously as terrorism?

Met police in plain clothes must now video call colleagues when stopping lone women

The Metropolitan Police called this an attempt to ‘regain women’s trust’

Increasing club security won’t stop the rise in spiking – it will only make us feel way less safe

‘I tried explaining to the bouncers I’d been spiked but they refused to believe me’

What the hell does ‘wom’ even mean and why is it all over my TikTok FYP?

I am losing sleep over not knowing the true meaning of wom

Would Joe Goldberg be obsessed with you? Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes

Joe Goldberg exclusively obsesses over people NOT on TikTok, sweetie

Okay so what does it mean to have a ‘no bones day’ and why is it all over my TikTok rn?

My favourite days are the ones with bones x

Debunking Unsent Messages: The website where you can send texts that are never received

There are some very juicy texts in here

Only Adele herself could set fire to the rain by scoring full marks in this lyrics quiz


Unpacking the TikTok theory which believes the Queen won’t make it past October 18

The theory also suggests Prince Andrew could die four days later

These 19 reactions to Adele’s new song are so emotionally raw they’ll ruin your life forever

I’ve been shaking, crying and streaming Easy On Me all morning

Are you more like Libby Mae or Katylee? Take this quiz to find out which icon you’re aligned to

Choosing to have your hair up in a bun? That screams Libby Mae

It’s actually a really big red flag if you don’t laugh at these 19 hilarious red flag memes

‘I’m enjoying uni🚩🚩🚩’

Right so who the hell are Libby Mae and Katylee and why are they all over TikTok rn?

Libby Mae’s bun has Katylee in a chokehold

Everything we know about the cast of Squid Game’s love lives and their real life partners


Take this quiz and find out which Squid Game character you’re spiritually aligned to

Not everyone can be Ali x

Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj went live on Instagram and people have a lot to say about it

‘Jesy Nelson is cancelled’

Unpacking all the Little Mix and Jesy Nelson drama that happened over the weekend

Perrie’s dog has also unfollowed Jesy on Instagram

There is a theory going around about Ali from Squid Game and it gives me a lot of hope

I’m blocking anyone who tries to tell me this isn’t true

Cherish and enjoy these behind the scenes photos of the Squid Game cast being besties

I just love them all so much, okay???

Everything we know about Squid Game’s Jung Ho-yeon and actor Lee Dong-hwi’s relationship

They’re so stylish it hurts

An ode to our Squid Game King Ali, he was always too pure and innocent for the game

He deserved so much better

Netflix’s Squid Game has taken over TikTok, here are the best viral videos so far

If you’re not on SquidTok then what are you even doing?

Ever since finishing Squid Game, people have been losing sleep over these 16 questions

Ok first of all, I need someone to provide an answer for Gi-hun’s red hair

Everything you missed if you’re watching Squid Game with English subtitles on

Wait, so you’re telling me the old man and Gi-hun aren’t actually that close??

These 22 internet down memes from last night will shame you into spending less time online

Rumour has it that 18-year-olds learnt how to work iMessage last night

Who is couch guy on TikTok and why is everyone saying he’s been caught cheating in 4k?

Couch guy’s girlfriend is fighting for her life in the comment section rn

This Squid Game theory about 067 will restore all of your faith in humanity


Here’s where you can buy the iconic Squid Game merch including those green tracksuits

Take my money!!

Snog, marry or avoid these Sex Education icons to see if you’re off to heaven or hell

You want to snog Otis? Go to hell!

Midnight Mass ending explained: Who is still alive and is that goddamn angel dead or not?

The final episode was cursed, catholic and chaotic as hell

These are your rights if you’re stopped by a police officer

You have the right to ask for additional, or female, officers to be present

Jean Milburn is the hottest character in Sex Education and these 19 thirsty tweets prove it

Let’s hope this quenches your thirst for Dr Jean Milburn

A deep dive into all of the traumatising, deadly games from Netflix’s Squid Game

These games are savage wtf

These 21 Midnight Mass memes are so jokes that even Bev Keane cracked a smile

Number 8: Mike Flanagan understood the assignment loool

Wayne Couzens used police ID and handcuffs to kidnap Sarah Everard before murdering her

The court also heard Couzens burnt Sarah Everard’s body after killing her

Not even Phil McCann himself could come up with these 17 very British petrol crisis memes

This whole thing is a fever dream, someone please make it stop

QUIZ: Would the queen of cool Ruby Matthews from Sex Education mate or date you?

There’s also a very strong change she’d ignore your entire existence

Okay so who are the ‘hot twins’ from Sex Education that everyone’s talking about??

Omg wait Mr Groff is their REAL dad??

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s terrifying Midnight Mass from

So many of them were in Bly Manor!!

Netflix has confirmed it’s renewing Sex/Life for a second season!!

I still haven’t recovered from season one tbh

Netflix has dropped another trailer for Stranger Things 4 and it looks very, very creepy

It looks so good but so terrifying at the same time

Why is Matt Lucas a Drag Race judge when he made his name cross-dressing for cheap laughs?

Matt Lucas’ career background isn’t something he should be proud of

Netflix is bringing out a second season of Tiger King and it’s coming THIS YEAR!!


Say her name: This is how you can help raise awareness of Sabina Nessa’s murder

Join the fight and help to end violence against women

77 women have been killed by men in the last six months. How many more need to die?

Change isn’t coming fast enough

Forget Ruby and Adam, we all know Colin Hendricks is the best Sex Education character

Emily Sands is one lucky woman

Sex Education glow ups: Here’s what the cast looked like in season one versus season three

Jean Milburn is like a fine red wine, she gets better with age

Somebody check Adam Groff’s back after he carried Sex Education season three

He is a national treasure and we must keep him safe

An ode to Ruby Matthews: The brightest shining star of Sex Education season three

Now I know her back must ache from carrying this entire season

Sex Education season three ending explained: Here’s everything that actually happened

I need answers and I NEED THEM NOW

It’s finally here! The full You season three trailer has just dropped and it is very intense

This trailer has me in a chokehold

I don’t want this text! Ex-Love Islanders have teased an All Stars series

This music video is hell

Inside the sweet-toothed Instagrams of this year’s Great British Bake Off contestants

I want to be best mates with all of them!!

They’re here! Meet Boris Johnson’s new racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant cabinet

The reshuffle was like a really lame Casa Amor recoupling

Wait, what is a devious lick? And why am I seeing it all over my TikTok rn?

‘Only been at school for a month and already hit this devious lick’

No one over the age of 24 can score 10/10 in this Nicki Minaj lyrics quiz

I felt it when Nicki said ‘It’s bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel’s’

From mugging off Jessie J to rowing with Chris Whitty: Here are Nicki Minaj’s biggest dramas

She should’ve been cancelled a loooooong time ago

Here’s a summary of everything that happened in the second season of Sex Education

Don’t feel like watching eight hours of Netflix? No problem x