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The E-boy and E-girl: What are they and how can I tell if I am one?

You need lots of chains and a sexy aura

BREAKING: Sussex University is not providing its students with coronavirus tests

Students will be expected to book their tests via the NHS

Exclusive: Sussex is charging international freshers £25 for a £8.46 Welcome Box

Or they can get a two-week meal plan, costing £420

‘Now I don’t even want to go’: Sussex freshers’ halls re-allocated at the last minute

Move-in day is this weekend

‘Teaching may be subject to change’ Pro Vice-Chancellor Kelly Coate warns students in email

Students are now expected to fill in a form if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

In the name of science, I tasted the weirdest vodka shot chasers so you don’t have to

Okay but let’s talk about pickle juice for a minute

People cancel their Netflix subscriptions after Cuties is accused of ‘sexualising’ young girls

A Netflix user tweeted saying ‘We can no longer be funding this filth’

Pub bans under-25s after young people are blamed for spike in cases

This comes as a result after the government announced stricter rules

The government needs to stop blaming young people for following the rules they enforced

The Tory government should be begging for our support

People are convinced Kris Jenner is becoming a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

Never underestimate the matriarch that is Kris Jenner

Meet Tamara Francesconi: Ed Westwick’s new South African girlfriend

Of course she’s a South African-Italian model

KUWTK might be over but these 27 iconic memes will remain in my heart forever

I’m just waiting on the reboot fronted by Mason Disick

I asked eight of my dating app matches why they ghost women. Here’s what they had to say

Some guy fully said ‘Hinge is a concrete jungle for toxic masculinity’ and I love him

This is why people are boycotting the live action Mulan film

#BoycottMulan has been trending on Twitter

Revealed: Sussex uni library introduces new maximum capacity of 50 people in term one

For nearly 20,000 students

Sussex University announces face coverings must be worn in all seminars

You are also required to wear a mask in the library

Meet the famous TikTokkers studying at your uni

Imagine going on a night out and seeing Flo wearing her jeans

Protestors outside Brighton County Court call for an end to rent debt

They were demanding for an end to rent debt and no more fault evictions

Everything you need to know about the virtual Sussex Uni Freshers’ Fair 2020

It’ll be a week long and will be running 24 hours day

Dating: Sussex Ranger’s ultimate post-lockdown Brighton date guide

There is only so many times you can take a first date to Hobgoblin

I tried making the popular TikTok ‘cloud bread’ and it went horribly wrong

Me whisking my unstiffend cloud bread for thirty minutes👁👄👁💧

QUIZ: Find out which Tracy Beaker character you are and then bog off

Do you consider yourself to be well ‘ard?

Here’s everything we know about the Tracy Beaker reboot

Brb, searching house prices on Duke Estate

Sussex graduate and Brighton care worker has his deportation date is pushed back

‘I just hope the Home Office will be compassionate about my case and allow me to stay’

Body shaming slim celebs makes girls like me feel like we can never post bikini pictures

My brain has been programmed to think that my body is unattractive and shouldn’t be on show

Sussex graduate and Brighton care worker to be deported during COVID-19 pandemic

‘For months I have been down and mentally drained, thinking about what tomorrow brings.’

RANKED: The most chaotic moments on Sussex campus this year

The chaotic energy on this campus is astronomical

This quiz will determine which Sussex Uni accommodation you should have really lived in

Northfield is the CEO of girls’ nights in

We spoke to people who now have the wrong star sign tattooed on their body

Rule one of life: Don’t get a star sign tattoo

Who is Sam Asghari? Britney Spears’ personal trainer boyfriend and aspiring actor

There is a 13 year age gap

QUIZ: How much of a Karen are you, really?

There is a small, angry Karen inside all of us

An unofficial Brighton Pride parade is being organised for September 2020

The ‘unofficial’ event is set to take place between September 5 and 7

We spoke to an EDL member who protected the statue at Brighton’s BLM protests

He said saying Black Lives Matter ‘stirs racial hatred’

In pictures: Thousands of people protest in Brighton for Black Lives Matter

‘Sometimes antisocial, always anti-racist’

‘They were laughing and smirking at us’: EDL protestors attend peaceful BLM protest in Brighton

‘We didn’t care about them, we are focusing on the real problem.”

Shooshh apologise for racism in their club amid Black Lives Matter post criticism

The club owner understands changes should be made across the industry.

Sussex under fire for posting BAME support post instead of Black Lives Matter

We want to hear you voice your opinion on the University’s response.

‘The beauty, resilience and pride of being black’: Sussex students share their stories of racism

‘You never give up, for you can hear their voices that were silenced cheering you on.’

Hot damn, would you look at diss list of the best Sussex dissertation hand in pics of 2020

How dare all these people be smart and pretty

BREAKING: Sussex reveals mixture of online and classroom teaching in September

Social distancing is set to be maintained through new walkways being built on campus

Sussex Uni considers lowering student fees after losing £10mil in pandemic already

They are considering lowering fees for international students but not UK students

How to get 100 likes on your dissertation hand in pic when you’re stuck at home

Diss ain’t no joke

University of Sussex Vice Chancellor to take ten per cent pay cut

The extra £30,600 is set to go to student hardship funds

REVEALED: Chalk is officially crowned as Brighton’s best night club

You voted, we listened.

Them at 20: University of Sussex alumni share their fond memories of the University

Yes, Kent House still had infestations.

Grab a VK and VOTE: Which is the best nightclub in Brighton?

It’s time to use your lockdown time wisely.

A temporary morgue is being set up on Sussex University’s campus to help cope with COVID-19 deaths

The morgue is set to arrive tomorrow and will consist of 300 spaces

Sussex clubbers of the week: Self-isolation and social distancing edition

Stay safe, stay inside and stay sexy

Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2020: Round two

Conclusion: there is another Maia in the competition

Sussex SU election results: Meet your new full time Officers

Results were announced yesterday

Let me tell you why Houseparty is way better than FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangout

It’s like going ‘out out’ but without going out

Sussex suspends all face-to-face teaching

The action will take effect immediately.

All overseas field trips cancelled for Sussex geography students

Trips to Sri Lanka, LA, Mojave and Greece have all been cancelled.

Amex cancels Brighton v Arsenal game amid coronavirus fears

‘I’m worried that I might stop earning money’

‘What truth are we hearing’: Sussex University criticised on Twitter over coronavirus response

People have taken to Twitter to vocalise their concerns for the lack of information Sussex are providing students

Exclusive: Flat of five Sussex students quarantined after positive coronavirus test

‘Many people associated with the university will self-isolate’

I made my dating profile a PowerPoint to win boys over with my Microsoft words

Finding Mr Right with the power of Microsoft

A waiter from Brighton is under investigation for kidnapping and slavery

The victim is being supported by specialist safeguarding officers

Stop everything you’re doing, we want your ‘flatcest’ confessions

It is about to get so weird

‘Naked and covered in her own sick’: Students who work at Brighton clubs share their worst job horror stories

’10 other guys round him just prodding his ballsack’

‘Trans people are my sisters’: The Vivienne argues with ‘activist’ at Sussex show

The University of Sussex SU and Drag Soc have not yet made a statement

‘Imagine the TikTok socials’: A group of Sussex students have set up a TikTok society

The ‘for you page’ is a world of mystery, humour and piss taking

Sussex Clubbers of the week: Valentine’s edition

Nothing says Happy V-Day like a sesh

Brighton residents evacuated from buildings after car crash causes a gas leak

There have been no reported injuries

A student from The University of Sussex has died by suicide this weekend

The family of the student have been informed

BREAKING: A Sussex student is being tested for coronavirus

Paramedics in hazmat suits take Sussex student to be tested for coronavirus

The UK’s third case of coronavirus diagnosed in Brighton

The individual did not acquire the virus in the UK

“Brighton, let’s get Toasted!” A new weekly night club event is coming to Revolution this Thursday

Butter up your boss for a day off

Off-peak trains from Brighton to London Victoria have been scrapped

Travellers will see a big price increase in train tickets

‘Let’s roll our sleeves up and deal with this’: We asked Sussex students what they think about Brexit

One student described it as the ‘Definition of going backward’

Sussex Under the Sheets: Meet the team behind this University of Sussex student-led organisation

“We also want to make Sussex a more sex positive place”

Five laptops have been stolen from the University of Sussex Library

The University is working with security and the Sussex Police.

Woman admitted to hospital after serious collision with vehicle on Lewes Road

The Sussex Police were present at the scene for an hour

Woman admitted to hospital after serious collision with vehicle on Lewes Road

The Sussex Police were present at the scene for an hour

We spoke to University of Sussex students supporting their lecturers by joining the strikes today

‘Hey, ho, Adam Tickell’s got to go’

Sussex man accused of strangling women during sex says he’s ‘not a misogynist’

He sobbed in the witness box as he was questioned by the prosecution barrister

Alternatives to keeping warm this winter when you can’t afford your heating

It appears we have contracted frost bite

Sussex students cover Falmer Quad in chalk messages ahead of upcoming strikes

‘Working Conditions = Learning Conditions’

Brighton’s pub The Globe is set to close its doors for the last time this Saturday

The pub was taken over by Cease and Desist last July

BREAKING: University of Sussex calls all Hong Kong exchange students back home

The University is concerned for the safety of its students

A club in Brighton is doing a Remembrance Day themed club night

‘Trash Mondays will pay homage to this iconic moment’

Here are the top tips to finding yourself an other half this cuffing season

Let the cuffing commence

University of Sussex student racially assaulted by two teenage boys in Brighton

The 20 year old Sussex student was attacked on North Street in 2017.

A love letter to: Chalk Monday’s

It’s like the weekend gained an extra day

Here are your best dressed at Boundary 2019

You lot sure know how to strike a pose!

An Ode to Pav Tav: Cheap drinks, weird decor and a very distinctive smell

We will always love you x

Plan your perfect Brighton night out and we’ll guess what year you’re in

Every second year loves an Epik Wednesday.

Fat Poppadaddys are hosting their final Haunt Monday

Farewell Fat Pops, see you in Freshers’ week

Here are your best dressed at Sussex graduation 2019

Wowzers! You lot are absolutely stunning

Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2019: The Final

The crème de la crème of Sussex

Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2019: Round Four

Drunk messages, fire alarms and club reps

Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2019: Round Three

Lewis Capaldi’s doppelgänger and Sussex’s charity sweetheart

Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2019: Round Two

Here we go again

Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2019: Round One

Kicking off the competition with a bang

Popworld has arrived in Brighton: Here’s exactly what to expect

A place to seek refuge from The Arch or Concorde 2

The trials of house hunting in Brighton

Spoiler…it’s mostly obstacles x

The Clubhouse: the cheapest bar on campus is set to reopen with new vibes and new deals

The Clubhouse is back on track for 2019!

Sussex Refreshers 2019 Guide: booze, escape rooms, fantasy football and karaoke

Most events are free entry.

No T, no shade – RuPaul’s Drag Race stars set to perform in Brighton

Gentlemen, start your engines!