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So, who from season nine of MAFS Australia are actually still friends?

There have been boxing matches left, right and centre

Guys, MAFS Australia’s Harrison is fighting season nine’s Daniel Holmes in a boxing match

Why? Just why?

Alyssa admits why she kept saying ‘my child’ on Married at First Sight Australia

There is a lot viewers didn’t see

Black veils and a TV crew: Inside Olivia Attwood’s funeral themed hen do

It’s okay Liv, I know my invite got lost in the post x

Shannon finally reveals why he wrote ‘stay’ at the commitment ceremony on MAFS Australia

I guess now it makes sense…

Um guys, Love Island’s Coco is reportedly dating DJ Joel Corry

What in the multiverse of madness is going on?!

Maura Higgins left ‘shaken’ after masked men attempted to break into her home

‘Maura is upping security on her car and at her home’

eBay is asking viewers to list their pre-loved clothes and they could be worn on Love Island

Listing my entire wardrobe ASAP

A deep dive into Kendall Jenner’s award-winning tequila business 818

Brb, just popping to Selfridges to buy a bottle x

Here’s what the Kardashian sisters have said about why they use surrogates

Khloe said she felt ‘really guilty’ when her son was born

Wait, how did the whole Kim Kardashian and Drake affair rumour start?

I am SO lost

Alyssa claims she was convinced to say ‘yes’ at the final vows on MAFS Australia

‘Those are real tears guys, I really was upset’

Only the fourth Jonas Brother could get full marks in this lyrics quiz

They don’t have one bad song

‘I think you’re an idiot’: A breakdown of the chaotic Piers Morgan and Mizzy interview

‘It’s just easier to do the hateful stuff’

Who is Orla Sloan? The fashion influencer who stalked Premier League footballers

She earns £50k a year eating Percy Pigs for her subscribers

Selina Chhaur says her mental health has ‘really declined’ since MAFS Australia

‘That’s my reality of the moment, it’s not fun and rainbows all the time’

Harrison admits he stayed on Married at First Sight Australia for ‘exposure’

At least he’s honest!

Need to fill the MAFS Australia hole in your heart? Here are shows you can watch instead

For some reason watching strangers fall in love brings me joy x

Babies and anniversaries: A look inside the wholesome marriages of the Jonas Brothers

Alexa, play Jealous by Nick Jonas

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea and Bre have been throwing major shade at each other since the show

‘I stand nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her’

Oh my Christ! Uncle Bryn’s real-life house in Barry has been put up for sale

What about his home gym?!

The cast and creator of The Idol have all been defending the upcoming HBO series

‘I think we’re about to have the biggest show of the summer’

MAFS Australia icon Jessika Power calls out Tayla over her claims of an ‘unfavourable edit’

‘Why can’t they just embrace it like I did?’

A roundup of the most wholesome pics from this year’s MAFS Australia couples

Inject it!

Melinda says she is ‘so upset’ with her portrayal on MAFS Australia

‘You guys wanted me off this earth’

The Love Island 2023 summer villa has had a HUGE revamp since last year

I’m itching for it to begin!

These Married at First Sight UK couples all proved the experiment really does work

There are more couples who stayed together than you may think

Explained: Who is TikToker Mizzy and why have his videos caused such controversy?

His TikTok and YouTube pages have both been deleted

Married at First Sight UK 2023 is reportedly set to be the ‘most explosive yet’

Two grooms are planning a boxing match?!

Guys, MAFS Australia’s Jesse and Adam have squashed their beef and are now friends

‘It’s water under the bridge’

Selling Sunset’s Davina claims the $75 million listing was just a ‘storyline’

But… it’s still for sale on the website

Love Island producers reportedly asked Alison Hammond’s son to star on the show but he said no

Loool, no nepo babies this year!

This is how much the MAFS Australia 2023 cast got paid to be on the show

Spoiler alert! It isn’t much

A breakdown of who from the MAFS Australia 2023 cast was scouted and who applied for the show

Janelle was approached to be on a different show first👀

MAFS Australia’s Jesse and Janelle have confirmed they are not dating and are just friends

Them holding hands was nothing more than being friendly!

MAFS Australia’s Evelyn and Duncan are the most gorgeous couple ever, and these photos prove it

Their face cards NEVER decline

Double dates and red carpets: Inside Kai and Sanam’s wholesome relationship post Love Island

The best winners ever!

The MAFS Australia girlies have all been defending Alyssa on social media

Apparently Duncan even said Alyssa didn’t deserve the edit she got

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s XO, Kitty from

Brb, adding all of these to my watchlist

You’re never going to believe the ages of the cast of XO, Kitty on Netflix

The Jenny Han universe is expanding!

Now all the films are on Netflix, here’s what the cast of Harry Potter have been up to

They haven’t stopped acting that’s for sure

‘I felt awful about it’: The cast members who regret their time on MAFS Australia 2023

‘I regret it because of my portrayal’

The full true story of Kayla Unbehaun’s disappearance now she has been found alive

She has been reunited with her father

Below Deck’s Daisy Kelliher has shut down rumours she is quitting the show

‘I’ve cried at work many a time, it’s just the first time I’ve cried during Below Deck’

Vote: Let’s settle the debate, who was the most iconic cast member on MAFS Australia 2023?

How can I choose between Layton and his facial expressions with Ollie and his impressions?

Alyssa says she wishes Evelyn and Duncan told her about their relationship first

‘I haven’t heard a peep since filming ended’

Harry Potter babies: Who from the iconic film series now have children?

Rupert’s baby is called Wednesday!

The Love Island season four cast have all had major transformations over the years

I cannot get over Adam Collard being blonde

Kayla Unbehaun, who appeared on Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries has been found alive

She was spotted by a viewer!

Slowthai has appeared in court after being charged with rape – here’s what we know so far

He is set to appear in crown court next month

The MAFS Australia cast have been sharing wholesome behind the scenes pics of the experiment

If you thought Tahnee and Ollie couldn’t get cuter, think again

Bronte claims MAFS Australia wasn’t a ‘true representation’ of her and Harrison’s relationship

‘All the happy moments were cut’

AJ Odudu confirms she is no longer hosting the Married at First Sight UK spin-off show

Are you crying? Because I’m crying x

TikTok star Molly Marsh is reportedly a ‘shoo-in’ for Love Island 2023

Her mum was on Coronation Street!

Ollie claims he didn’t get airtime on MAFS Australia because he was ‘drunk the whole time’

Loool what a king

Guys, Charlotte and George knew about Reynolds and Brimsley’s romance in the book

I can’t cope!

The MAFS Australia cast have finally got their Instas back, here are all their first posts

Josh, Rupert and Ollie all look like you’d bump into them at Slug & Lettuce

Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me tells a ‘cautionary tale’ about the pop culture icon

‘I really feel like she is telling her own story in her own words’

Sandy thanks her MAFS Australia co-stars for helping her in her ‘darkest time’ on the show

She really is a queen

Claire is reportedly back with her ex and all hopes of a reunion with Jesse are over

It’s a bad day for Clesse stans

There was a major scene cut from Duncan and Alyssa’s wedding on MAFS Australia

‘I literally do not know why they didn’t show it’

Bronte confirms she has had zero contact with Harrison since MAFS Australia

‘I have been working on loving myself’

Longer episodes and a rumoured groom: Here’s everything we know about MAFS UK so far

It’s already been renewed for another season!

Here’s what we know about Sierra Stevens’ whereabouts from Netflix’s Missing: Dead or Alive

Her family were worried sick

PR girlies and models: The MAFS Australia 2023 cast who have gone back to their day jobs

There is a whole lot of girlbossing going on

MAFS Australia’s Harrison calls Alyssa every week to check on her mental health

Is this Harrison’s redemption arc?!

Former MAFS Australia bride Carolina Santos admits she is ‘addicted’ to cosmetic surgery

‘I’m addicted to looking young’

Inside the love lives of the cast of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Sorrows and prayers to everyone who didn’t know Corey has a girlfriend

Here are all the new abilities you can use in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

I need Recall in real life

All the unaired scenes viewers didn’t see on MAFS Australia 2023, according to the cast

I can’t believe we missed all these juicy moments!

Tanya claims she got a ‘bad edit’ while appearing on winter Love Island 2023

Shaq said Tanya isn’t the ‘big bad villain people think she is’

A rundown of all the post-show drama that’s gone down between the MAFS Australia 2023 cast

The girlies are fighting!

Cameron reveals what he planned to say to Lyndall at their final vows on MAFS Australia

‘I felt that instant spark from day one and I was very intrigued to find out more’

If you thought they couldn’t get any cuter, Duncan says he is ‘keen’ to marry Evelyn

They’re just so wholesome

The Mother is Netflix’s new action-packed thriller, here’s where you recognise the cast from

Alexa, play Ain’t Your Mama by Jennifer Lopez

Ranked: The MAFS Australia stars charging the most for a personalised video on Cameo

For £63 I need them to recreate the reactions to Carolina and Daniel

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s historical docuseries Queen Cleopatra from

There has been a ton of controversy surrounding the cast

Call yourself a MAFS Australia fan? Get 13/15 questions correct in this season 10 quiz

Not even Mel Schilling would get full marks x

The MAFS Australia 2023 cast have switched up their looks and undergone major transformations

Josh told The Tab he changed his look to ‘distance’ himself from what he went through

Married at First Sight UK’s Amy Christophers says her time on the show was ‘detrimental’

‘Some things did get taken out of context on that show’

Bronte reveals she fell out with Claire after she made ‘really hurtful’ comments on a podcast

‘I wasn’t aware we weren’t friends up until listening to that’

Bronte says all she and Harrison did during the MAFS reunion was ‘bicker back and forth’

She reckons this is why they were cut from the final episode

Duncan says he reached out to Alyssa ‘numerous times’ after MAFS but got no response

‘She’s probably hurting and not feeling too good’

Apparently Rupert told Evelyn and Duncan he saw their relationship coming after MAFS Australia

He’s been ‘very supportive’ of the couple

Queen Cleopatra on Netflix has been surrounded by controversy, here’s why everyone is upset

‘It is a falsification of Egyptian history’

A definitive ranking of every bride and groom on Married at First Sight Australia 2023

I’m starting a petition to bring Hugo back next year x

17 memes equally as dramatic as the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 reunion episodes

Dan’s stare is imprinted in my mind

Now the experiment is over, this is what the MAFS Australia 2023 cast are all up to now

Ollie and Tahnee have moved in together!

MAFS Australia’s Harrison claims he knows why he and Bronte were cut from the reunion

Apparently producers wanted to give the show a ‘happy ending’

Josh reveals what happened between him and Melissa during the MAFS Australia reunion

Melissa left halfway through!

Omg! MAFS Australia’s Duncan and Evelyn have confirmed they are in a relationship

Rupert gave them his blessing!

Shonda Rhimes denies there being a reference to Meghan Markle in Queen Charlotte on Netflix

‘Meghan Markle did not enter into it’

Married at First Sight UK’s Gemma claims she was used to create ‘fantastic television’

‘I feel really ashamed of myself for believing the experiment’

Here are all the MAFS Australia cast’s final Instagram posts about the experiment

Duncan said he and Alyssa ‘deserve to be happy’

MAFS Australia’s Lyndall says she was ‘blindsided’ by Tayla calling her a bully

‘I genuinely had no idea that was coming’

MAFS Australia’s Olivia Frazer admits it’s ‘really hard’ being friends with her ex Jackson

‘There just needs to be a bit of space at the moment’

The MAFS Australia 2023 cast members who have signed with management after not finding love

A lot of them are signed at the same place

MAFS Australia’s Al Perkins reveals he got a fungal infection from doing a gross party trick

‘I swear my throat hasn’t been the same’

So, when was MAFS Australia filmed and how far apart was the reunion episode?

A lot of time goes into the show!

MAFS Australia’s Tahnee says the hate Alyssa receives on social media is ‘sad to see’

‘The personal attacks she has to cop, I think that’s quite sad’

Janelle admits she and Jesse kissed after filming Married at First Sight Australia

This needs to happen!