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I hate to break it you, but here are the celebs who still follow Andrew Tate on Instagram

Donald Trump Jr follows him lol

Love Island star Paige Thorne is going back to her paramedic day job

‘I saw an ambulance the other day with sirens on and I had serious FOMO’

From cooking shows to world tours: What are our favourite Disney Channel stars up to now?

All the Jonas brothers are married with kids🥺

Meet Anirudh Pisharody: The new cast member in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever

He originally wanted to be a doctor!

All the Islanders who have made it official since leaving Love Island 2022

Love is in the air!

Men used to go to war and now they’re reading these 23 memes about it

Men used to go to war but now they buy blueberry flavoured vapes💀💀

Quiz: Can you correctly guess who said these iconic Grey’s Anatomy quotes?

So, pick ME. Choose ME. Love ME

The first official brand deal with a 2022 Love Islander is here – and it’s our girl Tasha!

Tasha’s deal is the first non-fast fashion brand partnership to come out of the show

Love Island denies claims Jacques was kicked off the show for mocking Tasha’s voice

The claims came from a series of messages in a WhatsApp group

All the young and hilarious TikTok stars in the UK you need to be watching right now

What’s everyone having for their tea?

Jacob Elordi says he had $400 in his bank and was sleeping in his car before Euphoria

If he didn’t get the role of Nate Jacobs, he was going to move back to Australia

Former Love Islanders react to the Jacques and Luca Instagram live saga

Adam’s response is pretty iconic

Gemma has already had six and seven figure deals offered to her since Love Island

A lot of brands are keen to sign the runner up

Yet again, Black Islanders are treated poorly but it’s their bullies who are protected

Love Island has a damning bullying issue it needs to sort out

More vids from Luca and Jacques’ Instagram live have emerged and yikes

Luca said Ekin-Su and Davide only ‘carried the season’ because him and Jacques were ‘out the picture’

Take this Love Island 2022 quiz to see if you remember who was first coupled up with who

You’d be surprised who the original couples were

Rating TikTok stars and their music on whether it’s a bop or flop

Nessa Barrett’s music is a bop and I won’t hear anything else on the matter!

Jacques and Luca make shady digs and mock other Islanders on an Instagram live

‘Glad the mum approves’

Followers, makeup and millions: The real reason Belle Hassan wanted to go on Love Island

Tamer Hassan has recently spoken on a podcast about his daughter’s reasoning behind going on Love Island

Revealed: Exactly what happened with Coco and Summer at the Love Island reunion, in full

Apparently Coco walked out of the set and people had to cheer her on to come back in

Where is Hunter Moore’s girlfriend Kirra Hughes now?

After she found out about what he had done, she bought a one-way ticket to New York

Nathalia from Love Island has done a TikTok about Ekin-Su and it is so cringe

It’s giving Lucie Donlan from 2019

Celebs are unliking Johnny Depp’s Instagram post from when he won the trial – here’s who

Zoey Deutch, who was in a movie with Depp, has removed her like

All the Love Island 2022 contestants who have unfollowed each other since the show ended

Andrew has addressed unfollowing Jacques and said Tasha is his priority

It’s been 10 years since we met The Barden Bellas, where are they now?

Ben Platt and Skylar Astin are still friends🥺

‘There were dark days’: Faye reveals how Love Island hate impacted her mental health

‘I feel so lonely’

Landon Barker makes a subtle dig towards Lil Huddy and his new song in a TikTok

The TikTok has gained four MILLION views

Here is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Purple Hearts from

Nicholas is also playing the lead in Red, White & Royal Blue!!!

From KSI to Millie B: The very best YouTuber diss tracks of all time

Take me back to August 2017

Quiz: Are you punching above your weight in your relationship?

If you think someone needs to be punching, you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship anyways x

Coco and Summer have unfollowed each other on Instagram, and apparently it’s all about Josh

It comes after Coco said she regrets not sleeping with Josh, yikes

What has the cast of Bratz been up to, 15 years since the film was first released?

Alexa, play Bratitude

From bombshells to OGs: The very best dressed Love Islanders of all time

Get Tasha’s cowboy boots in my basket NOW

Purple Hearts on Netflix is being called out for casual racism and ‘military propaganda’

Viewers have called the movie ‘problematic’

Love Island theory of how you can tell who will win the show has been correct SIX times

I’ll be watching like hawk from now on

‘They carried the show’: Ex-Islanders react to the Love Island 2022 final

Everyone is so happy for Ekin-Su and Davide I could cry

It has well and truly come home, so come and take a look inside the Lionesses’ Instagrams

All I care about is Beth Mead and her dog x

Quiz: Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2022 contestant you are

A lot can be said about a person who takes three hours to get ready

Who is Charlie Evans and where is he now? The hacker who helped Hunter Moore

He says he wants to make amends with all the women he has wronged

TikTok is convinced Lil Huddy has written a diss track about Charli D’Amelio

Drama aside, the song slaps SO hard

From private villas to lie-ins: Here are all the secrets behind the Love Island final

They get to sit and watch Netflix while the villa is being prepared for the final

Netflix is suing the creators of The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical

Netflix was not too happy about their Kennedy Center performance

Who is Charlotte Laws? The woman who took down Hunter Moore and his revenge porn site

She spent two years working with the FBI to get justice for victims

The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Where is Hunter Moore now?

After being released from prison, he published his own book

This is exactly what the Love Island 2022 cast would have as their Tinder bios

Of course Gemma’s anthem is My Humps

All the times the Love Island photographer has done the Islanders dirty over the years

Give me a moment while I scream

We asked a dating and relationship expert who will win Love Island 2022

Will it be Indami or Tandrew?

Love Island 2022 siblings: Meet the brothers and sisters of this year’s cast

Ekin-Su’s brother is an icon already

What are the cast of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging up to now?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is still married :/

11 years on, what are the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf up to now?

And yes, the majority of them are all single

These are the hometowns of the Love Island 2022 contestants

Shockingly, only one of them is from Essex

Coco claims her Dad told producers to edit the show after she was getting so much hate

‘What you’re showing is causing so much hate’

Take this quiz to find out which Mamma Mia dad would be yours

Look, we can’t all have Bill!!

Meet the account handlers behind the current Love Island contestants’ social media pages

It’s no secret how well some of them have been doing on Twitter

Can you guess the missing lyric in this iconic ABBA song quiz?

Brb, going to listen to ABBA’s entire discography

Come hither and meet the three new cast members joining Bridgerton season three

There are three new men joining the Ton!

Right, so just how rich is Laura Whitmore and how did she become the face of Love Island?

It has been reported she earned £600k for this season of Love Island!

Cardiff student goes viral after sharing a video of her being harassed on the street

He repeatedly told her how much he liked her despite her shutting him down

Dumped Islander Jay shares cryptic tweet suggesting Luca may secretly fancy Tasha

Boys being mean to girls because they have a crush on them is getting old now

Coco reveals how the boys secretly knew who was going to recouple after Casa Amor

Turns out the recouplings aren’t all that surprising

All the differences between Netflix’s Persuasion and the original novel

I think I might cry

All aboard! Francis Bourgeios has a book coming out all about his love for trains

It sounds really wholesome

Just 15 Little Miss memes you wish you didn’t relate to but unfortunately do

Little Miss Pick Me? I’ll take it x

A ranking of the most savage Love Island challenges in history

Remember when Stormzy’s tweet was featured in one of the challenges? Golden

Reviews are in about Netflix’s Persuasion and they are even worse than the film itself

Safe to say, I agree with all of them

Before you scream into the void about Persuasion, read these 18 memes about it

I’ll never forgive whoever decided on the line ‘Now we’re strangers, worse than strangers. We’re exes’

‘I take responsibility and hold my hands up’: Jacques apologises for his villa antics

‘I’ve got a lot of work to do for myself to become a better person’

All the things that go down in the Love Island Beach Hut you definitely had no idea about

Wait, there’s more than one Beach Hut?!

Here are the age gaps of all the current Love Island 2022 couples

Gemma and Luca are only four years apart!

The families of Love Islanders have spoken against hate they’re getting on social media

Luca’s family shared a message from a troll calling him a ‘creepy, scary, alarming psychopath’

A Love Island superfan has got Ekin-Su’s name tattooed on her foot and it’s pretty iconic

‘Not my type on paper but they are on my skin’

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Persuasion from

Henry Golding is in it so naturally, I’ll be watching

A deep dive into Adam Collard’s relationships since he was first on Love Island

He definitely has a type

‘He’s gone on for fame’: Ex-Islander Rosie Williams slams Adam Collard’s return to Love Island

Rosie has even warned Paige’s family to steer clear of Adam

Ex-Casa Amor Islander claims she had a connection with Andrew that we were never shown

Apparently he called her the girl of his dreams, yikes

TikTok users swear by it, but what on earth is the viral ‘vabbing’ trend?

I genuinely believe TikTok needs to place a ban on idiocy

He’s a 10 and is still a 10 because he relates to these 15 memes

He’s a 10 but has his height in his Tinder bio x

Romeo Beckham and model girlfriend Mia Regan have split up after three years together

They celebrated their three year anniversary just two months ago

‘I wasted so much time and energy’: Islanders who say they regret going on Love Island

‘I was very content and happy in my life before Love Island and I feel like mentally, I’m not as happy’

From footballers to models: Meet all the new partners of ex Love Island contestants

Luke T is apparently engaged?!

Every straight up toxic thing Adam Collard did when he was first on Love Island

Women’s Aid issued a statement about his behaviour in the villa

Ex-Islander Sherif Lanre has FINALLY revealed exactly why he was kicked off Love Island

He claims he was taken out of the villa at 4am

Doctors have been filming themselves after losing a patient and posting it on TikTok

People are divided about the videos

TikTok is obsessed with him and his ginger locks, but who is the viral star Yung Gravy?

‘You so clean, so delicious’ has been etched into my brain

Enjoy these 27 Casa Amor recoupling memes while you try and work out why the boys are mad

If Indiyah has 100 fans, they’re all me x

From clothing lines to music deals: This is what the iconic Casa Amor Islanders are up to now

King Ovie plays for Team GB’s basketball team!!

Debunked: The internet thinks Santan Dave is dead but shocker, it’s a lie

The hoax claims he died on his birthday

All the salty things dumped Islanders have said about other cast members so far

Remi hates Jacques btw

Ex-Islanders Afia and Ikenna reveal juicy scenes that have been cut from Love Island so far

Ekin-Su and Davide had more than one argument!

A girl is claiming she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend so he could go into Casa Amor

She even shared a screenshot of them on FaceTime two weeks ago, yikes

All the 2022 Love Islanders’ first Instagram posts compared to their most recent

Indiyah in her green hair era is EVERYTHING

Shaughna has revealed exactly how you can tell who will be left single after Casa Amor

She worked out before the recoupling that Callum would be coming back with someone

Love Island’s Amber Gill said ‘switching teams’ was the best decision she ever made

She said that men make her feel ill, same bestie x

Thirst traps and espresso martinis: Inside the Instagrams of the Casa Amor boys

I’m swooning

Here come the girls! Meet the bombshells looking to graft their way to the main villa

Apparently, Andrew used to like one of the girls’ photos on Instagram!

It’s back boo! The GIRLS will be heading to Casa Amor for the first time in three years

I want everyone’s head to turn, sue me!

‘It was five out of 10’: Afia spills on why she didn’t rate her Love Island experience

She said she’d snog Liam, marry Dami and pie Andrew lool

From Jaya Harper to Iris Apatow: All the TikTok stars you didn’t realise were nepotism babies

I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit jealous

10 hidden Easter eggs you definitely missed in season three of The Umbrella Academy

Did you spot the hidden QR code in the finale?

Paige’s friends call for her to be ‘saved’ from Jacques after he calls her ‘pathetic’

Jacques also called Paige ‘a clown’

‘She walked everywhere’: Zara Aleena’s family pay tribute to passionate young lawyer

‘Zara believed that a woman should be able to walk home’