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Enjoy these 12 memes of Bernie Sanders at the inauguration, but he’s actually in Lincoln

I am once again creating more Bernie Sanders memes

A Uni of Lincoln student is running 60 miles in 30 days to raise money for Mind

Georgia has raised £170 out of her £150 goal

Police withdraw £10k fine for student who hosted a party at Viking House

It is still unknown as to why the fine was withdrawn

Now TikTok is turning Bridgerton into a musical, and it actually slaps

Burn For You just hits different

Pavilions and Hayes Wharf are offering a rent-free period for students unable to return to uni

These accommodations are privately owned by iQ in Lincoln

A Lincoln fresher missed the beach so much he made one in his accommodation

‘We turned the heating up to make it feel hot’

Lincoln’s Tory MP blocks the Uni of Lincoln’s Labour Society on Twitter

The society wanted to ask the MP about food parcels given to children by private companies

Manchester Uni deletes Insta post telling students to see lockdown ‘as a retreat’

The post gave students advice for coping with their mental health in lockdown

Uni of Lincoln introduces safety net style policies for all students

They have made changes to regulations in order to support individual academic performance during the pandemic

Lincoln offers a 20 per cent rent reduction for all students in uni accommodation

‘Our aim at Lincoln is to support our students as best we can’

Lincoln students who need to return to uni for personal reasons can come back to campus

This includes if you require support for your mental health

‘We are the future, we matter’: Lincoln students react to the lockdown announcement

‘We’ve been left behind in this pandemic and it needs to change’

The UK is leaving the European Union: Here’s how it affects students

The transition period ends today

Quiz: How far would you get in Bridgerton’s London social season?

Presenting yourself to the Queen is of the utmost importance

These are all the filming locations used in Netflix’s Bridgerton

Some of the filming locations have also been used in The Crown

Quiz: Which Bridgerton brother would you fall in love with?

It’s a win-win either way

All Lincoln students can relate to these 15 don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine memes

Don’t worry ’bout it sweetheart x

How well do you remember 2020 TikTok? Take this quiz to find out

No matter where you place, mum number three is everybody’s favourite

QUIZ: How much of a Grinch are you?

The green skin and fur is a key giveaway

QUIZ: Are you more like Iris or Amanda from The Holiday?

It’s a win either way tbh

These 17 vaccine memes came through faster than Pfizer themselves

We may be in a pandemic but a meme never hurt anybody

The ultimate ranking of Celebrations chocolates, from elite to vile

If your favourite isn’t Maltesers, you should be disappointed in yourself

PSA: These Christmas songs are problematic and we probably shouldn’t sing them

‘Tis the season to educate yourself

These TikToks are the perfect thing to watch while you eat the rich

They’ll make you rethink everything you own

Stop what you’re doing and watch these TikToks, unless you’re doing hot girl sh*t

And what about it?

A comprehensive list of the worst outfits Disney Channel characters have worn

I wish I could see right through your funky hat

A University of Lincoln student has been fined £10k for having a 100-person party

‘As a university we deplore the irresponsible behaviour of a small number of individuals’

‘Clearly it was meant for me’: Meet the Lincoln student who appeared on Naked Attraction

Students went crazy when they found out a student from the University of Lincoln appeared on the show

All the weird activities you were made to do at Brownies when you were a kid

11 years later and I have no regrets

Every time Mr Poppy should have been straight up fired from the school in Nativity

Seriously, was this guy even DBS checked?

Miley Cyrus fans are going bald and getting married because of her TikTok comments

The chaos she has created is next to none

VP of Campaigns and Environment challenges student accommodations over recycling

‘We as a student body need to use our voice’

52 per cent of Lincoln students don’t feel safe living in their student house area

83 per cent of students feel unsafe living in the Sincil Bank area

Lincoln is officially in the new Tier 3: Here’s how this affects students

Lincoln is now under the strictest restrictions

A University of Lincoln student appeared on Naked Attraction

He was knocked out in the second round

Asymptomatic testing is being offered to students at the Uni of Lincoln

An invitation to book a test will be sent to all students by 1st December

‘We were followed by a guy in a clown suit’: YouTuber Charlotte Emily on uni life at Lincoln

‘Treat your body like someone you love’

Uni of Lincoln courses to move online from November 30th

Courses that involve clinical placements are ‘specifically exempt’

Cooking shows and YouTube: Here’s what the cast of Sister, Sister are up to now

Go home, Roger!

Every Lincoln Uni student can relate to these 14 I’m a Celeb memes

Happy place! Happy place!

If you have an issue with the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, you’re racist

It’s literally that deep

The seven best places in Lincoln to take a walk in lockdown 2.0

You’re welcome x

Friends of Prince Charles accuse The Crown of exploiting the Royal Family’s pain

‘This is trolling with a Hollywood budget’

‘I literally can’t go home for Christmas’: Lincoln students react to the ‘travel window’

‘I gamble having to spend the festive period alone’

Uni of Lincoln’s Rugby Union Society raises money for Movember

‘We will continue to support this great cause as long as there is a bro who needs help’

Lincoln SU societies band together to fundraise and donate food to local food banks

The food drive will end on the 18th of November

UoL students react to remaining in Lincoln over lockdown

The Minister of State for Universities has told students not to go home for the national lockdown

Lincoln Loc8me has been rebranded and taken over by new management

They have reassured tenants that ‘very little will change’

QUIZ: Can you guess the horror film from the description alone?

What better way to get in the spooky spirit?

Tory MP drags Lincoln student on Twitter for calling his mum ‘a slag’

She made the comment after he voted against extending Free School Meals

PSA: Halloween is tomorrow and it’s still never an excuse for blackface

Just go as a witch and be done with it

These are all the places offering free meals to children in Lincoln

There is a map of places offering free meals to children in Lincoln

176 Uni of Lincoln staff and students have tested positive for coronavirus

‘Our students’ needs are our number one priority’

Here’s what’s inside Lincoln Uni’s self-isolation food boxes

They are completely free of charge!

Here are all the best sunset pics Lincoln students have to offer

We asked and oh boy did you deliver

85 Uni of Lincoln students have tested positive for coronavirus

Lincoln remains in Tier One of lockdown restrictions

36 students at the Uni of Lincoln have tested positive for Coronavirus

A member of staff has also tested positive

‘Student mental health is a key priority’: Minister of State for Unis visits Lincoln

Michelle Donelan took a virtual visit to Lincoln’s campus

QUIZ: Which Modern Family household do you belong in?

If I’m not living with Cam, then I don’t want it

Six Lincoln Uni students have tested positive for coronavirus

‘I can’t even leave my room without making sure where I’m going is clear’

Uni of Lincoln to hold events for Black History Month

All of the events are going to be held online

City of Lincoln Freshers Week has been cancelled

However, there is some good news

These 15 TikToks about Twilight will force you to relive the memories you want to forget

I just really wanted to be a vampire :'(((

The Lincoln Tab is looking for new writers and we want you to join us

You don’t need any experience at all!

Uni of Lincoln ranked 2nd in Hospitality in The Guardian University Guide 2021

Sorry, what was that Mr Gilbert?

The time has finally come, we’ve crowned Lincoln’s BNOC 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part!

Take this quiz to determine which Lincoln uni halls you should have lived in

It’s the fairy lights for me

Students petition to keep street lights on in Lincoln all night

The petition has received over 900 signatures

QUIZ: Which character from Lucifer are you most like?

If it isn’t Maze, I don’t want it

Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020: Meet the finalists

Meet the finalists from each round and get voting

I don’t care about trigger warnings: BBC presenters shouldn’t use the n-word, ever

It was unnecessary

We spoke to the admin behind Lincs Anonymous

‘We want to empower as many survivors as we can’

Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020: Round Four

The last round of voting is upon us

Meet Lincoln’s first ever Animal Crossing society

Sign me right up x

Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020: Round Three

It’s getting serious now

‘He sat in my kitchen ranting until 2am’: Girls share their worst first date stories

It might now be time to stop meeting people from Tinder

We asked DJs who the worst types of people on the dancefloor are

For the love of god GET OFF YOUR PHONES

Lincoln students explain the petty bin drama they’ve had with locals

‘Someone had put hot coals in our bin’

Round 2 is here: Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for this

If you’re a white middle class student, please stop talking like a roadman

It’s just embarrassing now

City of Lincoln Freshers Week to go ahead

Everyone will be reunited with the Bull once more

One way systems and sanitiser stations: This is how Lincoln uni will look when it reopens

This includes access to the uni’s Riseholme campus

Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020: Round One

The first round has arrived

Removing racist shows is a start, but don’t forget what BLM is really fighting for

It’s allowing the ‘triggered snowflake’ agenda to be pushed

It’s that time of year, nominations are open for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020

Your time to shine is now x

‘This isn’t something to debate about or vote on’: Lincoln students react to the SU’s referendum

The vote for the referendum closes tomorrow

Students petition for Lincoln SU’s Chief Executive to stand down

The petition has had 189 signatures at the time of writing

“They’ve shot themselves in the foot”: Lincoln students on the SU’s BLM statement

The statement even failed a plagiarism checker test

Lincoln SU’s Chief Exec statement on BLM was copied from Essex Uni’s

Essex’s statement was released on 12th June

The black women of British reality TV who honestly deserved better

We’re not prizes to parade around as your champions of diversity

‘I recognise that the SU has failed you’: Lincoln’s SU Chief Executive speaks out

‘We must be anti-racist and seek justice, not just on campus and lecture theatres, but in society.’

Lincoln SU to hold a referendum to get UoL to stand with the BLM movement

Voting opens on the 17th June

‘We are witnessing living, breathing history.’: Lincoln’s ACS society on the future in Lincoln

“The world is gaining a conscience and it is powerful.”

‘The change starts with us’: We spoke to the BLM Lincoln protest organisers

“We won’t be going away until things change, because now is the time to push it.”

All Lives Matter is trash and invalidates the Black Lives Matter movement

If All Lives Matter, it’s time to admit that black lives do too

PSA: Your performative activism and Instagram chains aren’t helping anyone

If you continued the chain, do us a favour and delete it

Stop fighting for black culture and using the n-word, and start fighting for black rights

Newsflash: Your cultural appropriation is showing

Lincoln students share their last ‘normal’ uni pics

If we’re being honest, it’s the swans we miss the most

‘I downed a whole bottle of Absolut in freshers’: YouTuber Luke Birch on uni life in Lincoln

‘You can hear more than you might want in Cygnet. But location is elite.’