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This is what the cast of The Holiday are up to now, 16 years since the film was released

Kate Winslet hasn’t aged a day

From a candlelit dinner to designer gifts: Inside Molly-Mae’s lavish ‘Baby Fury’ shower

It’s okay Molly, I know my invite was just lost in the post x

Two months on, this is what the stars of Married at First Sight UK have been up to

From radio show appearances to red carpet events, they’ve been doing it all

Six reasons why the original Lady Chatterley’s Lover was so controversial

The novel was banned in five different countries

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover from

Cook from Skins plays Oliver, so obviously I’ll be watching

Love Is Blind’s Shake calls Iyanna a ‘snotty brat’ as she cries about her divorce

It’s making sense why Shake is banned from their group chat

12 years since the show ended, this is what the cast of Ugly Betty is up to now

It’s an injustice it only had four seasons

Olivia Attwood says she was called ‘that s**g off Love Island’ while walking her dog

She said she felt unable to ‘defend’ herself

Being an influencer after Love Island made me ‘anxious and depressed’ says Wes Nelson

Wes called the influencing industry ‘very fake’

Inside the lives of the love and relationship experts on E4’s Celebs Go Dating

Paul Brunson may not have been lucky in matchmaking on MAFS, but let’s give him another chance

Here’s what the cast of Love Actually have been up to since the movie first premiered

Colin Firth just hasn’t stopped working

Just everything Gemma Owen has been up to since her and Luca broke up

The woman hasn’t stopped!

From West London to World Cup stardom: Inside the life of 21-year-old Bukayo Saka

Smart, wholesome and straight up good vibes, what more could you want?

Out of the 34 couples matched on Married at First Sight UK, only four are still together

Season six had the most successful relationships

‘He smelt of cigarettes’: The girl who kissed Matty Healy has revealed exactly what it was like

She’s married!!

Here are the famous ex-partners of this year’s Celebs Go Dating cast

Liam well and truly fumbled the bag

A glimpse of Married at First Sight UK’s Sophie Brown’s Manchester home

There’s grey everywhere!

These are all the Married at First Sight stars who have OnlyFans accounts

Jessika Power is said to be one of the most successful reality stars on the site

Omg, the Married at First Sight UK Christmas special is out this week!

The drama is going to be unmatched and I can’t wait

Couples have been sharing their icks about each other on TikTok and they are hilarious

‘Some people have big toes and then there’s yours’😭😭

A rundown of all the controversy between Balenciaga’s ‘disturbing’ advert and Kim Kardashian

Balenciaga has since admitted it should not have used children in its ad campaign

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s latest Christmas film The Noel Diary from

Justin Hartley hive rise!

A look inside the ridiculously boujie Instagrams of the England World Cup 2022 squad

Eric Dier’s Instagram will you make you smile unimaginable amounts

The first look at the new season of Waterloo Road is out and it does not disappoint

Mark January 2023 in your calendars, because new Waterloo Road is coming!

Here’s how different the Love Island 2022 cast look in their entrance videos versus now

Ekin-Su has revealed she’s ditching her fillers for a more ‘natural’ look

From fights to cancelled gigs: All the carnage that’s happened at the N-Dubz concerts

Creasing at Wes Nelson telling people goodbye as they’re being escorted out for fighting

Here’s everything you need to know about Christina Ricci’s character in Netflix’s Wednesday

Sadly, she isn’t a Wednesday from the past who has time travelled

Men have been sharing their worst icks and they’re so wild you’d hope they were joking

‘Praying to shiny rocks’ 😭😭😭

The Love Islanders who are the most cherished of all time even though they didn’t win the show

Chloe Burrows is the best Islander from season seven and that’s final x

From reality TV stars to soap actresses: A look inside Owen Warner’s past relationships

Chloe Ferry called Owen ‘a top bloke’

All the bizarre rules football fans have to follow while watching the World Cup in Qatar

Fans will have to think twice about ripping their top off in celebration

Hannah Elizabeth’s transformation over the years now she looks like a ‘Bratz’ doll

She was on season one of Love Island

Every chaotic thing Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have ever done in their relationship

After Megan Fox said yes to MGK’s proposal, they ‘drank each other’s blood’

Inside Josh Denzel’s boujie life as he heads off to the World Cup with the England squad

Dare I say he’s the most successful from his Love Island season?

Right, when is Spotify Wrapped 2022 coming and when does it stop tracking your music?

I’m desperate to know how much Phoebe Bridgers I’ve listened to

The Love Islanders who have had their say on Luca Bish and Gemma Owen’s very public split

‘Go live life honey’

You’ll be too stunned to speak when you learn the ages of the England World Cup 2022 squad

Excuse me, Saka is how old?

Meet the WAGs of this year’s England World Cup squad who are hoping to bring football home

This is not a drill, Mason Mount is single!!!

All the truly bizarre items the I’m A Celeb 2022 cast are banned from bringing into camp

They can only bring in three pairs of underwear omg

Prepare to be shocked by the ages of this year’s I’m A Celebrity campmates

Sorry but there is no way Boy George is 61

Here are 10 TV shows and movies to watch Elizabeth Debicki in if you loved her in The Crown

Her talent is unmatched

Gemma reportedly dumped Luca after ‘make or break’ holiday to Dubai

Apparently they’d been having problems for weeks

All the straight up ridiculous drama that has happened since Love Island 2022 ended

It’s just all so messy

MAFS UK’s Johnathan accuses Sophie of ‘inciting online abuse’ after posting shady TikTok

He also claimed Sophie would tell him she wanted an ambitious partner despite knowing he was unable to work due to his disability

All of these moments prove that Gemma and Luca were always going to break up

Luca said he went on Love Island ‘for a good summer’

These are all of the lowest paid I’m A Celebrity contestants of all time

Toff was only paid £13k!

Here’s everything you need to know about Kelly Fisher, Dodi Fayed’s girlfriend before Diana

Apparently, she and Dodi were engaged

Right what on earth is toegate, the royal scandal that is briefly mentioned in The Crown?

This could very much top tampongate

Here is what The Crown actors really think about the royals they portray in season five

Elizabeth Debicki described Princess Diana as ‘one of a kind’

Omg, the actor who plays Prince William in The Crown is actually Dominic West’s son

The Crown was his acting debut!

Meet the I’m A Celebrity 2022 cast’s siblings who’ll be meeting them at the end of the bridge

Owen’s siblings look exactly like him!

Bhad Bhabie has been accused of blackfishing, and this isn’t the first time

She has said that people have taken it ‘too far’

Please enjoy these 22 memes while you wait in line to date Pete Davidson

It’s basically a birth right at this point

Meet the wholesome and supportive partners of the I’m A Celebrity 2022 campmates

Don’t worry, Owen Warner is single x

From London’s West End to a Malibu villa: All the filming locations in The Crown season five

Dodi Fayed’s home was reopened for filming of The Crown

From fashion shoots to red carpets: Inside Danica’s stunning life since leaving Love Island

You don’t understand, I’m OBSESSED

All the key details The Crown missed out in the BBC Panorama interview with Princess Diana

The Crown’s version was a lot less harsh

Here is everything you need to know about Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan’s relationship

Diana’s former butler said Khan was the ‘love of her life’

Here’s how you can get the voice changer effect on TikTok that’s all over your For You Page

Comedy gold if you ask me!

The true story of the connection between the Royal and Romanov families

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are distantly related

Queen Elizabeth’s Annus Horribilis was entirely re-written in The Crown season five

Three separations and tampongate? 1992 was a rough year for Queen Elizabeth

Enjoy these 20 memes while you binge every episode of The Crown season five

I believe in Elizabeth Debicki supremacy

Here’s what the cast of season five of The Crown look like compared to the real people

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth? Give her all the awards

A deep dive into Princess Diana and Mohamed Al-Fayed’s friendship

Mohamed’s daughter said she used to ‘hang out with William and Harry all the time’

Here’s where you recognise the actors playing Mohamed and Dodi Al-Fayed in The Crown from

Salim Daw described Mohamed Al-Fayed as an ‘incredible character’

Here is how Mohamed Al-Fayed acquired his wealth and eventually managed to buy Harrods

He also bought House of Fraser in the 1980s

Did Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull have an affair like it’s suggested in The Crown?

Critics have called the storyline ‘cruel’

This is how different the Married at First Sight UK cast look since the very first episode

Gemma has dissolved her lip filler

Meet the acting royalty playing Charles, Diana and Camilla in season five of The Crown

Is there anything Dominic West hasn’t been in?

Here’s a rundown of all the drama that happened in the lead up to The Crown season five

Dame Judi Dench even called out the show👀

Here’s everything we know about Princess Diana’s goddaughter, Leonora Knatchbull

She is introduced in the first episode of The Crown season five

Didn’t get a Glastonbury 2023 ticket? Here’s an exhaustive list of all your options

12. Perform at Glastonbury 2023 x

Every unhinged thing The 1975’s Matty Healy has done on tour so far

It’s all just a little bit chaotic x

The Married at First Sight UK contestants who say they regret going on the show

Gemma said she ‘100 per cent’ regrets signing up to the show

True Geordie has been called out for making Islamophobic comments about Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate called True Geordie a ‘very insulting and unlikeable person’

From famous friends to boujie home studios: Inside Matty Healy’s swanky rockstar life

Imagine being best mates with Phoebe Bridgers

This is how much the I’m A Celebrity 2022 contestants are being paid to star on the show

Olivia Attwood is still being paid her full fee despite quitting the show

Take this quiz to find out which season three Love Is Blind girl would be your bestie

You just need to know these things x

A rundown of all the drama between Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa

Back in 2017, Francia donated her kidney to Selena

Omg, Olivia Attwood has quit I’m A Celebrity 2022

Olivia is already thought to be on her way back to the UK

Here is how all the I’m A Celebrity 2022 contestants became famous

An Islander, a soap star and a royal? Iconic tbh

Just 27 memes about the chaotic first episode of I’m A Celebrity 2022

Jill Scott is already the Queen of the Jungle x

Inside Gemma Owen’s boujie and lavish £4 million mansion in North Wales

There’s an indoor swimming pool AND spa

My Policeman has just dropped, so here’s what the heartbreaking movie is actually about

It’s been 10 years since the book was first released!

Here is where you recognise the all-star cast of My Policeman from

Omg, Emma Corrin played Princess Diana in The Crown

‘I couldn’t stop crying’: Matt reveals the real reason he left the MAFS UK reunion

He called the environment he was in ‘toxic’

From restaurant owners to parents: What the season one cast of Geordie Shore are up to now

They all look so different, I’m shook

The major brand deals that have put Love Island’s Tasha on course to become a millionaire

It’s what she deserves!!

All the Married at First Sight UK contestants who have since called out the show

‘We didn’t sign up to be characters in a Netflix show’

Inside Married at First Sight UK’s Jenna and Zoe’s adorable and wholesome life

They’re going to spend Christmas together🥺

Married at First Sight UK stars Adrian and Thomas are no longer on speaking terms

Thomas said he doesn’t want ‘any association’ with the rest of the cast either

All the Married at First Sight UK cast members who have unfollowed each other on Instagram

Chanita said Whitney blocked her and she doesn’t know why👀

QUIZ: Can you guess why this character was a patient on Grey’s Anatomy?

Bonus marks if they made it out of Grey Sloan💀

Take this New Girl quiz to see if you’re more like Jess, Nick, Schmidt or Winston

Winston is a king end of x

All the key details Netflix missed out about Charles Cullen in The Good Nurse

Cullen said he thought he was ‘helping people’

A look inside the stunning and vibey Instagrams of the cast of Netflix’s Young Royals

Drafting my friendship applications as we speak x

Prepare to be floored by the real life ages of the cast of Netflix’s Young Royals

Truly anyone can pull off playing a 16 year old in their 20s

Here’s what the cast of The Good Nurse look like compared to the real life people

How does Netflix always get it so right?

15 years on, what are the stars of Wizards of Waverly Place up to now?

Still not over Selena Gomez’s picture outside Waverly Place🥺🥺🥺

A rundown of the fallout from MAFS UK Thomas’ ‘sick’ comments about his co-stars on podcast

Jenna said it feels like a ‘stab in the back’

April Banbury said Married at First UK ‘ruined her life’ and has left her needing therapy

‘People say Love Island is brutal but MAFS is 100 per cent worse’