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Emily Smith
York University

News, universities, student stories and lifestyle, campus culture, higher education, Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls and TikTok trends.

  • Emily is currently a Staff News Writer at The Tab. She is an expert on universities, higher education and campus culture having been Editor in Chief of a local Tab team whilst at university. You can reach her at [email protected]
  • Earlier this year, Emily was awarded Highly Commended for The Hugh Cudlipp Student Journalism Award for her interview with a York student who was stalked by her driving instructor.
  • Emily has broken a number of university scoops that have been picked up by multiple national publications.


Emily Smith joined The Tab UK in the summer of 2023 after finishing her master's degree. At university, she joined The York Tab as a student contributor in 2020 before going on to become Editor in Chief for two years.


Emily graduated from The University of York in 2022 with a BA Honours in English and History. She then went on to study for an MA in English literature.


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The Russell Group unis that have got worse this year, according to the Complete Uni Guide

I’d leave this off the CV if I were you

Um, a fancy dress shop is now selling Baby Reindeer Martha and Donny ‘his and hers’ costumes

Pack this in

She finally got her dream! Inside the fully conscious baby’s trip to the Four Seasons Orlando

Not her eating truffle pasta and getting spa treatments

Daphne is missing from Bridgerton season three, so what is Phoebe Dynevor up to next?

She just got engaged!

‘The family gathered at Meemaw’s’: Inside the adorable Young Sheldon finale cast watch party

Okay but why wasn’t I invited?

Guys, the Four Seasons Orlando baby has done an interview and we finally know her story

Is she actually fully conscious???

These are the most improved Russell Group unis in this year’s Complete University Guide

A good day to be a Liverpool student

Wait, this hidden symbolism you missed in Bridgerton foreshadows Colin and Pen’s whole story

I am emotional

Grace Beverley has videos banned after breaking advertising rules with her brand TALA

Six of her videos have been taken down from social media

‘I feel very lucky’: Everything Iain Armitage has said about playing Young Sheldon

‘It’s so wild that I get to play a character this smart and at the same time I’m just dumb’ 

All the juicy behind the scenes secrets of filming the Bridgerton carriage scene

There were people stood outside literally shaking the carriage the whole time

Someone has SUCH a convincing theory that Eloise’s story is next in Bridgerton season four

It makes so much sense!

All the degrees and universities of the Times Rich List 2024, so you can get rich too

Brb just changing my degree!

Everything Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton have said about their adorable friendship

‘We truly love each other’

Someone spotted a major editing error in Bridgerton season three and it will drive you mad

How did we miss this??

Revealed: These are the grad jobs that all final year students *really* want in 2024

No replies been left on read by another grad scheme

Bridgerton costume designer explains hidden symbolism behind Cressida’s HUGE sleeves

It all makes sense now!

Wait, Prudence Featherington from Bridgerton’s mum is actually Umbridge from Harry Potter?!

Her dad is also Mr Carson from Downton Abbey

Feel like part of the ton with these vibey Bridgerton season three behind the scenes pics

Filling the void while we wait for part two

Ok so, who is the Four Seasons Orlando baby everyone is going crazy over right now?

That baby’s frontal lobe is more developed than mine

All the young and vibey celebs who made it to the Sunday Times Rich List 2024

Their net worths are absolutely staggering

Inside Nichola Coughlan’s life when she’s not causing chaos as Whistledown in Bridgerton

She’s a huge fan of MAFS

‘They’re properly hot’: Everything Nicola Coughlan has said about the Bridgerton sex scenes

They broke furniture whilst filming one specific scene

How old the Bridgerton characters are in season three, compared to the actors who play them

Still shook at Nicola Coughlan being 37?!

Uh oh! These are the Russell Group unis where students are NOT HAPPY with their teaching

Edinburgh students, are you okay??

How much Fiona Harvey wants to be paid for her interview vs what she was actually paid

Piers Morgan responded with ‘No Fiona you want an agent’

This is the real reason Phoebe Dynevor isn’t playing Daphne in Bridgerton season three

‘I’m just excited to watch as a viewer’

Already binged part one? This is when Bridgerton season three part two will be released

I don’t think I have it in me to wait this long

Ranked: Where all the Russell Group unis placed in this year’s Complete University Guide

Nine of them didn’t make it into the top 20

Chiefs player makes hateful grad speech calling women ‘wives and mothers’ and Pride ‘sinful’

He also referred to Taylor Swift as his ‘teammate’s girlfriend’

It’s official: These are the best unis you can study at for every single subject in 2024

Cambridge really not giving anywhere else a chance

‘It was bedlam’: Richard Gadd speaks out about his crazy life since Baby Reindeer

‘It’s surreal, I never expected it to pop like this’

Ranked: The best unis in the country right now, according to the Complete University Guide

25 per cent of them aren’t even Russell Group

Richard Gadd has spoken out about Fiona Harvey being outed as ‘real Martha’ for first time

‘If I wanted the real life people to be found, I would have made it a documentary’

Guys, Trisha Paytas has said Netflix should have cast her as Martha in Baby Reindeer

What a crossover??

Um, the guy behind *that* viral dress has strangled his wife in ‘terrifying attack’

Arguments over whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold literally broke the internet in 2015

Grab yourself a tinny because these are officially the sunniest Russell Group unis in 2024

You expect me to go to my lecturers when it’s sunny??

So, who is Ken Urker? Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s ex who she’s now back together with

She was engaged to him in prison BEFORE she married Ryan

So, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has just revealed she didn’t know what ‘slay’ or ‘mother’ meant

Yeah, in that order

No ifs, no buts: This is an ultimate ranking of all the Gilmore Girls couples

Lane and Dave deserved better!

Picking unis purely on vibes? These are officially the most beautiful Russell Group unis

Your mouldy kitchen not pictured x

‘Simply not true’: Real Martha DENIES sending 41,000 emails in Piers Morgan interview

‘I didn’t write all the emails. I think he probably made them up himself’

These vibey Outer Banks behind the scenes pics will make you want to join The Pogues

Keeping us FED until season four

Gypsy Rose Blanchard thinks Taylor Swift’s new song Fresh Out The Slammer is about her

She apparently sees a lot of similarities between the song and her life

It’s official: These are the most dangerous Russell Group student areas you can live in

Not a great day to be a Cardiff student

‘I feel a bit used’: What to expect from real-life Martha’s interview with Piers Morgan

She said she chose Piers Morgan’s show ‘because he’s the best of them all’

Baby Reindeer’s real-life Martha is planning a ‘major TV appearance’ to share her ‘truth’

She’ll be on Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored tomorrow

Rishi Sunak calls all UK vice-chancellors to urgent meeting over university encampments

Pro-Palestine encampments have been set up at 14 UK universities

Lawyer thinks real-life Martha DOES actually have grounds to sue Netflix over Baby Reindeer

The woman announced she was planning to sue last week

Baby Reindeer: A forensic psychiatrist explains why Donny was such ‘easy prey’ for Martha

‘Donny seems to be unusually self-absorbed’

Students launch encampment in solidarity with Palestine at The University of Oxford

Tents have been pitched outside the Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums

You have 20/20 vision if you can find the cat in this optical illusion in five seconds

Anyone else now craving ice cream?

These vibey Challengers behind the scenes pics will make you want to start playing tennis

Okay but the VIBES? Immaculate

‘It wasn’t scripted’: Here’s what the Challengers cast have said about THAT churros scene

How does one make eating a churro so sexy

Ambika Mod to Grace Beverley: All the icons who made it onto The Times’ Young Power List

It picks inspiring people under 30 who are ‘changing the world’

Baby Reindeer: Another couple claiming to have been stalked by Martha have spoken out

‘She did the same to me, made my life a nightmare. He has got her spot-on’

Obsessed with Art in Challengers? Here’s where else you can watch Mike Faist

Or you can just watch the Challengers churro scene on repeat, your choice

‘I’m the victim here’: Woman accused of being Baby Reindeer’s real-life Martha speaks out

‘Richard Gadd and I have never even been friends or even in a relationship’

Guys, Hinge has added a ‘hidden words’ feature that lets you block people from your likes

Long walks and Sunday roasts be GONE

Student jailed for stabbing his housemate to death after a fight over his music taste

Syed Hussain-Kazi called his housemate a homophobic slur before stabbing him with a kitchen knife

Kaching! The Russell Group uni subjects you need to study if you want to be a millionaire

Awkward time to be an English student x

Baby Reindeer: A psychologist has explained why Martha always used ‘Sent from my iPhone’

Despite not even owning an iPhone

Matty Healy has addressed Taylor Swift’s ‘diss track’ and is characteristically unbothered

‘I haven’t really listened’

Here’s where else to watch the Outer Banks cast while you wait patiently for season four

Filling the major Pogue shaped hole in my life rn

Hi Barbie! Meet the student who has written her entire dissertation on the Barbie movie

Not her supervisor’s name being Ken!

Baby Reindeer’s Jessica Gunning has spoken out about people trying to find the real Martha

‘I think it’s a real, real shame, because it shows that they haven’t watched the show properly’

Kim Kardashian is ‘over’ Taylor Swift feud and ‘thinks Taylor should move on’ after new song

Taylor’s new album features a song called ‘thanK you aIMee’ which is believed to be a massive dig at Kim

Still reeling from Baby Reindeer? You need to watch these movies and TV shows next

Weekend plans sorted

‘I love the surprise’: Richard Gadd has spoken about why he chose THAT Baby Reindeer ending

‘It was the most truthful scene of the entire show’

Forget Tinder, this note of a guy trying to pull on a Sheffield bench has everyone weeping

New pulling technique? Sorted

Baby Reindeer’s confusing and symbolic ending explained: What happens to Donny and Martha?

My head is spinning

All of Taylor Swift’s sly digs at ex Joe Alwyn in new album The Tortured Poets Department

No one is safe!

MAFS Australia bride says groom broke up with her ‘out of the blue’ and won’t reply to her

‘He won’t reply to me. He hasn’t replied’

This is why everyone thinks Taylor Swift’s song thanK you aIMee is about Kim Kardashian

The title literally spells out KIM!!

Student at £43,000 a year private school ‘smashed the skulls’ of two students with hammer

The 17-year-old also tried to kill a teacher in ‘horrific attack’

Yikes! A snippet of Taylor Swift’s new album has allegedly leaked and people are SLATING it

‘We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist’ is an actual lyric

Love Island’s Zach goes on huge rant about girls ‘wearing nothing’ and ‘selling themselves’

‘People really out here selling themselves for some views/likes’

‘Shameful’: Sydney Sweeney savagely claps back at claims she ‘is not pretty and can’t act’

‘How sad that a woman in the position to share her expertise and experience chooses instead to attack another woman’

Inside Baby Reindeer star Richard Gadd’s life: The real man who the show is also based on

He’s a writer on Sex Education

Nose jobs to tattoos: Inside Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s hot girl summer life after break up

She just filed a restraining order against her husband

Who was Llewellyn Harrison? The man episode six of Baby Reindeer is dedicated to

He had a huge role on the show

The plot thickens! Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s husband has now filed a restraining BACK at her

She already issued a restraining order against him and is demanding spousal support

Prepare to have your head absolutely SPINNING with this viral car optical illusion

Ready to throw my phone out of a window

This is the terrifying true story behind Netflix’s creepy new show Baby Reindeer

Nah I’m not sleeping tonight

Gypsy Rose Blanchard files restraining order against husband Ryan after ‘mistake’ marriage

She’s also demanding he pays her spousal support

He’s been found! Inside missing husband Charles Withers’ new life as celeb chef in Texas

He got back in touch with his wife after the saga went viral

So, did Emily Maitlis actually take her dog into work at The BBC like she does on Scoop?

I am eternally jealous

Prince Andrew has spoken out about Scoop and is apparently ‘delighted’ at his portrayal

Ermmm okay??

Drunk driving student asked by judge whether ‘mummy and daddy’ would be paying her fine

Not the sassy judge

Here are all your favourite Netflix stars who made it onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list

Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod supremacy

Meet the nepo baby student who has just been crowned the world’s youngest billionaire

She’s been earning £125k a day since she was BORN

All the theories and everything we know about the viral missing husband ‘Charlie’ saga

The whole internet giving it Sherlock Holmes right now

A side-by-side comparison of Scoop’s iconic cast and the real-life people they played

Refuse to believe that the guy who plays Prince Andrew is Jasper from The Holiday

Scoop: Prince Andrew’s maid has spoken out about his real-life crazy teddy bear addiction

Was really hoping this was just made up for the show

Who is Sam McAlister from Scoop? The vibey producer who nabbed THAT Prince Andrew interview

She’s got big hun energy

Student fined £1,000 after pouring vodka in flatmate’s eyes and setting fire to her room

He also chased her around their flat with a knife

So, this is what happened to Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her husband’s dog after their split

I can finally rest easy now

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is now getting plastic surgery after split from husband Ryan

In her hot girl summer era

Guilty! These are the Russell Group unis which are paying your lecturers the least

Whilst your VC earns enough to buy a small island

Inside Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s relationship with her dad that made her husband ‘jealous’

Gypsy’s husband Ryan was allegedly unhappy with all the time she spent with her dad

The Gentleman fans are just realising what Theo James’ real voice actually sounds like

People are SHOOK