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It’s finally here! Here’s how to get access to your Spotify Wrapped 2023

It’s like Christmas but for all the annoying people like me x

Oxford students forced to sleep in queues for over 24 hours to sign uni accommodation

‘It was absolutely freezing, I’m wearing three jumpers right now’

It’s Christmas! These are officially the most festive uni cities, in 2023

In other words, which Christmas markets are the most TikTok famous?

It’s official: If you want to be happy after uni, you should have studied one of these courses

I need to know the secret of Celtic studies grads??

Need a hug? These are the uni degrees which produce the most miserable grads

It’s a bad time to be a creative arts graduate

Oxford Uni Rugby Club planned ‘Bring a Jew Social’ with players told to ‘dress up as Jews’

Players were told to find female Jewish students as dates

Nerd alert! These are officially the uni degrees where students work the hardest

And it’s surprisingly not medicine students

The best memes about THAT Trisha Paytas and King Charles theory now she’s pregnant again

It’s back!

Explained: Here’s what the ‘orange peel theory’ dating trend all over your TikTok means

Screaming crying and just want someone to peel my orange

Taylor Swift criticised for not helping family of fan who died at concert transport body home

‘The people at the show, who put it together, are not giving us support to bring her home’

BBC denies allegations of antisemitism on University Challenge due to octopus mascot and Palestinian flag colours

‘We utterly condemn the abuse that has been posted and shared’

Travis Kelce has FINALLY revealed how he met Taylor Swift and we can all die happy

He gave her a friendship bracelet with his number on it STOP IT

The Russell Group Vice-Chancellors who received the most eye-watering pay rises last year

The highest earning Russell Group VC earned over £714,000 in 2022

Stop thirsting over President Snow and enjoy these The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes memes

Feeling all kinds of shame for obsessing over a literal child killer

From Zoey 101 to I’m a Celeb, here is Jamie Lynn Spears’ wild transformation 19 years on

People are only just finding out she played Zoey in the Nickelodeon show

Elf is officially 20 years old so here are the wild cast transformations, two decades on

Buddy’s brother Michael is now 31!

Omg, Harry Styles has confirmed his new bald head in an Insta pic and people are hysterical

Trigger warning: Bald Harry

Only a seasoned train expert will get full marks on this UK train station quiz

Channel your inner Francis Bourgeois

Omg you can now do Insta grid posts just for your close friends, here’s how to do it

Forever now panicking that I posted a drunk pic on the main and not close friends grid

Flatcest and crusty toothpaste: The 28 signs you are the uni housemate from hell

If you do any of these then I’m afraid you’re the problem

Um, apparently a Swiftie snuck into Taylor Swift’s concert through the sewers and I’ve had enough

A video shows someone climbing out of a drain

Suella’s gone and David’s back, but here are 26 memes to get you through the chaos of this morning

Pigs everywhere are weeping

Eggs thrown at Jewish students and Star of David ripped from neck in attacks at St Andrews

One student said: ‘It’s worrying. I think a lot of Jewish students don’t really feel supported through this’

An ultimate ranking of all of Harry Styles’ hair eras to help you get over his baldness

Hairless Styles is not the one

This map shows which UK areas have the most Oxbridge students and the north-south divide is real

Students in the south are twice as likely to get into Oxbridge as northern students

Zac Efron said he would be ‘honoured’ to play Matthew Perry in a biopic about him

‘I looked up to him, I learned comedic timing from that guy’

Ok, so who is singing in the new John Lewis Christmas advert 2023?

Why does it sound like the Go Compare man

Guys, the John Lewis Christmas advert is FINALLY here – but it’s a big flop

Where’s the cheesy cover song at?

Academic weapon! These are the uni degrees employers want the most, based on job ads

English lit isn’t anywhere on here, soz

From Madonna to Lady Gaga: All of the celebs who dropped out of university and why

I too would drop out if I was offered a multi-million pound acting career

This student had to drive 1,000 miles from Windsor to Aberdeen to take her driving test

It cost over £150 in petrol because she couldn’t get a slot near her

Harry Styles is now BALD so enjoy these 18 memes while you mourn the loss of his hair

Not Harry Styles without any hair to style!

Think you’re Oxford material? These are the most insane Oxbridge interview questions ever

‘What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were an ant?’

Explained: What is the invisible string theory on TikTok and where did it come from?

I have literally never felt more chronically single

Ranked: All of Lorelai’s boyfriends and romantic interests in Gilmore Girls

Big red flag if you’re a Christoper fan

Guys, the grandad who ate paint thinking it was yoghurt has died and I’m not okay

His granddaughter confirmed he passed away in a statement on Instagram

Feel like your degree is useless? Here are all the celebs with pointless uni degrees

I’m sure Cole Sprouse is really glad he studied geographical information systems and satellite imaging

Jewish student at Russell Group university has been sent Swastikas amid situation in Gaza

The university has asked police to launch an investigation into the incident

Grace Beverley responds to allegations of her ‘illegal ad practices’ with her brand TALA

Another TikTok alleged that TALA ‘isn’t actually as sustainable as it wants to seem’

Uh oh! These are officially the Russell Group universities with the worst lecturers

Awks that Oxford and Cambridge are up there

Shoot your shot! These are the easiest Russell Group universities to get into in 2023

Liverpool applications skyrocketing rn

Introducing The Greggs Uni Guide: Unis ranked by number of Greggs within a mile of campus

First came The Good Uni Guide, then came The Tab’s Greggs Uni Guide

Olivia Rodrigo has a new boyfriend and it’s the guy from Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge

Apparently they’ve been ‘inseparable’

These are the Bake Off contestants who have gained the most Instagram followers so far

I would literally die for Saku

‘Too little too late’: Parents of students who have died by suicide criticise government plan

‘They’re just waiting for the bodies to stack up before they fix anything’

Charli D’Amelio called out for ‘cosplaying as working class’ for pretending to work at Walmart

She has an estimated net worth of $20 million

These are all the Russell Group universities where staff can still have relationships with students

Staff-student relationships are permitted at 18 Russell Group universities

From Twilight to Glee: All the celebs you forgot began their careers in Gilmore Girls

Not the High School Musical and Gilmore Girls crossover

Got £64k lying around? These are officially the UK’s best private schools in 2023

Some of these literally have their own art galleries

Uh oh! These are the uni degrees where you’re most likely to cheat on your partner

Shocked and upset computer science students are up there

Revealed: This is what percentage of Oxbridge students actually went to private school in 2023

Tories in training!

Omg, this girl sacked off uni to work on superyachts and says it’s just like Below Deck

Brb dropping out of uni now

The plot thickens: So, it turns out Lea Michele’s ‘illiteracy’ runs in her family

Her great-grandma was arrested for not being able to read or write

Sorry but Pumpkin patches are not only basic, they’re the biggest scam going

I fear this is all Zoella’s doing

Wait, people on TikTok are convinced that Taylor Swift is actually a secret spy novelist?

This might actually be too much of a coincidence

Not to alarm anyone, but the John Lewis Christmas advert is out TOMORROW

This year’s ad is called ‘Traditions Grow’

We asked ChatGPT for the best student Halloween costumes and they’re so 2012 it hurts

It literally suggested dressing up as an emoji and I’m upset

These students dressed up as Molly-Mae, Tommy and Bambi Fury for a night out and I’m obsessed

She even has Elly Belly!

Here’s how to do the new staircase TikTok trend that tells you how close you are to death

Some people literally just got a door so RIP I guess

Oxford student found escort waiting in their room booked by the university

The student found a ‘woman sitting on [their] bed in a lingerie robe’ in their hotel room

Influencer Grace Beverley criticised for asking followers to buy her products to fund her wedding

She apparently has an estimated net worth of over £8 million

What, like it’s hard? These are the toughest subjects to get into at Oxbridge in 2023

One course only accepts 4.6 per cent of all the people who apply

Stay away! These are the unis where the most students are infected with Freshers’ Flu

Which uni has the biggest chorus of annoying coughing in lectures?

Accept it: Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are secret soulmates and here’s the proof

This is every sad girl’s Roman Empire

Boo! These are officially the most haunted UK unis in 2023, based on ghost sightings

There have been 59 ghost sightings at one UK uni

Attention pickpocket! The uni cities where you’re most likely to have your phone stolen

I’m switching back to a Nokia brick after this

Rugby boys and the cleaning rota: Just 19 uni things that are none of my business

The hygiene rating of my fave kebab shop has nothing to do with me!

Omg, Ekin-Su is speaking in a debate about influencers at The University of Oxford

As she should!

Named and pictured: The Just Stop Oil students trashing your uni campuses this week

There have been Just Stop Oil protests at 10 UK unis so far this week

If the Gilmore Girls characters went to Russell Group unis this is where they’d go

Kirk would break a record for going to every single uni in the country at once

Is YOUR uni next? All the uni campuses that Just Stop Oil has hit so far this week

No uni is safe from the orange paint!

Revealed: These degree subjects see the most students drop out over mental health

On average, 278 humanities students drop out because of their mental health per year

Nap time! These are officially the most sleep deprived uni degrees in the UK

Sleepy girl era is CANCELLED for architecture students

Breaking: Holly Willoughby officially QUITS This Morning after 14 years

Read her statement in full

The Russell Groups where students are the least happy with their uni’s mental health services

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2023

We asked ChatGPT how to make friends at uni and it’s safe to say you’ll be billy no mates forever

The main takeaway? Start as many campus flash mobs as you physically can

These are the worst Russell Group Students’ Unions in 2023, according to students

Uh oh – a third of Russell Group students think their SU is doing a bad job

Student forced to drop out after their university was unable to fund a sign language interpreter

The Brighton student said: ‘It’s devastating. I’m trying to remain strong and positive and just try to fight it as best I can’

So, some Oxford Colleges actually have a chalet students can visit and it’s big Tory vibes

Rah Bartholomew are you coming to the College chalet this year?

Man arrested over plot to kidnap Holly Willoughby: Here’s what we know

A man has just been charged with ‘soliciting to commit murder and incitement to commit kidnap’

Introducing girl ethics: The twin sister of girl maths that sums up all female friendships

‘I’m only wearing heels if you’re wearing heels’

This year’s most stunning uni room transformations that will put your dingy room to shame

Tell me why my room had silverfish and mould and some people have THIS

Stop itching for a second and enjoy these memes about the current bed bug hell

Apparently, the UK could be heading towards a huge bed bug invasion

Um, Suella Braverman stood on a guide dog so here are the best memes about Suella de Vil

Not her issuing an apology to all dogs

Think you’re smart enough? These are the easiest subjects to get into at Oxbridge in 2023

Applying for music at Oxford just for bragging rights really

Confirmed: easyJet owner easyGroup is actually suing the band easy life over their name

‘For those you that bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise’

Katie Hopkins is speaking at the Oxford Union this term and shock, no one wants her

She’s going to be debating… veganism?

As she should! Taylor Swift is so important you can study her at these six universities

Enrolling for Swift studies at Queen Mary NOW

Hi Barbie! All the Russell Group unis ranked by just how many girlies study there

Imperial College London is just the equivalent of Barbie land apparently

These 11 UK universities just got recognised as some of the best on the planet

Your bog standard Russell Group might not make the cut here

Omg, ChatGPT can now give you up to date answers and is no longer limited to info from 2021

Uni lecturers are quaking right now

Um, TikToker Elphaba has bought a card machine and is charging fans a fiver for a selfie

She made over £65 at a Bristol student club night from photos with people

Oxford College asks students to sleep on mattresses in shared rooms due to RAAC in halls

Not really the Oxford dark-academia dream you signed up for is it?

Circuit Laundry made £3.6 million in profit from students washing their smelly socks last year

The company directors made £435,000 EACH in 2022

‘Exhausted and useless’: The marking boycott has now delayed some students’ loans

Students at UWE in Bristol received their student finance payments late due to missing grades from the marking boycott

So, the reviews are in for Millie Bobby Brown’s new book and they’re pure savage

‘It was hot – the kind of heat that makes you yearn for the weather to cool down’ is genuinely one of the first lines

Okay but, who even is Russell and what is his Group? The Russell Group, explained

Apparently it’s named after a hotel?

Omg, next week’s strikes have been called off at 89 universities in the UK

Peak for the 42 unis that are still striking though

417 pills and 236 grams of ket: Here’s exactly which drugs police seized at Leeds Festival 2023

It was a big year for weed confiscations

Nine people were arrested for sexual assault at Leeds Festival this year

In one case, someone was arrested over the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl

A nation in mourning: The most heartwarming TikToks from Wilko workers now it’s gone

Get me to the Llandudno Wilko leaving drinks now