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A woman has been arrested on suspicion of assault following incident at York McDonald’s

This comes after footage circulated of a security guard punching a woman in the face

York McDonald’s security guard filmed punching girl and dragging her across floor

McDonald’s is now carrying out a full investigation

A body has been found in the search for missing York student Harvey Parker

The Met Marine Support Unit recovered the body from the Thames near where Harvey was last seen

Police conduct search of River Thames for missing York student Harvey Parker

New CCTV footage indicates they may have entered the water near the Golden Jubilee Bridge

Police release CCTV images of missing York student Harvey Parker

Anyone with information should contact the Metropolitan Police and quote CAD 3134/18DEC21

A University of York student has been reported missing

Harvey Parker was last seen leaving Heaven Night Club in the early hours of Friday morning

We rated York students’ best (and worst) Christmas dinners and my god I’m hungry

Let’s get you lot on Masterchef ASAP

We spoke to the York student who went on Stacey Dooley’s podcast to talk about her anorexia

‘It doesn’t have to limit your future’

Strikes and a pandemic have left my uni experience in tatters. I want my money back

This isn’t worth the nine grand a year we’re paying

I followed this TikTok hangover routine and I’ve never questioned my life choices more

I’ll stick with my bed and last night’s leftover pizza, thanks

Police release CCTV images after man punched unconscious in hate crime at York station

Police believe this man may have information which could help

University of York strike dates confirmed with staff striking three days in December

Staff at York will be striking from the first to the third of December

We asked York clubs what their spiking policies and procedures are

Many have introduced additional searches and drink covers

The University of York has voted in favour of strike action this term

‘I do not think industrial action is the answer to these disputes’ says Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery

Meet the York Uni student who wrote her master’s thesis on Taylor Swift

Brb changing my diss idea ASAP

The York Tab is recruiting – Come write for us!

Be the first to break the biggest stories on campus

A York student is taking part in The Great British Bake off this year

Imagine bumping into her in the Morrell

Fresher withdraws from York after sending racist and sexist messages to group chats

One message said: ‘She is used to my casual racism. I do it all the time’

York Uni has run out of accommodation and is sending students to live in Hull

The uni called this a ‘temporary measure’ with new accommodation in York available from January 2022

Three arrested after assault at York’s first ever LGBTQ+ club night

One victim described being ‘punched in the back of the head until they passed out’

Ranking all your fave teen girl movies based on how iconic their outfits are

So fetch x

Here’s what the ‘written by a man’ trend all over TikTok right now is actually all about

It reeks of the male gaze

Your entire first year at uni, as told by One Direction lyrics

‘You’re insecure’ is pretty self-explanatory

I tried the cheesy garlic crumpets that are all over your TikTok right now

And it was everything I’ve ever dreamed of

This is what your old Moshi Monsters avatar says about you

If you used Luvli you give off big Tory energy, soz x

‘Too good to turn down’: Meet the freshers getting up to £10k to defer their uni places

‘It was a no-brainer really’

Quiz: Can you guess the Love Island couple just by looking at their merged faces?

Because what screams compatible more than being merged together?

‘You’re actually pretty intelligent’: Students share their experiences of classism at uni

After speaking in a seminar, one student was told: ‘It’s funny hearing something clever in that accent’

Salvos is back: Here’s what we know

It will reopen on Wednesday 21st July

Kuda is back: Here’s what we know

The popular York club will reopen its doors on Monday 19th July

‘I feel isolated and alone’: Almost half of York freshers regret coming to uni this year

47 per cent of freshers told us they regret coming to York in the middle of a pandemic

All the support networks available to LGBTQ+ students in York

Whatever you are facing, there is plenty of support available

York announces Sexual Violence Steering Group as a result of The Last Taboo

It found 54 per cent of female York students have been sexually assaulted

Uni of York announces new college named after human rights defender David Kato

Kato was a Protective Fellow on York’s Human Rights Defenders Programme

York is now the best uni in the Yorkshire and Humber area

And the 18th best University in the UK

These pictures of young people getting the vaccine prove the government needs to shut up

Thousands of young people have rushed to receive their Covid vaccine early

One in four York students have experienced mental health difficulties over housing issues

Renting in York marks a ‘low point in student life’ suggests YUSU President

10 ways to say you go to Uni of York without actually saying it

Promise not all of them are geese related

University of York campus celebrity Long Boi goes viral

We knew him before he was famous x

54 per cent of female University of York students have been sexually assaulted

In a new report on sexual violence at York, one student said the uni ‘doesn’t take sexual assault seriously’

York to award Long Boi an honorary degree for all he’s done for the university

What an educated böi

Reclaim and Resist Vigil to be held online after #ReclaimTheseStreets Vigil cancelled

The vigil will be held on Saturday 3rd April

Bettys Café Tea Rooms set to close in Stonegate York

Bettys in St Helen’s Square will remain open

I followed lockdown 1.0 trends for 24 hours and I had the time of my life

Alexa play Supalonely x

Kill the Bill protest held in St Helen’s Square York

The protest was fighting against the new police crackdown bill

Which college would the Bridgerton characters be in at York?

Daphne screams Constantine x

York’s Vice-Chancellor announces University’s plans ahead of Government announcement

The Government announcement is expected Monday 22 February

University of York Economics Department lowers exam grades by 10%

A petition has since been created

YUSU’s Activities Officer resigns effective immediately due to an offer of long term employment

Brain Terry is leaving his position

All of the reasons why I chose to spend lockdown 2.0 in York

Sorry mum and dad x