Katie Sullivan

Katie Sullivan
York University


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DJ Jason Reilly set to headline on campus club night

He’s coming to Derwent!

Student-led theatre festival to take place on University of York campus

On the Horizon theatre festival will take place over eight days starting at the end of May

Roses Day One: Lancaster takes the lead

Lancaster takes the lead by 13 points

York student found guilty of a public order offence after throwing eggs at King Charles

Patrick Thelwell has been found guilty at York Magistrate’s Court

Guys, a Shrek Rave is coming to York and it looks insane

Clear your diaries for 29th April x

All the reasons why you should join The York Tab immediately

Not at all biased x

The first day of York UCU strikes is only two weeks away

The strikes will begin on February 1st

Here are the best places in York to sit an open exam

Definitely not your living room

Update: York student detained after eggs thrown at King Charles

The police said a 23-year-old man remains in custody

Eggs thrown at King Charles on his visit to York

A protestor has been detained

Being working class at uni is a massive culture shock and we need to talk about it

Sticking out because of your upbringing is jarring

A definitive ranking of all of the High School Musical 2 songs, from worst to Fabulous

That is my simple request x

From prison to Bridgerton, here’s where the original cast of Waterloo Road are now

Janeece is thriving as an influencer x

Packing for uni? These underrated essentials are a must for any new university students

A fancy dress cowboy hat is obviously essential x

From the GC to Jeremy Corbyn, all the celebs who failed or never took their A-Levels

Spoiler, they’re all now pretty wealthy

‘It was worth it’: These students went through Clearing and ended up at unis they love

Clearing doesn’t have to be a negative thing

Inside Andrew’s luxurious life: From his love for fitness to his boujee Dubai lifestyle

Tandrew are soooo underrated

The University of York has come fourth in the UK’s first mental health league table

It sits below Reading, Oxford and The University of Central Lancashire

Meet your 2022 BNOC Competition Winner: Jacob Harlow

It’s a big second win for Jacob!

Stop what you’re doing and VOTE in the first heat of York’s BNOC competition 2022

It’s time to face the BNOCs

This is definitively every single type of person you will find on BeReal

We see you posting seven hours late x

Here is what type of York student all of the Bridgerton characters would be

From their subject to their society we have it ALL figured out

Calling all social secs: Here are the best themes for your Wednesday Salvos socials

Stylish, simple and obviously humiliating

Molly-Mae says we all have the same 24 hours in a day but how do York students spend theirs?

I bet she’s never had to risk hypothermia for the sake of the club

Over £72,000 raised in memory of York student Harvey Parker

The money raised has hugely exceeded the initial target of £10,000

The best things to do in York to get you in the festive spirit this Christmas

It really is the most wonderful time of the year

Here is which York college all the 2021 Bake Off contestants would be in

Lizzie is defo a Derwent gal