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She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment

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As Tao would say, ‘slay queen’

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Yes, Truham Grammar School is a real place

Meet Yasmin Finney: The trans actress stealing our hearts as Elle in Heartstopper

Heartstopper is her screen acting debut!!

A deep dive into the love lives of the Brooklyn 99 cast

Kevin has three cats!!!

From body positivity to partners: We chatted to the cast of the 2022 Edi Medics Reveal

Who needs Magic Mike when you have Medics?

Sturgeon announces face masks to remain mandatory for at least two more weeks

The laws on mask-wearing in indoor public places in Scotland were due to be removed on the 21st

Edinburgh University to divert its Russian investment holdings at the ‘earliest opportunity’

The university made the announcement today in a statement condemning the Russian invasion

Edinburgh Uni has announced a ‘review’ of its investments in ‘Russian-related assets’

The uni has come under fire over its £1.1 million stock in Russia’s largest bank

Here are 11 ways Edinburgh students can support Ukraine

A list of ways to donate, protest, and petition for change

The Edinburgh Tab’s guide to LGBTQ+-owned Edinburgh businesses

With LGBTQ+ History Month coming to an end, here are five queer-owned businesses you can support all year-round

Edinburgh Law School staff accuse uni of ‘penny-pinching’ after removing free teabags

Despite the uni’s £113 million surplus last year, the notice blamed ‘the new financial circumstances we find ourselves in’

ShakeSoc apologise for ‘downright harmful’ search policy at Masquerade Ball

People attending the ball were allegedly sorted into gendered queues based on their appearance by security staff

Edinburgh students tell us their unpopular Edi opinions

‘I still miss Pollock’s food’

PSA: Edinburgh students under 22 can now get free bus travel in Scotland

Here’s how you can apply for the scheme

How to prevent frostbite and stay warm in Edinburgh this winter

In the words of Ned Stark, “winter is coming”

I went to the Edi Christmas Market and here’s what I discovered

The only Christmas spirit here was the whiskey

We caught up with Edi fourth year Peter Sawkins one year on from his GBBO win

If Peter can write a whole book alongside his degree, there is no excuse for your procrastination anymore

Himalaya Cafe forced to close after microwave explodes, burning down the kitchen

The cafe was only recently saved from closing, after the Dalai Lama backed their campaign to raise funds

Breaks, socialising, and tea: How to look after your mental health as an Edi student

We got some helpful advice from a psychiatrist and Conscious, a student mental health charity

Dalai Lama backs campaign to save Himalaya Café in Newington from closure

The Dalai Lama praised the café for ‘promoting Tibetan culture in Scotland for many years’

Get the VKs on ice: Big Cheese is returning to Potterrow on Saturday night

BRB, clearing my schedule for Saturday

Edinburgh vs St. Andrews men’s Varsity will be held behind closed doors tomorrow at 3pm

However the women’s fixture will not be played

The five things you need to know before starting an Edinburgh Uni degree

Your questions answerEd

This is why the new ’24 hours with me’ TikTok trend is so problematic

Yet another TikTok trend normalising rape culture

‘It left me feeling violated’: Edi students share their experiences of rape culture

Rape culture is a set of behaviours that normalise sexual violence

I went to St. James Quarter and here’s what I discovered

*insert poop emoji here*

Edinburgh University ranked 6th lowest in UK for student satisfaction

But came top for nursing

EUSA calls for a 30 per cent tuition fee cut due to Covid-19 pandemic disruption to teaching

‘Students should not bear the burden for the financial impact of the pandemic’

Online shows and upset students: All we know about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021

Bring on August 6th

Here’s the best places to shop second hand online

Who knew Oxfam had an online shop?

These are all the festivals confirmed to be going ahead in Edinburgh and Scotland

Time to face the music

Can influencers stop pretending designer goods are affordable? They’re not

Designer brands are a luxury for a reason

How to spend Valentine’s Day in lockdown: Singles edition

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had

How to spend Valentine’s Day in lockdown: Couples edition

Something better than lockdown and chill

A how-to guide on progressing through vaginismus

Many individuals can suffer from vaginismus without even knowing about it

The seven types of plant every Edi student has

You had me at aloe