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  • Ellie became the fastest staff writer to reach one million page views in only her second month at Tab HQ as a staff writer.
  • Ellie wrote original news pieces whilst at Edinburgh which were picked up by multiple national news organisations.
  • Ellie joined The Tab in 2023, and it's safe to say it's a dream come true!


Ellie was a student writer for The Edinburgh Tab before becoming their Social Media Editor and eventually Editor in Chief. She then moved to become a Staff Writer for The Tab HQ in 2023 after she graduated.


Ellie graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2023 and studied Ancient History whilst at Edinburgh. Ellie started writing for The Edinburgh Tab whilst studying.


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Inside Lauren’s single girl life since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 with her head held high

She’s flirty and thriving

This small detail in Bridgerton foreshadows a major plot point between Francesca and John

It all makes sense!

Does Colin find out about Penelope’s identity as Lady Whistledown in the Bridgerton books?

And could it force a rift between the pair?

Sean reveals texts from Austin that appear to prove they didn’t cook him dinner or cookies

He delivered the receipts

What heartbreakingly happens between Francesca and John Stirling in the Bridgerton books

I’m not emotionally prepared

From models to high school sweethearts: Meet the adorable partners of The Bear cast

How Jeremy and Ayo are both single is beyond me

From festivals to luxury holidays: Inside the iconic life of Selling The OC agent Alex Hall

I have to know if she took that trip to Italy

In honour of Zayn Malik: Eight other celebs who got kicked off dating apps for catfishing

They can’t catch a break!

Erm, it turns out George from Young Sheldon was also Leonard’s bully in Big Bang Theory?!

Talk about a plot hole!

‘A lot of the men were excited’: Female graduate speaks out about Harrison Butker’s speech

‘There was a standing ovation from everyone in the room’

NFL responds to Harrison Butker’s grad speech, stating it does not agree with his ‘views’

‘We are committed to inclusion’

The Young Sheldon cast have spoken out about which characters will appear in the spinoff

I’m already so excited!

Nicola chose to be ‘very naked’ during Bridgerton sex scenes as a ‘f*ck you’ to body shamers

‘It was amazingly empowering’

From characters to location: Everything we know about Assassin’s Creed: Shadows so far

I genuinely cannot wait

From filler to fitness: The huge post-show transformations of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast

The post show glow is real

‘It hit us so hard’: How the cast of Young Sheldon reacted to George’s heartbreaking death

‘You barely even see it coming’

The eye wateringly huge six figure sum Lucinda has made since leaving MAFS Australia 2024

She’s making serious bank

Oh god, Collins has released his own MAFS Australia 2024 merch and it’s very cringe

Having said that I will be purchasing all of them

Young Sheldon producers reveal they really ‘regret’ the death of George in season finale

My heart is breaking already

All the Selling The OC cast members who have major beef with each other after season three

Some scathing comments have been made

The most unhinged things that have happened between the New York and Dublin portal so far

This is why we can’t have nice things

Erm, it turns out one participant in The Fortune Hotel has been on reality TV before?!

Something isn’t adding up…

Inside the luxurious £5,000 per night Silversands Resort where The Fortune Hotel was filmed

Sign me up for the next season!

Okay, so how much money has Gypsy Rose Blanchard actually earned since she left prison?

She’s cashing in big time

What have the Selling The OC cast members who quit the show been up to since leaving?

They’ve been keeping busy!

Ranking all the Love Islanders by how hard they slayed on the 2024 BAFTA red carpet

Not Amy wearing a literal wedding dress

From nose jobs to veneers: Inside Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s insane glow up transformation

She’s glowing!

Ella Ding slammed as a ‘victim blamer’ after implying Lauren deserved her ‘muzzle’ comment

Lauren has described their behaviour as ‘shameful’

Psychologist reveals ominous reason why real life Martha became a stalker in Baby Reindeer

It’s terrifying

Here’s everything the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 have been up to since the show ended

They’re a busy bunch!

Gypsy Rose has revealed whether her new boyfriend’s ‘D is fire’ and it’s good news for her

We’ve come full circle

Tori and Jack reveal shocking reason why they still haven’t said ‘I love you’ after MAFS

The two have been together for over six months

The shockingly low amount ‘real life Martha’ will be paid for her Baby Reindeer interview

It’s less than you’d expect

Everyone remain calm, Lucinda from MAFS Australia 2024 is touring the UK in August!

We can all meet the queen herself in person

Netflix claims it took ‘every precaution possible’ to hide real life Baby Reindeer identities

Netflix had to balance protecting identities with ‘authenticity’

Say farewell to the cast of Young Sheldon with these 17 vibey behind the scenes pictures

I can’t handle the wholesomeness

Richard Gadd confesses he still struggles with ‘toxic empathy’ towards Baby Reindeer stalker

‘I never saw someone who was a villain’

MAFS Australia 2024 gossip column: Groom got his ex pregnant?! Plus fake experts exposed!

The post show drama never dissapoints!

Sara and Tim fully broke up during the MAFS Australia retreat but scene was axed from show

‘Sara was in tears, she didn’t think Tim was her person’

Ollie claims Tahnee cheated and hacked into his socials to spy on his new relationship

Tahnee has also claimed he cheated on her during their relationship

Austin exposes Sean as fake and ‘desperate’ after Selling The OC feud in brutal statement

‘The truth will always prevail’

All the MAFS Australia 2024 couples who have cutely confessed their love for each other

Looks like the experiment has been a success!

MeeMaw actress slams ‘stupid business move’ in decision to end Young Sheldon series

And says the cast felt ‘ambushed’ and ‘shocked’ by the news

The shocking real reason why Alexandra Jarvis decided to leave The ‘toxic’ Oppenheim Group

I need to know all the tea

A Redditor has decoded the text Tyler sent Sean on Selling The OC and it exposes some lies

This literally changes everything

All the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who refuse to follow each other on Instagram

Things are heating up!

MAFS Australia groom Collins has answered the questions we’ve all been wondering about him

And denied once again that he’s an actor

Alex Hall ‘doesn’t speak’ to Tyler as shocking ‘revelations’ emerged after Selling The OC

There’s some beef between the two

Expert criminologist reveals eerie reason why the real Baby Reindeer stalker outed herself

‘A part of her still wants to be attached to him’

SA charity says male referrals have increased by 53 per cent directly due to Baby Reindeer

The show has made a huge impact

Real Martha from Baby Reindeer reveals true identity and claims she ‘didn’t do jail time’

‘None of this happened, it’s a load of rubbish’

All the adorable MAFS Australia 2024 couples who have moved in together since the show ended

Love is in the air

Sean and Austin reveal whether they’re still friends after Selling The OC season three

It’s not looking great for them

Did Kayla and Gino manage to sell their properties on Selling The OC season season three?

We have answers!

Lauren signs with influencer agency and is set to make ‘thousands’ after MAFS Australia

She’s about to be rolling in it

Richard Gadd has revealed which ‘disturbing’ Baby Reindeer scene was the most truthful

The scene was incredibly harrowing

Tim completely ‘cut off’ from media opportunities by MAFS producers after breaking contract

Executives of the show were ‘furious’ with Tim

Inside Jono and Ellie’s first romantic holiday together after MAFS Australia 2024

Wholesome vibes

Richard Gadd reveals the reason why he banned his parents from watching Baby Reindeer

It’s absolutely heartbreaking

Every time the outspoken MAFS Australia 2024 cast savagely slammed the show’s producers

They have not held back at all

Ranking The Real Housewives cast by the whopping amount they’ve spent on plastic surgery

I’ve never felt so poor

Inside the wild Gilmore Girls cast transformations from their first to last episode

Lane aged flawlessly

So, are Jack and Tori actually still friends with any of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast?

They’ve burned a lot of bridges

All the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who have defended Jack’s behaviour post-show

‘He’s the only person I really trusted’

Inside Timothy and Lucinda’s very wholesome friendship since leaving MAFS Australia 2024

Just give them their own spin-off show at this point

Inside Sara and Lauren’s adorable friendship after meeting on MAFS Australia 2024

Best thing to come out of MAFS tbh

From architects to models: All the new partners of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members

They look so much happier!

Lawyer reveals the Baby Reindeer scenes Netflix should have cut to keep Martha anonymous

‘What Richard Gadd has done is very high risk’

Ellie reveals shocking axed insults that made her swear at Sara at MAFS Australia reunion

I can see why she lost her cool

Six months after the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, have Jack and Tori said ‘I love you’ yet?

The all important question

Omg, Tim wishes he had quit MAFS Australia 2024 and ‘regrets’ not walking off the show

And thought the show was ‘messed up’

There was massive cast drama surrounding the pronunciation of Sara’s name on MAFS Australia

Tim revealed how it ‘blew out of proportion’

Tori declares ‘good riddance’ to rest of MAFS Australia 2024 cast in savage Instagram post

Looks like she won’t be seeing any of them again in a hurry

Here’s all the juicy cast drama that’s happened since the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

They’re a messy bunch

This is the current relationship status of all of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members

There’s a lot to keep track of!

Richard reveals real reason why producers completely axed him and Andrea from MAFS reunion

They were filmed but their scenes were cut from the episode

Sara slams MAFS Australia 2024 producers for being ‘sexist’ and depicting brides as ‘crazy’

‘They want to portray women as crazy and dramatic’

Jack and Tori have revealed what they plan to do next now MAFS Australia 2024 has finished

They’re in the pursuit of ‘fame’

Ellie is ‘traumatised’ due to ‘disturbing’ hate following MAFS reunion appearance with Jono

‘I’ve never seen her so upset’

Lauren reveals the shocking axed scenes between her, Jono and Ellie during the MAFS reunion

This changes everything

Tori hangs up mid-interview after being asked why Jack’s ‘friends’ on MAFS were all clients

She wasn’t having any of it

Omg, Love Island winners Sanam and Kai are finally engaged and I’m actually crying!

This is the best news ever

Jack and Tori created a ‘secret pact’ in case the MAFS Australia reunion turned ‘toxic’

And agreed to ‘walk out’ if things became ‘too toxic’

Inside the ‘toxic’ MAFS Australia 2024 boy’s club where grooms enabled ‘bad’ behaviour

Including one surprising friendship between two grooms

Petty reason why Jono didn’t tell Lauren he was with Ellie before MAFS Australia reunion

‘It was done out of pure vengeance’

What Ellie actually said in her bleeped insult to Lauren during MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

No wonder it was censored out!

What have Jono and Ellie been up to since debuting their MAFS Australia 2024 relationship?

Their relationship is progressing at lightning speed

Gypsy Rose admits she dreamt about getting back with her ex days before her wedding to Ryan

And revealed she thinks he’s her ‘soulmate’

What have Michael and Stephen been up to since their MAFS Australia 2024 cheating scandal?

It’s all very wholesome

These eight awful MAFS Australia editing errors prove this season was the most staged EVER

I can’t believe these all went by unnoticed?!

All Stars couple in new CHEATING scandal?! Plus savage Islander hair transplant accusations

It’s pure carnage!

Jess has accused Callum of cheating on her with fellow Love Island star before their split

This breakup just gets messier and messier

What have Sara and Tim been up to since leaving the drama of MAFS Australia 2024 behind?

Tim seems to have dropped off the face of the earth

Jack reveals MAFS Australia producers forced him to change his vows ‘six or seven times’

As it didn’t fit ‘the theme’ they wanted for their storyline

Omg, Jayden tried to sell the bracelet he got Eden on MAFS Australia for extra cash

And asked if Eden wanted to split the profit

If you can’t wait for season four of The Umbrella Academy, here’s what else the cast is in

I need my daily dose of Klaus

There was another chaotic editing error on MAFS Australia 2024 last night and it’s CARNAGE

How did the producers miss this?!

Everything Lauren has been up to since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 like an absolute queen

She’s an icon, a legend and she is the moment

Selling the OC cast member Alexandra Jarvis has officially quit the Oppenheim Group

Jason Oppenheim recently confirmed her departure

Omg, MAFS UK fan favourite Georges is rumoured to appear on Celebs Go Dating!

Get him back on our screens!

Lauren reveals the ‘spicy’ parts of her MAFS Australia final vows that were cut from show

Jono should be thankful these weren’t aired