Sheffield Uni are advertising a job that pays below the National Living Wage

The university’s website says all pay is “well above” the National Living Wage

‘We got it wrong’: Pride Sheffield organisers say sorry for ‘celebration, not a protest’ comment

They have also complained to Hallam about three students

Pride Sheffield face backlash after calling the event ‘a march of celebration, not protest’

Organisers have ‘received abuse’ after the leak

The annual World Food Festival took place at the Octagon this weekend

All profits will go to the societies involved

Sheffield is the sixth cheapest city for graduates, so no need to give up Leadmill just yet

Steep hills, not so steep prices

BREAKING: Hallam exam delayed after ‘water supply issue’ closes Ponds Forge

The exam was rescheduled to 10:30

Every single Fashion finalist at Hallam has filed a complaint about the quality of their course

Students have claimed they had to wait up to four hours just to be seen by a tutor

Sheffield Tory election to be re-run after ‘intimidation’ allegations

This comes after a formal complaint was made to the SU

Banana thrown at black Hallam student ‘not a racist incident’, say Sheffield Uni

The university have completed their investigation and punished the student who threw the banana

Update: Student who threw a banana at a black Hallam student at Varsity has apparently been disciplined

The investigation is now into its fourth week

‘Too many Asians’ and ‘brown ones’ written on Hallam library whiteboard

This latest case makes it four racist incidents in four weeks

Black student referred to as a ‘monkey’ by Sheffield Hallam security staff

The university are investigating the incident

Sheffield Uni Tories accused of ‘intimidation’ during ‘unfair’ committee election

A formal complaint has been made to the SU by members of the society

Sheffield BME committee plan protest over university’s handling of racism

It has been four weeks since the banana-throwing incident at Varsity

‘Stabbing’ at Sheffield train station leaves man in hospital

A 34-year-old man has been arrested

Tiger Works apologise for racist meme posted on their social media accounts

The post was aimed at students and mocked the Chinese accent

Sheffield Uni told us police are investigating the racist incident at Varsity, but they aren’t

The university have admitted to being ‘clumsy’ in their handling of the situation

Poptarts to be renamed Popheroes after feminists question use of the word ‘tart’

The decision comes after feminists on campus objected to the use of the word ‘tart’

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