UoL spent over £400k on extra security during peaceful protests at Senate House

Students and staff are still fighting in support of the university’s many outsourced workers

We know what type of Krispy Kreme doughnut you are based on your King’s habits

No personality test has ever been more accurate

King’s has made it into the top 50 global unis in Times Higher Education rankings

King’s pride, amirite?

Here’s how you can win tickets to the 2018 KCL Summer Ball

Say goodbye to 2017-2018 with a bang

We spoke to the King’s Pro-Life Ethics Society to ask them about the Repeal the Eighth campaign

‘Murder, rape and domestic violence occur on a daily basis and cannot be entirely prevented, but no one suggests legalising these crimes’

Why I dropped out of Oxford to join King’s

Oxbridge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be….

Students have occupied Senate House to stop outsourcing of uni workers

During their last occupation UoL management called police on peaceful protestors

King’s BNOC 2018 Nominations are now OPEN

Calling all King’s legends

LSE have paid thousands of pounds to students over damage caused by mice and mould in halls

Being Cinderella ain’t all that

Here are all the best vegan restaurants around Strand campus

Calling all herbivores at Strand

These King’s students are trying to travel around Europe in black tie for FREE

All they’re bringing is a few tinnies

We went on a night out to see if you can burn more calories than you can drink

Turn your night out into a work out

Stop what you’re doing right now, the Strand tube station is set to reopen later this year


The newly elected Welfare and Community Officer hurls abuse at disabled VPAD on Twitter for not ‘fulfilling her job properly’

Rahma has been open about her disability

King’s strongly condemns ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ planned for 3rd April

Sarah Guerra, Head of Diversity has called the campaign ‘abhorrent’

A King’s student has been suspended without hearing for his involvement in peaceful protests

Khaled Eissa was involved in the peaceful occupation of the James Clerk Maxwell Building

Meet the King’s student with his own fashion line – just in case you weren’t feeling unaccomplished enough

If London Fashion Week being on Strand wasn’t good enough for you

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