‘I weighed more when I was nine years old’: What’s like to have depression in final year

I survived on a diet of cigarettes and energy drinks

Exclusive: Ben from Outnumbered will be a fresher at King’s this September

Maybe he’ll help us win Varsity next year

The Tab's official London Freshers' guide

No parents, no bedtime, no vegetables!!!!!!!


Here’s a list of the strangest things you can buy on the KCLSU marketplace

Need a new iPhone X?

Fantastic flats in London and how to find them

The ups and downs of finding a flat in Central London as a student

Bush House has put up a commemorative screen in honour of Momin Saqib’s Presidency

He was also awarded a free lifetime membership to the KCLSU

The King’s Snowsports ex-Vice President and English grad has been killed in a hit-and-run accident in South London

The driver is yet to be found

LSE students call for university to remove anti-homeless benches on campus

The benches are designed to reduce ‘anti-social behaviour’

Here’s how a typical Humanities student became a Guy’s Bar convert in three Wednesdays

Baptised by medics and snakebites

Guy’s Bar are now charging £1 entry on Wednesday sports nights

BUT they’re still offering £2 pints thank god

King’s is the first UK uni to adopt official guidelines to eliminate Anti-Semitism on campus

SOAS rejected the addition because it was ‘too controversial’

A second year Tory campaigner has gone viral on Twitter for creating an #ImWithMay hashtag

Blink twice if you need rescuing Theresa

A step by step guide to making boys jealous through your Instagram story

A method as certified as the bend and snap

The best vegan food places around Guy’s Campus

Say it louder for the medics at the back

UoL spent over £400k on extra security during peaceful protests at Senate House

Students and staff are still fighting in support of the university’s many outsourced workers

We know what type of Krispy Kreme doughnut you are based on your King’s habits

No personality test has ever been more accurate

King’s has made it into the top 50 global unis in Times Higher Education rankings

King’s pride, amirite?

Here’s how you can win tickets to the 2018 KCL Summer Ball

Say goodbye to 2017-2018 with a bang

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