Hommo Review: A KCL student wrote this play in two days and it shows

Hommo tries to poke holes in fragile masculinity, but confusing dance sequences and vague dialogue leave its message muddled

#ThisKingsGirlCan campaign starts this week

KCLSU and King’s Sport partner up with This Girl Can for a week of free sport and activities for you sporty gals

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A department at King’s is investigating ‘harassment’ and ‘disruptive behaviour’ in Bush House

‘Certain individuals in the group have been heard to make racist and homophobic comments’

King’s has made over £385k in the last three years out of library fines

Forgetting to return our books has made them the most profit out of any university in London

King’s PhD student imprisoned for civil disobedience in campaign against air pollution

An open letter to Sadiq Khan was posted on his account urging the mayor to meet with him

King’s alumni have created an ‘Instagram tour’ inspired by the best parts of the different King’s campuses

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Here is some evidence that getting a first means nothing, as proved by the current important figures in British politics

Wait till you see what our Prime Minister got

KCL Strictly Come Dance Soc returns for another competition this year to donate to RAG supported charities

Dancing their way into raising money for cha-cha-charities

King’s is having an ‘Italian hand gestures’ workshop this week

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King’s is having a ‘Consent Week’ this month

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A guide to the best music venues London has to offer

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If your boyfriend doesn’t attempt to do your make up, is he really your boyfriend?