A coffee shop has opened in the ASSL

It’s got baristas and everything

The Cardiff Uni Ladies’ Hockey Club naked calendar is out now

The calendar aims to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer Care

It’s official, we’ve lost it: Cardiff is the most stressed city in the UK

*Screams internally*

Which Gavin and Stacey character are you based on your Cardiff options?


Cardiff University crowned Welsh University of the Year 2018

Better luck next time Swansea

I’ve been an adult for four years now and still can’t cook

My housemates may judge me for never cooking but really, it’s for their own safety.

Prepare for the best week yet: The Tab Cardiff are taking over your nights out

It’s gonna be lit

Cardiff University has its own meal deal society and it’s the best thing ever

Finally, a society I can get behind

A definitive list of everyone in Cardiff you should by no means shag

Is there anyone even left to shag?

Cardiff Uni is one of the worst in the UK for missing lectures

I blame The Lash

Dear boys in the Lash, trust me, you are not God’s gift to women

Take your beige chinos and your beige personalities somewhere else

Stephen Fry was at Cardiff University today

He was in the Haydn Ellis Building by LIDL

BREAKING: Crwys Road has been cordoned off

A helicopter is currently circling Cathays

The Australian rugby team were in Cardiff Uni’s gym and no one noticed

Gainz but tanned

Cardiff is having its own festival dedicated to burgers

Calling all large sandwich enthusiasts

Greggs are giving out free festive bakes tomorrow in Cardiff


Help, I’m addicted to having boyfriends and I can’t stop

Sorry, I was just thinking about boys

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017 nomination: Sasha Thomas

Seriously, this guy is cray

Going out in third year makes you realise how awful clubbing in Cardiff is

Why is Will Griggs still on fire?