Meet the models: St Chad’s Charity Fashion Show

Just when we thought fashion show season was over

Durham engineers told of error in exam paper with 20 minutes to go, only for there to be no error after all

The Engineering Department has made its second apology this exam season

Here are all of Durham’s best June events for a wholesome start to your summer

Party time with charity in mind

I was offered money for sex by a private school guy because I went to state school

This is the reality of classism at Durham

Josh Kay’s ultimate uni wellness guide: top tips for self care and happiness

How to make every week ‘wellness week’

It’s mental health awareness week. Here are some things you need to know

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness – it is a sign of strength, and one of the bravest things that you can do.

UPDATE: In a stunning U-turn, Durfess re-admit Van Mildert to College War despite exec member buying votes

Justice was temporarily served

Van Mildert are guilty of the worst vote-rigging since Brexit and should be disqualified immediately

First Brexit, then Cambridge Analytica, and now a Brazilian bot cheating scandal. When will this madness end?

Van Mildert accused of ‘undermining democracy’ after Brazillian bot Durfess cheating scandal

Two hours in and almost half of their likes have come from abroad

The Tab Durham Reviews: Sense

Will it ever replace the gaping hole opened up by the loss of Wok Next?

We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in the Billy B

Level 4 is goals 🙌

Exclusive: Durham University to scrap nine month contracts because of pressure from academics

According to an email to Heads of Department shown to The Tab Durham

Here are all the most anticipated post-exam events to round off your year

For all currently-revising ravers

Engineering department apologises for exam errors

The department also has also promised to ‘review our internal processes’

Maths Department apologises for error not corrected until 40 minutes before end of exam

All students sitting the module have been encouraged to apply for Serious Adverse Circumstances

A definitive guide to nailing the Summer’18 look, on a Durham Student budget

Staying bougie on budget

DURFC former vice-treasurer convicted of assault and sexual assault

He has been committed to prison for a total of 38 weeks

The Tab Durham

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