5 Reasons why Durham is better than London

Bloody tube

When you think about it, Nando’s is the most distinctly average restaurant there is

It’s a bit of chicken and sauce, isn’t it really?

The guy you’ll pull according to the club you’re at

The most important guide of 2017

Van Mildert Charity Fashion Show was a masterpiece

They know Victoria’s secret

McDonald’s is finally coming to Durham

Opening in October with a half-price student promo

In memory of Michaelmas and Epiphany

It’s like we’ve got January blues, but worse.

JoBo student locked into the Bill Bryson overnight

What doesn’t kill you makes you go viral

Malala Yousafzai has applied to Durham University

She’s the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever

Exclusive: Tom Harwood is running for NUS President against Malia Bouattia

Durham’s BNOC is making an even bigger name for himself

Things we’ve actually heard Durham students say this week

Wait, what?

How to steal your flatmate’s food without getting caught

No more passive aggressive notes on the group chat

Reasons behind the 0 hygiene rating of Dixy Chicken

Looks like the Subway next door will be first choice from now on…

What they didn’t tell you before coming to Durham, but should have

Harry Potter doesn’t even go here

Durham is third best for Theology in the world

…and has a number of other subjects in the world Top 50

Why these Durham students want you to stop eating meat

Yes, you can get fit without meat

We tried every hangover cure so Klute never kills you again

Some of them actually worked!

St Cuthbert’s Society Fashion Show was goals

Yea, you missed out

All the people you see in lectures

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the Facebooker