Maiden Castle is undergoing renovations right now

Looks like we’re getting a new fitness suite!

Can you just stop sharing your results on Facebook thank you very much

This needs to stop.

Exclusive: Over half of students at Durham say they have suffered from a mental illness

Just two per cent said they used Nightline

A swanky new course at John’s will be the world’s first

No prizes for guessing which subject it’s in

The complete A-Z of Durham

D to the U, to the R H A M

Clubbers of the Week

Going to Klute, no dispute

Durham University fires pure sass in spicy email announcing it will contest silver TEF rating

‘Durham is an exceptional institution, and we believe it should be rated Gold’

The Durham Tube map from Chad’s can now be purchased in poster form

Best £6.50 you’ll ever spend

If your Durham college had tinder, what would its bio say?

Already swiped Trevs left…

I have a British passport, but Durham has me paying international fees

Being a British citizen doesn’t make you British enough

Where to take your date in Durham

Apparently fried chicken will get you that second date

Durham has received over £34m in private donations since April 2012

Durham’s posh did you say?

Exclusive: Durham University Islamic Society has been handing out booklets encouraging terrorism

‘Every Muslim should be a terrorist to anti-social elements in society’

A Cuth’s second-year passed away yesterday

The college is offering help to anyone affected

Durham’s clubbers of the week

Strip that down for me

Durham is ranked 3rd in the world for Theology

QS University rankings places Durham 78th in the world

Jeremy Corbyn is in Durham right now

…and he’s talking about Theresa May

Geordie Shore crew shoots in Durham

Sesh in the sun

How stressed you are according to your Netflix binge of choice

Why would you watch ’13 Reasons Why’ right now