Lydia Barnes

News Editor for The Cardiff Tab

Lydia Barnes
Cardiff University

Opinion, News, Guides, Mediation of Political Issues, Research, Interviews, Culture, Internet Governance, The Rise of Digital Media

  • Lydia is the News Editor for The Cardiff Tab and a third year student at Cardiff University
  • She prefers to write more news and opinion based stories, as she enjoys the process of researching and learning about new topics
  • Lydia enjoys nights out with friends, as well as a nights to binge read new books or to watch a random new Netflix show


Lydia has experience with both broadcast and print journalism, as she has recently completed a placement at ITV Calendar, shadowing various teams as they produced their news programmes, and the South Wales Argus, where she has written and research her own articles whilst being shown the processes behind newspaper journalism


Lydia is currently a second year student at Cardiff University, studying a journalism and communications bachelors degree at JOMEC, with the aim of becoming a newspaper journalist


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