Why is anyone still watching Big Brother when you can watch Love Island instead?

Who even are the people who commit to Big Brother instead?

Here’s everything we know about Simon Searles, the barber from Leeds heading into the Love Island villa

‘The boys better be ready for some competition’

University of Leeds staff have gone on strike over new sacking rules

67% of UCU members voted to strike

University of Leeds has been awarded gold from the Teaching Excellence Framework

Is anyone really surprised?

Queen of the jungle Scarlett Moffatt was filming in Leeds today

Gutted if you missed her

A group of music students at Leeds have made it to the final of BBC’s ‘Pitch Battle’

Congrats to them

I asked guys on Tinder when they last had sex and it was so tragic

‘Fucking ages ago lmao’

Everything you know if you grew up 20 minutes away from your uni

Fresher’s week is a breeze when you don’t get lost

Leeds might be getting a ‘Game of Thrones’ style mini golf and bar spot

Mini golf is coming

We know everything about your personality based on what you like to drink at pres

Remember: gin girls are psycho

Everything you know to be true if you grew up in South London

It’s unique in it’s own shitty yet brilliant way

A lecturer at Leeds uni has been arrested for possessing severe child pornography

His academic profile at the University of Leeds is currently ‘unavailable’

You can now order cocktails to your house in Leeds

Why go to a bar when you can be classy watching Netflix?

Central road in Leeds is closed after an old man was hit by a bus

Travel in the city centre has been disrupted after the accident

Leeds mental asylum escape game receives backlash over mental health stigma

The game has been said to ‘demonise’ mental health

Can we guess what you’re doing for your summer hols based on how edgy you are?

Including a totally relevant question about Love Island

I chatted up guys on Tinder using only Chandler Bing quotes, and their responses were so precious

Chandler was the real heartbreaker in Friends

Leeds apparently has the most unreliable landlords in the UK, according to a new study that will shock absolutely no one

Like we didn’t already know