A man has been stabbed outside of The Alchemist bar on Greek Street

His injuries are not thought to be critical

Stop using memorials to get a few likes on Instagram

I guess narcissism now trumps respect for the dead if it’s one for the gram

Which Love Island star is your Uni of Leeds hall of residence?

Not everywhere’s good enough for the Blazin’ Squad

Beckett is ranked third in the UK for the number of new Sugar Babies

You’re not a hoe if you need the dough

Try not to panic, but a pizza and prosecco festival is coming to Canal Mills

The two greatest things in life have finally joined forces

Leeds has been ranked the 10th ‘cheapest university town’ in the UK

We also have the cheapest kebab

I’m sorry, but I do not see an issue with romanticising mental health issues on TV

It’s a TV show, get over it

The women of Game of Thrones reimagined as 21st century hoes

Cersei Lannister is kinky af

Leeds Fest has been ranked one of the worst festivals for value for money

I thought the North was supposed to be cheap

Leeds student accommodation has failed fire safety checks following the Grenfell Tower tragedy

They’re made of the same cladding as Grenfell Tower

What your favourite Game of Thrones character says about you

If you pick a favourite they’re guaranteed to die next

A festival dedicated entirely to rum is coming to Leeds later this year

Just in time for the start of term

Gabby from Love Island’s slammin’ younger brother is a Leeds grad

Get him in that house now

The 13th Doctor is a woman and naturally the internet can’t cope

Gentle reminder that the Doctor is literally an ALIEN

These are the holiday horror stories you hope will never happen to you

Some of these are really really bad

Leeds is the 18th hardest uni to get into in the UK

18th out of 56 isn’t bad