Pieter Snepvangers

Graffitied Colston statue to go on display in Bristol museum next week

The temporary exhibition opens at M Shed alongside a survey asking Bristol citizens’ views on the future of the slave-trader’s statue

Bristol Uni students unable to take final year exams as online university goes offline

‘My exams this week are worth 90 per cent of my final year marks…I expected nothing else from the uni’

We visited the new and improved Senate House and it was well worth the wait

The new study space and food hall opens on Monday and there’s no need to book

Why is Bristol Uni putting out awkward Twitter videos without asking if we’re okay?

‘Why did they not think to tell personal tutors to reach out to their tutees to ask how we are coping?’

Tributes paid as police formally identify body as Bristol Uni student Olisa Odukwe

‘We will remember the brilliant young man who is no longer with us’

A body has been found in the search for missing Bristol Uni student Olisa Odukwe

Police divers recovered a body in Harbourside area on Tuesday afternoon

A second year Bristol Uni student is missing

Olisa Odukwe was last seen in Redland on Saturday morning

Redland house fined almost £5,000 for hosting house party

People attempted to hide in bedrooms before being found by the police

These are Bristol’s best pubs and bars taking walk-ins right now

No need to book tables weeks in advance

We spoke to Bristol Uni students who have been at the Kill The Bill protests

‘I’ve seen how badly they can abuse their own power, we have to protest it’

Bristol set for third Kill The Bill protest today on College Green

Protesters are expected to gather from 4pm

In pictures: Bristol’s Kill The Bill protest turns into a riot

The initially peaceful protest escalated outside Bridewell police station leaving 20 officers injured

ATTENTION FRESHERS: This is a guide to all the classic Bristol clubs for June 21st

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

Leading Jewish organisation slams Bristol Uni for ‘continued employment’ of David Miller

The Professor has said that Zionism is a ‘racist, violent, imperialist ideology premised on ethnic cleansing’

‘Raves aren’t anti-lockdown, they’re anti-capitalism’, says teen fined for Yate rave

‘I’ve had so many of my friends seriously ill through the modern way of life – raves are a way to respect them’

Which of these eight Redland personality starter packs are you?

I’ve got bad news if you own a Nike spell-out jumper

Petition for a Bristol Uni ‘safety net’ surpasses 2000 signatures

‘Physically and mentally, students are unable to produce the same level of work’

‘Police were shouting go home’: Inside Saturday’s huge warehouse rave in Yate

‘There were people being grabbed by police to the left and right, but there were just far too many of us’

We tried the best chips in Bristol and this is our official ranking

Forget about lockdown for a second, and come on this journey with us