George Virgo

George Virgo
Manchester University


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Rent Strike students occupy University of Manchester security offices in midnight operation

They said ‘we will not be intimidated by force or threats’

‘Violent’ eviction of student protesters shows where the University of Manchester’s priorities lie

When will the University of Manchester learn to respect its students?

Manchester students regain access to John Owens during senior management meeting

Later in the day, the board of governors refused to leave a building as students tried to give them a letter

Manchester University takes students to High Court over occupation of Simon building

Students occupying the Simon building ‘have no intention of leaving until we are forced to by baliffs’.

Students end week long occupation inside John Owens Building but vow it’s ‘just the start’

The other occupations remain in place

Nerf wars, political workshops and movie nights: Life inside the Manchester Uni occupation

‘The more rooms we have the more disruption we can cause to pressure the Uni to meet our demands’

Manchester students barricade themselves in as staff fail to enter occupied management offices

Students barricading themselves inside the John Owens Building have resisted security staff’s attempts to enter

University of Manchester students vote to ban police and army from the SU building

A policy to ban police and armed forces from the SU unless legally required passed with a 68 per cent majority

Manchester Uni students occupy Simon Building in support of UCU strikes

‘The fight against pay inequality needs the support of every student’

A Manchester student house with Pride flag in the window has been egged

‘When I saw it I had a little cry, I wouldn’t expect this here’

‘We’re shamed for providing a service enjoyed by millions’: Life as a student sex worker

We spoke to three Manchester student sex workers about their experiences

Manchester Uni students occupy Sam Alex building in solidarity with UCU Strikes

The occupation coincides with strikes which begin today

Where to find support as a trans student in Manchester

How to change your name, which GPs are trans-friendly and staying safe

UoM Women’s Rugby Soc boycotts 256 nights after they allege five members were spiked

256 is now offering ‘anti-drug lids’ to drinks