Niva Yadav

Niva Yadav
Leeds University


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Leeds Uni set to implement 11pm curfew on all Hyde Park house parties

The move comes after there were a record number of complaints by locals

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana is coming to Headingley!

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana will open in Headingley on Monday 13th March

Leeds graduates are yet to receive certificates after Leeds Uni runs out of paper

Students feel as they have missed out on job opportunities after being left for months without official proof of their degree

More than a quarter of Leeds students say they are addicted to their Elf Bar

A quarter of students buy at least two Elf Bars a week

46 signs that you are Hyde Park’s worst housemate

Viewer discretion is advised

Esther Simpson occupation ends despite Leeds Uni not meeting with student protestors

After 12 days and no meeting with University management, Student Rebellion have said this is not the end of their fight

A complete rundown of everything that’s happened with the Esther Simpson occupation so far

They have also begun a second occupation inside the Ziff building

Human remains have been found in a skip at a Leeds waste recycling site

Police have been working at the site since yesterday

Free Lounge Underwear sets are being handed out at the Uni of Leeds campus!

These free underwear sets are part of a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer

McDonald’s is handing out FREE breakfast on the Uni of Leeds campus TOMORROW!

The first 100 students will get their hands on McDonald’s merch too

‘He whispered in my ear, are you privately educated?’: The worst one-night stand stories in Leeds

There’s a reason they’re called ONE night stands

Students occupy the Ziff building to protest the treatment of staff and students

‘Students are angry. Staff are angry. And much to senior management’s surprise, we stand together in solidarity’

Leeds grad TikToker got £2k of drinks sent to him at Spoons and now he’s banned from TikTok

Wetherspoons is processing the refunds ‘as quickly as they can’

Meet the Leeds Students who set up Chunk Cookies

The perfect diss season snack

How to deal with a breakup in Leeds

A tried and tested formula for success

11 first year regrets every Leeds student has

Getting an eyebrow slit really was a low point