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The Sunday Times launch £5,000 award for aspiring food writers in memory of AA Gill

Gill died in 2016 from what he described as “the Full English” of cancer

We want to hear your rowdiest stories from state school, so send them in

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times x

Breaking: Glasgow main campus evacuated after suspicious package found

Police are on site and the evacuation is a precautionary measure

Calling time on adult Harry Potter fans, who need to grow up and read another book

It is a book written for children and it should stay that way

It’s time to admit The 1975 are the lamest band in the world right now

It’s music for people who cry after having sex

Exclusive: VC ignored students’ calls for anonymous sexual assault reporting after group chat scandal

Stuart Croft said he felt ‘a pain in his stomach’ when reading the group chat messages, but did not respond to students’ suggestions of how to help those in need

The votes are in: Exeter is officially the most basic uni in the country

They won with over a quarter of the vote

Why YOU should write for The Leeds Tab

Build that experience in the media industry, plus it’s kind of a large amount of fun

Oxford College apologises for ‘roadmen’ themed social

They said they hadn’t been aware of the ‘racist and classist connotations’

If you haven’t had any help on your personal statement, send it to us

Send yours in today

Everyone remembers the kids from School of Rock, but where are they now?

They all recovered from their bout of stickittotheman-itis, it wasn’t terminal

There is a special place in hell for people who still call their parents ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’

Every time I hear it I want to throw up

It’s time to take The Tab’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2018

2018 was the best of times and the worst of times

Oh Christ, Insta now tells people if you’ve screenshotted their picture

Guess I’ll just go die x

Remember the kids from Nanny McPhee? This is what they’re up to now

Of course one of them is a DJ

Oxbridge take more students from just eight private schools than 3,000 state schools

Only 18 per cent of A-level students in the UK attend a private school

Official inquiry launched after universities accused of ‘brushing racist incidents under the carpet’

Universities will have to prove how they effectively support staff and students who are racially harassed

Posh kids get private tutoring to get into Oxbridge. This recent grad is offering it to state school applicants for free

Malala Yousafzai says his site is ‘amazing’

Here are your worst horror stories about having a shared room in halls

All of my fears have now been confirmed

73 people you should avoid at university at all costs

We’re just trying to help

Breaking: Love Island’s Jack Fowler and Laura Crane have split

The pair confirmed the break up was mutual

A definitive ranking of which sports brand is the most try hard

If you wear Fila and didn’t go to Manchester I simply don’t believe you

Grime, Dark Fruits and ketamine: How the kids of Reading Festival have changed since 2012

Don’t worry they still shout ‘Alan!’

What the hell is the ‘one love’ pose and why is everyone doing it?

‘That’s out’ for when The Lads™ are out out

Remember the jilted exes of Made in Chelsea? Here’s where they all are now

We’ve done the research and they all deserved to get dumped tbh

This is every single uni grad condensed into a starter pack

What the careers advisors failed to tell you

Who is Emma Louise Connolly? The design grad and model engaged to Made in Chelsea’s Proudlock

A round of applause for the fittest couple to ever have existed pls

Calling time on Alfie Deyes, the YouTuber moron who can’t control what comes out of his mouth

‘Sorry guys thanks for pointing that out x’

Revealed: University staff spent thousands in strip clubs and sex shops

Someone at Nottingham spent £142 on sex toys

Boohoo remove racist ‘white forever we reign’ t-shirt from website

They offered a shopper free clothes before asking them to delete a tweet calling them out for it

Introducing the ‘sad grad’: They’ve got a job but are still desperately clinging on to uni life

@ing companies on Twitter because it’s easier to deal with their problems rather than your own

Here are the most tragic sponsored Instagram posts from the cast of Love Island 2018 so far

They’ll do anything for the money and tbh same

Popstars, footballers and a GB athlete: Everything we know about Megan’s relationship history

Her love life before the villa seems to be just as hectic

Who is Love Island’s Kazimir? The celebrity make-up artist trying to steal Josh from Georgia

She’s worked with Stormzy and Chris and Kem

Who is Sam Bird? Love Island’s latest boy who trains Toff from Made In Chelsea

Get this – he once went to a ‘make your own pizza’ Pizza Express party AND WE HAVE THE PICS TO PROVE IT

Who is Taylor Ward? Rumoured to be Love Island’s newest girl who also has famous parents

Is Taylor Love Island’s next girl?

It’s not too late, you can still apply to be on this year’s Love Island

Maybe YOU could be the one to save Alex from an eternity of chronic loneliness?

Meet Zara, Love Island’s newest girl who works in Parliament and is a 12/10

Zara, Love Island’s new girl, has a job in Parliament as a government advisor

Boomtown Festival 2018, everything you need to know: Tickets, lineup, dates, location

After 2016 and 2017, here’s everything you need to know about Boomtown 2018

Instagram story size and dimensions: What is the best size and dimension of an Instagram story?

Also, what is the optimum Instagram photo and profile picture size?

Lovebox festival 2018, everything you need to know: Tickets, lineup, dates, location

After 2016 and 2017, get ready for the Friday and Saturday lineups of London’s biggest summer festival

Houghton Festival 2018, everything you need to know: Tickets, dates, lineup, location and review

Houghton Festival 2017 was huge, so here is everything you need to know about this year’s offering

Who actually is muggy Megan? Everything you need to know about Love Island’s queen snake

She actually said before entering the villa how she wouldn’t want to break up Wes and Laura…WELL

Watch Love Island Australia: Here’s how to watch Love Island Australia

Love Island Australia is even crazier than the UK version of the show

Who is Love Island’s Georgia Steel? The Popworld shot girl and drama student

People are also convinced she was on The Inbetweeners

Love Island 2018 contestant ages: How old are this year’s cast?

The ages of Wes, Laura and Adam will shock you to your core

Are you the ‘Alex’ of your friendship group? Take this quiz and find out

Every group has a tragic anti-hero who just can’t get laid

SUBU apologise for queue conditions at Summer Ball

People were fainting and having panic attacks in the queue, others have claimed water was not in good supply

Want to know how good your uni is? Here is The Tab’s University League Table 2018

Oxbridge aren’t top two, for once

I put gravy on every single meal for a week, but would it make me as happy as a Northerner?

If this is how Northerners feel all the time then I’m good thanks

Here are your best dissertation hand-in pics of 2018

If I have to read one more ‘diss’ pun I’m going to scream and will probably never be able to stop

The sun is shining, so I bet you’re wondering which ice cream is your uni?

If you don’t agree with what we’ve chosen that’s chill

Get on the plane and find out which England World Cup squad member your uni is

Football’s coming home (to do his laundry)

Four of the Warwick group chat boys have had their suspensions from university lifted

One of the suspensions was lifted last week

The time is now: Vote for the UK’s saddest sad boy

Hundreds of sad boys were entered, but there can only be one very sad winner

If football managers were the boys in your group, this is who they’d be

Tell me you wouldn’t want Sam Allardyce living in your uni house

There are exactly five types of Adidas boy, but which one are you?

Are you more Adi daddy or sadi daddy?

Sheffield Uni told us police are investigating the racist incident at Varsity, but they aren’t

The university have admitted to being ‘clumsy’ in their handling of the situation

If you do any of these 23 things you are definitely a uni sad boy

Why do they only ever wear the same grey Slazenger jumper?

Every guy is in a version of Exeter’s racist group chat, whether they admit it or not

You can’t pass it off as ‘boys being boys’

A fresher filmed a group of students chanting ‘we hate the blacks’ outside her door in halls

Rufaro Chisango, who is the only black student on her floor, also heard them shout ‘blacks should go back to picking cotton’

Why are lecturers going on strike? Here’s everything you need to know about the university strikes

University lecturers across the country are striking due to a dispute over their pensions

Just your regular Clubbers of the Week…oh, except Dick and Dom are now DJing student nights


Here is what actually counts as ‘living in London’, decided by the number of Prets

Don’t even talk to me about ‘Greater London’

Prince William is the latest posh boy to shave his head

Can’t wait to see him in the smoking area with a Red Stripe

Toby Young has already resigned from the Office for Students, the little snowflake

Not even deleting 48,000 tweets could save him

What your questionable choice of British cereal says about your overall demeanour

Krave is the fuckboy of the cereal world – you just can’t help going back for more

How much good does going vegan for ‘Veganuary’ actually do?

Apparently it could even improve your sex life

Here is the Strongbow Dark Fruits Boy, and he’s bringing banter back in 2018

He really wants Oasis to get back together

Introducing Ruby Schofield: Leeds grad and daughter of daytime TV legend

She has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram

Here are the most batshit crazy things that happened in 2017

Never forget the time someone was banned from Eduroam for illegally downloading Chicken Run

Which Christmas chocolate is your uni?

The one festive question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to

Spills, crashes and free food: Every reality you face as a Deliveroo rider

Customers who give cash tips are angels too pure for this sinful world

Meet the undercover police hunting down sexual predators on the London Underground

They can spot the one person in a crowd of hundreds who is out to cause harm

‘She’s a big black ape’: Boys insult BU fresher in racist group chat

They also called her a ‘cotton picking fuck’

Which is the easiest university to get into in the UK?

No prizes for guessing it’s not Oxbridge

We’ve ranked UK cities in order of how much they love chicken nugs, because someone had to

You may need dipping sauce for this

New data reveals exactly how many students are middle class at your uni

Literally EVERYONE is middle class

Exposed: The young British political aides making jokes about rape and sexual assault

The comments were made in the “Young Liberal Society” Facebook group

These are officially the subjects with the least contact hours

Shockingly, Medicine and Engineering don’t feature

Vote: Which costume won Halloween 2017?

From student overdrafts to Robbie Travers

We spoke to the students who dressed as Buckfast and Lambrini for Halloween

Last year they went as grapes but have since ‘matured’

Jason Derulo allegedly owes a students’ union £20,000

Mmm Whatcha Say? You want your money back?

How to have a threesome without leaving someone out, by the man who did his PhD on threesomes

It will never happen for you, but just in case

These are officially the best smoking areas in the country, as voted for by you

*Dramatic pause*

A Tory MP has demanded to see what universities will be teaching on Brexit this year

Lecturers are not happy

Who are the creepy guys thinking the ‘Skeleboner’ is the perfect Halloween costume?

‘The funny side of Halloween is here!’

Imagining what it would be like to take your uni on a first date

Gutted if you’re St Andrews

‘Prosecco drunk’ is a thing and it’s been proven by actual, real-life science

I knew I wasn’t making it up

Universities will be fined for no-platforming controversial speakers

The government are forcing unis to tackle safe space culture

Which is the undisputed best club smoking area in the entire country?

Let’s be honest, they’re better than the actual club

Can you tell what flavour a Greggs bake is just by looking at it?

It’s time to put your Greggs knowledge to the test

Here are the best tweets from people freaking the fuck out about the red sky

We’re all definitely about to die

Wearing boat shoes and no socks has caused a foot fungus epidemic

What will I wear with my chinos now

‘Endless night shifts and daily bollockings’: Why talented grads are quitting the MailOnline trainee scheme

‘There was a constant culture of fear and apathy’

Your seemingly normal choice of iconic British lunch reveals who you really are as a person

Getting a Boots meal deal is borderline psychopathic

Are you actually more Northern or Southern?


Everything that definitely happened on your Duke of Edinburgh expedition

Waterproof trousers are not a look

Why does literally everyone go ‘woo!’ when we pop a bottle? We asked an expert

*Pop* Woo!

Take this ultimate club banger quiz to prove how classic you really are

Here are the bangers, now let’s get mashed

All the sad and desperate ways the Tories are trying to win back your vote

Half-arsed policies and tragic Instagrams? Of course you can have my vote!