Jonny Long
Assistant Editor

The Sunday Times launch £5,000 award for aspiring food writers in memory of AA Gill

Gill died in 2016 from what he described as “the Full English” of cancer

We want to hear your rowdiest stories from state school, so send them in

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times x

If you’re obsessed with true crime you’re quite fucked up, let’s be honest

It’s easy to forget these are real events when it’s just another show on Netflix

Breaking: Glasgow main campus evacuated after suspicious package found

Police are on site and the evacuation is a precautionary measure

Calling time on adult Harry Potter fans, who need to grow up and read another book

It is a book written for children and it should stay that way

It’s time to admit The 1975 are the lamest band in the world right now

It’s music for people who cry after having sex

Exclusive: VC ignored students’ calls for anonymous sexual assault reporting after group chat scandal

Stuart Croft said he felt ‘a pain in his stomach’ when reading the group chat messages, but did not respond to students’ suggestions of how to help those in need

The votes are in: Exeter is officially the most basic uni in the country

They won with over a quarter of the vote

Why YOU should write for The Leeds Tab

Build that experience in the media industry, plus it’s kind of a large amount of fun

Oxford College apologises for ‘roadmen’ themed social

They said they hadn’t been aware of the ‘racist and classist connotations’

If you haven’t had any help on your personal statement, send it to us

Send yours in today

Everyone remembers the kids from School of Rock, but where are they now?

They all recovered from their bout of stickittotheman-itis, it wasn’t terminal

It’s time to take The Tab’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2018

2018 was the best of times and the worst of times

Oh Christ, Insta now tells people if you’ve screenshotted their picture

Guess I’ll just go die x

Remember the kids from Nanny McPhee? This is what they’re up to now

Of course one of them is a DJ

Oxbridge take more students from just eight private schools than 3,000 state schools

Only 18 per cent of A-level students in the UK attend a private school

Official inquiry launched after universities accused of ‘brushing racist incidents under the carpet’

Universities will have to prove how they effectively support staff and students who are racially harassed

Posh kids get private tutoring to get into Oxbridge. This recent grad is offering it to state school applicants for free

Malala Yousafzai says his site is ‘amazing’

Here are your worst horror stories about having a shared room in halls

All of my fears have now been confirmed

73 people you should avoid at university at all costs

We’re just trying to help