Rubin Verebes
Editor-in-Chief for The Nottingham Tab

Here’s how you can get a FREE McDonald’s cheeseburger any day this week

300 calories for the year’s most depressing Monday

We spoke to the new confessions page ready to shake up Notts

Everyone has something to confess

Greggs have SOLD OUT of vegan sausage rolls and right now is an appropriate time to panic

They’ve promised to get them back in stock as soon as they can

Nottingham student running Christmas charity drive for Nottingham’s homeless

She wants to ‘humanise people’s experiences’ over the Christmas break

Notts SU president resigns after going public with mental health issues

They are set to resign immediately, with the position vacant for re-election

Confirmed: Ocean looking to install card machines for the last Friday of term

No more scraping together coppers for one more VK

Founder of Buy/Sell Facebook group set to launch Buy/Sell app

It will launch of the 30th January

Faraday Road closed off after a shooting in Nottingham City Centre last night

A woman was shot in the arm

I tried Soylent for a week: A meal replacement drink banned in Canada

Full of maltodextrin and misery

An ‘alcohol delivery’ service in Lenton is selling NOS canisters and crackers

The company have been selling whipped cream chargers since July 2018

A new Hip Hop night is coming to Nottingham, set to rival Ink

It will be hosted at Trade, the former quarters of The Market Bar

A new Co-op has opened besides University Park campus

The store will cater to students

This Notts student wrote her dissertation from scratch in 14 hours, that’s a new record!!

10,000 words on Cultural Appropriation

We talked to the Nottingham student who won £1,300 in HQ Trivia

Drinks on her for the rest of the year

Have you ever been racially abused on a night out in Nottingham? Take The Tab’s club racism survey

Racial incidents are on the rise in Nottingham

These Nottingham freshers have created a male-only drinking society with a strictly bowtie dress code

A copy-cat venture parallel to Oxford’s drinking socs

Nottingham is the ninth cheapest city for graduates to live in, which means more nights at Ocean

It placed higher than London, Oxford and Durham

Vote for Nottingham’s smallest box room

Small room, big personalities

Beeston resident found dead in Broadgate Park accommodation

He was pronounced dead at the scene

The huge screen outside Portland cost the uni £200,000

It’s part of over £2 million they spent on the Portland Hill works