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Love Island 2018 contestant ages: How old are this year’s cast?

The ages of Wes, Laura and Adam will shock you to your core

For the last six weeks, we've dedicated our lives to watching some beautiful people fuck up their relationships with each other over and over again. And we can't help but question their decisions. We call Georgia a child and respect Laura for how grown up she is – but this is hardly surprising when you consider these two girls are actually five and 50 years old respectively.

But how old really are the islanders? We've only got about two weeks remaining, and while we know the Islanders pretty well, there are some things which remain a mystery.

Sure, we now know which of the Islanders have had plastic surgery and what they've had done, but gun to your head, do you reckon you'd be able to correctly guess how old any of them are?

Megan? Georgia? Wes? New Jack? Dani? Old Jack? Alexandra? The four new islanders?

Behind the abs and biceps, some of these lot are barely born before the year 2000, which after a simple calculation means they must have started working out around the age of seven to be that ripped.

How old are the Love Island 2018 contestants? Read on to find out.

Megan – age 24

Megan basically is Love Island, there wouldn't be a show without her. You never know what she's going to do next, and to be honest neither does she.

She is currently in an official relationship with Wes.

Georgia – age 20

Georgia has taken us on a rollercoaster of emotions, but it's pretty clear now that she's the least loyal person to ever step foot in the villa after she decided to break up with Sam just to stay on the show.

Wes – age 20

Yep, Wes is 20, meaning he was born in 1998. People born in 1998 aren't supposed to look like THAT.

He's impossible not to like until he comes out of the villa and starts trying to flog 'Do Bits Society' t-shirts and then I will be contractually obliged to murder three generations of his family in cold blood.

Wes is currently in an official relationship with Megan.

Do Bits Society

Wes just wants to be social sec

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Friday, June 22, 2018

Laura – age 29

The golden rule is that you're not supposed to date anyone with more than one World Cup between your age difference. Laura and Wes thought bollocks to that and it all blew up in their faces. Don't disrespect the rule.

What happened next? Oh, the exact same thing, but with new Jack.

Alex – age 27

He's kind of almost definitely a massive creep and the novelty of his awkwardness has worn off. It's weird how an A&E doctor can have literally zero chill, but the one true crime committed by Alex is that his skin is stretched too tightly over his face.

He is currently coupled up with new girl Alexandra but it's not going all too well. Oh hell.

Dani – age 22

Dani Dyer, 22, is the eldest daughter of Danny Dyer, who had her when he was only 18. But you know that already, everyone knows that already, because he literally gave her the same name as him. Borderline psychotic if you ask me.

Jack and Dani are in love


Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Jack – age 26

Jack is a stationery sales manager from Kent. Although he's only 26 years old, he's aged a few more years after coupling up with Dani Dyer in full knowledge that her dad is probably sitting at home, angrily chewing salted cashews, drinking a tinny, and muttering about knocking his lights out if he so much as smiles at his daughter.

Jack impressions

Seriously tho his Eyal is frankly 2 much

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Friday, June 22, 2018

Jack Fowler – age 22

The semi-professional footballer once ran off to Ireland after an ex dumped him. Therefore, it comes as a surprise to literally no-one that he is currently coupled up with the equally chill Laura, although he has just broken up with her so they're not actually together.

He's currently pursuing the new Laura. Awks.

Josh – age 27

Josh entered the villa aged 26, but turned 27 on the day Rosie confronted Adam about trying to get with Megan. Happy Birthday!

Kazimir – age 23

Before stealing Josh off of Georgia, the Casa Amor arrival is a professional make-up artist who has worked on Stormzy music videos and Chris and Kem's "Little Bit Leave It" shoot.

Where has this week gone lol ??‍♀️

A post shared by Kazimir – Love Island ❤️? (@kazcrossley) on May 12, 2018 at 5:35am PDT

Sam Bird – age 25

The personal trainer lists Made In Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo as a client and made an instant impact in the villa when he said he had come on the show to teach Adam how to treat women. Iconic.

He was almost dumped from the island but decided to split from Georgia in order to stay.

Training in the park ?? @toffgeorgia

A post shared by Sam Bird (@samrobertbird) on Sep 4, 2017 at 1:06pm PDT

Alexandra – age 27

The make-up artist with famous exes popped into our lives last week and chose Dr Alex over Kieran and Idris. She's the exact same age as Dr Alex, who she's coupled up with. For now…

Si or no? ?

A post shared by Alexandra Louise Cane (@alexandralouise__) on Jun 22, 2018 at 9:24am PDT

Laura Crane – age 23

The surfer from Devon/Portugal is the newest girl to steal a man from Laura as she's seen snogging new Jack. Don't say you didn't see it coming.

Side eye slide eye … ?

A post shared by Laura Crane. (@lauraloucrane) on Jul 4, 2018 at 11:21am PDT

Stephanie – age 23

The account manager and Northumbria uni grad has got her eye on Sam now that he's been forced into being single. Good luck hun.

When bae keeps you waiting…

A post shared by Stephanie Lam (@stephanielamx) on Jul 5, 2018 at 12:11pm PDT

Paul – age 31

As the oldest contestant in the villa, we're basically all hoping Paul, carpenter, model and Britney Spears snogger, will couple up with 29-year-old Laura so they can settle down and have babies ASAP.

#Armani #underwear ? @cthomasphoto #newyork #NY #newyorkcity

A post shared by paulknopsie (@paulknopsie) on Apr 26, 2018 at 3:12pm PDT

Josh Mair – age 21

Our resident DJ from Birmingham is trying his hand at stealing Georgia and proving that he is indeed loyal, babe.


A post shared by Josh Mair (@joshmair96) on May 13, 2018 at 4:57am PDT

Samira – age 22

Samira left the villa last week to be reunited with her dumped boo, Frankie. They seem to be having an absolute blast together on the outside. Although rumour has it he's faking his feelings for her.

Oh Mickey Your so fine your so fine you blow ma mindddd ✨

A post shared by Samira Mighty (@samiramighty) on Apr 30, 2018 at 11:53am PDT

Ellie Brown – age 20

The Business Development Manager from Newcastle was a late entry to the villa, and was recently dumped from the island alongside her very rich boyfriend, Charlie Brake.

Feeling blue today ?

A post shared by Ellie Brown (@brown.elle) on Apr 21, 2018 at 12:00pm PDT

Alex Miller – age 28

He's the fit one in glasses who stole Megan off Wes before getting booted off the show when he stole her back. But what Alex Miller will truly be remembered for is the moment he ate a biscuit more angrily than anyone has ever eaten a biscuit before.

Darylle – age 24

The heavily tattooed eyebrow technician from Watford was coupled up with Love Island's answer to Henry VIII, massive Geordie snake Adam before they were both kicked off the island.

@cat.8x got me into Margaritas ??

A post shared by Darylle Sargeant?✨ (@daryllleee) on May 20, 2018 at 11:17am PDT

Adam – age 22

If Adam Collard is only 22 then he must have started working out when he was eleven years old. What did his mother feed him growing up? What does he have for breakfast? These are all important questions I need answering.

The geordie is a personal trainer and once appeared on an episode of Geordie Shore where Charlotte Crosby describes him as "actually quite fit". Thanks for the heads up Charlotte!

He has been dumped from the island.

Adam's reaction to Zara leaving

oh boohoohoohoohoo FUCK OFF ADAM

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ellie Jones – age 22

Ellie dated Dani's Jack on and off for two years before entering the villa, and while she didn't break up 'Jani' she did mention that Jack has a poster of Dani's dad above his bed, which everyone would have happily forgot had Jack not spent every subsequent minute in the villa banging on about how it wasn't a big deal.

Ellie has been dumped from the island.

15 minutes to go ? @loveisland @itv2

A post shared by Elliejones (@elliejones_xox) on Jun 28, 2018 at 1:02pm PDT

Charlie Brake – age 22

Charlie Brake is basically waiting for his Dad to die. Of course, this is a joke, but what isn't a joke is that he's set to inherit £2 billion and is still messing about going on Love Island. Think it through pal!

He is currently going out with Ellie Brown after being dumped the island with her.

It was a juicy one ?

A post shared by Charlie Brake (@charliebrake1) on Jun 5, 2018 at 11:35am PDT

Frankie Foster – age 22

What do you do if you get banned from playing rugby after being caught doping? The logical answer is go on Love Island, which is exactly what Frankie has done.

Frankie was voted off the island and has since been reunited with Samira.

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