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BREAKING: There will be no strikes next week so lectures will go ahead

64 per cent of UCU members voted to accept the proposals

Cardiff University lecturers could go on strike all of next week if they vote yes to industrial action on Friday

This comes after four weeks of strikes prior to the Easter break

You’ll now only have to start paying your student loan if you earn over £25,000

For once some actual good news about student loans

There’s going to be a nightclub opening in Cathays next to Gassys

It’s going to be open until 4am

The Cardiff Uni Mens Rugby Team have donated over 50 pints of blood to the Welsh blood service

They’re hoping to encourage other teams and societies to do the same

BREAKING: Cardiff lecturers will continue to strike as Cardiff UCU rejects UUK’s offer

They’re now trying to lobby the Welsh Government for help

Cardiff student abused by Vegan activists for eating egg sandwich as she was on the way to volunteer at a refugee camp

They said she had no humanity

New figures show one Vice-Chancellor is earning £800k, see where yours ranks

On average there was a four per cent increase in pay

Cardiff Students’ Union are not supporting the lecturer strikes

“As a Students’ Union we have to put the interests of our student members first”

There is a concert tonight at the SU all in aid of refugees and asylum seekers

All money raised goes directly to local projects in Cardiff

Dates confirmed as Cardiff University lecturers walk out on strikes later this month

Cheers, didn’t need my education anyways

These are the best universities for graduate salaries

Holla at all that dollar

There’s going to be a quiz entirely dedicated to Friends in Cardiff

Good job it’s all on Netflix now amirite?

Cardiff Uni has been rated one of the top ten most beautiful universities in the UK

Peng af

A round-up of all the crazy incidents that occurred in Cardiff in 2017

The police appear one too many times in this list

Police and sniffer dogs were searching Taly halls today

Students’ rooms have been searched

We tested every portion of cheesy chips in Cathays to tell you which is the best

Our diet only includes items that are yellow

I’m not sure how but pints at The Taf are even cheaper

There is a God

A coffee shop has opened in the ASSL

It’s got baristas and everything

It’s official, we’ve lost it: Cardiff is the most stressed city in the UK

*Screams internally*

The Australian rugby team were in Cardiff Uni’s gym and no one noticed

Gainz but tanned

Uh oh, Cardiff Men’s football team are banned from the SU as well

Another one bites the dust

The SU want to open an extra room at the Lash with offers on VKs

They’re letting you vote to make this happen

Cardiff University has warned societies not to hold white t-shirt socials after scandals over offensive messages

They’ve said that they’ll punish a whole group if one person has something offensive on their t-shirt

Btw here’s what your Cardiff takeaway choice says about you

None of this is made up

These are the universities most likely to get you a job after you graduate

Can I put promoter on my CV?

Cardiff is officially the best university in Wales

Swansea who?

Your nightlife guide to Cardiff Freshers’ 2017

You’ll thank me later

Lloyds on Greyfriars Road is closing down

The Crockerton will be closing its doors later this month

Everything that will make every Cardiff student tingle with excitement

When he can carry six VKs at once

‘I put my new guy on the phone to him’: You confessed the most savage ways you’ve rejected people

You’re all horrible

Love Island champion Kem is coming to Cardiff

Don’t be muggy

These are the unis offering the most black and ethnic minority history modules

Only one university offered a specific Black British history module

Every type of guy you’ll pull on a night out at the SU

Each one as regrettable as the last

If you’re a Cardiff student, you’ll do all these weird things without realising just how odd they are

Why are there so many chinos on Wednesday?

‘You’re so exotic’ and other things students of colour are tired of hearing

Yeah actually we are all signed to the same grime label

You must be a genius if you can answer these University Challenge questions

Are you Monkman or Monkmouse?

‘They just said smoke it off campus’: What actually happens when you get caught with drugs at uni

Not every uni has a zero tolerance policy

These are the cheapest places to go to university in the UK

Shock it’s not London

These are officially the best university halls in the country

One hall to rule them all

Cardiff is officially the cheapest place to be a student in the UK

Suck on that Swansea

Roaccutane: The miracle acne drug linked to 20 suicides

We spoke to five people about their experiences using it

These are the most popular degrees to apply for, according to UCAS

Sorry Nursing

Revealed: the most expensive places to live as a student in the UK

Yep, it’s London

Nearly a tenth of male working class students drop out of university

‘The figures don’t surprise me’

One in ten black male undergraduates drop out of university after first year

BME males have the highest rates of dropping out

These are the top universities for employability in the UK

Gutted if you’re Queen Mary’s London

This is how long it will take to pay off your student debt, depending on what profession you go into

Try not to cry

Cardiff Medics Rugby are cycling from Bangor to Cardiff to raise money for Sue Ryder Cancer care

They’re aiming to raise £5000

Cardiff and Swansea both ranked below Bangor for Teaching

The TEF measures teaching standards

Exclusive: The Tab Cardiff interviews Cardiff Central Labour MP Jo Stevens

She’s a big fan of the cheese stall in Cardiff market

Just pictures of the Champions League in Cardiff

Something about Cardiff you can actually show your mum

Cardiff’s one of the few places in the country where your vote counts, here’s how to make it matter

Could Taly swing the general election?

They’re finally renaming the Principality Stadium

Not for long though

A blue dragon and the Champions League trophy has appeared on Cardiff Castle

It appeared overnight ahead of the final in June

Star Wars day is the worst day of the year because Star Wars is crap

It’s full of emotionally unstable masked men and questionable story lines

Cardiff bar now serving giant pornstar martinis with a bottle of prosecco

It comes with four sharing glasses

This sesh legend got over 10,000 retweets in a VK Twitter competition and won an actual VK tracksuit

Yes, VK tracksuits really do exist

Cardiff University awarded £13 million to become UK Dementia Research Centre

It’s part of a wider scheme looking at ways of treating Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The Flora will be hosting a Friends quiz this month

Please don’t be Monica at games night

Eight people were arrested at Varsity

Behaviour was described as “disappointing”

Lush has opened a new store in Cardiff and it has a spa

Flash cards or Face scrubs?

Varsity Tickets are now ready to be collected

They are available at the bottom floor of the SU

Sorry, but Cardiff is actually the bae of the Russell Group

We’ve done our research

Cardiff University’s JOMEC’s new multi-million pound home has been revealed

It’s part of the central square regeneration scheme in Cardiff city centre

Cardiff University is investing £250,000 into Brexit hate crime study

They are working with Metropolitan Police and the Home Office

FriendsFest is coming to Cardiff this summer

How you doin’?

Albany Fish Bar are selling chips for 5p

Winner winner, chippy dinner

How much does it cost to be Cardiff University student?

Fashion comes at a price

Match day is the best thing about going to Cardiff Uni

Big hits, big game, big socials

‘Can I call you little Chinese girl?’: Cardiff students speak out about racism at university

‘I didn’t react, I wasn’t sure how to’

BREAKING: Inflatable parrot kidnapped from second year party

Who would do such a thing?

There’s a new app in Cardiff that lets you buy restaurant food for £2


Some New Year’s resolutions that are more exciting and doable than ‘get fit’

Resolutions don’t have to be boring

Cardiff University Rugby Club will be collecting food for the homeless

In aid of Cardiff Foodbank

Why Movember matters so much more at university

Men’s health is not for debate

Celebrating Reading’s startling mediocrity

It’s quite close to London

How to be a Cardiff lad

Gains, banter and Lash

The Tab’s guide on what to do if Trump is elected

God help us all

Can girls please stop going in the SU’s male toilets?

Slash in the Lash

Meet the rugby fresher who invaded the pitch at the Millennium stadium, only to be shoulder charged to the ground by a steward

Oh, and he doesn’t drink

A love letter to Revs’ neverending shot menu

The midweek dream