Who are the creepy guys thinking the ‘Skeleboner’ is the perfect Halloween costume?

‘The funny side of Halloween is here!’

Look, dressing up at Halloween isn't hard. Draw some whiskers on and go as a cat, or chuck a white sheet over your head and boom, you're a ghost. Easy.

But this never stops morons from dressing up in offensive costumes every year.

Occupying the seedy as fuck space this year is the "Skeleboner" outfit. It's quite possibly the rankest Halloween costume ever and can be yours for £25.99 from Amazon.

One online store describes the Skeleboner as a "Hilarious skeleton costume…and 'extra bone' with air pump to add a little interactivity with the costume. The funny side of Halloween is here!"

Can you imagine what they'd be like at an actual Halloween party? Assembling a small crowd to watch as they inflate their fake penis, "accidentally" bumping into people with it. It's all too much.

One five-star online review says the outfit provided "a great talking point".

YouTube is full of these creeps showing off their boner-iffic outfits. This guy has even filmed himself operating his pump-action penis, don't ask why.

We can add the Skeleboner to the long list of Halloween outfits that are not okay. Whether you're dressing up as a mentally ill person, or a professional footballer in a "Jagerbomber" costume. Not forgetting the two girls who won a £150 "best dressed" prize after dressing up as the twin towers. Happy Halloween everyone!