Iona MacRobert

Student Contributor

Iona MacRobert

Other interests are in the pop culture world and looking at the lives of celebrities. Also, I enjoy writing about self care and looking after yourself as a University student.

  • Iona is a current student contributor for The Tab where I write articles for the site covering a range of news segments
  • Iona enjoys writing about pop culture, lifestyle and anything reality TV (which she watches too much of).
  • In her spare time, Iona's hobbies are acting, dancing, yoga and watching too many reality TV series


Iona joined the The Tab in December 2022 as part of the The Tab Norwich team. After pitching and writing a range of article for that site, Iona now contributes to the national page as well.


Iona is in her final year at UEA studying BA Drama and English Literature. She started writing for The Tab during her studies and wishes to continue pursuing a career in journalism.


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