Bridgerton is casting for a female lead and people are convinced it’s Benedict’s love interest

It’s happening! It’s happening!

Right now, Bridgerton is reportedly casting for the role of a female lead, and some details in the type of person the show is looking for has made everyone think the same thing: This person is going to be Benedict’s love interest.

Now, the big Bridgerton fans among us will know Benedict marries a woman named Sophie Beckett. The casting call is for a woman called Emily, not Sophie, but of course, Netflix likes to switch a few factors from the books around every now and then.

According to Collider, the call out is for a “major recurring role” with them looking for someone aged 24-30 to play her. Emily is described as “plucky, endlessly resourceful, and having trouble trusting others.”

Bridgerton casting for female lead that could be Benedict love interest

via Netflix

What makes people think it could be Benedict’s love interest in the fact that it’s a major new role from next season, plus they will be required to film scenes that “involve nudity and scenes of a sexual nature.” In another potential change from the books, Emily is described as being an East Asian female.

Collider has also pointed out a key factor – even though the advert isn’t for a “Sophie” sometimes big shows will use code or cast for characters under different names, to avoid spoilers. It’s been very hush hush who the next season of Bridgerton will focus around, so if suddenly there was a casting call for Sophie, that would give it all away.

All hints are pointing towards this being a big clue Benedict’s story could be told next and Emily is in fact who we know as Sophie, but then again it could be a completely different character. We’ll have to wait and see!

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