‘Punch the Botox out your face’: Anton and Mitch are in a DEEP beef exchange right now

‘I want to shut this guy up once and for all — he’s obsessed’

Despite Love Island: All Stars being well and truly over and a thing of the past, cast members Anton Danyluk and Mitch Taylor are STILL deep in beef, fighting with one another. And right now, their feud is bigger than ever.

Let’s get one thing said from the outset, these two have never liked each other. They had beef in the villa, kept their little spat going on outside the show, and then went on to be as petty as to not follow each other on Instagram. It’s a mutual hatred, and it always has been.

According to The Sun, Anton is still going for Mitch and wants to settle it in the classic way all reality stars seem to want to these days – in a boxing match. “I want to shut this guy up once and for all — he’s obsessed,” he said.

Speaking of their ongoing beef, he added: “The situation is getting boring now. I want to put it to bed. If you’re going to call me out on a boxing fight then I’m not going to back down.”

Mitch being Messy Mitch obviously isn’t going to just let these comments go. He’s of course clapped back. He said he’d “punch all that Botox out of your face big man”. Um, what the hell is going on?

Love Island All Stars Mitch Taylor and Anton Danyluk

via ITV

Mitch added: “I’ll be more than happy to fight you bro. For thousands of pounds to punch your face as many times as I can I’m up for it 100 per cent. We know we don’t like each other, I’ve got no respect for you at all.”

Anton has previously spoken about himself and Mitch having beef since the Love Island: All Stars villa. He said he was “never particularly friendly” with Mitch, and it’s escalated since.

“Mitch said he’s got no respect for me and made some comment about my hairline saying I must have been in Turkey getting my hair done. He’s held a grudge,” Anton said.

“He’s tried to belittle my relationship with Georgia after we left the villa. I was never particularly friendly with him but when the situation with Liberty came about I made him look so small.”

I need to sit down. This is all too much.

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