With new arrivals and dates, TWO Love Island couples question splitting up tonight

Oh that villa is in a MESS

Two new arrivals have just arrived in the villa, and tonight they go on a date with some of the Islanders. That, plus the results of the heart race challenge last night, leaves two couples questioning if they have a solid connection moving forward.

In tonight’s episode, the heart rate challenge isn’t the only thing raising the Islanders’ pulses – as Joey and Jess head for dates with the two new arrivals, Jessy and Trey.

Love Island 2024

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Still in their heart rate challenge outfits, with Joey adorning his crown, Jessy says: “You look good, crazy get up!” Popping a bottle of fizz, Trey wastes no time in getting to know Jess. Trey says: “Talk to me about your time in the villa so far.” Trey then asks: “What is it you want?” Jess is quick to say: “You I think…I think my prayers have been answered.”

Interested to know more about Joey’s journey with Grace, Jessy asks: “What’s your situation?” Joey says: “We are sort of, not in a couple but we’re still into each other but it would be fair to say that both of us are willing to explore.” Jessy asks: “So, you are not closed off?” Joey replies: “I don’t really know…”

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With Jess ticking all of Trey’s boxes and Joey not closing himself off with Grace, have the two new arrivals arrived at just the right time?

The heart race challenge is hitting for Ciaran and Nicole, with her now questioning his feelings towards her. Ciaran’s heart rate was  raised the most by Grace, despite being in a couple with Nicole.

Chatting to Ronnie about the results, Ciaran says: “Everytime there is a game, a challenge or anything I say or do, it’s always the same reaction. What can I do? It’s a game…I’m fed up of going in circles mate…I like the girl a lot and really want it to go somewhere but there is only so much I can do.”

Love Island 2024

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Confiding in Uma at the same time, Nicole says about Grace: “She is absolutely beautiful, she’s stunning…he just knocks me back all of the time.”

Uma says: “Don’t let this knock you back, you’re stunning Nic.” Nicole says: “It’s just not nice to hear is it. I just want him to fancy me more.” Will the two be able to overcome this latest obstacle?

Then, it’s a new day in the villa and Grace has woken up with one thing on her mind, Joey’s date with new arrival Jessy.  Hearing from Jessy last night that Joey said they are not closed off yet, Grace’s questions her connection with Joey.

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Having not pulled her for a chat yet, Grace confides in Harriett as she says: “I’m fuming, I’ll be honest. I feel like with Joey, he has been how he has been with me, this constant reassurance and feeling like I genuinely believe and trust everything he’s saying. He’s been that way with me so it’s made me open up and be that way with him.”

Grace continues: “For him to then go on a date and then come back in. I felt like he was so cold with me…his energy was so off.” Harriett says: “It wasn’t even what he was saying, it was more his actions.” With Joey showing that actions speak louder than words, will he pull Grace for a chat?

Love Island 2024

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Kicking the night off with a game of never have I ever, the villa prepares for some home truths. From checking partners’ phones, sleeping with someone over 20 years older than themselves and revealing they’ve had sex in public, the Islanders do not hold back.

As one Islander reveals all of the places they’ve had sex, Jess says: “I think you’ve said enough…” As Uma reads: “Never have I ever been two-faced about someone in this villa”, the mood takes a swift change in direction.

Ciaran reveals he has heard someone be two faced about himself and Nicole, but who is he talking about? As the game unfolds one Islander is left less than impressed as she walks off from the fire pit.


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