Lauren has just revealed a MAFS Australia 2024 cheating scene that got cut from the show

Producers are said to have muted some cast members’ mics in the scene

Chaotic fav Lauren Dunn has just revealed a scene from a huge MAFS Australia 2024 cheating scandal was cut from the final show. What was the biggest cheating scandal this year you ask? Sara meeting up with her ex behind Tim’s back, of course.

We all remember the Sara cheating scandal. It caused her and bestie Eden to end their friendship for good, when Eden revealed to the group Sara had met up with her ex during filming, when she was married to Tim. Then there was the whole did they or didn’t they hook up just before the show drama, and it all ended in a lot of screaming over dinner party tables.

Despite everything, Sara and Tim lasted to the final vows, and split shortly after. Now, Lauren has said there was a scene during the time when the cheating scandal was coming out that didn’t make it to air.

Cheating scandal scene between Sara and Tim was cut from MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel Nine

Speaking to Popsugar Australiain an Instagram Reel, Lauren said part of the dinner party where it all kicked off was cut. “The entire table took their opportunity to start yelling at [Sara] and having a go at her, which to me was insane – because most people didn’t say a word to any of the guys when something came up – but as soon as it was Sara, everyone jumped down her throat,” she said.

Lauren went on to say other members of the cast had their microphones muted, so it looked as though Sara was “yelling at everyone”. She said: “They muted the rest of the table’s mics to make it look like she was yelling at everyone, which was not the case.”

Lauren then convinced Sara to leave, which she did, and Lauren said she thinks MAFS didn’t air this because producers didn’t want the viewers to turn on her for supporting Sara.

“I actually ended up pulling my mic off, she pulled hers out and we stormed out, and I was the one that was kind of like, ‘Let’s get the f**k out of here’,” Sara said.

“They didn’t show any of my reactions, they didn’t show me speaking, and I think they did that because [the] god fairies in the editing room were worried that if I was kind of defending her too much, then the audience would turn on me. I wish that they showed me defending her, because that’s what should’ve happened from everyone else.”

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