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Popstars, footballers and a GB athlete: Everything we know about Megan’s relationship history

Her love life before the villa seems to be just as hectic

It must be hard being Love Island's Megan, what with everyone within a 50-mile radius immediately falling in love with you after just one hair flick.

The power she's exerted over the boys in the villa has been impressive and very entertaining, unceremoniously dumping Eyal and then taking all of 30 seconds to convince Wes to ditch his three week relationship with Laura.

She's by far one of the most entertaining characters in the villa, flitting from Alex, to Eyal, to Wes, to new Alex with the glasses, and then maybe back to Wes again. You're never really certain what she's going to do next, at this point I don't think even Megan knows.

Simply put, in the words of Dr Alex, this woman is a bloody enigma. We know she's spent £25k on plastic surgery, there are some before and after pics you won't believe are her, and she has a rare genetic thumb condition, but what about her relationship history?

Is the way she's been in the villa the same as the outside world? Turns out, yeah, and fair play, who can blame her. Here's everyone who Megan has been rumoured to have dated before she entered the villa.

A bouncer at the strip club she worked at

She dated a bouncer at the strip club she worked at, according to a former colleague of Megan's at the Sunset Strip Club in Southend.

Sunset Strip Club told OK! Magazine: "She wasn't sacked, but we have a rule. No one in my staff is allowed to get involved with the girls. Doormen, security, barmen whatever.

"I didn't sack her, if anything I told the staff to leave as the girls come and go as they're self employed. I think she felt awkward about it and left. She went out with one of the staff and I don't agree with that so she left."

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An old photo of Megan from her pole-dancing days at Sunset Strip Club

Sugar Daddies

The same ex-colleague of Megan's also said how Megan has "had a few sugar daddies", who allegedly used to come to the club and bring her gifts, including a guitar she apparently asked for.

Calum Best

According to The Mirror, Megan reportedly dated Calum Best, the reality TV star who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and is the son of famous footballer George Best.

Pescatarian 7 months and I’ve never felt better ?

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James Arthur

Megan also apparently tried to get a date with X Factor winner James Arthur. A friend claimed Megan met with PR agencies in order to find out how to become famous and that dating celebs could be key.

Megan's so-called pal told The Sun: "Megan always wanted to be famous and believed her love life would be her key. She met a couple of PR agencies to find out how to get in the newspapers. She came up with the idea of dating celebs and getting snapped with them."

A former GB athlete

One eagle-eyed person on Twitter noticed that GB slalom canoeist, Tommy Brady, had liked and commented "My G" on one of Megan's photos from before she entered the villa.

They asked Tommy whether he used to date Megan and although he didn't respond he did like the tweet. While this is by no means proof the two used to date, it hints that there may be history between the pair.

• Hillbilly Hot-tub • ? @charlesmoriarty

A post shared by Tommy Brady (@tommybrady7) on Jul 4, 2018 at 10:25am PDT

Chelsea footballer Danny Drinkwater

As well as James Arthur, Megan allegedly arranged a date with Chelsea and England midfielder Danny Drinkwater. Unfortunately, the date didn't go to plan, with Danny apparently cancelling the date.

Rainin in summer at home. No surprise!! Holiday #throwback ??☀️?

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Thibaut Courtois

The failure to snap up Drinkwater did not seem to stop Megan, though, who instead apparently moved onto a teammate of Danny's, Chelsea's goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois who is currently playing in the World Cup for Belgium.

The inside source said: “They enjoyed a romantic dinner in a London restaurant and it went really well. He even talked about whisking her away on a break.”

??‍♂️?? #reddevils #worldcup2018

A post shared by Thibaut Courtois (@thibautcourtois) on May 28, 2018 at 11:42am PDT

Another unknown World Cup footballer

Good things come in threes, we are led to believe, and the same is surely true for dating professional footballers. Megan said she has also dated another World Cup footballer but refused to reveal who it was.

Other celebs in her DMs

Megan has also claimed she has been "DM'd by the odd celeb" from time to time, but again refused to reveal any identities.

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