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If you haven’t had any help on your personal statement, send it to us

Send yours in today

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January 15th is the deadline for hundreds of thousands of sixth form students to send off their UCAS applications, nervously hoping to secure a place at university. The application process is the same for everyone. Everyone fills out the same form, everyone submits their predicted grades and everyone writes a personal statement.

However, most private school students undoubtedly get way more help with their UCAS applications than their state school counterparts. This may be in the form of parental help, personal tutors at school, or even private tutors. It gives them a massive advantage over non-selective state school applicants as a result.

In the final week of UCAS applications, staff and students from The Tab are offering to help pupils from non-selective state schools who have not had any proper help with their application. Our staff and writers – all of whom know what a good personal statement looks like – are giving feedback on personal statements and university choices to anyone who emails us.

Here's how to send us your personal statement.

Send an email to [email protected] that includes:

– A draft of your personal statement saved as a Microsoft Word document.

– Which courses you are applying to and at which universities.

– Your predicted grades.

-The name and postcode of your school.

Once you've sent us your personal statement we will attempt to send you feedback within 24 hours – bear with us if it takes a bit longer, we're a small team.

Your personal statement has to be a proper draft or finished draft – we can only work with something near to completion.

Don't email us on the 14th or 15th of Jan – it will probably be too late for us to send back our help before the UCAS deadline.

Your email will be received and anonymised by a member of our staff who has undergone a criminal background check, and passed on to a staff member or Tab student writer who will put feedback on it.

To be eligible you have to go to a non-selective state school or college. Information on what should be included in your personal statement can be found on the UCAS website.

Oxford graduate Joe Seddon, who runs an organisation that helps underprivileged kids get into Oxbridge, told The Tab: "Middle class kids and the people at the top – they know how the system works, they know the unofficial rules of the game and that's a big problem because disadvantaged students don't know the rules of the game."

The Tab's 10x Campaign on fairness in uni admissions is named after how much more likely privileged students are to progress to a top uni. If you want to contribute to The Tab's 10x Campaign with a personal story or news tip, please email [email protected]

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