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Why we need to start taking CUCA seriously

Too far to the right.

It’s only been 12 hours since Love Island but you can buy an ‘It is what it is’ tee RIGHT NOW

Now that’s fast fashion x

How to use every single sex toy on yourself, from girls to girls

Warning: this guide will make you come

Girton Fellow in Medicine and Paediatrics Senior Lecturer dies

Dr Carlo Acerini’s work included management of Type 1 diabetes in childhood

Correction: Professor Kathleen Stock

Our articles contained some inaccuracies

Applications for The Tab’s Summer Internship programme are now open

Applications close Friday 26th April

Introducing the Sad Boy t shirt, official merch for every member of your Sad Boy house

Best enjoyed with a Ristorante pizza and a sense of regret

UoB to start testing students for Ketamine during exam season

The new policy will be introduced after Easter

You can now buy a Trebs x Greggs t shirt and I need it NOW

Trebs forevz x

Limited edition Southampton Patagonia style merch has just dropped and it is FIT

More like Sotonia x

How to have sex for longer than a minute

In all seriousness

Review: The 23-Hour Sketch Show

A quickly-written, quick-fire show

REVIEW: The Unbelievable Ending of the World

Where do I begin

Yeah buddy! You can now get a t shirt that says ‘Made in Jesmond’ on it

It’s perf x

Here’s how to watch that entire Peter Marsh Come Dine with Me episode in its FULL GLORY

Did Jane deserve the money? Finally some answers

So, you can now buy an ‘Enjoy the money, Jane’ t shirt and nothing else matters

What a sad little life, Jane

What Legally Blonde character is your college?

It’s the Lent term musical don’t you know

How to make a girl come in three minutes

Introducing the Kivin method

How to have a blended orgasm

Clear your evening plans