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Dr Gopal accuses King’s College Porters of racism

Cambridge English academic refuses to supervise students at King’s in response to treatment by Porters

The Fuck-it List

Your May Week challenge

‘Most influential black Briton’ intervenes on University’s side in ‘dearth of black students’ debate

‘It is not the universities that need assistance’, says Sir Kenneth Olisa

Open letter from the university responds to reports of a ‘dearth of black applicants’

‘We believe a more honest and comprehensive understanding of the issues is needed’

Kings Affair headlining act REVEALED

Get excited for the edgiest party in May Week

We asked girls for the most awkward times they’ve been caught having sex

Pass me a bucket I feel SICK

Pembroke June Event Headliner REVEALED

Get ready to dance the night away

‘Being seen as a number and not a person can have a huge impact’: A Bristol University parent speaks out

‘This is not about who is to blame but about how do we get this right’

‘I did not show up to class for the entirety of last term and nobody noticed’: A student speaks out about mental health at Bristol University

An open, honest and raw first hand account

BREAKING: Activists vandalise Senate House

Cambridge Zero Carbon Society activists deface University property in protest

‘Parents are asking awkward questions about how safe Bristol is’: An academic condemns the university’s response to student deaths

We’re being dubbed ‘the suicide capital of the Russell Group’

UPDATE: Tit Hall student from C-Sunday video leaves college whilst Crescents decide to disband

College investigations into this incident are still underway

Tit Hall drinking society ‘The Crescents’ distance themselves from controversial video

The video posted on Grudgebridge has received widespread student condemnation

It’s time to decide: Which uni course produces the most annoying students?

Medics are obviously up there


All Cambridge. No Analytica.

Which is the most beaut girl’s name? Cast your votes now

It’s definitely Olivia

Another scheduled test

This is a scheduled test

Take the hardest quiz of ‘would you rather’ if you’ve ever had sex with a guy

Wow this is a lot

Girls tell us about the moment they worked out their boyfriend was cheating on them


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