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Staged robberies, allergic reactions and false alarms: An exclusive insight into the Rootes’ prank wars

Flat pranks, tried and tested

Liverpool John Moores’ Trampoline society host ‘tramp’ themed social

The social has been an annual event since 2014

Review: UCATT, Lady Windemere’s Fan

A brilliant cast in the midst of some confusion

REVIEW The Impronauts: Improv on the Orient Express

If I were a fifty year old man I’d say it was ‘a romp of an evening’.

The Physicists review

Some outstanding acting, but the interpretation as a whole lacked conviction

The Ruby Lounge is closing late next year

They promise to ‘remain until the very end’

Medwards charging students £1.6K to live in a bunkabin for a TERM

The College has let students down across the board with accommodation and rent

We’re hiring for a Brand Partnerships Manager to join the #1 student marketing team in the country

Get yourself an exciting career opportunity in a “leap-frog” sales role at one of the UK’s most successful digital media startups

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It’s high time you got what you worked for

We are the girls who can’t come from sex and we will not be silenced

It’s not that uncommon

25 things all girls should know about sex by 25

Practical advice included

Art’s House is the only London festival worth going to this summer

Artwork and DJ Harvey will be playing all day long

Bristol SU respond to Tab article: ‘More can and should be expected of sabbatical officers’

‘The words recently written by James Heale can only be met with agreement’

With the full moon behind you, here’s your horoscope for a fresh start

Plus a little more

Leo season is finally upon us, and here’s how it’s going to heat up your sign’s love life

Queen of hearts

Caius Economics fellow protests NAKED* in viral video

…*well, wearing nothing but £70

Your weekly horoscope says he’s probably stalking your Instagram

We’re going 🚀 Leo

Watch the entire first week of babe membership – free

‘Is It just me?’ Or…

Why are people so offended by the word cunt? A psychologist explains

Someone should text this to Ellie