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I’m out as bisexual at uni but still haven’t told any of my family

I’m afraid it would change the way they see me

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Calling all societies! Here’s how you can get your hands on over 800 condoms for FREE

That is a lot of sex!!!!!!

The Tab is hiring an Assistant Editor to join its London head office

Applications close Friday 3rd July

So… We asked straight boys if they’d let their girlfriend peg them

Happy Friday, lads

Dear Gavin Williamson MP, make Black British history compulsory in schools now

‘The Black Curriculum’ is calling for an overhaul of the nationwide syllabus. Here’s how you can support them

FaceTime sex, learning to squirt and nude rotas: Your tales from horny isolation

Listen to this if you’re a thirsty lil hoe

I’m stuck in lockdown with a housemate I’ve slept with and it’s absolutely horrific

I hate past me so much right now

Applications for The Tab’s Summer Internship programme are now open

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International students blast Sheffield SU officers for ‘not caring’ about their debt

It’s a humiliating blow for the SU

‘Tell us where you are’: Sheffield Uni issues plea to students amid virus crisis

They’re tracking down locations

Sheffield coronavirus cases leap by a third in 24 hours

They’ve doubled since the weekend

New daily email sends only good news to take your mind off everything else

Rona? Who is she?

Coronavirus: 61 confirmed cases in Sheffield

A rise of 13 in one day

Extra horny during isolation? Listen to The Tab’s sex podcast

This is for you, thirsty lil bitch

BREAKING: Varsity cancelled due to coronavirus

All fixtures off

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Sheffield rise to 13

As both unis cancel classes

‘Ready for a shagfest in quarantine’: How coronavirus is affecting sex lives

Love in the time of cholera? Sex in the time of corona

‘Our first date ended in a foursome’: Group sex stories that actually happened

One girl had a fifteensome in a shower nbd

‘Anti-discrimination’ Sheff SU president candidate wore Native American costume

Exclusive: On a Halloween night out

Universities are a ‘hostile environment for women’, Sheffield SU officer claims

She wants a feminist revolution on campus

Sheffield SU reveals lineup for new campus music festival ‘Underpass’

And it’s as Indie as you expected

BREAKING: Two people who have coronavirus are at Royal Hallamshire hospital

Right by the med school

Students demand ‘racist’ Sheffield SU officer resigns over China spying claims

They are set to protest

The Sounds of University College London playlist is the perfect sex playlist

The Sounds of Spotify Colleges comes through again

All the sports girls you’ll sleep with in Lancs

Thank u, next

‘I’m like a venus fly trap’: What it’s like living with vaginismus

We need to stop normalising pain during sex

Boys tell us 12 blow job tips so you can give a sensational BJ

Don’t forget the balls

More boys should be into fingering themselves – take it from a boy who is

It is the most premium act for orgasm-related pleasures

Only 1 in 10 people can pass this sex education test and everyone else is banned from sex

You simply don’t deserve it

Have you caught The Ick or is it just a phase? Take this quiz to find out

Don’t you dare touch me with your icky little hands

What to do with a guy’s balls, a guide

Get ready to change his life

What it’s like to date someone who’s still in the closet

It’s not as romantic as Sex Education

We asked boys: What’s your favourite type of nude?

Are vagina shots ok? Asking for a mate

A step-by-step guide on how to give an outstanding footjob, with diagrams

One in seven men have a foot fetish so get to know

The most popular secret sex fetishes, according to Killing Kittens

You’ve been naughty x

The most desperate lengths we’ve EVER gone to for sex

6 hour Megabus? Flight to New York? Yeah why not

19 mistakes all guys are guilty of doing when fingering a girl

Why you ignoring my clit tho?

‘He wanked next to me as I slept’: The wildest reasons you’ve caught The Ick

Once you’ve caught it there’s no going back

Can you stay mates with a FWB when you’re in a new relationship? A serious investigation

Nah nah, he’s just a friend I shagged several times when we were talking xoxo

Vote for Cambridge’s Best Bum 2019: Round one

Round one of voting is NOW OPEN

19 mistakes all boys are guilty of making whilst eating a girl out

Somebody lock them up for this heinous crime

How to have sex with your friends: A step by step guide

Yes, your housemates count as friends

‘Nice tits’ and homemade videos: How to take and respond to nudes, properly

By girls

Scary eyes, tragic openers and confronting a catfish: Dating apps dos and don’ts

If you’re wearing sunglasses in every pic kindly get in the bin

The Tinder poo man and McDonald’s Cumface: First date horror stories that will make you want to stay single

I’ll die alone and honestly, that’s cool

Spanking, Watersports and Foot Worship: These are your secret fetishes

Suck my toes bitch

The creepiest things people have whispered during sex


I can’t respect a man as a sexual partner unless he has a big dick

‘All my interest goes away as soon as I see a small dick’

Tab podcast ‘Is It in Yet?’: The worst sex we’ve EVER had

You can’t unhear this

Tab podcast ‘Is It In Yet?’: How to get yourself out of a dry spell, FAST

You need this x

I’m dating couples to have threesomes, but the guy I’m seeing is jealous

He doesn’t want to have threesomes with me, so I’m trying to make my own fun happen

We’ve made a sex confessions podcast to help you through horny isolation

Haha remember sex? 

How to deepthroat like a pro and without choking

1. Train your gag reflex!

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Why we need to start taking CUCA seriously

Too far to the right.

It’s only been 12 hours since Love Island but you can buy an ‘It is what it is’ tee RIGHT NOW

Now that’s fast fashion x

How to use every single sex toy on yourself, from girls to girls

Warning: this guide will make you come

Girton Fellow in Medicine and Paediatrics Senior Lecturer dies

Dr Carlo Acerini’s work included management of Type 1 diabetes in childhood

Correction: Professor Kathleen Stock

Our articles contained some inaccuracies

Applications for The Tab’s Summer Internship programme are now open

Applications close Friday 26th April

Introducing the Sad Boy t shirt, official merch for every member of your Sad Boy house

Best enjoyed with a Ristorante pizza and a sense of regret

UoB to start testing students for Ketamine during exam season

The new policy will be introduced after Easter

You can now buy a Trebs x Greggs t shirt and I need it NOW

Trebs forevz x

Limited edition Southampton Patagonia style merch has just dropped and it is FIT

More like Sotonia x

How to have sex for longer than a minute

In all seriousness

You can get ‘Shoes off if you hate Swansea’ on a t shirt for varsity and I am SCREAMING

Because shouting it at them just isn’t enough

Review: The 23-Hour Sketch Show

A quickly-written, quick-fire show

REVIEW: The Unbelievable Ending of the World

Where do I begin

Sack off the library – here’s why you should study in the pub this exam season

Can’t say no to a cheeky pint and a past paper

Yeah buddy! You can now get a t shirt that says ‘Made in Jesmond’ on it

It’s perf x

Vote in UoB’s Hottest Single: Heat two

They’re back and fit as ever

Here’s how to watch that entire Peter Marsh Come Dine with Me episode in its FULL GLORY

Did Jane deserve the money? Finally some answers

What Legally Blonde character is your college?

It’s the Lent term musical don’t you know

It’s 2019 girls, buy a vibrator (or whatever floats your boat)

Find a dick that has 15 different settings, I dare you

How to make a girl come in three minutes

Introducing the Kivin method

How to have a blended orgasm

Clear your evening plans

Holy hell! You can now buy Fyre Festival merch

Andy King would suck a dick for this

Toys are for children – so why do I keep being made to feel like one by supposed adults?

Ghosting: the unabridged tale of a very Cambridge problem

How to make a girl squirt

You gotta find that G-spot

What girls with small boobs want boys to know during sex

Please don’t call them ‘cute’

REVIEW: Footlights Presents: Human Resources

Cambridge Footlights deliver a mixed bag

What to do with a girl’s butt when having sex with her: A step by step guide

How hard you spank is VERY important

Review: Dragtime Presents: Cirque du Slay

Another smash from the well known drag group

REVIEW: Bastard

‘Bastard’ is a new play by Billie Collins encompassing themes of grief, loss, inner torment, and questions of identity and family

REVIEW: The Bacchae

A glorious exploration of sexuality, liberty, and divinity

Bristol City Council install bollards in place of sheltered spot used by homeless people

The council say they’ve done this due to reports of antisocial behaviour

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VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2018

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