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Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Charlie’s story

‘We need psychological help, not a lecture on healthy eating’

Everything Lancs students should know about Ukraine from a Ukrainian student

‘Most probably it is only the beginning of war’

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I’m out as bisexual at uni but still haven’t told any of my family

I’m afraid it would change the way they see me

Applications for The Tab Inclusivity Internship 2020 are now open

Applications close on the 31st October

Discovery, drinks and depression: How I dealt with my mental health as a fresher

‘Everyone seemed to be having a good time, so why wasn’t I?’

Dear Gavin Williamson MP, make Black British history compulsory in schools now

‘The Black Curriculum’ is calling for an overhaul of the nationwide syllabus. Here’s how you can support them

I’m stuck in lockdown with a housemate I’ve slept with and it’s absolutely horrific

I hate past me so much right now

International students blast Sheffield SU officers for ‘not caring’ about their debt

It’s a humiliating blow for the SU

Sheffield coronavirus cases leap by a third in 24 hours

They’ve doubled since the weekend

Coronavirus: 61 confirmed cases in Sheffield

A rise of 13 in one day

BREAKING: Varsity cancelled due to coronavirus

All fixtures off

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Sheffield rise to 13

As both unis cancel classes

‘Anti-discrimination’ Sheff SU president candidate wore Native American costume

Exclusive: On a Halloween night out

Universities are a ‘hostile environment for women’, Sheffield SU officer claims

She wants a feminist revolution on campus

Sheffield SU reveals lineup for new campus music festival ‘Underpass’

And it’s as Indie as you expected

BREAKING: Two people who have coronavirus are at Royal Hallamshire hospital

Right by the med school

Students demand ‘racist’ Sheffield SU officer resigns over China spying claims

They are set to protest

The Sounds of University College London playlist is the perfect sex playlist

The Sounds of Spotify Colleges comes through again

All the sports girls you’ll sleep with in Lancs

Thank u, next

‘I’m like a venus fly trap’: What it’s like living with vaginismus

We need to stop normalising pain during sex

Have you caught The Ick or is it just a phase? Take this quiz to find out

Don’t you dare touch me with your icky little hands

What it’s like to date someone who’s still in the closet

It’s not as romantic as Sex Education

Coventry halls residents are being relocated because their rat infestation is so bad

There are videos of rats running in the hallway

Eric from Sex Education calls out girl who dressed up as him and blacked up

She even tagged him in the original upload

Glasgow Uni will spend £20m repaying benefits gained from the slave trade

The money will be raised and spent over the next 20 years

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Why we need to start taking CUCA seriously

Too far to the right.

It’s only been 12 hours since Love Island but you can buy an ‘It is what it is’ tee RIGHT NOW

Now that’s fast fashion x

Girton Fellow in Medicine and Paediatrics Senior Lecturer dies

Dr Carlo Acerini’s work included management of Type 1 diabetes in childhood

Correction: Professor Kathleen Stock

Our articles contained some inaccuracies

Introducing the Sad Boy t shirt, official merch for every member of your Sad Boy house

Best enjoyed with a Ristorante pizza and a sense of regret

UoB to start testing students for Ketamine during exam season

The new policy will be introduced after Easter

You can now buy a Trebs x Greggs t shirt and I need it NOW

Trebs forevz x

Limited edition Southampton Patagonia style merch has just dropped and it is FIT

More like Sotonia x

You can get ‘Shoes off if you hate Swansea’ on a t shirt for varsity and I am SCREAMING

Because shouting it at them just isn’t enough

Review: The 23-Hour Sketch Show

A quickly-written, quick-fire show

REVIEW: The Unbelievable Ending of the World

Where do I begin

Sack off the library – here’s why you should study in the pub this exam season

Can’t say no to a cheeky pint and a past paper

Yeah buddy! You can now get a t shirt that says ‘Made in Jesmond’ on it

It’s perf x

Vote in UoB’s Hottest Single: Heat two

They’re back and fit as ever

What Legally Blonde character is your college?

It’s the Lent term musical don’t you know

It’s 2019 girls, buy a vibrator (or whatever floats your boat)

Find a dick that has 15 different settings, I dare you

Toys are for children – so why do I keep being made to feel like one by supposed adults?

Ghosting: the unabridged tale of a very Cambridge problem

REVIEW: Footlights Presents: Human Resources

Cambridge Footlights deliver a mixed bag

Review: Dragtime Presents: Cirque du Slay

Another smash from the well known drag group

REVIEW: Bastard

‘Bastard’ is a new play by Billie Collins encompassing themes of grief, loss, inner torment, and questions of identity and family

REVIEW: The Bacchae

A glorious exploration of sexuality, liberty, and divinity

Bristol City Council install bollards in place of sheltered spot used by homeless people

The council say they’ve done this due to reports of antisocial behaviour

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VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2018

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest peach of them all? Vote at the bottom of the article

We spoke to the second year who changed her name to Leadmill in return for free entry

‘I was very drunk at pres and saw that Leadmill was offering a Gold card so I thought fuck it’

Manchester Students’ Union votes to keep jazz hands at SU Senate events

53 per cent of students voted to keep it

Sheffield hotel cancel event with MP Chris Williamson after ‘anonymous threats’

The event was due to take place after Williamson’s visit to campus was cancelled by students

Sussex Uni professor tweets ‘Israelis blew up Twin Towers’

Kees van der Pijl was formerly head of the International Relations department

Glasgow Uni students reach Tenerife, Iceland, and Spain in GUCFS Jailbreak

They’ve raised over £4000 for charity so far

Man stabbed near Hyde Park Sainsbury’s

Rumours of a shooting have been discredited

Plug are playing Africa by Toto all night at an event next month

It’s to raise money for charity

Why do less than half of women have an orgasm during sex?

The orgasm gap is a problem that is normalised within uni culture

Staged robberies, allergic reactions and false alarms: An exclusive insight into the Rootes’ prank wars

Flat pranks, tried and tested

Review: UCATT, Lady Windemere’s Fan

A brilliant cast in the midst of some confusion

REVIEW The Impronauts: Improv on the Orient Express

If I were a fifty year old man I’d say it was ‘a romp of an evening’.

I broke my ankle during Freshers’ Week and this is how I survived

Getting by without a leg to stand on

Edinburgh students tell us their weirdest first date stories

“I can give you head on the stairs”

The Physicists review

Some outstanding acting, but the interpretation as a whole lacked conviction

The Ruby Lounge is closing late next year

They promise to ‘remain until the very end’

New Zealand Wines will be selling alcohol again at 5pm today

No word on the NOS

Medwards charging students £1.6K to live in a bunkabin for a TERM

The College has let students down across the board with accommodation and rent

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So how long before you can buy Versace at TJ Maxx?

Now that the ‘tackiest man alive’ has his hooks in the brand, it’s only a matter of time

University of Manchester students can now test their drugs for £2.50

Always practice safe sesh

‘Spit or swallow’ beer mats put in Sussex freshers’ welcome boxes

The campaign has been branded as ‘sexual harassment’

I’m a student drug dealer and this is how I make £65k a year

‘I’ve been stabbed twice but the money’s good’

Art’s House is the only London festival worth going to this summer

Artwork and DJ Harvey will be playing all day long

Bristol SU respond to Tab article: ‘More can and should be expected of sabbatical officers’

‘The words recently written by James Heale can only be met with agreement’

With the full moon behind you, here’s your horoscope for a fresh start

Plus a little more

Leo season is finally upon us, and here’s how it’s going to heat up your sign’s love life

Queen of hearts

Caius Economics fellow protests NAKED* in viral video

…*well, wearing nothing but £70

Your weekly horoscope says he’s probably stalking your Instagram

We’re going ? Leo

Sign up for Amber Rose’s SlutBox if you love makeup, vibrators and giving a fuck about politics

This reformed slut votes!

Watch the entire first week of babe membership – free

‘Is It just me?’ Or…

Legitimate reasons why Jack and Dani do not deserve to win Love Island

They’re just friends who kiss!!

Why are people so offended by the word cunt? A psychologist explains

Someone should text this to Ellie

Your life is shit because there are FIVE planets in retrograde — but here’s how you can fix it

Don’t fall for his BS again!

Porter at Leicester Uni prevents suicide after finding student’s suicide note

The note was found in halls

Alex Miller before the villa: The male escort and naked butler who won a £10k Specsavers competition

The new Alex had a long CV before entering the villa

A ‘window of opportunity’ will occur this afternoon, and here’s what it means for your sign


Your weekly horoscopes are here, and you’re about to lower your standards


Dr Gopal accuses King’s College Porters of racism

Cambridge English academic refuses to supervise students at King’s in response to treatment by Porters

Your weekly love horoscopes are here, and you-know-who is definitely going to reach out

Man your battle stations