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The Tab is hiring a Staff Writer at our HQ – here’s how to apply

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Men with navy blue sheets are red flags and you should never trust them, here’s why

I can guarantee that boy not texting you back rn is sleeping soundly in his navy sheets

University Mental Health Day 2023: In defence of prioritising yourself at uni

A night in by yourself is healthy, not boring

Human barricades and suspension: Inside the protests happening across British schools

This is chaos

So here’s how they filmed that golden shower scene in YOU season four

Lukas Gage wearing goggles was not part of the script lmao

Debunked: This is what the masacara wand trend from TikTok *really* means

You lot are filthy

Explained: So what is sad nipple syndrome and how can I tell if I actually have it?

Jamie Laing has recently spoken about his experience

The horrendous ‘Mexican pancake’ trend is going viral on TikTok and this is the vile meaning behind it

People are recording their live reactions lmao

You can’t call yourself an LGBTQ+ ally if you’re watching the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

You love to party with us at Pride so why are you supporting homophobia?

Randomly, Sheffield Hallam University is opening a new campus in London

The campus is planned to open in 2025

The mother of Sheffield student who died is calling for a change in the law

‘Our son did not come to Sheffield to die’

Sheffield students are occupying The Diamond to protest the uni working with arms companies

It’s the first occupation of a University of Sheffield building in more than six months

Sheffield has ranked as one of the best cities in the UK for pumpkin picking

Are you really celebrating Halloween if you’re not picking your own pumpkin?

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Netflix has a problem with cancelling lesbian shows and we need to talk about it

Why does Heartstopper get another two seasons but First Kill doesn’t?

The Tab is hiring at our head office: Here’s how to apply

We are looking for two talented people to work in social media roles

‘Love is love’: LGBTQ+ young people on the importance of their sexuality

‘My sexuality and idenity mean everything to me’

This is what your favourite Elf bar flavour says about your overall vibe

If you smoke pink lemonade then sustainable living repulses you

Dear straight people, think twice before coming to any Pride events this summer

Queer spaces make us feel safe, your presence could destroy that

These reactions to Rebel Wilson coming out prove why we still need Pride

Comments like these stop queer people from coming out

As a queer person, an LGBTQ+ Love Island is the last thing I would ever want

It’s a hard pass on having my sexuality being turned into a meme on Twitter

The Tab is hiring a Social Media Manager

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The Tab is hiring a TikTok Producer

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As a queer person I loved Derry Girls, but last night’s episode has ruined it

I am sick of shows like Derry Girls destroying lesbian happiness

Lesbian fashion going mainstream makes me feel more confident in my sexuality

Everyone looks like a flaming homosexual now

Enough is enough, it’s time for Boris Johnson to go

Whilst we were unable to grieve the loss of dying family members, Boris Johnson partied

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Charlie’s story

‘We need psychological help, not a lecture on healthy eating’

Everything Lancs students should know about Ukraine from a Ukrainian student

‘Most probably it is only the beginning of war’

‘University became my safe space’: Five LGBTQ+ young people on coming out whilst at uni

‘Being away from home made me realise I had to come out and start living as a man’

‘It’s easy to feel isolated after coming out’: How to cope with LGBTQ+ loneliness

‘Your LGBTQ+ identity is something to be celebrated and there’s a community who wants to support you’

We’re hiring a TikTok Specialist

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a new growth area at The Tab

Men need to realise that sexualising women when they kiss isn’t funny – it’s homophobic

This isn’t something that’s up for debate

We’re hiring a News Reporter

We’re looking for an ambitious and passionate young journalist to come and break big scoops

The Tab is hiring a Content Writer

We’re looking for a talented writer who will publish stories for our brand partners, and write for our national site

They’re here! Meet Boris Johnson’s new racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant cabinet

The reshuffle was like a really lame Casa Amor recoupling

The Tab is hiring at our head office: Here’s how to apply

We are looking for talented people to come and work in three roles: Creative, Social Editor, and News Reporter

We’re hiring: Creative, The Tab

Come and work with us

Introducing horny girl autumn: Hot girl summer’s older and sexier sister

She exclusively dates people who wear turtle necks

‘Being queer isn’t a disease’: Young queer people on the rise of anti-LGBTQ+ attacks

‘The fear of getting caught carrying out a homophobic attack is minimal’

Seeing queer people experience homophobia makes me scared to be myself in public

I feel powerless, afraid and vulnerable

These stories from LGBTQ+ young people prove schools let down a generation of queer students

‘My school taught me gay sex was a sin’

I’m out as bisexual at uni but still haven’t told any of my family

I’m afraid it would change the way they see me

How to help a friend who has just come out to you, by LGBTQ+ young people

Saying something is always better than saying nothing

‘My sexuality isn’t a logistical difficulty’: Queer voices on Love Island’s LGBTQ+ policy

‘Sometimes it is just fun to watch regardless of representation’

I thought everything gave me the ick. Turns out I’m just gay

Social pressures made me force myself into dating men

What is ‘rainbow-washing’? How to tell if it’s happening to you

Putting up a rainbow once a year isn’t good allyship, it’s performative

Young people called out the government’s BS from day one, but no one listened

Everything Dominic Cummings said yesterday, we said in March 2020

The government cares more about football than students and I’ve had enough

Private housing has been failing students for years but no one cares

13 young people on why Boris Johnson should resign

‘I want him to go, but unfortunately, they’re all the same’

We asked men with fish pictures in their Tinder profile: Why?

One of them is a legit fisherman HA

We need to talk about the gay shaming from tabloids during the AIDS crisis

The Sun changed its homophobic It’s A Sin headline but that doesn’t change its gay shaming in the 1980s

It took three national lockdowns to accept myself as gay, but now I’m finally out

Eleven months ago, I wish I knew how little everyone would care

It’s A Sin shows the importance of queer people telling LGBT stories

Being gay isn’t a performance, it’s our lives

The government’s neglect of students has made university unbearable. I wish I never came

I am clinging on to the thought of life after university

Going home is not a magic fix for every university student. Stop treating it like one

I am literally between a rock and a hard place

Eight sneaky ways you can dip out of your Zoom classes mid-call when you’ve had enough

Don’t you just hate it when your flatmate passes out during your lecture?

Applications for The Tab Inclusivity Internship 2020 are now open

Applications close on the 31st October

Discovery, drinks and depression: How I dealt with my mental health as a fresher

‘Everyone seemed to be having a good time, so why wasn’t I?’

In the name of science, I tasted the weirdest vodka shot chasers so you don’t have to

Okay but let’s talk about pickle juice for a minute

The government needs to stop blaming young people for following the rules they enforced

The Tory government should be begging for our support

I asked eight of my dating app matches why they ghost women. Here’s what they had to say

Some guy fully said ‘Hinge is a concrete jungle for toxic masculinity’ and I love him

We spoke to an EDL member who protected the statue at Brighton’s BLM protests

He said saying Black Lives Matter ‘stirs racial hatred’

Dear Gavin Williamson MP, make Black British history compulsory in schools now

‘The Black Curriculum’ is calling for an overhaul of the nationwide syllabus. Here’s how you can support them

I’m stuck in lockdown with a housemate I’ve slept with and it’s absolutely horrific

I hate past me so much right now

International students blast Sheffield SU officers for ‘not caring’ about their debt

It’s a humiliating blow for the SU

Sheffield coronavirus cases leap by a third in 24 hours

They’ve doubled since the weekend

Coronavirus: 61 confirmed cases in Sheffield

A rise of 13 in one day

BREAKING: Varsity cancelled due to coronavirus

All fixtures off

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Sheffield rise to 13

As both unis cancel classes

‘Anti-discrimination’ Sheff SU president candidate wore Native American costume

Exclusive: On a Halloween night out

Universities are a ‘hostile environment for women’, Sheffield SU officer claims

She wants a feminist revolution on campus

Sheffield SU reveals lineup for new campus music festival ‘Underpass’

And it’s as Indie as you expected

BREAKING: Two people who have coronavirus are at Royal Hallamshire hospital

Right by the med school

Students demand ‘racist’ Sheffield SU officer resigns over China spying claims

They are set to protest

The Sounds of University College London playlist is the perfect sex playlist

The Sounds of Spotify Colleges comes through again

All the sports girls you’ll sleep with in Lancs

Thank u, next

‘I’m like a venus fly trap’: What it’s like living with vaginismus

We need to stop normalising pain during sex

What it’s like to date someone who’s still in the closet

It’s not as romantic as Sex Education

Coventry halls residents are being relocated because their rat infestation is so bad

There are videos of rats running in the hallway

Eric from Sex Education calls out girl who dressed up as him and blacked up

She even tagged him in the original upload

Glasgow Uni will spend £20m repaying benefits gained from the slave trade

The money will be raised and spent over the next 20 years

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Why we need to start taking CUCA seriously

Too far to the right.

It’s only been 12 hours since Love Island but you can buy an ‘It is what it is’ tee RIGHT NOW

Now that’s fast fashion x

Girton Fellow in Medicine and Paediatrics Senior Lecturer dies

Dr Carlo Acerini’s work included management of Type 1 diabetes in childhood

Correction: Professor Kathleen Stock

Our articles contained some inaccuracies

Introducing the Sad Boy t shirt, official merch for every member of your Sad Boy house

Best enjoyed with a Ristorante pizza and a sense of regret

UoB to start testing students for Ketamine during exam season

The new policy will be introduced after Easter

You can now buy a Trebs x Greggs t shirt and I need it NOW

Trebs forevz x

Limited edition Southampton Patagonia style merch has just dropped and it is FIT

More like Sotonia x

You can get ‘Shoes off if you hate Swansea’ on a t shirt for varsity and I am SCREAMING

Because shouting it at them just isn’t enough

Review: The 23-Hour Sketch Show

A quickly-written, quick-fire show

REVIEW: The Unbelievable Ending of the World

Where do I begin

Sack off the library – here’s why you should study in the pub this exam season

Can’t say no to a cheeky pint and a past paper