The 10x Campaign

The 10x Campaign

This Oxford grad has helped 50 disadvantaged students get Oxbridge places this year

He’s proving you can help get low-income students into Britain’s top unis without it costing a penny

A London state school has received 41 Oxbridge offers, beating many top private schools

This is more than double the number they received last year

Leaked government plans reveal student loans could be scrapped for the most disadvantaged students

Universities have said this could prevent thousands of disadvantaged students from studying

Oxford and Cambridge reject proposal to create colleges exclusively for state school students

Staff say this would lead to social division and ‘ghetto-isation’

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Top unis are spending millions on disadvantaged students, so why are they admitting fewer of them?

A new report reveals Manchester, Leeds, and Cambridge all took fewer disadvantaged students than last year

Getting into uni is hard – especially when you don’t know anyone who’s been

Mat never thought uni was an option. Now he wants to put himself to the test

Privileged students are 10x more likely to progress to a top uni. The Tab is campaigning to change that

Welcome to our 10x Campaign to widen uni admissions

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