Emily Olivia Roney

Emily Olivia Roney
Leeds University


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You can get a free haircut on campus today thanks to the Bet Regret Barbershop Tour

hurry down and get your trim

Leeds students questioned by police after cocaine, ket and pills found on ski trip coach

‘Cocaine was found on every single seat of the coach’

A new policy has been introduced to make Leeds University campus “smoke free” from August

No more pre lecture rollies

Turns out we’ve been eating pineapples wrong our entire lives???

I was today years old when I realised how dumb we all are

Mischief didn’t want to stall any longer on their toilet shortage, building four new cubicles

No more danger pissing in the smoking area, rejoice!

Masked robbers armed with axes and hammers raid Skyrack pub

Three masked armed robbers raided the pub and stole money from the safe

A section of the ceiling collapsed in Beaverworks last night

Medics were present at the venue

Ambulance called to The Edge gym on campus after student incident

Sources say the student is still being treated in hospital

This Oxford grad has helped 50 disadvantaged students get Oxbridge places this year

He’s proving you can help get low-income students into Britain’s top unis without it costing a penny

STOP RIGHT THERE: There’s a new Bubble Tea stand in the Union

Take my coins

Here are the straight up weirdest things people have found in their student houses

From satanic dungeons to Danny Dyer cutouts

Double amputee Leeds student knocked unconscious by Headrow House bouncer

The victim supposedly ‘spilt a drink’ on someone

Two people posing as members of Leeds Council are using fake ID to ‘inspect’ student properties in Hyde Park

The pair were apparently dressed smartly and well spoken

Inside APOLLO 20KT: The Hyde Park house party which cost over £700

Over 200 people were crammed into their student house

Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

We’re back with a bloody bang

Here it is: The official Leeds urban dictionary

Can you even speak uni?

We’ve made a list of the 10 most essential garms you’ll actually need to get into Leeds Uni

UCAS points are irrelevant tbh

American reactions to a classic British uni room will make your Freshers’ Week

“Your room’s not cute, slut.”