Greg Barradale
News Editor, The Tab

A clip has surfaced of the Love Island twins in a budget music video

This is a loooot

It’s official: These are the drug capitals of the UK

Londoners love gear, shock

Introducing the ‘lady drawer’, the most cursed picture on the internet today

I’m hearing the phrase ‘community dildo’ a lot and I don’t like it

There’s a new trailer for Sex Education season two and it looks messy

Maeve and Adam are BACK

Meet Connagh Howard: The verrrry fit model and Winter Love Island bombshell

Sorry, we mean meet Connagh’s cheekbones

Teens are acting out Gavin and Stacey scenes word for word on TikTok and it’s hilarious

How did they even get into this?

‘Billie Eilish is doing the new James Bond theme song’ is a real sentence, wow

Yer da is FUMING

Netflix has officially confirmed You season 3 is in the works

Not sure I’m actually ready for this but okay

These are the easiest degrees to get an unconditional offer for

There you were sweating out your A Levels which actually mattered

Revealed: The degree subjects with the most private school students

Toffs everywhere ffs

Love Island’s Ollie won’t inherit the country estate he claims he’s the heir to

I was fine with the animal hunting but THIS means I won’t be marrying him

These 29 ‘dumbest reason you got in trouble at school’ memes make me feel old

‘Cutting the heads off footy stickers putting them on every fire exit in the school’ is pure Britain and I won’t hear otherwise

People are freaking out because parliament voted against protecting Erasmus

How will you get that 50-liker in front of the Eiffel Tower now?

These are the UK degrees with the highest percentage of white students

Academics have warned how ‘subjects are even more segregated than universities’

We asked experts how much it would cost to build Joe’s glass cage from You

They all thought I was a weirdo but one actually gave me a price, so cool

Drug dealers are enrolling in universities as a cover for selling drugs, according to the police

Brb, writing a personal statement so I can sell you an underweighed 20s

British 19-year-old sentenced in Ayia Napa false rape claim case

The teen has been spared jail and is returning home today

This model has raised over $700,000 for the Australian bushfires by selling nudes

A taste of 2020 – climate change and uncontrollable online thirst

People are using Tinder to persuade their matches to vote against the Tories

I mean tbh can it go any worse than your normal openers?