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Undercover police officers are being deployed in night clubs to deal with drink spiking

A senior police officer has said plain clothes police could be used to detect spikings

Take this quiz and find out if you’re more ALDI or Lidl

It’s the battle of the middle aisles

Quiz: Which member of Succession’s Roy family are you, really?

Sorry, but you can’t all be Cousin Greg

Here’s the full list of universities that could be having strikes this term

Staff at over 150 unis are voting on whether to hold strikes

Students who finished uni in 2020 are being told they won’t get a graduation until 2022

Your mates won’t have the same hairline by then

Just a list of the old fellas who founded your uni, and whether they were a wrong’un

One uni was the subject of a pistol duel, while another was founded with money from Smirnoff vodka

Sadiq Khan has announced the Night Tube will be reopening from 27th November

However it won’t be all lines opening

A student says she saved up her student loan and used it to…buy a £180,000 house

And here I was spunking the whole thing on orange VKs

Father of Bristol student who died by suicide is bringing online counselling to millions of students

James Murray’s son Ben took his life in 2018 after being kicked out of uni with a letter

A round-up of all the dumb, dumb things said by Tories at the Conservative Party Conference

I’m sure glad these guys aren’t running the country or anything

Disabled student forced to miss one of her first in-person classes because of a broken lift

Engineering student Lizzie Iles says she feels like an ‘afterthought’ at uni

BREAKING: Wayne Couzens sentenced to whole life for the murder of Sarah Everard

‘She was an intelligent, resourceful, talented and much loved young women still in the early years of her life,’ the judge said

The Black offer gap exposed: How top unis are still harder for Black students to get into

Black students are less likely than white students to get offers at every single Russell Group uni

The government is planning to change student loans so grads have to start paying back earlier

Is this…punishing young people for never voting Tory?

Police share CCTV pictures of man they want to speak to over Sabina Nessa’s murder

The Met has also released a picture of a car they believe the man has access to

The BBC has just announced Waterloo Road is coming back for a brand new series

And it’s not in Scotland any more!

The 50 unis with the most expensive halls, according to the Good University Guide

You might as well be living in Spen-tonville Prison

Only a real ogre-achiever can get full marks on this Shrek quotes quiz

Not my gumdrop eyeballs!!

Only a little lad can watch these 39 berries and cream remixes without losing their mind

I am going to live in a cabin in the woods with no internet where the Little Lad can’t reach me

The best unis for each and every subject, according to the Good University Guide

It’s a good time to be a Strathclyde student

Sex Education season 3 dropped this morning and the reviews are flipping great

People are seriously shipping Otis and Ruby

New culture secretary Nadine Dorries has written a load of books. The reviews are…not great

She’s made over £100k off these in the last year though, fair play gal

Now mummy’s gone, take this quiz and find out what percentage berries and cream you are

Only a real little lad will get over 50 per cent

Breaking: Gavin Williamson has been sacked as education secretary

Now there’s a surprise

QUIZ: Are you more Chris Whitty or Nicki Minaj?

It’s time to pick a side

Amy Hart says ITV paid for her to have eight months of therapy after her stint on Love Island

She’s also been helping a MAFS UK contestant who’s been getting trolled

This is how dependent your uni is on cash from international students

Some unis get over a third of their income from international students

A guy made £20,000 by hacking into a uni and selling exam answers to students

One second-year student paid him £6,500

Explained: Why everyone is convinced Kylie Jenner’s nails gave away her pregnancy early

I am a Kylie baby truther now

Sad: Circuit Laundry’s profits fell by two thirds in 2020

But the company still raked in a cool £2 million profit from your smelly socks

Revealed: The unis taking less state school students than five years ago

Despite promises, many of the UK’s top unis are going backward

Sally Rooney’s new book is out today and people have queued since before 8am to get a copy

They’re queueing up like it’s a fresh pair of Yeezys

Take this quiz and we’ll accurately say which Skins generation you would have been in

We know you just want to be mates with Cook

Nos could be made illegal, as Priti Patel orders a review into its effects

She wants to ‘take tough action’ on your silly little balloons

Quiz: I bet you can’t guess these uni campuses just from an aerial photo

You can almost literally see the bad vibes coming off Cardiff

Secret Garden Party is back, but wants you to answer a cringe ‘application form’ to buy tickets

Question one on the application form: What is a party?

This is exactly what your August Bank Holiday festival of choice says about your vibe

I think you know what we’re going to say about grown adults who go to Reading

Love Island boss says the show is just ‘about boys and girls coupling up’

He said they haven’t found a way to make gay couples work on the show

Exclusive: The UK’s unis have refunded just £800,000 in tuition fees because of Covid

Less than 7 per cent of the 2,600 students who asked for a refund actually got one

These are the UK unis responsible for the most carbon dioxide emissions

Dirty, dirty unis

These are the exact 10 degrees you should study to give you the biggest earnings boost

I have some very bad news if you study politics at London Met

Revealed: Five unis have sacked staff for having sexual relationships with students

At least 60 relationships between staff and students have been reported to unis in the past five years

Explained: The messy TikTok feud between LawrenceTikTok90 and Zak Jack

Lawrence claims his sexuality has been outed against his will

Ranked: Who is the best footballer to ever enter the Love Island villa?

You could make a half decent five-a-side team from this lot

Warning issued over blue Tesla pills amid drugs deaths in Bristol and London

More than 20 people have been hospitalised this weekend after taking drugs on nights out

If you want to feel bad, this is where Team GB’s Olympic medallists went to uni

Yeah, this lot are overachievers

It’s official: These are the 16 best cities in the UK to be a student

Coventry is…fifth?

These are officially the most affordable cities in the UK to be a student

Apparently London’s getting more affordable

If you studied these degree subjects, you’re the most likely to earn £50k out of uni

I’m sorry but we can’t do a ranking of how unhappy you’ll be in your spreadsheet-bound grad job

This is exactly where the Love Island villa is in real life

We tracked it down on Google Maps and you can even make out the iconic pool

‘I knew I was up s**t creek’: Georgia speaks out on hilariously short Love Island stint

She’s called Hugo eloquent and polite…

These are the unis raking in profits big enough to buy a small island somewhere

Knowing them, it’d probably turn into Fyre festival with lecture capture

Neo-Nazi ‘influencer’ politics student is jailed for seven years

Andrew Dymock called for gay people to be ‘purged’ from society

Every time a Love Island boy’s behaviour was so bad a charity had to call it out

There have been plenty of moments as well as Adam Collard’s

It’s official: You’re more likely to get a job after uni if you went to state school

I can’t believe just showing the interviewer a signet ring doesn’t work these days

A third of young people still haven’t had their first dose of the Covid vaccine

There are reports that the October vaccine passports for clubbing could be dropped if enough under-30s get the jab

You’ll need to have two doses of the vaccine to go clubbing from October, says minister

But what if I want to pull an anti-vaxxer?

Everything we know about the fire which damaged TikTok stars the Smithy Family’s house

A video has been released showing the moment a man set the family’s car on fire

Here’s what the rules on booze are in the Love Island villa

This is why you never see them having drunken heart-to-hearts

These are the 25 most well-endowed universities in the country

We are talking about money here, you gutter-minded fool

Love Island hometowns: This is where all this year’s Islanders are from

Sorry, but ‘Essex’ is just too vague for me I need answers

TikTok is freaking out after searching for ‘Art of the Zoo’ and I recommend you avoid

Or get an unsuspecting friend to Google it, I’m not the police

Students set up service to make sure people don’t have to walk home alone after nights out

The students set the group up after attending a vigil for Sarah Everard

The tuition fees rich list: These are the unis making the most money from tuition fees

These guys are out here making enough money to buy a small country every year

Manchester Uni is making students forced to self-isolate in halls pay extra rent

This is really out of character, I’m shocked

Southgate might be the one, but these England semi-final reactions are a close second


This is where the ‘fetch me my fifty thousand pounds’ TikTok audio actually comes from

I’ve started saying it to anyone and everyone, I can’t stop

Friends mourn after TikToker Swavy is shot dead at age 19

The TikToker, who had 2.3 million followers on his @babyface.s account, was shot dead yesterday

There will be no restrictions on in-person uni teaching next term, says Gavin Williamson

Yet some universities have announced that blended learning is here to stay

Peak: These students can’t move into their houses because the old tenants are isolating

And they only found out the day before they were due to move!

Ranked: The unis who make the most profit from halls

All that profit and they still can’t provide kitchen chairs that were designed for humans

Fact or cap: Can you fake a positive Covid test with lemon, kiwi, and other foods?

We tested a bunch of items to find out if there’s any truth to the controversy

Right, we found Chuggs from Love Island’s real name, and it isn’t Chuggs

Because obviously no parent hates their baby enough to call them Chuggs

These are the uni areas with the highest Covid rates in the entire country

All five of the country’s biggest Covid hotspots right now are student areas

Uh…this English influencer has had eye surgery to look Korean

They say they’re ‘non-binary Korean’, and that it’s in their DNA

Uni landlords are charging extra rent to self-isolating students who are unable to move out

Some students are being asked to pay a whole month extra for staying in their properties just a few extra days

Meet Faye Winter: Love Island 2021’s dog-loving estate agent

She volunteers with guide dogs, she might actually be a good person!

We found out the real reason Domino’s has stopped doing half and half pizzas during Covid

Finally, I can sleep at night

The guy from the ‘I can’t believe you’ve done this’ viral video has finally spoken out

He’s said the punch was unplanned, and really did hurt

QUIZ: Answer 20 questions and we’ll accurately guess if you did history or geography GCSE

Every single person has one of these two energies

Tati Westbrook is BACK on YouTube, a whole year after the James Charles beef

I need to blow on this tea because it is scalding

This is the story behind the ‘step on the gas’ TikTok audio

Honestly the moose who sings the actual rap is thicc

Exclusive: Universities might actually be judged on how well they care for mental health

Parents of Natasha Abrahart have asked ‘how can anybody know whether it’s safe for students to go to university?’

Chrissy Teigen has apologised as new allegations of bullying surface

She’d said ‘I was a troll’, and claimed that apologising to people is like ‘my own version of that show My Name is Earl!’

All over-18s should be able to book their vaccines by the end of the week, says NHS chief

Hot vax summer is moving ahead of schedule girlies!

Confirmed: Boris Johnson announces four-week delay to 21st June reopening

23 and 24-year-olds will be able to book vaccines from tomorrow

Top unis are hiring investigators to deal with students accused of sexual assault

A single sexual assault investigation can cost a university £10,000

The UK’s unis spend millions on mental health, but don’t know how many suicides happen

Unis have been accused of ‘washing their hands’ of students by not counting suicides

Every single episode of Inside No. 9, painstakingly ranked

If you disagree with my choices, you’re an idiot

Unis aren’t actually abandoning Stonewall, in Pride Month, over a trans rights controversy

The charity says it’s the victim of ‘threadbare and deliberately organised attacks’

BREAKING: Wayne Couzens pleads guilty to rape and kidnap of Sarah Everard

The police officer also accepted responsibility for Everard’s death

Wayne Couzens pleads guilty to rape and kidnap of Sarah Everard

The police officer also accepted responsibility for Everard’s death

A load of YouTubers and TikTokers have organised a boxing ‘battle’ and it looks cringe

They want people to pay £35 to stream it

Love Island boss says including gay islanders would be a ‘logistical difficulty’

‘The format must give Islanders an equal choice when coupling up’

Even more scenes of Curtis and AJ Pritchard in Hollyoaks have surfaced and…oh my

I did not think it could get any worse and I was wrong

The queues at Twickenham proved young people don’t need to be shamed into the vaccine

15,000 people gave up their sunny bank holiday at the first chance to get the jab

Meet Zoe Hague: Molly-Mae’s lookalike, soldier sister

She shoots guns and runs marathons

Students shouldn’t have gone back to uni in September, says Dominic Cummings

But everyone enjoyed the food parcels, Dom

School of Rock cast pay tributes after Kevin Clark, the drummer in the film, died yesterday

Clark was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Chicago

Weird online fakers are pretending to be the Birmingham Spoons racist for money and followers

One tried to charge me £30 for a promo on their Insta story

29 ways to say you went to a British school, without saying you went to a British school

These have unlocked some serious memories