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News Editor, The Tab

Young people should be let out of lockdown first, academics have proposed

Get me back to the pub tbf

Private halls companies tell students to break lockdown rules or pay thousands in rent

‘The only reason I had to go was because Host were going to charge us’

Housing company says it won’t punish coronavirus rent strikers with late fees

Bristol’s Digs previously threatened students with extra fees if they didn’t pay on time

Unis could go bust if coronavirus keeps international students away, experts warn

Some unis rely on international tuition fees for over a quarter of their income

These are the UK unis taking out the most gigantic loans

Not ranked: Your overdraft

Ranked: The unis making billions of pounds a year

Wouldn’t mind £2 billion right about now tbf

Has your grad job been cancelled because of coronavirus? Tell us

Get in touch and let us know

130 Bristol students go on rent strike demanding to be let out of tenancies

‘A lot of landlords think the students can just be pushed around’

How’s your lockdown going? Take our survey and tell us

We want to know how the coronavirus crisis is affecting students

Over half of students say they’d drop out if all teaching was online, Tab poll reveals

I mean imagine no Freshers’ Week come onnnnnn

Private halls company gives refunds to students who paid rent in advance

Some companies are still telling students they can’t get out of their contracts

Compare how your uni is changing exams and assessments to cope with coronavirus

See which unis are doing no detriment policies and which aren’t

Unis won’t even be back to normal by September, warns expert

But what does this mean for Freshers’ Week??

Ranked: The STEM subjects with the most female students

It’s not engineering, don’t worry

Meet the students fighting to get out of paying thousands for halls they can’t use

‘I think I’m going to lose around £2,500 for a room I’m not using’

Private halls companies take £120m hit to let students out of contracts early

Some students are being told they won’t have to pay if they leave halls early

Unis move counselling services online as they tell students to leave campus

But some are being left behind, saying ‘since everything has happened I’ve literally had no information at all’

Landlords warned viewings in uni houses are ‘ill-advised’ amid COVID-19

Student landlords are also facing calls to let tenants out of their contracts

Revealed: The degree subjects which get you the most Tinder matches, as a girl

This is surprising isn’t it

You’ll get your student loan next term, even if your uni has stopped teaching

This is a relief tbf