Greg Barradale
News Editor, The Tab

Yewande says Danny and Arabella won’t work out

Savage, but fair

Casa Amor is coming back next week!!!!

This is going to be DRAMA

Sherif is already doing sponsored content for air fresheners

He’s outdone Georgia Steel here ngl

KFC is launching a vegan burger and I am buzzing

It’s gonna be fried in that secret blend of herbs and spices

Elma and Maura Love Island: Meet the two new arrivals in the villa

They’re about to rock up to the villa

BREAKING: Sherif has been kicked off Love Island

He broke the rules!!!

These are officially 2019’s most employable unis

Get me my 2:1 and a PWC grad scheme

This is what the Love Island cast do on their secret day off

I thought they just lay still like the toys in Toy Story?!?

Every lame politician who’s admitted to doing drugs at uni

‘I had one or two spliffs but ABSOLUTELY hated it’

Who left Love Island? Callum Macleod is first cast member to leave villa

He says he wouldn’t do anything differently

Here’s what the Love Island cast do, according to their LinkedIns

Brb, reaching out to Lucie for mentorship

Two Warwick group chat victims are suing the university

An American lawyer is representing them

Exclusive: ‘Too clever for prison’ student who stabbed boyfriend quits Oxford

Budding heart surgeon Lavinia Woodward escaped prison for stabbing her boyfriend with a breadknife

Sam Bird has just released his first song and you NEED to listen

It’s Fyre Festival themed…

Love Island claim cast won’t be attracted to plus-size contestants


Take the FIRST LOOK at what’s changed in the Love Island 2019 villa

OMG it’s hereeeee

Rich parents will be told to give their kids £5k a year towards uni

Students on minimum loan should be getting £15k from their parents over three years

The story of Jack Renshaw: The ex-Manchester student and paedophile who plotted a murder

He bought a £54 machete and Googled how to stab someone to kill them

I ranked every Spoons drink by value for alcohol to save you money

This hero’s website shows the drinks with the most alcohol for your buck at EVERY Spoons

A water bottle was left in a Game of Thrones finale scene!!

And now the whole series is RUINED