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Young people need to ‘do their bit’ and get the vaccine, according to the government

Fair enough, guess I’ve been sat on the sofa all year for a laugh

Investigation: Why do just one in 14 students report sexual assault cases to their uni?

The real number of sexual assaults at UK universities could be as high as 15,000 a year

These are the contraceptive pills with a higher blood clot risk than the AZ vaccine

The risk from most pills is around 100 times greater than the risk from the Oxford vaccine

Shock, students weren’t mentioned yet again in Johnson’s press conference yesterday

Students still don’t have a date for when they’ll be allowed back in lecture theatres

Fans have spotted a true story inspiring Line of Duty’s Gail Vella storyline

The murder of the journalist bears striking similarities to the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Paul Ritter, the actor who played Martin in Friday Night Dinner, has died of a brain tumour

He was 54 years old

Boris Johnson to lead ‘clap for students’ in place of tuition fee refunds

The Prime Minister is keen to keep his promise to do ‘everything we can to make it up to you’

Britney ‘cried for two weeks’ after watching parts of the Framing Britney Spears doc

The singer has finally responded to the blockbuster documentary

Jacob Rees-Mogg joined a uni Zoom lecture, only to get repeatedly muted and pranked

It really is epic banter

I’m interested in one thing and one thing only: These 19 Line of Duty memes

Memes? We’ll give you memes

Ranked: These are the degree subjects most sought-after by employers

There must be a mistake, philosophy is nowhere to be seen?

Married at First Sight UK will have more dinner parties and more couples, says expert Mel

Just give me all the drama at this point

‘This is abuse’: Leaked report reveals gruelling grad life at Goldman Sachs

Grads are working 98 hour weeks and getting just five hours’ sleep a night

My brother took his own life, but his uni didn’t even know. We need change

Man Met student Harrison De George died in December, and now his sister is fighting for all unis to change their policies

Married at First Sight Australia stars are ‘preparing a lawsuit’ against the show

They think their negative portrayals have led to ‘psychological trauma’

Students’ return to campus ‘might be delayed’ until September, Boris Johnson admits

He said ‘we’re going to do our best to make it up to you’, without actually announcing anything new

BREAKING: Police confirm remains found in Kent are those of Sarah Everard

The Met police has also said that planned vigils for Everard will not be allowed due to Covid restrictions

Six women have been reported as killed by men since Sarah Everard’s disappearance, says MP

Jess Phillips said violence against women is an ‘epidemic’

We found out if your uni’s Vice Chancellor got a pay rise during the pandemic

A £185,000 bonus sounds pretty spicy right now

All the evidence that shows just how staged Married at First Sight Australia is

Actually quite shook at the revelation that Ines and Sam’s affair was faked

A group of students dressed up as the ‘Four Lads in Jeans’ and fairplay, they nailed it

I am calling it the 2020s’ S Club 7/S Club Junior moment

Take our sexual assault on campus survey and help us uncover how unis handle the problem

The Tab’s Do Better campaign is putting a focus on the sexual assault problem on uni campuses

QUIZ: Which Married at First Sight Australia bloke are you, really?

I would give literally anything to be Cam

Revealed: The biggest Married at First Sight Australia villain, as chosen by you

Over 6,000 of you voted to choose the biggest marital maniac

These are the Married at First Sight Australia couples who are still together

Wow I wonder if Jess and Dan went the distance?

Ranked: The percentage of students who actually drop out of each Russell Group uni

Okay but the real news is that 97 per cent of students who go to Exeter like it enough to stay

Despite the pandemic, these students from low-income backgrounds bagged Oxbridge places

‘I was running to the public library the night before my interview’

Vote now for the biggest Married at First Sight Australia villain of them all

I know exactly who you’re thinking of right now and I can’t blame you

The government has introduced a new £800 fine for students at house parties of 15 or more

But you won’t be allowed back to uni until after Easter so there’s plenty of time to save up

Nightclubs could be reopening as early as 21st June, Boris Johnson announces

Unis won’t be back until at least after Easter

Rich students are somehow paying their tuition fees in physical cash

And these are the unis accepting the biggest amounts of cash money

This is how much grad jobs in different industries are paying in 2021

Always fancied myself as an oil man, I can’t lie

These are the real-life jobs of the Married at First Sight Australia cast

Mike is a hair tattooist and Heidi is a radio DJ, this is living

These are the unis targeted by the most graduate employers in 2021

If you’re not on this list KPMG will simply deny your existence

The Married at First Sight Australia rich list: Who are the most wealthy contestants?

Give me a spare three grand so I can rent one of Bronson’s boats please

Breaking: Pawel Relowicz sentenced to life for the rape and murder of student Libby Squire

‘She had no way of protecting herself from you, either physically or mentally’ the judge told Relowicz

Breaking: Pawel Relowicz found guilty of the murder of Hull student Libby Squire

Libby Squire died after being turned away from a club on a night out

Revealed: The unis who let in the fewest state school students

Tarquin, what kind of school did you go to?

Everything we know about the drama-filled Married at First Sight Australia reunion

It won’t be shown on UK telly but there is some serious tea

These were officially the 50 whitest uni subjects in 2020

If there was a BA in limp pesto pasta it’d be top of this list and you know it

‘It’s been impossibly hard’: How Dr Alex George went from losing his brother to going head-to-head with the Prime Minister

We spoke to the nation’s only good influencer about a tragic last six months

Exclusive: Dr Alex says uni students ‘should have more support’

The newly-appointed mental health ambassador tells The Tab students have been treated unfairly during the pandemic

Grads could be made to repeat a year of uni to finish their degrees, warns regulator

With any luck, you’ll be eligible for the state pension by the time you actually have a graduation ceremony

All but one of the Russell Group unis accepted more ethnic minority students in 2020

Oxford and Cambridge both admitted record numbers of Black students

Rinsing the government’s LinkedIn profiles, based on how beggy they are

Deeply disappointed Matt Hancock wasn’t pretending to cry in his profile picture

Government announces ‘new student Covid hardship funding’ – of just £20 per student

That’ll pay…two days of rent?

MPs say students should have their rent refunded by the government during lockdown

It’s been nearly a month since Boris Johnson said he would ‘look at’ the issue

Medical students banned from toilet and failed for taking notes in three hour final exam

‘These events have taken a huge toll on my mental health’, one student said

Why everyone is talking about GameStop stocks today, explained as simply as we can

If your mum tries to ask you what it’s about, just say stonks

These are the degree subjects with the most guys and the most girls

It will come as a shock to nobody to discover engineering is a complete sausage fest

No detriment policies meant a record number of students got firsts in 2020, says OfS

Your dad’s going to read this and spend three days talking about how easy uni is these days

Fine, who is Sabrina Carpenter, and why has she dropped an Olivia Rodrigo diss track?

Honeyyyyyyyy the Disney Channel singers are fightingggg

This student contracted hives after moving into her mouldy-ass halls

Wow what a crazy coincidence

Bridgerton has OFFICIALLY been renewed for a second season

I hope there’s plenty of the Duke in this one

Russell Group chief exec says Zoom uni is ‘different but not second best’

I think maybe he means it’s seventh or even eighth best?

Aberdeen Uni introduces award celebrating the ‘kindness’ of student Emily Drouet

Emily Drouet took her own life in halls after being abused by her boyfriend

Ok fine, these are the 15 best four lads memes going around

I have seen their faces more than I’ve seen my family, and I’m fine with that

Students working on the pandemic frontlines are getting their vaccines

‘It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel’

Only someone truly stuck in 2006 can get full marks on this mid-00s indie lyrics quiz

Brb just driving to 505

Ok so what actually is this ‘Drivers License’ song everyone’s crying about?

Honestly, the memes are enough to make me break down

It’s official: Uni graduates are unhappier than those who didn’t go to uni

At least you’ll always have those precious memories of breakout rooms

‘I’m missing half my course’: These students are struggling to get a degree in lockdown

‘I’ll probably do a master’s just to catch up on the education I feel I’ve lost”

Sally Rooney’s new book has been announced and it’s coming out this year

Although I’m sorry to say the main character isn’t a chain this time

Take this quiz and find out which Covid-19 vaccine you truly identify with

We can’t all be Mr Fancypants Moderna can we

Unite is offering a four week, 50 per cent rent refund to students kept away from uni

Tenants have called it ‘a really measly effort’

These students are fuming about paying rent for halls they legally can’t return to

‘It’s like they’re just stealing our money and letting us suffer’

Unis are paying for VCs’ TV licenses and spending £5k on mowing mansion lawns

A few unis also pay their Vice Chancellor’s rent, which is nice for them

No detriment policies aren’t ‘necessary’ this year, says the Russell Group

Oh no sweetie

Boris Johnson hasn’t mentioned university students in any of his Covid addresses to the nation

I, for one, am shocked

Updates: These are the unis who have introduced no detriment policies for lockdown 3.0

If your uni’s not on this list…I’m sorry

Zara Holland gets away with a £4.5k fine for breaking Barbados Covid rules

She’s managed to escape the YEAR in prison she was facing

This student has created a campaign for a nationwide no detriment policy

‘I think the lack of support from the government is absolutely contemptible’

Students told to stay away from uni until ‘at least mid-Feb’ under new lockdown rules

The sound you hear right now is your landlord crying with joy

Glastonbury has been cancelled this year, according to Mel B

The festival has yet to officially confirm the news

VOTE: Once and for all, which was 2020’s best meme?

I am once again asking you to choose the best meme of the year

At least 39 ambulances have been called to unis for suicide and self-harm this term

The figure is already over half of last academic year’s

If you can relate to these 19 memes, don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine

Matt Hancock pretended to cry laughing when he saw these

Netflix Ripper doc ‘glorifies the brutal violence’ of Sutcliffe, say victims’ families

They’ve signed a letter saying the documentary ‘grants him a celebrity status he does not deserve’

If your uni absolutely, desperately had to be a 2020 meme, this is what it would be

Sorry but you can’t all be an environment so toxic

Meet the student rent strikers fighting back and refusing to pay rent in January

‘There is no way the uni was 100 per cent honest’

Netflix’s new ‘The Prom’ movie is ‘gruelling’ and ‘hyperventilating’, say critics

I mean, it’s got James Corden in it so what do you expect?

Stephen Bear has made a video joking about faking suicide after Georgia Harrison claims

He said he could ‘easily’ set up a fake suicide and get everyone to backtrack

Gold cones and wonky pines: Meet the uni Christmas trees of 2020

Honestly why do I want my uni to look like a Deloitte office?

Rita Ora claimed she would be ‘hanging out with her parents’ on her birthday

She told an interviewer she would be having a low-key 30th birthday……okay

The government can now deport foreign people who become homeless

This is what the government’s new rules about foreign rough sleepers mean

Former Love Island contestants are posting cringe anti-vax content on Instagram

I think I actually miss the air freshener nonsense

These are the unis with the most confirmed coronavirus cases this term

Over 50,000 students have had Covid this term

Medics and geography students will be allowed back to uni in January before others

New government plans have said unis should stagger the return of students in January, prioritising certain courses

These are the unis that raised the most money for Movember this year

And yes, we’ve got lots of pics of the best taches

It’s time to vote for the grimmest uni halls in the entire country

I can basically smell this list

The unis you should have gone to if you wanted to earn more than Russell Group grads

University of Bath here I come

Revealed: The Russell Group unis where grads are most likely to earn under £15k

Makes all those hours in the library seem worth it after all

Take this quiz and find out if you’re more Mark or Jez from Peep Show

Time to face some home truths, cleanshirt

QUIZ: Plan a greasy kebab shop order and we’ll tell you where in the UK you’re from

Curry sauce or cheesy chips?

QUIZ: Can you tell whether these rogue British uni names are real or fake?

You will never convince me Bishop Grosseteste uni exists

Netflix’s new film Hillbilly Elegy is getting called ‘one of the worst movies of the year’

These reviews are savage oh my god

Former Islanders are going wild for the Maura and Chris news and it’s so wholesome

I actually needed this, just so happy for them

These are the 50 unis you should have gone to if you wanted that easy 2.1

No more banter from Daddy about you getting a ‘Desmond’

These are the juicy royal scandals that The Crown series four left out

Quite gutted we didn’t get to see Anne’s husband have a secret child