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Check out the unis who take the lowest amount of state school students

Just put your name as Hugo on your UCAS and they’ll let you in

Send us your stories about how your uni’s handling the COVID crisis

We want to know what’s happening on campus

These are the celebs who’ve come out as anti-mask and anti-lockdown

Haven’t heard from this lot since I went through the CD collection in my Dad’s car

Revealed: These are the worst unis in the country for social inclusion

I’m going to pretend to be shocked at the top three

We went inside Sunderland’s virtual ‘Sims University’ and saw the future of uni

Unfortunately there’s no option to put someone in a pool and take the ladders out

The George Floyd murder trial will be shown live on UK TV

The new Court TV channel will also being showing the R Kelly sex abuse case

These are the easiest Oxford subjects to get into, so shoot your shot

If you’re smart enough to play statistics, you’re the exact kind of brain genius Oxford needs

NHS coronavirus tests are only available at four of the 24 Russell Group unis right now

A Tab investigation has found just how hard it is to get tested at uni right now if you have symptoms

Oh great, now they’re talking about a 9pm curfew for pubs

Sounds like the government is giving the green light to my day drinking

Local residents in student areas want unis to pay police to shut down parties

The smart thing to do is just invite them

Ok, but why is everyone on Twitter making ‘meatier meteor’ jokes?

It turns out the girl behind the joke is an actual paleontologist

A definitive list of the Pret menu items you know, deep down, to be terrible

Face it, we have spent years getting excited about bang average sarnies

It’s official: These are the country’s most ridiculously expensive private schools

You’ve gotta spend money to make money

This is what it’s like being back at uni for American students right now

One student said it’s like the Salem witch hunt

These are officially the private schools who get the most students into Oxbridge

What would this country be if you couldn’t buy success?

Students will have to stay at uni if there’s a COVID outbreak, says Boris Johnson

I actually always wanted to spend 10 straight weeks in my uni box room x

This is how much grad lawyers are earning straight out of uni and it will make you cry

We didn’t bother putting anything below £45k on here, duh

It turns out Laura Whitmore’s British Army podcast was a recruitment advert after all

The Love Island host denied she was doing spon con to recruit people into the army

A promotion company is selling freshers tickets for club nights that aren’t happening

Clubs listed as the event hosts have said the events aren’t going ahead

Ranked: These are the unis with the most overcrowded lectures and seminars

And yet still I have no lecture mates

There could be more strikes if unis can’t prove they’re safe, says the UCU

I’ve got a great feeling about this year

Exclusive: Cambridge’s Pitt Club drinking society asks alumni for £50k amid financial peril

The secretive drinking society is asking for minimum donations of £100 to secure its survival

SU bans drag socials because they’re used to ridicule trans people

Aberystwyth SU said most people who have drag socials are just trying to be ‘as funny as possible’

Ranked: These are the uni cities with the absolute worst student landlords

No it’s fine, I can live with a collapsed ceiling for three months!!!

Oxford Union pays thousands to blind student who was dragged from debate by his ankles

Ebenezer Azamati said he felt he was treated as ‘not human enough to deserve justice’

Reading and Leeds have twice as many main stages in 2021, but no female headliners

Since 2000, Foo Fighters have headlined Reading more times than all women have

Scientists say all students should have mandatory coronavirus tests

Probably the most action they’ll get in Freshers’ Week tbh

100,000 young people at risk of eviction when government ban ends this weekend

Landlords will be able to continue ‘no fault’ evictions from Sunday

Unis told not to take too many posh students this year after A-level fiasco

Poshos could be made to take gap years as unis prioritise disadvantaged students

Ghislaine Maxwell complains about being ‘secretly watched’ by prison psychologists

Her lawyers claim she’s being woken up several times each night

Every deeply cringe thing Gavin Williamson has done in his political career

Whyyyy would you keep a spider on your desk

Britney Spears wants her dad removed from being in charge of her conservatorship

She’s asked a court to stop him having exclusive control of her affairs

These stats show which unis make far more offers than they have places for

After the results day fiasco, calls are growing on unis to honour all the offers they made

Boyfriend of Louella Michie has conviction for her Bestival drug death overturned

Michie died at Bestival 2017 after taking the hallucinogenic drug 2C-P

‘I had my heart set on Liverpool’: The A-level U-turn came too late for these students

‘The tears in my household for the last week have honestly been appalling’

Meet Elizabeth Debicki: The 6’3 Australian playing Diana in The Crown series five

This is some spot-on casting

It’s official: A-level students will get their teacher-predicted grades after all

Really nailed this one guys, well done

Uni to rebrand ‘freshers’ as ‘welcomes’ because of ‘negative connotations’

Downnnn it welcomeeeeeeeee

‘Do unis have lots of sex parties?’: What this year’s freshers really want to know

They’ve got a lot of questions and not all of them make sense

Meet the students of results day whose A-level grades got reduced

‘I lost my uni offer over one reduced grade’

Ranked: These are officially the hardest Russell Group unis to get an offer from

Wish I’d known this tbh

Here are 27 A-level results day memes that won’t let you down like Ofqual did

We did have 53 memes but they got moderated down

A-level students now won’t get grades lower than their mocks

The government announced the change at 11pm last night

‘Unis will be more flexible than ever before’ with students who miss offer grades

The head of UCAS says ‘don’t be discouraged if you slightly miss your grades’

BREAKING: Scottish students who got grades reduced to be given original grades

75,000 Scottish students got their grades downgraded

Unis told to keep places open until September for students who miss grades

The government is also admitting bright students from worse schools will suffer

QUIZ: Can you guess how much it costs to rent these student houses?

Weird that people are paying to live in Bournemouth at all

These are the most oversubscribed unis in the country

Honestly why do so many people want to go to Southampton?

Ranked: How long students from your uni actually spend studying at home

Unsure if your eight hour Don’t Tell The Bride study break counts towards this

‘My uni cancelled my offer because of COVID and I had to get a job instead’

Unis are cancelling students’ courses because of the pandemic

This is how long students from your uni actually spend in the library

You’re probably going to feel quite bad reading this

The votes are in: It’s time to meet the UK’s biggest BNOC of all

We’re unsure if this is a good one to put on the CV

Bolton Cube halls fire was ‘likely caused by a discarded cigarette’

One student was rescued from their sixth floor room with a cherry picker

These are the uni cities where students pay the most in rent

Some of you pay £250 a month for your houses and it shows

Unis putting bottom lines before student safety in pandemic, says Oxford professor

He says unis are being forced to give students over-optimistic views of Freshers’ just to stay afloat

It’s official: These are the unis with the most stressed-out students

Please find something else to talk about outside the library I am begging you

Revealed: The unis where students get the most money from mummy and daddy

Oh yeah but sure, you’re always broke

This is how much students at your uni actually enjoy their degree

York students are notoriously easily pleased, in fairness

A definitive guide to what your face mask of choice says about you as a person

If you wear one with a vent, you’re an absolute weapon

‘We’re expecting 35 per cent graduate unemployment. The government should step in,’ says Labour

‘They’re offering nothing for graduates at all’

Quiz: Can you name all 24 Russell Group unis? I bet you can’t

There are some really niche ones in here

Ok, so what did Dua Lipa’s ‘autochthonous’ Albania tweet actually mean?

She sparked controversy with the tweet

‘Pweeease’: Tory MP texts intern to ask for ‘fun times’, with ‘no strings’

The 21-year-old female intern said the messages made her feel ‘vulnerable’

Unis accused of bribing students to attend by offering thousands in cash

Naughty naughty, very naughty

Natasha Abrahart’s parents are suing Bristol University for negligence over her suicide

Abrahart died by suicide on the day she was due to give a presentation

Here’s how your uni’s graduation plans compare to everyone else’s

If your uni’s Chancellor isn’t dancing awkwardly on TikTok, did you even graduate?

Student loans should be paid monthly rather than termly, say MPs

You’d still get a double payment on the first month, don’t worry

Unis told to get Vice Chancellor pay under control if they want COVID bailout money

Someone please help me budget this, my university is dying

It’s official: Middle class northerners’ accents all sound the same now

Apparently it’s hard to tell the difference between people from Manchester, Sheffield, and Leeds

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you where you should live in London after uni

Please not Clapham

You might have a new star sign because people are saying there are actually 13

My whole Gemini life has been a lie

Meet Paris Brosnan: Uni student and Pierce Brosnan’s dreamy lookalike son

Mamma Mia

We spoke to the person who made the cakes in the viral ‘everything is cake’ video

She says she’s really happy with all the memes

It should be easier for students to get COVID tuition fee refunds, say MPs

Universities can’t refuse refunds just because lots of people are asking for them, the report says

Take this quiz and find out which Ben Mitchell you truly are

Or get a slappin’ down

These are the degree subjects you should’ve studied to actually get a grad job

Yep, should’ve been a vet

Forget about 2020 for just one second and relive every iconic moment of summer 2018

Hayley Hughes and Harry Maguire…come back

Ranked: If you study these degree subjects, you’re the most likely to be unemployed

So glad I didn’t study law. Not because of these particular stats, it’s just boring

Rishi Sunak is going to announce paid six-month work experience for young people

It’s minimum wage, but still

VIDEO: Man punches manager of Bristol Spoons in the face after not getting served

Nature is healing

People call for Boohoo boycott after it’s claimed factory workers are paid £3.50 an hour

The company has also been linked to the localised COVID-19 outbreak in Leicester

This is how you do the weird ‘purity test’ thing everyone’s doing on Twitter

God I feel bad about dancing without leaving room for Jesus now

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were sold at an Oxford uni ‘slave auction’

Gove is said to have ‘got himself a bargain’

Oxford college rowing club member pours wine over picture of George Floyd

The student also referred to another student as a ‘state school c***’

All the details we know around the arrest of Epstein’s ex Ghislaine Maxwell

She paid for a huge mansion in cash

Unis will be fined £500,000 for making offers unconditional if you firm them

The offers put pressure on students to make bad decisions, say uni regulators

Boohoo accused of spreading Covid-19 as factory staff with the virus keep working

People are buying so many clothes during lockdown that factories are operating as normal

Jeffrey Epstein’s ex Ghislaine Maxwell has reportedly been arrested by the FBI

Her whereabouts had been a mystery since Epstein’s death

This TikToker has figured out how you can unlock your iPhone with just your voice

Mind blown

These 29 ‘most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me’ memes will make you die inside

‘Text a boy saying you up and he replied no’ 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬

It’s official: These are the Russell Group unis most likely to leave grads unemployed

Shock Oxford isn’t the best

Only a legitimate nerd will get 9/12 in this English counties quiz

Cumberland? Sounds like a sausage to me but okay

Pret says £7.49 hummus and veg box is ‘excellent value’

I’m seeing about a quid’s worth of cut up veg there, guys

I’m campaigning for all unis to spell out how they’ll actually tackle racism

Osaro Otobo faced a complaint whilst SU president for using the word ‘black’

These Glastonbury stories will make you realise how much you wish you were there

What I’d give to be sunburnt in that field right now

Ranked: These are the unis whose grads actually end up with a job

Do not look at this list if you go to St Andrews

It’s on: The pubs are officially allowed to reopen on the 4th July

You can also meet up with another household inside

Durham grad fired by KPMG after repeatedly taking too much food from staff lunches

Zhihui Li also claimed her boss was ‘mansplaining’ for telling her not to wear trainers

Big Four firms cancel students’ internships but give them guaranteed jobs instead

Chance, truly, would be a fine thing