Greg Barradale
News Editor, The Tab

Couple book a holiday together after one conversation on Bumble

Forgive me for not believing a fucking word of this

Ex-Apprentice candidates say this is how producers manipulate the show and rig tasks

Naughty naughty

Anton and Belle are ‘seeing’ each other again and my heart is mended

That arse ain’t gonna shave itself

72 per cent of XR members don’t agree with disrupting the Underground

You just can’t stop them

Missguided told it can’t show this ‘objectifying’ Love Island ad ever again

Just ONE person complained about the ad

BoJo wins a parliamentary vote for the first time, after eight attempts


Boohoo’s ‘send nudes’ ad gets banned for being ‘socially irresponsible’

Guess you’re all socially irresponsible then

Has your uni treated you badly because of your mental health? Tell us

Get in touch in confidence

You can now shop PRIMARK on Amazon and get it delivered the NEXT DAY

My wallet is shaking

These are officially the best unis for each and every subject

Shook how many of these aren’t Oxbridge tbh

What 2019’s The Apprentice candidates do, according to their LinkedIns

Fuck me they’re cringe

Fleetwood Mac aren’t playing Glastonbury 2020, Emily Eavis confirms

Genuinely sorry if you think it’s ever going to happen

Arndale attack was ‘mental health-related’, says Manchester mayor

A security guard and a member of the public tried to stop the attack

Jeremy Corbyn will stand down if Labour lose the next election

It’s…………a hung parliament, inevitably

Cambridge increase black student admissions by 50 per cent in a year

A record 91 black students were admitted in 2019

QUIZ: Are you a Coleen or a Rebekah?


10 times more students are dropping out because of their mental health

Only eight unis actually knew how many were leaving because of poor mental health

Coleen Rooney accuses Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories from her private Insta

She’s gone detective and outed her on Twitter lmaooooo

Revealed: The unis making students wait over a month for counselling

At one uni the average wait was 52 days