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We spoke to the person who made the cakes in the viral ‘everything is cake’ video

She says she’s really happy with all the memes

It should be easier for students to get COVID tuition fee refunds, say MPs

Universities can’t refuse refunds just because lots of people are asking for them, the report says

Take this quiz and find out which Ben Mitchell you truly are

Or get a slappin’ down

These are the degree subjects you should’ve studied to actually get a grad job

Yep, should’ve been a vet

Forget about 2020 for just one second and relive every iconic moment of summer 2018

Hayley Hughes and Harry Maguire…come back

Ranked: If you study these degree subjects, you’re the most likely to be unemployed

So glad I didn’t study law. Not because of these particular stats, it’s just boring

Rishi Sunak is going to announce paid six-month work experience for young people

It’s minimum wage, but still

VIDEO: Man punches manager of Bristol Spoons in the face after not getting served

Nature is healing

People call for Boohoo boycott after it’s claimed factory workers are paid £3.50 an hour

The company has also been linked to the localised COVID-19 outbreak in Leicester

This is how you do the weird ‘purity test’ thing everyone’s doing on Twitter

God I feel bad about dancing without leaving room for Jesus now

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were sold at an Oxford uni ‘slave auction’

Gove is said to have ‘got himself a bargain’

Oxford college rowing club member pours wine over picture of George Floyd

The student also referred to another student as a ‘state school c***’

Unis will be fined £500,000 for making offers unconditional if you firm them

The offers put pressure on students to make bad decisions, say uni regulators

Boohoo accused of spreading Covid-19 as factory staff with the virus keep working

People are buying so many clothes during lockdown that factories are operating as normal

Jeffrey Epstein’s ex Ghislaine Maxwell has reportedly been arrested by the FBI

Her whereabouts had been a mystery since Epstein’s death

This TikToker has figured out how you can unlock your iPhone with just your voice

Mind blown

These 29 ‘most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me’ memes will make you die inside

‘Text a boy saying you up and he replied no’ 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬

It’s official: These are the Russell Group unis most likely to leave grads unemployed

Shock Oxford isn’t the best

Only a legitimate nerd will get 9/12 in this English counties quiz

Cumberland? Sounds like a sausage to me but okay

Pret says £7.49 hummus and veg box is ‘excellent value’

I’m seeing about a quid’s worth of cut up veg there, guys

I’m campaigning for all unis to spell out how they’ll actually tackle racism

Osaro Otobo faced a complaint whilst SU president for using the word ‘black’

These Glastonbury stories will make you realise how much you wish you were there

What I’d give to be sunburnt in that field right now

Ranked: These are the unis whose grads actually end up with a job

Do not look at this list if you go to St Andrews

It’s on: The pubs are officially allowed to reopen on the 4th July

You can also meet up with another household inside

Durham grad fired by KPMG after repeatedly taking too much food from staff lunches

Zhihui Li also claimed her boss was ‘mansplaining’ for telling her not to wear trainers

Big Four firms cancel students’ internships but give them guaranteed jobs instead

Chance, truly, would be a fine thing

Katie Hopkins has been permanently banned from Twitter

A sad sad sad day for free speech and people who enjoy shagging in fields

These are officially the best uni halls in the country

Ngl these make your single bed look terrible

It’s official: You’re more likely to get a first if you do a gap year

And there was me thinking a year of bhang lassis wouldn’t be all that great for your brain

A uni spent £240k on Amazon vouchers to try and buy off students affected by strikes

Final year students got given a £50 voucher to make up for the disruption

We asked the top 50 graduate employers if they’re still hiring

Looks like the management consulting dream is still alive, baby

Revealed: New stats show how wide the black attainment gap is at your uni

White students are over twice as likely as black students to get a first

‘Unis have failed black students for too long’: Grad raises £50k for ‘Free Black University’

Melz Owusu wants universities to pay to educate people in anti-racism

Someone has made a map telling you where your nearest takeaway pint is

I think I cried looking at this

This degree calculator will tell you how well you need to do to get a first

Okay and here’s me graduating with 70.1, it’s still a first baby

BREAKING: Winter Love Island has been officially cancelled this year

This means no Love Island until summer 2021 at the earliest

Some absolute cleanshirt has made an entire LinkedIn profile for Mark Corrigan

How can I endorse him as an honourable man?

VOTE: Which is officially the best series of Peep Show?

I can’t tell you how to vote. I’m not the borough

Revealed: How unis issue meaningless fines to students guilty of sexual assault

Students are being given fines as small as £75

We spoke to the boys in THIS picture and they’ve had enough of your jokes

They’ve become the poster boys of dumb racist opinions, but that’s not them

Student halls company calls in debt collectors on students who can’t pay rent

Read the room guysss

Exclusive: We spoke to the man who pulled down the Colston statue in Bristol

‘Everyone chanted for him to come down, so I opened my bag and threw the rope up to someone on top of the statue’

We asked your uni what it’s actually doing to fight racism, beyond a statement

Only a third of unis actually had an answer

Students who posted pictures of blackface rowing social say it was just fake tan

De Montfort uni is investigating the social

Notts fresher who racially abused black girl on dating app faces uni investigation

The student has apologised and said ‘I was part of the problem with society’

BREAKING: Police identify German prisoner as new suspect in Maddie McCann case

Police have released pictures and phone numbers in a plea for information

Lockdown has forced unis to close their student foodbanks

‘We’re just trying to do our very best to support students the best way we can’

Exclusive: Universities are still using meagre fines to punish racist students

One university puts the money into a fund which buys ping pong tables

This is exactly what your lockdown park tinny of choice says about you

If you drink Carling, nobody is going to choose you as one of the six people they can meet up with

This is how you add a swipe up link to your Instagram story

Say goodbye to the tacky and beggy ‘link in bio’

These are the unis pumping out the most carbon dioxide emissions

Can someone who’s good at maths say if emitting 61 million kilos of CO2 in a year is a good thing?

QUIZ: Match the uni to its graduation venue and we’ll tell you your degree grade

Some of these are insultingly ugly

Introducing: The swanky cars your uni provides to its Vice Chancellor

Not one Fiat 500 in sight, je téléphone à la police

Grad signs up 1,000 students to mentor disadvantaged kids applying to uni

Joe Seddon has already helped 100 kids from state schools get into Oxbridge

If you can’t get half of these Spoons trivia questions right, you’re barred

Prove you deserve to be let back to the pub

These are your wildest and grimmest uni night out stories from across the country

Honestly why do so many of you pass out on toilets and planes?

How the coronavirus crisis could keep working class kids locked out of top unis

Miriam caught coronavirus at the care home she’s working in to help fund her studies

Wetherspoons has announced plans for how it’ll reopen with social distancing

If a reduced menu and no bottles of sauce is the price I have to pay, that’s a sacrifice I’ll have to make

Ranked: The Russell Group unis handing out the most third class degrees

Or, how many students at your uni won’t be putting their grade on their CV?

Poor Blathers has been cancelled for keeping live fish in the Animal Crossing museum

He’s just an owl!!!

Gather round: These are the most well-endowed unis in the country

Financially, of course

The exact 33 degrees you should study if you want to earn the most money

Gutted if yours isn’t on this list tbh

£100m losses and massive pay cuts: The drastic steps unis are taking to avoid ruin

Looking pretty bleak ngl

These students have had their contact hours cut dramatically and are not happy

‘Googling things doesn’t quite cut it for nine grand’

BREAKING: KFC is reopening 500 stores for delivery this week

I did not know I could cry over chicken

These are officially the easiest unis to get into

How about a second degree?

It’s ‘too early to say’ what the plan is for universities, says the government

It’s only been eight weeks, no rush lads

Ranked: How much people actually respect your uni

If you’re not on this list, I have some bad news

If you can’t get 11/15 in this niche Peep Show trivia quiz, you’re a cleanshirt

This is too hard for the general reader

These are all the things you can get fined for with the updated lockdown laws

Catch me outside? How about a fine of up to £3,200

22-year-old student found dead in flat hours after reporting coronavirus symptoms

Kapalu Musenyesa’s family have raised over £6,000 to pay for his funeral

This ‘which classic Simpsons episode is your uni?’ article is perfectly cromulent

It’s the best of content, it’s the blurst of content

This is what the lockdown changes mean for young people

Gonna get well into tennis, aren’t I

Idea for uni fees to be cut to £7,500 abandoned by the guy who came up with it

This bodes well

Students in Scotland will be able to end halls contracts early, under new law

Students in England haven’t yet been given the option to cancel contracts because of coronavirus

Instagram long picture: How to do the Loyle Carner Instagram hack

Just keep scrollin’

Suck it, nerds: Humanities grads are now more employable than STEM grads

This is what you needed to hear

These are the ways lockdown could be relaxed on Monday

Looks like we might be allowed to sunbathe in parks!!!

These pictures of cramped study spaces prove how hard doing a degree is in lockdown

Never thought I’d want to go back to the library so badly

This is how Netflix is carrying on filming for its shows during lockdown

They’ve gotten rid of the on-set buffets

Private halls company tells student to put room on Gumtree to get a refund

‘They’re more concerned about profits than the wellbeing of their students’

Someone made a Spoons in Animal Crossing so we went to visit, naturally

Almost as good as the real thing

Arts students won’t go back to uni until January, new plans suggest

But medics will get to go back in October

The government’s new £2.7bn ‘uni bailout’ doesn’t include any extra money for students

Good news though, you’ll still get to pay full tuition fees for online lectures

Here’s everything you’ll be able to order when McDonald’s reopens on 13th May

Give me a Chicken Legend or we riot

BREAKING: McDonald’s is reopening 15 branches for delivery from 13th May

I just miss it so much

People got too excited for Greggs to reopen so they had to scrap their plans

Guys this is why we can’t have nice things

Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you which uni you really should have gone to

Please not York, please not York

Boomtown 2020 has been cancelled

Your insides have just breathed a sigh of relief

These are the subjects most likely to formally complain about their university

It’s the Karen league

These are the degree subjects where male grads still get paid more than women

This is shocking tbh

This is where all the beaut Normal People filming locations are in real life

Including that sexy as hell library

Student nurse loses everything after fire destroys her flat

Friends on their course have raised £1,000 to help her rebuild her life

QUIZ: Tell us your mundane opinions and we’ll tell you how Tory you are

Come on, admit you put the crisps in the bowl

This is how Normal People got the sex and consent scenes spot-on

They hired an ‘intimacy co-ordinator’ to choreograph the steamy sex scenes

Doubling loans and paid volunteering: How other countries are supporting their students

Ngl this isn’t going to make you feel great about what the UK are doing

These are the UK universities producing the most super-rich grads

It’s too late for you now, sorry

Are you getting uni counselling at home? We want to speak to you

Share your story with us

The differences between UK and US uni culture which prove we are not the same

As told by students who’ve experienced both