Greg Barradale
News Editor, The Tab

Meet the new characters in Sex Education season two

Oh hellloooo

Oxford Union president resigns after blind student dragged out of debate

He tried to charge the student with violent misconduct

Pour one out for the Tories moaning nobody wants to share a flat with them

Missing: A sense of all perspective

Meet the UK’s 50 most eligible bachelors of 2019, according to Tatler

Guess I’ll be marrying into money then

620,000 young people have registered to vote since the election was called

It’s more than any other age group

Blind student ‘dragged by his ankles’ from Oxford Union debate

The Union charged him with violent misconduct afterwards

200 firefighters tackle huge fire at student halls as residents are evacuated

‘You could see through the beams, it was just bare frame’

40 per cent of students are planning to vote for Labour, according to our poll

Looks like Jezza’s doing it again

Tell us your UK children’s TV opinions and we’ll tell you who to vote for

Disney Channel is pure Tory, sorry

JLS are reuniting and my heart might actually beat again

There could even be new songs!!!

Breaking: Unis pull students out of Hong Kong over ‘personal safety’ fears

Nottingham, Edinburgh, and Warwick are all bringing students back

A report has compared uni halls to prisons and tbh, fair

Where is the lie??

This crazy Gavin and Stacey fan theory about Bryn being Stacey’s dad has me shook

It’s just the drama Mick

Police seized over 3,300 pingers at Boomtown this year

Naughty naughty

This is who students are voting for in the General Election

You’re getting behind the Lib Dems and we’re shook

The first look at Sex Education season 2 has been released


The majority of students are going to vote at home, not uni, Tab poll finds

6 in 10 students won’t be voting at uni

Warwick Uni fined the group chat students £1,150

The students said ‘Sometimes it’s fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls’

Revealed: How many students at your uni are voting Tory

God isn’t THIS a shock

Molly-Mae says she’s smug her and Tommy are still together

She also said ‘everyone knows Tommy and I were the winners in a way’