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These are the 50 unis you should have gone to if you wanted that easy 2.1

No more banter from Daddy about you getting a ‘Desmond’

These are the juicy royal scandals that The Crown series four left out

Quite gutted we didn’t get to see Anne’s husband have a secret child

Universities aren’t doing enough to tackle campus racism, says new report

One in 20 ethnic minority students say they’ve left their course because of racial harassment

Here are the 50 hardest unis in the UK to get a first from

You need to maximise the odds, obviously

Student gets given a £2,000 tuition fee refund because of the Covid-19 disruption

But just one in 30 students who asked for Covid fee refunds actually got any money back

Meet Roddy Llewellyn from The Crown, Princess Margaret’s secret toyboy

He was the catalyst behind her marriage breaking up

Here’s the wild true story behind Mark Thatcher’s desert disappearance in The Crown

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when we couldn’t keep track of all the prime minister’s children

The Crown production secrets: How the show’s creators make it historically accurate

They’ve admitted they have to make some things up for the sake of drama

‘It made me feel worse’: Inside the struggle for mental health support at Manchester Uni

Every student who needs help has to call at the same time and hope somebody answers

Charles told Camilla he wished he was her tampon in leaked dirty talk convo

You know what, I’m kind of fine that The Crown isn’t including this

Tory MPs say all students who got locked down should get an automatic refund

MPs have also slammed how hard it is to actually get a refund

Introducing the Balmoral Test: How the Royal Family find out if they like someone

Margaret Thatcher gets put through the test in the new series of the Crown

These are the downright weirdest things you can buy on Wish right now

WHO is buying this stuff?

Psychology lecturer struck off for hypnotising a student and trying to seduce her

One student sent him a ‘full body’ photo he said he needed for ‘healing’

It’s official: These are the 50 whitest unis in the UK

Ranked by actual statistics, not by vibe

These are the 25 easiest unis in the entire country to get a first from

Might as well just drop out and apply to these imo

The unis with the highest drop-out rates, revealed

Genuinely shocked that over 95 per cent of people manage to stay in Southampton for three years

This is how much you’ll earn after uni, based on the degree you study

Actually shocked at how far down on the list law is

Netflix has officially renewed Emily in Paris for a second season

Did anyone actually ask for this x

Halls security guard gets fired for making racist jokes to students

He also sent a racist video to a student on Facebook

‘I left halls because of mental health and they told me to drop out or keep paying rent’

‘You’re cordoned off from everyone else and you’ve got no one to speak to’

Here’s how you make the ‘Oh No’ TikTok videos you’re seeing all over the For You page

Now I just need to ask my friends to do something embarrassing

Unis will start mass testing students in a bid to get you home for Christmas

The government is asking unis to sign up to the plan

Ranked: This is how many students at your uni have been punished for Covid partying

Unis are working with the police to punish students who get caught breaking Covid rules

These are the unis you should’ve gone to if you wanted to earn £40k out of uni

Don’t look at this table if you go to Leeds, ngl

Revealed: This is how much your uni is spending to test students for Covid

Some unis are spending millions

Five students suspended from uni after ‘horrifying’ firework incident on campus

Armed police were called to campus as students ran screaming from fireworks

Kourtney Kardashian slammed for claiming face masks cause cancer

It’s cool though, she’s only got 102m followers so I doubt anyone noticed

‘I stayed up until 4am packing’: These students fled uni to avoid the second lockdown

‘As soon as the news came out, I felt my mental health just drop’

Four students kicked out of their halls because they broke uni Covid rules

Your mum is not gonna be pleased to see you after this

Circuit Laundry made a £5.6 million profit last year

There must be a booming market in reselling misplaced socks lost in the tumble dryer

Student claims ‘black people blame everything on being black’ in online lecture

The student is being investigated by their uni for the comments

Have you struggled with uni mental health support this term? We want to hear from you

Tell us your story

Exclusive: Cambridge’s plan to give students weekly Covid tests will cost £1.3 million

Students living in colleges are being offered a test every week

A Bristol Uni third year student has died

The medical student died on Sunday

Ranked: These are the universities with the most confirmed Covid-19 cases

A handful of unis have more than 1,500 cases

These 22 Andy Burnham memes will leave you in tiers, whether you like it or not

There were 60 memes but Burnham got lippy so now we’re only giving you 22

Revealed: This is how much profit your uni makes from halls

But it’s fine, you’re not a cash cow

These ‘being perceived’ memes will leave you feeling very seen indeed

Can’t believe I’ve gotta put up with being perceived

Exclusive: Nottingham Trent to spend £2 million on Covid testing for its students

That’s a lot of meal deals

These are the worst-rated McDonald’s in every uni town, according to TripAdvisor

You know every city has a McDonald’s with a weird…energy

QUIZ: Can you guess how much unis are charging for these sorry self-isolation food boxes?

I mean how much can one banana cost anyway?

PSA: Your ‘eco-friendly’ glitter is messing up the planet as badly as normal glitter

If we could just have one nice thing that would be GREAT

You could be kept at uni until Dec 22nd if you want to go home for Christmas

The government is considering plans for a two-week student lockdown

This grad invoiced Rishi Sunak for £41,717.32 to get a refund on his degree

It’s a bold strategy

Unis are extorting students with £18 a day food parcels, says universities minister

She said unis should stop trying to profit from self-isolating students

The government ignored SAGE advice in September to stop uni face-to-face teaching

Closing universities could have helped stop a second wave, top scientists predicted

Molly-Mae apologises after calling Italian food ‘grim’ and ‘actually shocking’

‘It’s meant to be the home of pizza and pasta and I really can’t see how!’

These are the most depressing, rip off food boxes unis are selling to isolating students

You’re not kidding anyone by calling it a ‘continental’ pastry

Changing Rooms is coming back and finally 2020 has redeemed itself

I just wanna see Lozza Llewelyn-Bowen’s big sleeves one more time before I go

A uni won’t give a grad his degree because of an unpaid £17 fine on a burnt sofa cover

‘I’ve paid nearly £30,000 in tuition and they’re refusing to give me my degree over £17’

These are the unis who have stopped face-to-face teaching since term began

Now I know where to find Zoom Uni on a map

Only a true Come Dine With Me addict can guess the scores these menus got

Some of these menus really do have all the grace of a reversing dump truck

A London uni only told students about campus Covid cases a day after it told staff

Students had to wait a full working day to find out the news

Self-isolating students should get extra mental health support, says Keir Starmer

He says the government ‘don’t really have a plan’ for the return of students

Keir Starmer lived in the poshest Leeds Uni halls, Charles Morris, as a fresher

Always had him down as a Henry Price man myself

Students in Unite halls aren’t being told about Covid outbreaks in their buildings

They’re having to find out about cases through group chats instead

The votes are in: These are the most cringe unis of them all

It’s the one uni ranking you don’t want to be top of

This is what it’s like being one of the thousands of students locked down in halls right now

‘I’ve only seen two people in two weeks’

Students can spend Christmas at home, confirms Gavin Williamson

It’s official

This student has started a campaign for unis to give out tuition fee refunds in cash

‘If we wanted to do an online degree, we would have done Open University’

Are you self-isolating in halls? Tell us your story

We want to hear from you

It’s time to decide: Which is the most cringe uni of them all?

Isn’t it mad how entire unis are just…cringe

We can tell your general vibe based on your classic after-school biscuit of choice

Do not trust the person who ate a Breakaway as a child

Three new cast members have been announced for Sex Education season three

Lucius Malfoy helllooooo

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s baby has been born and I’m just so happy

Honestly think I’m gonna cry this is so cute

Students should be told to stay at uni over Christmas to limit COVID spread, warn experts

Look on the bright side: your mum would never let you drink a VK with Christmas dinner

500 students have to self-isolate in halls after one student tests positive for COVID

At least they’ll all get really good at playing Wonderwall

Check out the unis who take the lowest amount of state school students

Just put your name as Hugo on your UCAS and they’ll let you in

Send us your stories about how your uni’s handling the COVID crisis

We want to know what’s happening on campus

These are the celebs who’ve come out as anti-mask and anti-lockdown

Haven’t heard from this lot since I went through the CD collection in my Dad’s car

Revealed: These are the worst unis in the country for social inclusion

I’m going to pretend to be shocked at the top three

We went inside Sunderland’s virtual ‘Sims University’ and saw the future of uni

Unfortunately there’s no option to put someone in a pool and take the ladders out

The George Floyd murder trial will be shown live on UK TV

The new Court TV channel will also being showing the R Kelly sex abuse case

These are the easiest Oxford subjects to get into, so shoot your shot

If you’re smart enough to play statistics, you’re the exact kind of brain genius Oxford needs

NHS coronavirus tests are only available at four of the 24 Russell Group unis right now

A Tab investigation has found just how hard it is to get tested at uni right now if you have symptoms

Oh great, now they’re talking about a 9pm curfew for pubs

Sounds like the government is giving the green light to my day drinking

Local residents in student areas want unis to pay police to shut down parties

The smart thing to do is just invite them

Ok, but why is everyone on Twitter making ‘meatier meteor’ jokes?

It turns out the girl behind the joke is an actual paleontologist

A definitive list of the Pret menu items you know, deep down, to be terrible

Face it, we have spent years getting excited about bang average sarnies

Scotland is officially banning uni house parties from Monday

Police will be able to break up any parties held in student accommodation

It’s official: These are the country’s most ridiculously expensive private schools

You’ve gotta spend money to make money

This is what it’s like being back at uni for American students right now

One student said it’s like the Salem witch hunt

These are officially the private schools who get the most students into Oxbridge

What would this country be if you couldn’t buy success?

Students will have to stay at uni if there’s a COVID outbreak, says Boris Johnson

I actually always wanted to spend 10 straight weeks in my uni box room x

This is how much grad lawyers are earning straight out of uni and it will make you cry

We didn’t bother putting anything below £45k on here, duh

It turns out Laura Whitmore’s British Army podcast was a recruitment advert after all

The Love Island host denied she was doing spon con to recruit people into the army

A promotion company is selling freshers tickets for club nights that aren’t happening

Clubs listed as the event hosts have said the events aren’t going ahead

Ranked: These are the unis with the most overcrowded lectures and seminars

And yet still I have no lecture mates

There could be more strikes if unis can’t prove they’re safe, says the UCU

I’ve got a great feeling about this year

Exclusive: Cambridge’s Pitt Club drinking society asks alumni for £50k amid financial peril

The secretive drinking society is asking for minimum donations of £100 to secure its survival

SU bans drag socials because they’re used to ridicule trans people

Aberystwyth SU said most people who have drag socials are just trying to be ‘as funny as possible’

Ranked: These are the uni cities with the absolute worst student landlords

No it’s fine, I can live with a collapsed ceiling for three months!!!

Oxford Union pays thousands to blind student who was dragged from debate by his ankles

Ebenezer Azamati said he felt he was treated as ‘not human enough to deserve justice’

Reading and Leeds have twice as many main stages in 2021, but no female headliners

Since 2000, Foo Fighters have headlined Reading more times than all women have

Scientists say all students should have mandatory coronavirus tests

Probably the most action they’ll get in Freshers’ Week tbh

100,000 young people at risk of eviction when government ban ends this weekend

Landlords will be able to continue ‘no fault’ evictions from Sunday

Unis told not to take too many posh students this year after A-level fiasco

Poshos could be made to take gap years as unis prioritise disadvantaged students

Ghislaine Maxwell complains about being ‘secretly watched’ by prison psychologists

Her lawyers claim she’s being woken up several times each night