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Ben McGowan
Manchester University


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PSA: Katie Price once ran for parliament and her manifesto was iconic

‘Tax cuts for anyone who has an affair with a foreign footballer’

NUS President Larissa Kennedy calls Piers Morgan ‘snowflake’ and owns him over free speech

Piers set off a ‘trigger warning alarm’ every time he pretended to be ‘triggered’ by something she said

‘Everyone’s nervous’: Derry girls of today talk about what it’s like to grow up there

Anxiety and depression amongst young people are 25 per cent higher than the rest of the UK

Here’s how every iconic girl group would vote in a general election

Sound of the Underground is obviously a tribute to the striking tube workers

Amy Hart speaks out in support of railway workers ‘bravely going on strike’

Francis Bourgeois is quaking

I bet you didn’t realise these six celebs are actually Tories

For the last time Kate Bush is not a Tory

Debunked: Did Harry Styles wear a t-shirt saying ‘all Tories are c**ts’?

A viral post claiming to show Harry in the t-shirt has been liked and shared thousands of times

Half of all Brits think ‘trans men are men and trans women are women,’ survey finds

Most Brits have a ‘compassionate approach’ to trans equality

I’m sorry to say it, but these are the most Tory Love Islanders of all time

Find me a Labour voter called Chuggs. I dare you

Protests spring up across the UK as first Rwanda asylum plane set to fly tomorrow

One advocate dubbed the policy a ‘vile attempt to crush the hopes of people who have lost everything’

Boris survives no confidence vote – but what happens next?

148 of his own Tory MPs voted to try and oust him as leader

The timing of the no confidence vote shows Boris only acts quickly when his job’s at stake

It’s been four years since the Tories promised a conversion therapy ban and we’re still waiting

University of Manchester to award Matt Hancock honorary degree

The uni is also exploring the idea of offering a degree to ‘someone off Love Island’ to ‘balance it out’

Applications for The Tab Manchester’s editorial team are now open

Come join the UK’s biggest student news publication

Andy Burnham to cap Manchester bus fares at £2

The new fares are part of a wider move towards ‘London-style public transport’

‘I’ve received calls from friends crying’: Ukrainian students share the reality of the war

We spoke to four young Ukrainians about their personal experience with the ongoing war

Manchester uni students come together to support Ukraine

At least seven cars’ worth of donations have been gathered so far

Fallowfield students hold vigil for car crushed by tree

‘We felt a little crazy with our candles and the Cars soundtrack playing over a Bluetooth speaker’

The Manchester Tab is recruiting – come and join our team!

We’re holding an open meeting this Friday at 5pm in the University of Manchester SU

Over 18,000 votes were counted: Now we can officially reveal Manchester’s favourite club

We all know Manc’s nightlife is better than Leeds and cheaper than London but which club is students’ favourite?

7,000 of you voted: Now we can officially reveal Fallowfield’s favourite takeaway

It seems Manc students just can’t get enough of chicken, kebabs and everything in between

Body found in search for student Charley Gadd

Charley went missing on the December 11th after visiting Warehouse Project

Santas drop off free bevs for isolating Manchester students

The Manchester Student Group has been spreading Christmas cheer round Fallowfield

Covid cases at the University of Manchester nearly triple in a week

In just one day the uni reported 97 cases

Exclusive: These are the unis that give out the most drug-related fines

Over 8,400 cases of drug-related offences were reported at 81 universities over the past five years

University of Manchester moves some teaching online for end of the semester

The uni says ‘the majority of in-person teaching will continue”

Manchester students supporting the strikes occupy another building

‘The uni really needs to learn to lock their doors behind them’

Puppies and picket lines: The first day of Manchester Uni’s strikes, in pictures

‘We’re really sorry for any disruption but we’re doing it for you, we’re doing it for education’

BP, B&M and Bill Gates amongst Manchester Uni’s top donors

The biggest donor has given £10 million since 2018

Take this quiz and find out how well you really know Fallowfield

Did you even know Fallowfield once hosted the FA cup final?

Your favourite Fallowfield takeaway’s hygiene reports revealed

Wait until you read what they had to say about Kej’s

‘TikTok train guy’ Francis seen living his best life at Warehouse Project this weekend

Let him on the decks next time

Strikes at Manchester Unis announced for December

Strikes are happening at 58 unis across the country

Don’t blame your lecturers for striking. Blame uni management for giving them no choice

This is why you should support your striking lecturers

89 per cent of students blame ‘uni management’ not ‘staff’ for upcoming strikes

Staff at UoM and MMU are joining 56 other striking unis

The Fallowfield fences: One year on

The protest that defined the mood of the year

We’ve rounded up some of Manchester’s best Halloween costumes of 2021

From Phil Mitchell in Crocs to sleep paralysis Shreks

In pictures: The End Spiking Now protest that saw thousands take over Manchester

Thousands of students marched through Manchester city centre against a rise in spikings

Staff explain why you should support the planned strikes

Staff are currently voting on whether to strike later this year, here’s why in their own words

Cast your vote today and have your say on how the SU is run

Students also have a chance to elect SU part-time officers

Manchester Uni ‘plans to remove automatic extensions pledge’

The SU says: ‘We do not believe it is in the best interests of students’

Nancy Rothwell confronted by protestors as security ‘threatens to assault’ students

Nancy was escorted into a car by security to avoid The Tab’s questioning

Tory conference arrives in Manchester while thousands take to the streets in protest

Boris Johnson and his ministers will give key speeches in Manchester

The Tab Manchester is recruiting – come write for us!

Be the first to break the biggest stories on campus

Exclusive: Nancy Rothwell personally tracked social media of student protestors

Security reports show CCTV was also used to track student occupiers’ movements

Revealed: Manchester Uni decided to ignore referendum result weeks before the vote

Some board members said it ‘could give the impression that the board had not given sufficient consideration to issues raised’

Revealed: Manchester Rent Strike won almost £11 million for students across the year

Rent Strikers promise to continue ‘to hold this uni and its management accountable for as long as they fail to do so themselves’

‘So demotivated’: 89 per cent of Manchester students oppose moving lectures online

Over 4,000 people have now signed a petition against it

Manchester Uni announces permanent move to ‘blended learning’

Uni Vice President April McMahon sees blended learning as the ‘norm for students in the future’

The time has finally come to vote for the most evil uni of 2020-21

This is the only uni league table that actually matters

Here are the best UK uni cities for a big gay night out

Get ready to bump into all your exes

All the Pride events happening around the UK this summer

What’s a summer party without Katie Price and the Vengaboys?

Manchester Uni moves up two spaces in uni league table to 15th best in UK

But it’s 104th for student satisfaction

Over 150 Oxford lecturers ‘refusing to teach’ over Rhodes statue

Campaigners called the decision not to remove the statue ‘institutional racism’

Over one million people booked a vaccine yesterday

Shock, the day young people got offered the vaccine was the day of record-breaking sign-ups

Students are offering private tutors thousands to sit online exams for them

One tutor was reportedly paid £3,000 for a dissertation

These are definitively the sexiest footballers of this year’s Euros

They’re giving Love Island’s men a run for their money

Manchester Uni spent nearly £25,000 on extra security for student occupations

Occupiers say it was a ‘complete waste of money’ by the uni

‘I was sexually assaulted in halls, and now MMU is letting him return to campus next year’

‘His presence still lingers on in my flat and it would be like a never-ending nightmare’

The Warehouse Project confirms it’s returning this September

Tickets go on sale from 10am this Thursday

There’s been a ‘terrifying rise in antisemitism in Manchester’, charity says

Jewish residents are ‘concerned for their safety’

Manchester Uni collects up to £146k in drugs fines, but spends £1k on drugs education

In five years UoM has fined almost 600 students in its ‘zero-tolerance drugs policy’

Andy Burnham re-elected Mayor as Labour wins across Manchester

Labour ‘bucked the trend in Manchester’

Movie nights and Nerf battles: What it’s really like inside the Sam Alex occupation

‘We’ll stick it out for as long as it takes’

Five Manchester Uni security guards have been investigated so far this year

Two were recently charged by Manchester police

Manchester student Zac Adan speaks out about being ‘racially profiled’ by uni security

‘It showed me the university’s reputation was way more important than the welfare and wellbeing of students’

UoM students occupying Sam Alex building say security have been ‘hostile and threatening’

But they say: ‘We won’t leave until our demands are met’

‘We won’t leave until our demands are met’: UoM students occupy Sam Alex building

Groups including UoM Rent Strike and Nancy Out are occupying the building

Manchester Uni fines students £50 for being at Platt Fields Park

The uni used evidence from Instagram posts

In three years Manchester Uni hasn’t expelled a single student for sexual misconduct

‘We live in fear in a place that is supposed to be our home’

Nancy Rothwell to erect a statue of herself on Manchester Uni campus

Some students have already planned an ‘egg-throwing competition’

In pictures: Kill The Bill protests enter their second week in Manchester

Police arrested 18 protesters on Saturday

‘I was grabbed from behind’: 18 arrested by police at Manchester Kill The Bill protest

Hundreds took part in continued peaceful Kill The Bill protests through Manchester

From Carole Baskin to black pudding: 10 things officially more popular than Nancy Rothwell

89 per cent of Manchester students recently voted in favour of no confidence in Nancy Rothwell

Parklife 2021 sells out in record time: Here’s the lineup and everything you need to know

Summer’s been saved!

In pictures: This weekend’s Kill The Bill protest in Manchester

Thousands turned out to protest the Tory’s new policing bill