Thea Pilch

Bristol Tab writer

Thea Pilch
Bristol University

Thea enjoys writing about Bristol and all it can offer students, she also had an interest in politics and current affairs, she hopes her articles can be educational as well as light-hearted.

  • Thea Pilch is a first-year writer of the The Tab Bristol. She hopes to have a future in Journalism
  • Thea is passionate about covering a range of stories, from guides to the city to political commentaries
  • Thea is a Black-Belt in Karate and spends much of her time listening to 'the rest is politics' podcast


Thea has Joined The Tab Bristol in her first year an University and hopes to continue writing for The Tab in her second and third years at Bristol, with an eye to going in Journalism when she graduates.


Thea is a first year history student who is planning on spending her summer volunteering in Kenya and partaking in work experience with an NGO.


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