Amy Hart says ITV paid for her to have eight months of therapy after her stint on Love Island

She’s also been helping a MAFS UK contestant who’s been getting trolled

Amy Hart says ITV paid for her to have eight months of therapy after her stint in the Love Island villa.

Speaking in front of MPs in Parliament during a session on influencer culture, 2019 Islander Amy also revealed she’s been helping a contestant on Married at First Sight UK who’s been getting a lot of trolling.

During an evidence session, Amy said she’s reached the point where she no longer reports hate comments on Instagram because she no longer believes anything will come of her complaints – but would pay to use the platform if it ensured a “fair algorithm” where influencers’ sponsored content shows up more.

Amy described how she reached out for therapy a while after the end of the show. “That wasn’t as soon as I came out the villa because I was so busy. ‘I don’t need this, I don’t need this’,” she said.

“And then I suddenly had a turning point when I went ‘wow’. I went back and said, can I have therapy? ‘Of course you can, as long as you need it’.” Amy said she’s still friends with producers and they still check in her.

In light of her experience, Amy said she wanted to be a “Love Island big sister” – kind of like they have at Oxbridge for freshers- to tell the contestants on the show what their experience will actually be like, the “things that nobody else can tell you”.

“I’ve asked if I can do this,” she told the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport select committee.

One of Love Island 2018’s most iconic – and mocked – moments was when Hayley Hughes, Dani Dyer and others discussed Brexit. “So does that mean we won’t have any trees,” Hayley wondered.

The following year, Amy reveals, a number of her fellow Islanders refused to have a conversation about politics. “We had a producer come up say to us: ‘would you like to have a conversation about politics?’. Three of the other islanders said ‘no, no’ I’ve been told not to. I’ve been told not to’,” Amy said.

“Whereas me and one other we’re like ‘yeah alright we’ll do it’ and they said ‘there’s not enough of you now’. I’ve always thought I would rather lose followers by being open about what I believe in,  what I care about than just keeping it impartial and having more followers.”

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