Baby Reindeer Martha

Expert criminologist reveals eerie reason why the real Baby Reindeer stalker outed herself

‘A part of her still wants to be attached to him’

A woman has outed herself as the stalker that Martha was based on in the Baby Reindeer series, revealing her true name and identity. Criminologist David Wilson has revealed the terrifying reason why she has decided to speak out now and reveal herself.

Speaking to The Sun he revealed: “I think if you say ‘this is based on a true story’ and the drama is as compelling as it was in Baby Reindeer, it’s absolutely inevitable that there will be online speculation, which is trying to uncover who the person is.”

He continued: “I feel it was naive to imagine there wouldn’t be interest in who the actual stalker was. Stalking hides a wide variety of behaviours, and a range of reasons as to why people begin to stalk, and often some people who are stalked by people who they’ve previously been in a relationship with.”

He then went on to explain that she could have revealed herself as the woman Martha was based on in Baby Reindeer to stay linked. He explained: “When someone stalks another person there are disordered thinking patterns, and it’s not unusual to see that emerge in other aspects of their lives. A part of her still wants to be attached to him. I use the acronym FOUR – stalking is fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repetitive behaviour.”

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