Quiz: Plan a declaration of love and we’ll tell you if you’d win Love Island

Asking to go official in your speech is a pull on the heartstrings, for sure


One of the most emotional parts of Love Island is the part of the final where each Islander makes a declaration of love to their other half. They’re an absolute cringe-fest, but you’re lying if you say they don’t bring a tear to your eye and make you believe that true love really does exist.

Over the years we’ve had some pretty tear-jerking speeches. Remember Finn addressing his “Paigey baby” before bursting into tears and only just about managing to tell her that he’s excited to move to Manchester with her? My heart still bleeds thinking about how much Tommy and Molly-Mae clearly adored each other, and meant every word of their declarations and will be together for all eternity.

In 2021, Kaz and Tyler had us all with lumps in our throats whilst Toby and Chloe gave us good laughs and emotional jokes. Last year it was all about Dami and Indiyah, completing their redemption from Casa heartbreakers to winners of our hearts. There really are many different avenues to how a Love Island declaration of love can go.

So in the quiz below, all you have to do is plan what you would say and how you would behave during your declaration speech, and we will very, very accurately predict if you could win Love Island. Good luck.

Write your declaration of love in the quiz below and we’ll tell you if you’d win Love Island:

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