All the shows with 100 per cent Rotten Tomatoes ratings you need to watch after Baby Reindeer

Binged the entirety of Baby Reindeer in one day? I’ve got more for you

Netflix’s Baby Reindeer has caused a craze we’ve not seen for a TV series in quite a while – a Don’t F**k With Cats, Tiger King type of hype. Whilst it is currently sat at 98 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, Baby Reindeer earned a top 100 per cent score earlier this week.

Based on real events that occurred to the show’s writer and lead actor, Richard Gadd, this unsettling thriller series has left us all wanting more. So if you binge watched the entirety of Baby Reindeer in one day then here’s a list of Rotten Tomatoes top scorers to satisfy your craving.

Fleabag – 92 per cent

via BBC

Phoebe Waller-Bridge takes dry wit and misfortune and turns it into a gut-wrenching exploration of sisterhood, love and tragedy in Fleabag. Known only as Fleabag, the lead character is flawed yet relatable in her attempts to juggle grief and heartbreak. From fourth-wall breaks to iconic one-liners, Fleabag is both hilarious and lovably irritating. Oh, and the Hot Priest alone is definitely enough reason to watch it. It might not have a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score but it’s close enough and definitely one to watch after Baby Reindeer.

The Good Place – 97 per cent

via Netflix

Brace yourself – this one is weird, but in all the best ways. When Eleanor finds herself in the afterlife, she’s made it into the Good Place, much to her surprise. However, learning she’s there by mistake, she does all she can to change her ways and earn her place there. Unique, hilarious, and morally challenging, The Good Place is a must.

The Bear – 99 per cent

Baby Reindeer Rotten Tomatoes

via FX/Hulu

Following Carmy’s move from the fine dining world to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop, The Bear is one of those shows that can make you laugh and cry in the space of ten minutes. Jeremy Allen White (everyone’s favourite Gallagher brother from Shameless) is even more reason to watch this insightful series.

Freaks and Geeks – 100 per cent

via All4

This cult TV classic combines nostalgia, teen angst and a killer soundtrack to earn its place in the 100 per cent club. Featuring a star-studded cast before their breakthroughs (Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Jason Segel for starters), Freaks and Geeks is equally thought-provoking and entertaining, bringing us all back to the trials and tribulations of attempting to fit in at school.

Jane The Virgin – 100 per cent

Baby Reindeer Rotten Tomatoes

via Netflix

Taking classic Spanish telenovelas and adding a modern feel-good spin, Jane The Virgin follows the story of Jane’s accidental artificial insemination (as a virgin, ahem) that turns her world upside down. With the support of her mother and grandmother, Jane navigates love triangles, motherhood and tragedy whilst attempting to hold herself, and her family together.

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