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Richard Gadd reveals the reason why he banned his parents from watching Baby Reindeer

It’s absolutely heartbreaking

The creator of Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd, has had huge success with his Netflix series with over 14 million having watched the show, except for two important people to Richard.

Richard Gadd revealed that he has actually banned his parents from watching Baby Reindeer and even explained that because he pays for their Netflix account he would know if they do watch it. Richard explained that he didn’t want them to know almost everything about what happened, saying: “If people see it they will know almost everything about me. They might judge, they might not agree, and that innately comes with some degree of anxiety, but that’s what I signed up for.”

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And despite the amount of emails, tweets and letters he received from Martha he explained that the police didn’t take his concerns seriously at first. He said: “When a man gets stalked it can be portrayed in films and television as a sexy thing, like a femme fatale who gradually becomes more sinister. It doesn’t carry as much threat of physical violence, is less common and can be trivialised.”

As such he now feels a lot less likely to trust people after his experiences, admitting: “I used to enter situations with such abandonment, never thinking ahead and throwing my trust into people, and I got burnt. Now getting close to people can be hard.”

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