‘It’s wrecked my week’: Real life Martha ‘targeted by cult’ following Baby Reindeer on Netflix

‘They are determined to stalk me the same way I am stalking them’

Since Baby Reindeer was released on Netflix, the whole world has been hooked. Despite the best attempts and pleas from Richard Gadd, people have been desperate to hunt down who they think the real life people the characters are based on are. One who has come forward and done interviews about her experience is the woman accused of being the real life Baby Reindeer stalker, who Martha is based on.

She has said she’s received death threats from people who have watched the show, and has likened the people messaging her to a cult. She said she has been harassed herself, and “could be killed” by “nutters” who won’t stop hounding her.

“These people are nutters. It’s a cult thing like the Moonies,” she said in an interview. “I’ve had to block people who say they are determined to stalk me the same way I am stalking them.”

She added she fears for her life following the show on Netflix, and said: “Apparently, I play with baby reindeers all day. What upsets me is that some of these stalkers could be dangerous. They could be violent. I could be killed. I’m not suicidal…but I think this would have driven anyone else to suicide. I really do.”

Real life Baby Reindeer stalker Martha is based on speaks out

via Netflix

Talking of people approaching her and reaching out to her, the woman added: “These people need to get a life. They need to do their housework, go and get a degree, get a job.”

She said she doesn’t have a Netflix subscription, but has been forced to cancel plans because the show has got in the way of her normal life so much. “This whole situation has wrecked my week. I’ve had to put off several appointments,” she added. “I’ve had to cancel a hospital operation and there have been domestic things I have tried to get done but this takes up so much of my time.”

It’s also been reported the woman who is believed to be the real life Baby Reindeer Martha is planning to sue Netflix over her depiction as a stalker. She said as an Aberdeen law graduate, and now practicing lawyer in London, she plans to represent herself in legal proceedings and will “kick the asses” of Netflix over the show.

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