A trivia quiz of quotes, best bits and moments from Love Island 2021

Prove you really love the show by getting full marks in this Love Island 2021 trivia quiz

This isn’t a test for me, it’s for you

We need to come to terms with it now: Love Island 2021 is over. Finished and completed. The Islanders are heading home, and now it’s time for the post-villa festivities and watching all the cast members carve out their lives as sub-par social media influencers and occasional TV personalities. So before their time in the villa feels like a million years ago, let’s see how well you remember your wild Love Island 2021 summer in a trivia quiz.

Can you remember some of the most dramatic moments? What about some of the slightly more forgettable moments, which were actually quite iconic too? What’s your knowledge of the recouplings and movie night like? Can you really cast your mind back to the very first day our 2021 Islanders stepped foot in the villa? It’s time to test your knowledge here. Good luck, or as Chloe might say – this isn’t a test for me, it’s for you. I hope you haven’t failed.

See how well you were paying attention to Love Island 2021 in the trivia quiz below:

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